Wedgie 2: the revenge

after the brutal wedgieing at the hands of kimmy kim, frutron sees her chance for revenge in part two of the ever present saga WEDGIE!!!!
what will happen, watch it at least 40 times to see!

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Автор brad robinson ( назад)
This video is probably the most shit'ist video ever

Автор Rebel Husband ( назад)
Can I have your phone number Fruton

Автор sudenur. Özdemir ( назад)

Автор simehong2000 ( назад)
girl i ask for your number phone

Автор Robbie Doster ( назад)

Автор Rebecca G ( назад)
She didn't even notice!!!!!

Автор chris badtrekkie ( назад)

Автор Mike Speed ( назад)

Автор Preston Gordon ( назад)

Автор Dennis T Dragon ( назад)

Автор Hollywood Is Hard ( назад)

Автор Hollywood Is Hard ( назад)

Автор Hollywood Is Hard ( назад)

Автор bioshocker456 ( назад)
I watched this like 3 times in a row your butt is awesome!

Автор Diamonds Bling Bling ( назад)

Автор jim halpert ( назад)
is that your first thong wedgie?

Автор jim halpert ( назад)
did that wedgie hurt?

Автор Kyle Rese ( назад)

Автор Talya .N ( назад)
What the

Автор ben harris ( назад)

Автор Jazzy Jazman ( назад)
Hollywood is hard... Like me!

Автор al lds ( назад)
damn their hot!

Автор Spiked Clevus ( назад)
Her underwear is really strong. Wedgie-Proof

Автор Carly Ray ( назад)
Hanging wedgie? Please please please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Автор kingjack123456789 ( назад)
can u see her nipples at 0:13

Автор phanny sung ( назад)
isnt funny wedgie stupid joke

Автор heykimmykim ( назад)
Wedgie 5 is up!! We called it "Wedgie Cream Pie" that's how special it is!!

Автор coltenburnett ( назад)

Автор cardmaster john ( назад)

Автор superbuffguy100 ( назад)
Hey can soneone explain wat happened

Автор Matthew davison ( назад)

Автор Matthew davison ( назад)
4:34 did i just here a rip

Автор Kiara Pedraza ( назад)

Автор Kiara Pedraza ( назад)
make more wedgie videos their funny

Автор rsrslolful ( назад)
I came to this,, :D

Автор FruTron ( назад)
Thank you, I use the trophy to massage my rim.

Автор FruTron ( назад)
You complete me.

Автор charsorenson ( назад)
@FruTron yes

Автор Dark Light ( назад)

Автор tony crowe ( назад)
Pase at 0:33

Автор FruTron ( назад)
@charsorenson have you seen all of them?

Автор simehong2000 ( назад)

Автор XxxdidgetxxX ( назад)
Dose any 1 want to give a black kid a wedgie

Автор heykimmykim ( назад)
@charsorenson If you give us a gift from our amazon wish list... then yes,
we'll do more.

Автор heykimmykim ( назад)
@Ozztastic57 Pretty sure Frutron has a trophy in her room as The Singing
Bee Queen from her county. So, that's pretty awesome if you ask me.

Автор charsorenson ( назад)
Can you do more?

Автор Ozztastic57 ( назад)
That was the worst sing of we are the champons EVER!

Автор boy1240 ( назад)

Автор B1GT1M3 ( назад)
pause at 0:35

Автор B1GT1M3 ( назад)
@freshistboy4 im callin bullshit! lol

Автор chimchar2002 ( назад)
pause it at 0:15

Автор freshistboy4 (1158 лет назад)
forget the boobs..I was too busy looking at her eyes ;)

Автор heykimmykim (1238 лет назад)
@frogerboy99 Better than having a suspicious ass I suppose.

Автор heykimmykim ( назад)
@DGrocstarz WHERE!?!!

Автор heykimmykim ( назад)
@SinisterCola Dudes aren't the only ones allowed to have fun.

Автор Sinister Cola ( назад)
Girls posting wedgie videos on the internet. Brave.

Автор frogerboy99 ( назад)
Lol, look at that unsuspecting Ass, well its not like your looking at
anything else : )

Автор thechrisrox1110 ( назад)
@MrDickRyder ik

Автор tylon cooper ( назад)
that booty bout to get a wedgie

Автор GamingCrafted ( назад)
Do more there a crack up

Автор Shawn Laney ( назад)
What an ass...

Автор Green Lord ( назад)
Love it, it is not always as easy it seems. But it sure is fun.

Автор olalabrooke ( назад)
holy damn....

Автор FruTron ( назад)
@XxDenverOmletManxX Dude, I'm going to give KK a wedgie after I am done
with my shampoo mohawk lesson.

Автор PDLFP4254 ( назад)
Aaaaaah what happened I never saw

Автор varientex ( назад)

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
your fans are raving do more

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
more more more

Автор vampiredude011 ( назад)
More o More more plz

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
the wedgie vids are awesome you need to do more

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
wedgie 3

Автор alkine451 ( назад)
@FruTron give laDolceKimma a hanging wedgie if you have rope and a place to
hang her put the rope through her thong leg holes and do this while she's
standing on a chair or something. K now throw the rope over something and
then make sure it's sorta already giving her a wedgie and tie it to
something at that point ok? Then you kick the chair and wham Kimmykim has a
hanging wedgie!

Автор alkine451 ( назад)
When's the next one?

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
@heykimmykim the videos are awesome do more of them

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
@cwebb212 good idea

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
@FruTron what if we post it in our comment?

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
yeah a wedgie war or something like that where you give each other wedgies

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
@heykimmykim more wedgie vids plz

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
do more wedgie vids plz

Автор ninjacayden ( назад)
why give her a wedgie she was allready wearing a thong

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
more wedgie videos

Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
more wedgie videos

Автор heykimmykim ( назад)
Immunity to wedgies!!! I'm better than a vampire, perhaps.

Автор superbuffguy100 ( назад)
can somebody post a comment telling what happened I'm confused

Автор hotwedgiefan123 ( назад)
purple thong

Автор Supermillionare321 ( назад)
You 2 should have a wedgie war/fight

Автор hotwedgiefan123 ( назад)
make anthor one

Автор FruTron ( назад)
to give more wedgie ideas tweet us @frutron & @LaDolceKimma

Автор c0w g0es m00 ( назад)
So did she feel it?

Автор LaBarDallas ( назад)
I love how she didnt feel her touching her Purple Thong or Her Thong going
all the way up her shoudlers. but still pretty funny. who agrees with my 2
comments. if u do inbox me

Автор toothbrush71 ( назад)
the wedgie videos are hilarious! you should do more!

Автор KJ00784 ( назад)
nice boobs ;)

Автор KhyeTheWandereR (752 года назад)
i second that motion

Автор n00bg0tpwned ( назад)

Автор Ozztastic57 ( назад)
I watched it more, i watched the "kimmykim has a..." video, and i still
dont get it.

Автор FruTron ( назад)
@Ozztastic57 <--- well, Kimmykim has no feeling in her ass. GEE I WONDER WHY

Автор heykimmykim ( назад)
@Ozztastic57 <<< Watch it again... and again and again and again... I'm
pretty sure you'll eventually get it.

Автор Ozztastic57 ( назад)
Wat even happened?

Автор JoshuhaGrekal ( назад)
Haha can't wait to see the next part :P:p

Автор FruTron ( назад)
What ?

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