5.56 vs. 6.8 SPC vs. 7.62

This is a comparison of three different gas impingement AR-style weapon systems: 5.56 X 45 (or .223), the 6.8 SPC, and the 7.62 X 51 (or .308). Any one of these weapons is a good choice, but this video gives you a peek at how they perform so you can make your own decision.

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Автор GOOTENAGEN ( назад)
Looks like 6.8 is the happy medium

Автор Donald Lester ( назад)
I have a 308 and I wound up putting a adjustable gas block on it..So far
its firing with no problems...

Автор anthony rawhouser ( назад)
Probably one of the best reviews it's straight to the point. Thanks a
million. As far as in the list of fouling is that 308 a DI? I'm looking at
a POF 308 piston driven so should actually clear that up. Cheers

Автор Johannes von' Strauch \Liandri_Development_Group/ ( назад)
6.5Grendel is by far better and beats even 7.62x51 at 1000Meter, in energy,
accuracy, less wind drift, better penetration shape.
And high end 5.56x45 have similar bc to 6.8 while beeing much lighter with
less recoil, more magazin capacity, less bolt wear. Technically a 5.56
bullet have the capability of having 90 grain. 6,8mm with such a short
bullet and TERRIBLE ogive is just useless compared to 6.5 and 5.56.

Автор jesusaragorn ( назад)
peaches , pears , apples ... all compared with each other ?

Автор James Campbell (988 лет назад)
What about the sig sauer m400 enhanced nato? Any complaints

Автор America 2.0 ( назад)
This is why I want a .308! :)

Автор SAM (1867 лет назад)
6.5x35 best

Автор Molon Labe ( назад)
Quit calling it assault rifles. It's just a rifle. 

Автор HardcoreAmericanUSA ( назад)
5.56 for fun / tactical situations for low recoil and penetration. .308 for
hunting because of knock down power and you only need one shot. I dont know
much about the 6.8 SPC so i do not know when that would be good. Either
way, a bullets a bullet. If you know what your doing they are all lethal
and its just a personal preference. Cool vid.

Автор Robert Bowen ( назад)
Agreed, they are all fantastic weapons but I still vote for 5.56. I love
the way you can continually hit the target in such a small group. They are
the light, and my wife has a shoulder problem and can fire the 5.56 without
hurting herself. I would love to have all three if my retirement fixed
income would allow though.

Автор Danny Dingo ( назад)
User preference? what about victims preference...I think victims choose the

Автор R.C. L. ( назад)
For hunting purposes, and no shots beyond 300 yards, would you recommend
the 6.8 or .308? I have been debating a 6.8 build, but I'm concerned about
knock-down power. Also debated the .308, but concerned about weight. Any
help would be appreciated. 

Автор Southlander1000 ( назад)
All great platforms. I enjoyed watching this. It just reminds me that when
I need real knockdown power (for elk and moose, etc), I go for my FN FAL. I
used it on a deer with 165 gr. Hornady SST and it blew in one shoulder
blade, through both lungs, and out the other shoulder blade at 125 yards. I
decided I needed something with less over penetration value, so I ordered a
DSArms ZM4 in .300 AAC Blackout. Can't wait to try it out -- with and
without the can.

Автор SmokeRingsPipeDreams ( назад)
Someone found in K-Berg's house at night, will be found there in the

Автор michael malkowski ( назад)
Try the 5.56 with something other than an FMJ round. Something that expands
will give a much better impact. That being said, the 7.62x51 has double the
muzzle energy of the 5.56 and is only going 300 fps slower with a bullet
130% heavier than the 5.56.

Автор kenny johnson ( назад)
Each round was designed for a different purpose You really can't do a
legitimate comparison. 

Автор MrAristes ( назад)
Thanks for the video! I have both a 5.56/.223 build and a 6.8 build near
completion. I'm familiar with 5.56 but not 6.8. I can't wait to see what
6.8 is like. Entertaining video, really makes me want an AR-10 also. On a
side note, I couldn't decide if your face reminds me more of Lou Ferrigno
or Vitor Belfort so I've decided to think of you as Lou Belfort, friend of
all 2A supporters:) Thanks!

Автор justin milburn ( назад)

Автор ariel4more ( назад)
my opinion, the 6.8 is a great round. the 308 is a bit overkill, and the
223 is too small. Especially out of a shorter barrel. the 223 is a low
pressure round, needing a slower burning powder, and a longer barrel to get
its steam built up. the 6.8 can handle much higher chamber pressure, and
perform great out of a close quarters designed weapon, and has a .270
diameter bullet vs a .223 diameter bullet to boot!!!

Автор CPHannigan ( назад)
Currently, the military has dropped all use of the 6.8 SPC. It is a great
round within 400m, light recoil, accurate, reliable, and all around well
designed. The only down fall is the logistical problem the cartridge
presents to NATO. If the U.S. military switched to it, what would the rest
of NATO do? I think it's best for us to stay with the 5.56 NATO for the
time being. 

Автор Christopher Morris ( назад)
The 6.8mm SPC is an excellent "in between" type of round. It's too bad that
the military can't afford to upgrade all their rifles to this caliber. Is
the military at least using this on a limited basis?

Автор Robert Dorner ( назад)
Think about making that new build a 6.8 and look at ARP. I went through
same process as you. Got into shooting AR's in military then bought a 5.56.
It is great, but, now building a 6.8 especially LWRC/Federal/ATK & Magpul
got together. The 6.8x43 will be the next great thing. Then I build my
7.62x51 or .308 AR-10 or buy from Windham if a good price 

Автор jamblart ( назад)
My perfect AR would be a bullpup design with a 20" barrel, then chamber it
for a cartridge like the 6.8 and whip an optic on there, preferably 4x,
that's what I'm used to.

Автор Recon WB ( назад)
i doubt he lived to, but he didn't die immediately, he could still pick up
a gun, and shoot back

Автор ronin2167 ( назад)
doubt the dude lived....LOL

Автор allMTN ( назад)
Absolutely, and thanks for commenting. There is a lot of information out
there, both good and bad, about firearms and calibers, from a lot of
different sources ranging from ballistic testing to video games... it can
be tough to sift through it all. Ultimately, a modern high-velocity
boat-tail cartridge is a catastrophic projectile, even in full metal
jacket. In JHP, or soft or ballistic tip, the ballistic effects are
compounded. And, as you say, you can't go wrong with big bore! ; )

Автор Recon WB ( назад)
I appreciate the feedback, and you may very well be right (didn't know
about the tumble thing), but as a personal choice, I would still use the
larger caliber, if for any reason to be safe then sorry. P.S. thank you for
presenting an effective counter argument without resorting to insulting,
it's nice to be able to enjoy an argument

Автор allMTN ( назад)
You bring up a very important point. Let me preface my response by saying I
am an NRA instructor, a combat veteran, and I teach an AR-15 course. Now,
while I am grateful for your friend's service, this story is most certainly
inaccurate. It is very difficult to tell if you hit someone, and no human
could be hit my 9 rounds of 5.56 inside 800 yds and survive, much less run
off, unless they all hit ballistic plates. The round always tumbles due to
the 1 degree yaw & 1:7 twist rate. He missed. : /

Автор Recon WB ( назад)
the biggest issue for me with is that the 5.56 doesn't have much stopping
power, yes it's speed gives it roughly as much energy as the slower,
heavier rounds, but it has a tendency to pass through the target without
delivering as much energy (unless it tumbles.) one of my friends i know who
went to afghanistan shot a guy 9 times the m16 5.56, but the guy got up and
ran off, that is far less likely to happen with a heavier round. in a
life/death struggle, give me a 7.62

Автор allMTN ( назад)
Yes, of course. Any high-powered rifle should exit, the comparison was to
see what the exit hole looked like, and 7.62 was quite an exit hole.

Автор Ryan Hughes ( назад)
Wait did 5.56, 6.8, and 7.62 exit the book?

Автор allMTN ( назад)
I'm not sure I'd call 5.56mm "spray and pray", the AR-15 is generally 2.0
MOA or better... extremely accurate out to 500m, as is the 6.8. 6.8 is
definitely a great hunting round, as you say.

Автор CrimsinTiger X ( назад)
556 is a spray and pray gun (within reason) 762 is mean at any distance as
far as recoil and performance goes and 6.8 is a great hunt round for
everything from deer to hogs to cariabu. I hope to find another 6.8 soon
nearly the distance of the 308 by 50-75 yards and recoils nice closer to
the 556 than the 308 for me thats why i like them better

Автор Thiago Silva ( назад)
556 in the city, 762 in the jungle. And everything else is bullshit.

Автор Crysium Artek ( назад)
6.8 mm velocity and power..why not all guns use 6.8 ?..it is special USa
guns ?

Автор Brandon Shanesy ( назад)
Challenge accepted

Автор ssimon64 ( назад)
Cool video. I own a Colt 6920, great little rifle. I plan on building a 6.8
for my 2nd AR.

Автор taylorID1 ( назад)
availability and the added hurdle of what is legal in NJ - top shelf
Armorers like Alexander arms will not ship to NJ no matter - cant say I
blame them - lets just say building an AR in a DARK blue state in not
"linear" in its logic. Gotta give a nod to Ben at Bison - he knew the ins
and outs and was willing to make the effort. If his uppers are half as good
as his customer service I'm expecting nice tight groups

Автор allMTN ( назад)
hmmm... If parts availability is a concern, I would have thought .300 BLK
would be a much better option than 6.8, considering the only part that's
different from 5.56 is the barrel. Same BCG, same capacity in same mags.
6.8 is a great option though, I'm sure you'll be happy with it.

Автор taylorID1 ( назад)
Yep - first build was 556 - mostly Stag - great little carbine - so much
fun to shoot - but I'm finding AR's are like martinis -the first one's good
but the second is always better! Decided on 6.8 - mostly due to
availability of parts and it has a bit more reach. -- but would not be
surprised if a 300 found it's way into the locker before too long. - I'll
let you know how it goes - if you're interested --slainté mhath

Автор allMTN ( назад)
Precisely! ; )

Автор Gregory Bryson ( назад)
So that's what I should do w/ all those MSC catalogs I have lying around...

Автор allMTN ( назад)
I assume you already have an AR chambered in 5.56. (If not, that should
definitely be your choice.) If so, 6.5 Grendel is a great long-distance
cartridge, so if you intend to shoot at 500+ regularly with your next
build, that would be a good option. For close quarters or home defense,
.300 BLK is the way to go. The supersonic loads back a wallop, an Hornady's
.300 Whisper loads are nasty stuff.

Автор taylorID1 ( назад)
thanks for the posting the vid - collecting intel b4 starting a new build
and was thinking 6.8 .300 or even 6.5 grendel- NJ does not allow
suppressors so I think the 300 @subsonic without is not worth the effort -
anyway - parts are so scarce it may be all academic - 

Автор allMTN ( назад)
But look at what I was replying to: .458 SOCOM. Compared to .300 BLK, .458
SOCOM is the unicorn, by far. You're right, currently .300 BLK (and .300
Whisper) is tough to find and pricey. I'm running my 5.56's and .308 ARs at
the range until things normalize again, no doubt, but my home defense AR is
still a .300 BLK with a mag full of Hornady .300 Whisper 110gr V-Max.

Автор rkrzbk ( назад)
If I'm not putting a suppressor on it, and have a 16"+ barrel, I'd rather
buy a dedicated 7.62x39 upper. 

Автор Kyle B ( назад)
.300 blackout is almost impossible to find right now and is extremely
expensive. more expensive than match grade .308

Автор ridecowboyride2009 ( назад)
Love my AR-10, AR-15 and my AR15-22. ;) The .308 definitely is a beefier
recoil and packs a punch.

Автор Brian P ( назад)
out of those groups, id rather bring the 5.56 into combat with me unless
I'm picking them off from over 400 meters unseen, then ill take the 7.62 my
opinion of perfect use of the calibers on an AR platform? 5.56: 50-400
meters .300 Blackout: 0-250 meters 6.8: 150-500meters 7.62: 300-700meters

Автор allMTN ( назад)
Cool round, just incredibly expensive and tough to find ammo. .300 BLK is
more versatile and practical, but SOCOM is definitely a sledgehammer.

Автор allMTN ( назад)
'preciate it... always improving...

Автор eromusofwom ( назад)
Damn son, you can shoot. 

Автор Carson Allgood ( назад)
I'll stick with .458 socom

Автор funcounting ( назад)
Wut? Why would NATO invade murka?

Автор allMTN ( назад)
Thanks man. Always looking to improve...

Автор JackedRado71 ( назад)
That's that shit right there! Excellent shooting technique and safety
practices as well

Автор lerch400block ( назад)
Yea buddy

Автор theCray ( назад)
6.8 wigga.... if its good enough for a boar, its good enough to drop a NATO
soldier invading America. 

Автор allMTN ( назад)
Oh yea, that guy can shoot.

Автор A7Delgado ( назад)
Thanks I appreciate the it. And that 2 to the chest 1 to the head was

Автор allMTN ( назад)
If you are looking for an all-around rifle, 5.56 is the answer. It is
incredibly effective as a defensive round, and any bad things you have
heard have probably been armchair jokey speculation. Even the stories you
hear from combat are normally guys who aren't willing to admit that they
missed. If you get hit with a 5.56 X 45 from inside 400yd, you're probably
out of the fight. For close range, I'd try to track down some hollowpoints.
(.300 BLK is also pretty awesome.)

Автор A7Delgado ( назад)
Of the three what Is your preferred weapon. What does kberg prefer? I'm
looking at getting a defensive rifle for shtf, hunting, and target
shooting. I was set on a 5.56 but started reading bad things about the
effectiveness as a defensive round. Any info will help. Cool vid btw!

Автор allMTN ( назад)
To be honest, I'd say the .300 BLK is probably going to be the better
option. Better energy delivery in supersonic loads, subsonic ammo options
with no change to weapon system, and same capacity in the same magazines as
5.56, AND the supersonic loads are effective out to 500. Can't see much
that would pull anyone towards 6.8 over .300 BLK.

Автор HYDRA DYNAMIC ( назад)
I wish someone more important than me would just adopt the 6.8
(SPC)-(S)uper (P)erfect (C)artridge already! Magpul is supposed to be
working on a (30) Round Mag for the 6.8? Thats a start!

Автор SalveMonesvol (851 год назад)
I just hope you are a kid. Momentum is mass times speed, energy is 1/2 mass
x speed¨2. A slow bullet like a .45 has relatively high momentum compared
to it's kinetic energy, while a fast light bullet like the 5.56 has a very
high amount of kinetic energy and little momentum.

Автор allMTN ( назад)
You'd be correct if the 7.62 cartridge we were testing was the 7.62 X 39
(AK-47 round), but this is the 7.62 X 51 NATO, which is more accurate, less
affected by wind, and has greater effective range than both the 7.62 X 39
and the 5.56 X 45, as well as the 6.8.

Автор Solid Kenji (1895 лет назад)
please forgive me if i say some shit considering that I love and study
about guns however in my country I just can´t have it now... so I´ve never
shot in my life... but I have studied a lot... about the comment... I would
say that ACR is a fantastic weapon in a combat situation considering that
you can use 6.8 and if you´re ammo out you can adapt it to 7.62...

Автор allMTN ( назад)
That's a pretty expansive question... It depends entirely on the
application. I personally would stay away from 6.8 because ammo
availability is not good. Other than that, if you're actually going to be
shooting on full auto, ammo cost, mag capacity and recoil all become major
factors, making 5.56 and 7.62 X 39 much more attractive than 7.62 X 51. It
all comes down to application: "What am I going to use this for?"

Автор SalveMonesvol ( назад)
I believed the 7.62*39 carried more momentum, but the 6.8 had a little more
energy (over 2400 joules with some loads). Numbers aside, if considering
only the ertridge, not the platform (ar-15, ak, etc), which would you pick?
Is it possible to be accurate on full auto with anything biger than the

Автор ariel4more ( назад)
IMO that 6.8spc is the perfect round. the .223 works, but its kinda small.
the .308 could be easily considered overkill. the 6.8 is a nice and very
effective medium between the two

Автор julian Ramirez ( назад)
thanks for the tip i was always wondering that

Автор allMTN ( назад)
Good question, and I would say that they are actually somewhat similar;
most effective in CQB scenarios. The 6.8 would be more accurate at
distance, and the 7.62x39 has a bit more energy. If you take into
consideration the availability of ammo or a replacement primary weapon to
utilize your ammo in the case of a catastrophic failure to your primary,
the 7.62X39 wins handily.

Автор sirmicro ( назад)
6.8 all the way. 

Автор julian Ramirez ( назад)
which is more effective in a combat situation; 7.62x39 or 6.8 spc?

Автор Davito2000 ( назад)
The 6.5 works well out of a 16 inch, but I don't know about the shorter
barrels. I would suspect that it would be close to the 6.8, but that you
would get more of a muzzle flash from the unspent powder, seeing as you can
gain noticeable increases in velocity and energy in a 20 inch over the 6.8.
But the 6.8 is truly a wonderful SBR round; it's just that some
manufacturers have had troubling getting it to shoot accurately, while also
controlling the pressure. 

Автор allMTN ( назад)
The 6.5 seems to be the best chambering for an AR-15 that will be used for
long range shooting. One thing I don't know is whether it runs well out of
a 14.5 or 16" barrel, or if 18 - 20" is critical for making the best use. I
know the 6.8 is much more CQB-oriented and 16" is as much barrel as it was
designed to use... much like .300 AAC.

Автор Davito2000 ( назад)
The AR-10 is a whole other beast with an entirely different expanse of
rounds, being a short-action major caliber design. My point was simply to
point out that, for medium game, anti-personnel and target usage, the 6.5
gets a LOT done with little effort. For it's age, the .308 is a heck of a
round, though, and I am a huge fan of the SA-58 and M1A families: weighty
with a lot of muzzle blast, but very good all the same.

Автор allMTN ( назад)
aye aye aye...You had me 'till the .308 comparison. 6.5 and .308 have
similar "velocities" at 1k (~1200ft/s) with the .308 pushing and additional
50gr of mass. In other words, the .308 delivers nearly as much energy at 1k
as the 6.5 AND the 5.56. But to your point, yes, again, at distance, the
6.5 is an overachiever. Probably the best option for the long range shooter
in the AR-15 platform... but not AR-10.

Автор Davito2000 ( назад)
Well, thanks for the video! ;P. But I'd argue that the 6.5 is superior to
the 6.8 in almost all ways: lower pressure, inherently more accurate,
higher energy potential, flatter trajectory and superior wind resistance
and energy retention. Interestingly, past 1k yards, it surpasses most .308
loads in energy, in spite of it being a much shorter and lower pressure
loading. It's case tapering also provides for more reliable feeding, and
with only ~5 round loss from conventional mags.

Автор allMTN ( назад)
Oh, man... If you are a reloader, you've GOT to look into .300 blackout.
You can use surplus 7.62 X 51 projectiles and old 5.56mm brass to make it!

Автор Brett Wilson ( назад)
I haven't heard of that actually... and I reload my own ammo! lol! That
would be a great video!

Автор allMTN ( назад)
Thanks for the comment. It always comes down to application: Do you want a
Patrol Rifle, a Single-Action Sniper System, a Close Quarters Rifle? If you
haven't looked much at the new(er) .300 AAC blackout, I think that is an
even better replacement candidate for the 5.56. Different loads for
different applications with no change in mag capacity, and very little
change in weight. We might be doing another video including that caliber
soon; so far, I really like shooting it.

Автор allMTN (49 лет назад)
haha.. Yeah, lots of comments from folks wanting us to throw that in the
mix for the next video. The 6.8 is gone and we have a .300 AAC Blackout
instead, but still don't have an AR chambered in 6.5 Grendel. 6.8 SPC and
6.5 Grendel are somewhat similar, but the 6.5 Grendel has some advantages
over the 6.8 when it comes to long range shooting. Good cartridge, though,
wouldn't mind having one. Thanks for the comment!

Автор Davito2000 ( назад)
*cough* 6.5 Grendel *cough*

Автор Brett Wilson ( назад)
I think if you want to be realistic, the 308 would be just to heavy to lug
around. The 5.56 has some power issues, but is very light weight with great
accuracy out to a certain distance. I like the 6.8;I will just be honest
about that. I think the U.S. military should look more into the 6.8. I'm
sure it's heavier than the 5.56, but will be a little lighter than the 7.62
and have great range. 

Автор allMTN ( назад)
Thanks J... Just picked up a couple more AR's recently, so should be
knocking out a new one soon with the .300 Blackout. Pretty cool round for
the AR.

Автор jason jones ( назад)
Still love watching this video

Автор Matt JB ( назад)
I got my 5.56 :) 

Автор allMTN ( назад)
I'm from the same part of the country... actually, the other dude in this
video grew up knowing Jon Cena's little brother.

Автор allMTN ( назад)
I appreciate the M14, for sure, but there really is nothing left that an
M14 does better than a modern, quality gas-piston AR chambered in 7.62X51.
The AR platform has come a very long way. Capacity, accuracy, weight,
muzzle control and reliability have all tipped. That's not a knock on the
M14 at all (it was used years after it's decommission by sniper teams), but
the SR-25 and P308 are examples of possibly the perfect all around big-bore
battle rifles.

Автор allMTN ( назад)
Actually, the trigger was one of the only run-of-the-mill parts on that
build... Just a standard mil-spec single stage. Might have had a polish-job
though, as it was pretty crisp.

Автор 407ForRent ( назад)
What trigger in he running in the 5.56?

Автор allMTN ( назад)
Thanks for the comment. We should have a few more videos coming soon.

Автор serrien1 ( назад)
great video! i like the fact that you simply tested ans showed results. i
like a good test without bias! 

Автор Airpig ( назад)
Good job Sir. Looks like some pretty good muzzle control on all three
rifles. Keep the vids coming. 

Автор allMTN ( назад)
"Mine!" I like that!

Автор allMTN ( назад)
Fair point, but these firearms were designed for combat / assault, not
hunting / target shooting. Many states use this as an excuse to restrict
their access by citizens and redefine the crux of the 2nd Amendment
(security & freedom). I've never shared the opinion that semantics will
solve this disconnect, and that more attention should be paid to the fact
that responsible citizens have a constitutional right to own high-capacity,
high-powered, tactical firearms, whatever you decide to call them.

Автор allMTN ( назад)
I think 6.8 and .300BLK are good options for hog and deer in an AR. .308
will obviously do the job, but might be overkill, and it'd be heavy to lug

Автор TheCONtwo ( назад)
which of the 3 do you think would be better for deer and hog hunting im not
to much of a fan when it comes to the bolt action 

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