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Автор Wanazim MokhtarWMM (2 месяца)
It Only A Rubber...

Автор John Smith (2 месяца)
So 6 in is considered a "lift"?

Автор felipe tovar (2 месяца)
Don gordo fat is dope

Автор Cruise Mansfield (2 месяца)
Give it up.

Автор Lawrence Rendon (1 год)
Since everyone is so negative I will be the only positive one who will
comment. Nice job!! Almost 98% of these people who comment negatively will
never have success like this guy he actually accomplished something. I wish
him the best luck in the future, also I'm not writing an 1,000 page essay
so for those Grammar Nazi's I could care less what I put on a Social media

Автор steven frazee (1 год)
Wow impressive the most I have brought myself to dead lift was 800 and then
I could only do 10 reps

Автор Scott Blake (6 месяцев)
Steven frazee you think people gonna believe you did 800lb for 10 reps

Автор Da Money Man (1 год)

Автор Amari Neal (4 месяца)
i thought he could not do that shit

Автор Aaron Soto (4 месяца)
Damn its the weight of a car all on one fucking bar can y'all fucking lift
that no the fuck y'all can't so stfu

Автор Lanc Rifg (9 месяцев)
im black
Thats a strong person thats real?

Автор DaisyEpicness (1 год)
how does he sleep on those arms at night???

Автор Amari Neal (4 месяца)
david walker bitch!

Автор Ahmad Malik (5 месяцев)
is that all he got!!????????? go pick up a car, than we'll talk.

Автор buffneesss (1 год)
seemed like he used his back more than his legs lol

Автор Nural Kasaman (8 месяцев)
nope this guy is not strong he is just a guy who thinks he is strong :/

Автор David Walker (5 месяцев)
Shit them tires are filled with air I can do that.

Автор Rajath Gokhale (1 год)
I bet none of you keyboard warriors can deadlift half the weight he
can.....!get a life and respect his dedication because that aint easy to
do....!!!!!!!!He is the man...thumbs up :)

Автор Jonny Childs (11 месяцев)
Now if he can clean 1150 that would actually be pretty cool. Benching that,
even better

Автор KillahKyle (1 год)
does he even lift

Автор Anwar Benjamin (1 год)
Wow . That's just mind blowing !

Автор EpicEmpireS (1 год)
Imposible that is not a humanbean 

Автор Sergio Griego (1 год)
Can he pk it up over his head? That i would like 2 see

Автор dzsquared1 (1 год)
I remember him from high school.
I used to beat him up and take his lunch money.

Автор Danimal300zx (1 год)
"PUSHING UP TIRE LIFT"???? It's PULL UP, NOT PUSH. This isn't a damn bench

Автор katadantesux (1 год)
Fuck Y'all... I SkullKrusher 1470.

Автор Vicious242 (1 год)
i can curl that shit.

Автор ClashOn Cole (1 год)
Lol @dzsquared1

Автор Gregg Steiner (1 год)
That's cool!

Автор Molly Lawlor (1 год)
They are tiers

Автор motormaniac890 (1 год)

Автор Kritin Pruthi (1 год)
He looks like a pumpkin

Автор Václav Petřek (1 год)

Автор Proud2bGreek1 (1 год)
The worlds strongest man is probably a LOT weaker than this one. This man
is the consumer of the worlds best steroids. That's his achievement. The
man doesn't even look human for Christs sake!

Автор Terrion Colaire (1 год)
Oh my god

Автор Swolbraham Lincoln (1 год)
I curl dat.

Автор Travis Nelson (1 год)
made more money for that one lift than you did for the past 5 years

Автор Anthony Brandt (1 год)
Way to lift with your back

Автор Matches Malone (1 год)
WTF is up with all these adverts in the comments?

Автор jimmyjim1431 (1 год)
I can do this, hold my beer

Автор Soob4ME (1 год)
Not being able to see his face makes it easy to picture a baby holding a
rattle at the end when he's shaking his fist.

Автор Edi Facalets (1 год)
uau ce forta cine oare mai poate sa faca asta ?

Автор yellabeast22 (1 год)
i power clean 1250

Автор TacoToJustice (1 год)
He will be like the big guys with huge axes from Resident Evil...

Автор JokliGaming (1 год)
He will turn into a tank... [l4d refrencce :P]

Автор Bobflannery103 (1 год)
holy crap a blimp grew arms and legs and is trying to lift wheels

Автор It's not my fault (1 год)
Call Dr Dre for the antidote. :-)

Автор pestanas72 (1 год)

Автор mohsin alsaigh (1 год)
حقك يا وحش

Автор Kaye Dallas (1 год)
Fack as fuck

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