A stunning UFO flies by plane window! A passenger caught this intersting UFO on tape on a trip to Hawaii. This is a must watch UFO sighting. Thank you to the anonymous person who gave us exlusive rights to this awesome footage. Thanks for watching & sharing!

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Автор Jerry Leal ( назад)

Автор chanctonbury63 ( назад)
Its a flying dildo.

Автор squito94 ( назад)
Holy crap that's fast! You could estimate it's speed based on how fast the
plane was going in relation to the E.T. Craft.

Автор Martin Hebert ( назад)
Why would you be filming?..nothing to see..convenient Ido suddenly appear

Автор BlacKnightRising ( назад)
well all I can say is 'Identified' air-craft DO NOT fly this close to a
commercial airliner, that thing whipped by so fast if it'd hit the plane,
there'd be nothing left of it

Автор PROcrastiDRIVE SV ( назад)
UFO pilot: "Shit, did I leave the stove on?"

Автор Marino Casini ( назад)
It's a würstel !!!

Автор Gary A ( назад)
SAM Missile, where they flying over the Ukraine ????

Автор FaDe Guardian ( назад)
It was Goku saving are butts.

Автор forgotten Noob (948 лет назад)
That's way to small to be a ufo 😕

Автор Ivor Clark ( назад)
space debris?. it looks like something tumbling down and then eventually
disintegrating. We have an awful lot of junk in near orbit just waiting to
rein down on us. Cover your heads!...:-)

Автор jesse Lovell ( назад)
just noticed this happened in Hawaii. pearl harbor is in that area and they
have a f22 squadron there. sorry if I upset any of you I want to believe
just like you but let's think logical here plz

Автор jesse Lovell ( назад)
to the people who say the ufo is skipping. it's the camera the frames per
second ratio. stop looking into shit so much without knowing the facts. in
my educated opinion it's a f22 flying super sonic and to the ones who say
it was really close I've been on a plane and seen another passenger liner
fly in the opposite direction just as close as the jet in this one.

Автор John Dominguez ( назад)
it looks like a missile trying to shoot it down

Автор John Dominguez ( назад)
it looks like a missile trying to shoot it down

Автор John Dominguez ( назад)
it looks like a missile trying to shoot it down

Автор John Dominguez ( назад)
it looks like a missile trying to shoot it down

Автор John Dominguez ( назад)
it looks like I hate math so trying to shoot it down

Автор Barcelona Heart ( назад)
Why a UFO? Why not a military jet?

Автор walrus grumble ( назад)
that's no "UFO"....

Автор John Graf ( назад)
Great capture.

Автор Jeanette Martinez ( назад)

Автор It's Not What You Think ( назад)
What speed could that be?

Автор David Wright ( назад)
aloha alien...dude

Автор jozsef orgovan ( назад)
UFO is jumping? the air plane does not? that is what i was expecting in
slow motion--hahahahhahahahahhaa

Автор john oliver ( назад)
Very good if thats a flying dildo its a very advanced one im sure it could
make any1 come.

Автор tribequest9 ( назад)
has anyone ever noticed that when UFO's fly they don't fly they actually
skip.....every time I see one filmed in speed it appears as they they
occupy two places in space at the same time, it's never a fluid

Автор SPIDER 808 ( назад)
That was Keanu reeves coming back home to Hawaii from the matrix

Автор TheMassary ( назад)
that was a missle lol ufo :))) or your mother was ??

Автор PeterTheSAGAFan ( назад)
Looks like a weather ballon

Автор Greg Thomas ( назад)
totally brah!

Автор Juan Mccune ( назад)
The tobacco like ufo

Автор Hey YOU (917 лет назад)
That was just SUPER MAN ... nothing to see here folks lol

Автор Toyama Boy ( назад)

Автор Jorge Mills ( назад)
It's fake it wouldn't be choppy id be consistent 

Автор Sebastian Ladoek ( назад)
Look like missile luanch

Автор Lastingon ( назад)
Its its only a flying hotdog, calm down guys haven't you seen it before ?

Автор Varfffna ( назад)
pretty sure that was just a jet ... 

Автор Huttserwolf ( назад)
Ah! So that's where Bobby goes when I'm at school! XD Thankyou!

Автор drgil65 ( назад)
That's probably an F-22 out of Hickham AFB in Hawaii

Автор J. Edgar Hoover ( назад)
Fake. If you set the you tube speed to 0.25 when the video says it's at 10%
slow motion, as the "ufo" passes the planes winglet and then pause it, you
can clearly see 2 images. But you can't see 2 images of the plane's

Автор WaWoWieWa ( назад)
2 different framerates used during the edit.. idiots

Автор chloe smith ( назад)
That was a missile launched from an Isis terrorist

Автор Daniel Brown ( назад)
Good job of editing a slow moving foreground jet probably coming into a
landing with a military jet circling overhead. Speeding up the film was a
great idea.

Автор BC M ( назад)
your 1080HD is the equivalent of 240. Next time don't buy your camera in

Автор ANTISLAVEBOY ( назад)
Anyone would think that the supposed UFO was on its way to a similar
location as the plane, almost as if they on same flightpath A ?!? UFO`s are
not what we have been led to believe . They are real but used for many
various things from spying to chem spraying , secret/ real space program
that has been going for a long long time (before this century) Of course
just as with everything else , our perceptions have been kept in such a way
that we think one thing and another things is true . Peace

Автор plasmaarmelund ( назад)

Автор Jean Peuplu ( назад)
So…some guys film through the windows as they're traveling in a plane ?
Fortunately, finally an ufo flys in front of his camera !

Автор stevan carson ( назад)
I would believe this more if the person filming didn't just happen to be
filming at the exact time it happened. Especially on a plane out of all
things I've been on a plane a lot of times and not once have I seen someone
just holding a camera out the window.

Автор christ4u2now ( назад)
That UFO had a lot faster speed than the airplane. Amazing technology, or
whatever it was.

Автор Andrew Walk ( назад)
That was no ufo that was a bug.

Автор ARIES9327 ( назад)
I'd say the GS of this thing is about 1600-1780 km per hour

Автор Orange “seeingUFO's7590” Orbs ( назад)
On sept. 28 2013 I saw 15 to 20 orange orbs flying southwest. Three weeks
before I saw the orbs I was painting this old mans house and he would sit
and talk to me all day. I asked him if he believed in ufos cause they had
been on my mind for quite sometime. He said of course I do! He said I was
in the Navy for four years and him and six others watched a bright light
fly over them and drop into the ocean. I've seen three phenomenal things
(ufos) that I cannot explain in my life. I pulled over when when I saw the
orbs and started filming them by the time I pulled over there were only
four left in sight. Check my video out. There are tons of videos on here of
the same thing that I saw.

Автор Wesley Hannibal ( назад)
crickey those amazon drones dont hang around with their deliverys

Автор Sam Sami ( назад)
If this is real, then our technology is more than 1000 years back. In other
words, they are laughing at us.

Автор dresmith ( назад)
I'm pretty sure that was just Iron Man.

Автор NIRVANAmat ( назад)
@twentyfivenhot how could that possibly be a rocket you have to be kidding
assuming you mean a firework rocket and not a NASA rocket (both would be
impossible) then this firework rocket just happened to go as high as this
plane which is usually between 30000 and 45000 feet high.. fireworks go
between 50-200ft.
Now if you mean a NASA rocket.. i havnt seen any that fly side ways at that
angle ever. Plus theres no flames and having a plane and a rocket in the
same airspace is totally not how it works.
sorry to shoot you down man but it was a stupid thing to say

Автор thomas ( назад)
looks like a rocket to me

Автор brocanova ( назад)
The most puzzling thing about this video is the fact that in 2013 there are
still people who believe in the existence of UFOs.

Автор Frost Duke ( назад)
Also note that there is no reaction from the person filming it. I thinkhe
would be a little freaked out...dont you.

Автор Tristan Manning ( назад)
Hey,That was me going to ralphes.

Автор Jamie J ( назад)
I just think that someone is just very good at throwing frisbees.

Автор Nyxi Pixi ( назад)
Looks like another plane flying the opposite direction to me.

Автор teo savage ( назад)
if it was real why was guy recording from the beginning

Автор Rob Marten ( назад)

Автор nickisacebeans ( назад)
That's just one of those fast flying birds

Автор Jeremy Chen ( назад)
who is capt kurt? lol

Автор SROTrance ( назад)
It's superman

Автор thomas curey ( назад)
Thats the enterprise Capt Kurt and crew

Автор Jimmyjune ( назад)
He hahahaha ha '' rc ??!!

Автор icecream12z ( назад)
This is how the Shadow Government travels around the planet. Ur money could
never buy a seat on a craft like this. 

Автор Haktan Maya ( назад)
which means that is a fake one like the others. if aliens exist (which I
think they do) government would keep that secret to themselves.

Автор DemocracyOfHypocrisy ( назад)
I KNOW WHAT IT IS. That is a sighting of Obamas actual Birth Certificate!

Автор Paul Basta ( назад)
OH MY GOD! Its a flying dildo

Автор Coisinhas do dia a dia ( назад)
NICE. Now take a look at this UFO near a bridge. === 
/watch?v=QJtylBe_Ecg ===

Автор Mislina Kılbey ( назад)
no this video in montage ufo not small 

Автор Ecosse Mbot ( назад)
Nice video.

Автор eric behrens ( назад)
if u pause and play it right its two fighter jets 

Автор Shock wave69 ( назад)
It's iron man or warmachine on a test flight ^_^

Автор Brett Mciver ( назад)
i wonder if they used blender for the camera tracking on that ? 

Автор vlun121 ( назад)
It was a usaf missile. ... good thing they missrd the plane.

Автор Remco Kooiman ( назад)
just a random pizza

Автор nick harstad ( назад)
isn't that too fast to be a jet? 

Автор wasolop ( назад)
You never know, North Korea could have launched a missile.

Автор S7 Skaii ( назад)
Thats a fighter jet

Автор magnifecent ( назад)
i think the ufo teleported...

Автор s templar ( назад)
Interesting drone of some sort unknown to me.Looks small about 20 foot or
so.If not a cgi fake.

Автор girl on a vespa ( назад)
This is in Hawaii, so it is obviously a military vehicle of some sort. Case

Автор skip991959 ( назад)
When will people understand that multiple governments have electromagnetic
propulsion systems that have superior performance to those of jet engines.
The research for this technology was going on in the 1940's and is very
advanced today. 

Автор Jonathan Kennedy ( назад)
The future of drones?

Автор Adam Goldsack ( назад)
A bird who can fly at a 1000 miles plus an hour, considering a plane does
600 ph when crusining. Genius.

Автор Steve Ennever ( назад)
Could you film it again please, with a high speed camera. 

Автор Jonathan Prestidge ( назад)
Thats actually pretty crazy. Not a missile or another plane or a bird for


Автор DogDaze66 ( назад)
That was Chuck Norris playing frisbee .

Автор Raymond Smith ( назад)
Someone stole your "ufo" image and photo shopped it into Santee, Calif

Автор William Gabbert ( назад)
That's what my Mother said about the wingless , tailless plane, that flew
in front of our car, 50'ft above the ground ,at several hundred mph....back
in 1965. The US government sure can keep a secret!

Автор theCoachCGY ( назад)
Another airplane without a jet stream? Explain. The shape of the object is
indistinguishable, leading us to believe that this object was a fair
distance from the observer. An object at that distance, traveling at jet
speed, even at a 90 degree angle would NOT enter and exit that quickly.

Автор fooman65 ( назад)
some sort of missile maybe, that is NOT another plane...

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