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Автор Nugget Lady (6 месяцев)
She didn't even notice!!!!!

Автор Mike Speed (10 месяцев)

Автор Preston Gordon (1 год)

Автор chris badtrekkie (10 месяцев)

Автор Dennis T Dragon (1 год)

Автор Bruce Wayne (3 года)
@heykimmykim more wedgie vids plz

Автор Supermillionare321 (3 года)
You 2 should have a wedgie war/fight

Автор olalabrooke (3 года)
holy damn....

Автор jim halpert (2 года)
did that wedgie hurt?

Автор heykimmykim (3 года)
I guess I'm immune to the wedgie. :/

Автор Carly Ray (2 года)
Hanging wedgie? Please please please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Автор rsrslolful (3 года)
I came to this,, :D

Автор thechrisrox1110 (3 года)
@MrDickRyder ik

Автор charsorenson (3 года)
@FruTron yes

Автор FruTron (3 года)
to give more wedgie ideas tweet us @frutron & @LaDolceKimma

Автор hotwedgiefan123 (3 года)
make anthor one

Автор FruTron (3 года)
Damn! the singing in this is amazing.

Автор Ozztastic57 (3 года)
Wat even happened?

Автор Hollywood Is Hard (1 год)

Автор Talya .N (2 года)
What the

Автор FruTron (3 года)
@morgo1337 Oh, well it's blonde now! I put pics @frutron on twitter :)
Thank you!

Автор freshistboy4 (3 года)
forget the boobs..I was too busy looking at her eyes ;)

Автор superbuffguy100 (3 года)
Hey can soneone explain wat happened

Автор FruTron (3 года)
What ?

Автор chimchar2002 (3 года)
pause it at 0:15

Автор morgo1337 (3 года)
btw frutron LOVE what did you with your hair. Looks fantastic!!!!!

Автор Diamonds Bling Bling (1 год)

Автор KJ00784 (3 года)
nice boobs ;)

Автор heykimmykim (3 года)
@frogerboy99 Better than having a suspicious ass I suppose.

Автор bioshocker456 (1 год)
I watched this like 3 times in a row your butt is awesome!

Автор FruTron (3 года)
@heykimmykim :(

Автор alkine451 (3 года)
When's the next one?

Автор Green Lord (3 года)
Love it, it is not always as easy it seems. But it sure is fun.

Автор n00bg0tpwned (3 года)

Автор toothbrush71 (3 года)
the wedgie videos are hilarious! you should do more!

Автор tylon cooper (3 года)
that booty bout to get a wedgie

Автор FruTron (3 года)
@charsorenson have you seen all of them?

Автор heykimmykim (3 года)
@Ozztastic57 Pretty sure Frutron has a trophy in her room as The Singing
Bee Queen from her county. So, that's pretty awesome if you ask me.

Автор heykimmykim (3 года)
Immunity to wedgies!!! I'm better than a vampire, perhaps.

Автор ninjacayden (3 года)
why give her a wedgie she was allready wearing a thong

Автор charsorenson (3 года)
Can you do more?

Автор GhoulHecticTV (3 года)
ReVengE is cOLd DeLi BusiNess!~!~!

Автор Bruce Wayne (3 года)
@cwebb212 good idea

Автор Gunslinger O'TumbleWeed (3 года)
@FruTron How are you not signed to a major record label yet?

Автор Ozztastic57 (3 года)
I watched it more, i watched the "kimmykim has a..." video, and i still
dont get it.

Автор coltenburnett (2 года)

Автор heykimmykim (3 года)
@SinisterCola Dudes aren't the only ones allowed to have fun.

Автор heykimmykim (3 года)
@charsorenson If you give us a gift from our amazon wish list... then yes,
we'll do more.

Автор Bruce Wayne (3 года)
wedgie 3

Автор frogerboy99 (3 года)
Lol, look at that unsuspecting Ass, well its not like your looking at
anything else : )

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