A stunning UFO flies by plane window! A passenger caught this intersting UFO on tape on a trip to Hawaii. This is a must watch UFO sighting. Thank you to the anonymous person who gave us exlusive rights to this awesome footage. Thanks for watching & sharing!

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Автор ARIES9327 (1 месяц)
I'd say the GS of this thing is about 1600-1780 km per hour

Автор christ4u2now (1 месяц)
That UFO had a lot faster speed than the airplane. Amazing technology, or
whatever it was.

Автор Wesley Hannibal (2 месяца)
crickey those amazon drones dont hang around with their deliverys

Автор Shaun Jackson (4 месяца)
Also note that there is no reaction from the person filming it. I thinkhe
would be a little freaked out...dont you.

Автор dresmith (3 месяца)
I'm pretty sure that was just Iron Man.

Автор Orange Orbs (2 месяца)
On sept. 28 2013 I saw 15 to 20 orange orbs flying southwest. Three weeks
before I saw the orbs I was painting this old mans house and he would sit
and talk to me all day. I asked him if he believed in ufos cause they had
been on my mind for quite sometime. He said of course I do! He said I was
in the Navy for four years and him and six others watched a bright light
fly over them and drop into the ocean. I've seen three phenomenal things
(ufos) that I cannot explain in my life. I pulled over when when I saw the
orbs and started filming them by the time I pulled over there were only
four left in sight. Check my video out. There are tons of videos on here of
the same thing that I saw.

Автор NIRVANAmat (3 месяца)
@twentyfivenhot how could that possibly be a rocket you have to be kidding
assuming you mean a firework rocket and not a NASA rocket (both would be
impossible) then this firework rocket just happened to go as high as this
plane which is usually between 30000 and 45000 feet high.. fireworks go
between 50-200ft.
Now if you mean a NASA rocket.. i havnt seen any that fly side ways at that
angle ever. Plus theres no flames and having a plane and a rocket in the
same airspace is totally not how it works.
sorry to shoot you down man but it was a stupid thing to say

Автор Jamie J (5 месяцев)
I just think that someone is just very good at throwing frisbees.

Автор Ava Cook (3 месяца)
U were on us airways!

Автор teo savage (5 месяцев)
if it was real why was guy recording from the beginning

Автор Nyxi Pixi (5 месяцев)
Looks like another plane flying the opposite direction to me.

Автор thomasburman1 (2 месяца)

Автор brocanova (4 месяца)
The most puzzling thing about this video is the fact that in 2013 there are
still people who believe in the existence of UFOs.

Автор Tristan Manning (4 месяца)
Hey,That was me going to ralphes.

Автор Anthony Roberts (1 год)
UFO Flies by Plane in Hawaii #ufo #ufos #plane #hawaii #extraterrestrial

Автор William Barraza (1 год)
Your thoughts?

Автор Anunnaki-Ra (9 месяцев)

Автор Sam Sami (3 месяца)
If this is real, then our technology is more than 1000 years back. In other
words, they are laughing at us.

Автор Locher Maleficent (4 месяца)
fake as usual.

Автор Scumbot404 (1 год)
Looked like Adobe After effects.

Автор Heather Mallard (10 месяцев)
Strange....unexplainable ....

Автор ThePerfectPlex (1 год)
Tony Stark

Автор Miguel 63 (1 год)

Автор William Gabbert (11 месяцев)
That's what my Mother said about the wingless , tailless plane, that flew
in front of our car, 50'ft above the ground ,at several hundred mph....back
in 1965. The US government sure can keep a secret!

Автор smokethechron (1 год)
This was not a bird. Nor a military airborn vehicle. This seems legit in
all reality.

Автор Mislina Kılbey (7 месяцев)
no this video in montage ufo not small

Автор Ionjohn (1 год)
Worst fake I've seen, did you even try? You just happened to be filming
plus no reactions whatsoever?

Автор PurpleChicken.TV (1 год)
Just wondering, why say watch it in 1080 when it wasn't filmed in that?
However, apart from that it does look very interesting.

Автор Jonathan Prestidge (10 месяцев)
Thats actually pretty crazy. Not a missile or another plane or a bird for

Автор 79tazman (1 год)
what ever it was it was sure hauling ass

Автор eric behrens (7 месяцев)
if u pause and play it right its two fighter jets

Автор Nick White (1 год)
Only if it was a flying watermelon with little aliens inside.

Автор Jeremy Chen (5 месяцев)
who is capt kurt? lol

Автор Ненад Солдат (8 месяцев)
Man of steel:-)))

Автор vlun121 (8 месяцев)
It was a usaf missile. ... good thing they missrd the plane.

Автор Kev Gilder (1 год)
Looks like a cruise missile

Автор girl on a vespa (10 месяцев)
This is in Hawaii, so it is obviously a military vehicle of some sort. Case

Автор slinkers111- IR UFOS CANADA (1 год)
that`s the characteristic of the way they fly , not stop motion editing ..

Автор icecream12z (6 месяцев)
This is how the Shadow Government travels around the planet. Ur money could
never buy a seat on a craft like this.

Автор fooman65 (11 месяцев)
some sort of missile maybe, that is NOT another plane...

Автор ashleigh austin (1 год)
Looked like a bullet /:

Автор Anna Vitruk (1 год)
And why would a UFO do that? To let us find out about and turn it into a
KFO? (Known Flying Object)

Автор done dekker (1 год)
That is one of the few "credible" UFOs on YouTube,,very credible and
passenger jet flies at 500 mph and this ufo was traveling at least 3 times
as fast,,good stuff!!

Автор dummiexx3 (11 месяцев)
Ah, so that is where my Frisbee went!

Автор DogDaze66 (10 месяцев)
That was Chuck Norris playing frisbee .

Автор ressovm (1 год)
Wow. Looks cigar shaped. Where were you going? It was going the same

Автор TEMAOHI2787 (1 год)
WOW! Looks like it's "phasing" in and out as it moves! I saw a similar
sighting on the Hist. Channel. The lady said she saw the UFO not moving
smoothly, but moving in short "jumps". Wild Stuff!!

Автор Static Gaming (1 год)
Simple stop motion edit as you can clearly see pauses.

Автор Raymond Smith (11 месяцев)
Someone stole your "ufo" image and photo shopped it into Santee, Calif

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