Sherlock Holmes\Irene Adler - The Woman [version 2]

I re-made this video and, honestly, I like this much more!

Video - Sherlock BBC S02E01 "A Scandal in Belgravia"
Music - E.S. Posthumus feat. Luna Sans - Mosane and E.S. Posthumus - Mosane Pi

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Добавлено: 3 года
Длительность: 3:58
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Автор Taylor Jackson (11 месяцев)
God, Sherlock fell for Irene Adler so hard when she met him for the first
time. LOL. Just tune yourself into his microexpressions he makes when they

Автор Cat Penn (9 месяцев)
Amazingly sexy...just the perfect video..for all the non gay fans,
lol..(not that there is anything wrong with that!) but urs is great for a
real change and artisticly done!

Автор Vartika Aga (10 месяцев)
Which song was used in this one? The female voice over that?

Автор Taylor Jackson (1 год)
I hope some people realize Sherlock secretly does love Irene Adler,
psychologically speaking.

Автор Zeeshan Ali Khadim (2 года)
*SHER locked!*

The Woman!

Автор Minuoki (1 год)
It's mix of "Mosane" by E.S. Posthumus feat. Luna Sans and "Mosane Pi" by
E.S. Posthumus only.

Автор mochawitch (2 года)
Freaking LOVE this Sherlock ..♥♥♥♥

Автор Tamo M (3 года)
❥ ❥ ❥

Автор Billy M (1 год)
can you tell me the name of background music? very nice!!

Автор Billy M (1 год)
Thanks so much!! Appreciate your help!

Автор Minuoki (2 года)
It's your right)

Автор Addicted to Data (2 года)
Lovely - and the music is fantastic for it too!

Автор László Nagy (2 года)
♥The Woman♥

Автор Sher Locked (2 года)
Uhm like version 1 better!

Автор Regina Ch. (2 года)

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