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Автор michael malkowski (1 год)
Try the 5.56 with something other than an FMJ round. Something that expands
will give a much better impact. That being said, the 7.62x51 has double the
muzzle energy of the 5.56 and is only going 300 fps slower with a bullet
130% heavier than the 5.56.

Автор SmokeRingsPipeDreams (1 год)
Someone found in K-Berg's house at night, will be found there in the

Автор HardcoreAmericanUSA (10 месяцев)
5.56 for fun / tactical situations for low recoil and penetration. .308 for
hunting because of knock down power and you only need one shot. I dont know
much about the 6.8 SPC so i do not know when that would be good. Either
way, a bullets a bullet. If you know what your doing they are all lethal
and its just a personal preference. Cool vid.

Автор Molon Labe (9 месяцев)
Quit calling it assault rifles. It's just a rifle. 

Автор Catalin Cata (8 месяцев)
6.5x35 best

Автор Robert Bowen (1 год)
Agreed, they are all fantastic weapons but I still vote for 5.56. I love
the way you can continually hit the target in such a small group. They are
the light, and my wife has a shoulder problem and can fire the 5.56 without
hurting herself. I would love to have all three if my retirement fixed
income would allow though.

Автор Southlander1000 (1 год)
All great platforms. I enjoyed watching this. It just reminds me that when
I need real knockdown power (for elk and moose, etc), I go for my FN FAL. I
used it on a deer with 165 gr. Hornady SST and it blew in one shoulder
blade, through both lungs, and out the other shoulder blade at 125 yards. I
decided I needed something with less over penetration value, so I ordered a
DSArms ZM4 in .300 AAC Blackout. Can't wait to try it out -- with and
without the can.

Автор Danny Dingo (1 год)
User preference? what about victims preference...I think victims choose the

Автор kenny johnson (1 год)
Each round was designed for a different purpose You really can't do a
legitimate comparison. 

Автор MrAristes (1 год)
Thanks for the video! I have both a 5.56/.223 build and a 6.8 build near
completion. I'm familiar with 5.56 but not 6.8. I can't wait to see what
6.8 is like. Entertaining video, really makes me want an AR-10 also. On a
side note, I couldn't decide if your face reminds me more of Lou Ferrigno
or Vitor Belfort so I've decided to think of you as Lou Belfort, friend of
all 2A supporters:) Thanks!

Автор R.C. L. (1 год)
For hunting purposes, and no shots beyond 300 yards, would you recommend
the 6.8 or .308? I have been debating a 6.8 build, but I'm concerned about
knock-down power. Also debated the .308, but concerned about weight. Any
help would be appreciated. 

Автор biz4two (1 год)
Good video! I'm in the 7.62 camp. It really is an awesome round. ;0)

Автор allMTN (2 года)
I'm from the same part of the country... actually, the other dude in this
video grew up knowing Jon Cena's little brother.

Автор allMTN (2 года)
Thanks man. Always looking to improve...

Автор SalveMonesvol (2 года)
I just hope you are a kid. Momentum is mass times speed, energy is 1/2 mass
x speed¨2. A slow bullet like a .45 has relatively high momentum compared
to it's kinetic energy, while a fast light bullet like the 5.56 has a very
high amount of kinetic energy and little momentum.

Автор Robert Stanley (3 года)
False, three friends all got shot with 5.56 many times and survived. Some
military nut job went crazy and started shooting people, but that's another
story. one friend was shot 12 times, he was able to run away from the
threat and hide for two hours before help arrived. 12 times, cops showed up
and put one .308 into the guy and he was down and out. So yea the 5.56 is a
shit round.

Автор Armory52 (3 года)
@allmtn. I agree muzzle flip looks like its decreased but does it actually
make the gun louder like ive read or is that bs

Автор ThorsThunderHorse (2 года)
Not one of these have a sector switch to change rate of fire so by military
standard they are not assault rifles. The Clinton regime has brain washed
to many people. And non of my contacts in the ATF will call a civilian AR
(armalight) rifle an assault rifle.

Автор jason jones (2 года)
Still love watching this video

Автор Ryan Hughes (1 год)
Wait did 5.56, 6.8, and 7.62 exit the book?

Автор Anthony Cashe (3 года)
Since your so informed, why did you watch his video??? Post your own vid or

Автор allMTN (2 года)
We tried to avoid getting into detailed specs, because those can be easily
found on Wikipedia, etc. Plus, there's a lot to cover on that. Might do
another video in the future with more detail, but will probably replace the
6.8 with .300 AAC Blackout... Love that cartridge.

Автор Gregory Bryson (2 года)
So that's what I should do w/ all those MSC catalogs I have lying around...

Автор A7Delgado (2 года)
Thanks I appreciate the it. And that 2 to the chest 1 to the head was

Автор allMTN (2 года)
Thanks for the comment. We should have a few more videos coming soon.

Автор NolanMGI (3 года)
@allMTN Agreed on the 5.56. However in Afghan. I've seen an older man
dropped with 2 rounds, pull the pin on a grenade and after he fragged
himself he was STILL alive. Should see how many times you can hit guys
rolling around after they've had some heroin with any size round. What most
people that DON'T carry combat loads (210+rds) forget is how much weight
you're going to have to carry in ammo among everything else you need.
Bigger round = more weight. PERIOD.

Автор bp968 (3 года)
BTW, what ammo did you use that produced so much smoke? The x51 isn't any
more fouling then 556 or 6.8. If you roll your own or used LC (which is
impossible to find now) its just fine and much less smoke then you had

Автор allMTN (2 года)
Each of these rifles has high capacity detachable magazines, a threaded
barrel with muzzle device that hides flash and/or reduces recoil, and a
telescoping butt stock. According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and
Firearms, any one of those elements qualifies a firearm as being an assault
rifle. So, technically, you saw 3 assault rifles.

Автор sirmicro (2 года)
6.8 all the way.

Автор CPHannigan (1 год)
Currently, the military has dropped all use of the 6.8 SPC. It is a great
round within 400m, light recoil, accurate, reliable, and all around well
designed. The only down fall is the logistical problem the cartridge
presents to NATO. If the U.S. military switched to it, what would the rest
of NATO do? I think it's best for us to stay with the 5.56 NATO for the
time being.

Автор bp968 (3 года)
In a gas gun, in semi auto, the 762x51 us plenty controllable for a guy
that size. The real issue (was) ammo quantity. We Changed weapons and wars
about the same time. We went from "if your shooting something over 300
yards away, call in arty" to a mostly infantry (or mounted infantry)
war(s). Now we are full circle back to wishing we had the hitting power and
range of x51. Its hard to not recommend 5.56 to someone simply because its
so much cheaper to train with.

Автор Crysium Artek (1 год)
6.8 mm velocity and power..why not all guns use 6.8 ?..it is special USa
guns ?

Автор rkrzbk (2 года)
If I'm not putting a suppressor on it, and have a 16"+ barrel, I'd rather
buy a dedicated 7.62x39 upper.

Автор allMTN (2 года)
You'd be correct if the 7.62 cartridge we were testing was the 7.62 X 39
(AK-47 round), but this is the 7.62 X 51 NATO, which is more accurate, less
affected by wind, and has greater effective range than both the 7.62 X 39
and the 5.56 X 45, as well as the 6.8.

Автор Recon WB (1 год)
i doubt he lived to, but he didn't die immediately, he could still pick up
a gun, and shoot back

Автор allMTN (1 год)
I'm not sure I'd call 5.56mm "spray and pray", the AR-15 is generally 2.0
MOA or better... extremely accurate out to 500m, as is the 6.8. 6.8 is
definitely a great hunting round, as you say.

Автор allMTN (3 года)
Why would you look up NFA ban, that is not what constitutes an assault
rifle?... You would be correct if you said that these weapons are not NFA
banned... they aren't. But they meet SEVERAL of the ATF's criteria, any one
of which constitutes an assault weapon. (Detachable mag, threaded barrel,
telescoping stock, foregrip, a muzzle brake). I was just reading on the ATF
website yesterday about importing "semiautomatic assault weapons"... their
language. According to you, there's no such thing?

Автор allMTN (2 года)
haha.. Yeah, lots of comments from folks wanting us to throw that in the
mix for the next video. The 6.8 is gone and we have a .300 AAC Blackout
instead, but still don't have an AR chambered in 6.5 Grendel. 6.8 SPC and
6.5 Grendel are somewhat similar, but the 6.5 Grendel has some advantages
over the 6.8 when it comes to long range shooting. Good cartridge, though,
wouldn't mind having one. Thanks for the comment!

Автор allMTN (2 года)
But look at what I was replying to: .458 SOCOM. Compared to .300 BLK, .458
SOCOM is the unicorn, by far. You're right, currently .300 BLK (and .300
Whisper) is tough to find and pricey. I'm running my 5.56's and .308 ARs at
the range until things normalize again, no doubt, but my home defense AR is
still a .300 BLK with a mag full of Hornady .300 Whisper 110gr V-Max.

Автор allMTN (1 год)
Absolutely, and thanks for commenting. There is a lot of information out
there, both good and bad, about firearms and calibers, from a lot of
different sources ranging from ballistic testing to video games... it can
be tough to sift through it all. Ultimately, a modern high-velocity
boat-tail cartridge is a catastrophic projectile, even in full metal
jacket. In JHP, or soft or ballistic tip, the ballistic effects are
compounded. And, as you say, you can't go wrong with big bore! ; )

Автор JackedRado71 (2 года)
That's that shit right there! Excellent shooting technique and safety
practices as well

Автор allMTN (2 года)
I appreciate the M14, for sure, but there really is nothing left that an
M14 does better than a modern, quality gas-piston AR chambered in 7.62X51.
The AR platform has come a very long way. Capacity, accuracy, weight,
muzzle control and reliability have all tipped. That's not a knock on the
M14 at all (it was used years after it's decommission by sniper teams), but
the SR-25 and P308 are examples of possibly the perfect all around big-bore
battle rifles.

Автор Airpig (2 года)
Good job Sir. Looks like some pretty good muzzle control on all three
rifles. Keep the vids coming.

Автор Christopher Morris (1 год)
The 6.8mm SPC is an excellent "in between" type of round. It's too bad that
the military can't afford to upgrade all their rifles to this caliber. Is
the military at least using this on a limited basis?

Автор therichardking4242 (2 года)
What about the 6.5 Grendel?

Автор allMTN (2 года)
Cool round, just incredibly expensive and tough to find ammo. .300 BLK is
more versatile and practical, but SOCOM is definitely a sledgehammer.

Автор allMTN (3 года)
The reason for the amount of smoke was the muzzle brake... I was using
factory Federal loads, but the muzzle brake directs a tremendous amount of
the blast back towards the shooter and it tends to linger more. If I had
just a flash suppressor, most of the blast would be directed further
downrange and be more dispersed.

Автор alielbaryeshua (3 года)
FYI: The ATF definition of an assault rifle is one thats fully automatic.
So if your rifles are semi-auto, its still semi-auto.

Автор 407ForRent (2 года)
What trigger in he running in the 5.56?

Автор allMTN (3 года)
Well, while we're being honest, very few combatants have extensive
experience (ie, multiple kills) with EACH of these calibers in identical
circumstances. Furthermore, this video covered the differences in felt
recoil for all 3 from two different ~200 lb shooters using M.R. shooting
stance, the speed and accuracy of quick CQB followup shots, and showed
side-by-side energy delivery and expansion on identical targets. There are
plenty of ballistics gel videos out there, why do another one?

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