UFC 187 - Jon Jones Vs. Anthony Johnson Promo

Hype video for UFC 187 - Jones Vs. Jonhson Main Event by Daniel InAction

Soundtrack (I used some special track this time)
Bubble - Extra Worm -

See Trailer Tracks - Murmur -

Maybe the music is new to you, This Genre called Psytrance, We have to be creative :)
I had to make this experiment to made something new, Feel free to tell me what you think!

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Автор roopdog2675 ( назад)
Johnson can't make weight because he can't stop taking steroids the guy is so Juiced up it's ridiculous does anyone remember him back when he was on Ultimate Fighter the guy was a twig but cut at that,then watch his rise...All that said ,all you got to do with juice heads is take them into the championship rounds,their body's can't take it,just watch the Cormier vs Johnson fight for Jon Jones Belt they stripped from him case closed

Автор bonito feio ( назад)
hue não ia ter essa luta?

Автор Daniel inAction ( назад)
Hi guys, please watch my new motivational video:


Автор Derek Eldridge ( назад)
Actually LeBron is the freakiest athlete in sports...

Автор IKEA MONKEY *on lsd* ( назад)
Who won

Автор Unbroken Unbeaten ( назад)
Looking at this now in 2016, Jon Jones will shut Anthony Johnson down.

Автор Rax Lex ( назад)
Anthony "Rumble" Johnson will eat spinning elbows from Jon "Bones" Jones all day.

Автор Idk ( назад)
Wait... Is this MMADIGEST lol?

Автор Lucas Rodrigues ( назад)
Jones é o mito !

Автор Frikin Ninja ( назад)
When is the fight?

Автор The Ghost ( назад)
Whats the song called when they start talking about jon jones

Автор A Lee ( назад)
The answer of who will win this fight comes with a question. Who would win, Ali or Tyson? You now have the answer to who will win this fight

Автор str8hick ( назад)
If Anthony loses I think it will be by submission. That being said I hope he wins.

Автор Iyam tarole Ingyu ( назад)
Awesome promo, someone needs to give this man a job!! Keep up the great work

Автор Denny Sensation ( назад)
What a great card! 3 fights that I'm excited for!

Автор jerry Martinez ( назад)
Looks kinda like a young rampage jackson. Haha rampage 2.0

Автор idabels mmafinest ( назад)
Anthony johnson, is on a rampage moving up the ranks at 205. anybody with any sort of coach skill would match up the stats of the style not by wins or loses. anythony has way too much power for Bones. Im not saying its going to be an easy fight either but AJ will be the new champ Almost guranteed lol

Автор indigo20000 ( назад)
Finally, a techno song with decent lyrics.

Автор optimospremo ( назад)
AJ just needs to close the gap in his haymaker swings ! if he even gets 1 or 2 its gonna hurt jones but if he continuously misses he will get tired out

Автор nobody ( назад)
not impressed with jones

Автор bampie1 ( назад)
So it is worse to not make weight but it is ok to abuse illegal drugs mmmmm

Автор NikkiNeversleep ( назад)
I love this promo.

Автор Manhalf Muslim ( назад)
When is ufc 187?

Автор Allan Sharp ( назад)
Jon Jones will beat AJ
Weidman will beat Vitor
Nurmagomedov will beat Cerrone
Just my opinion

Автор Muyanzi Reid ( назад)
Rumble will get choked out

Автор Kolin Mademe (863 года назад)

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