World's Strongest Man 2013 1150lbs pushing up Tire deadlift

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Длительность: 1:9
Комментарии: 661

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Автор Wanazim MokhtarWMM ( назад)
It Only A Rubber...

Автор John Smith ( назад)
So 6 in is considered a "lift"?

Автор Cruise Mansfield ( назад)
Give it up.

Автор felipe tovar (1549 лет назад)
Don gordo fat is dope

Автор Amari Neal ( назад)
david walker bitch!

Автор Amari Neal ( назад)
i thought he could not do that shit

Автор David Walker ( назад)
Shit them tires are filled with air I can do that.

Автор Ahmad Malik ( назад)
is that all he got!!????????? go pick up a car, than we'll talk.

Автор Scott Blake ( назад)
Steven frazee you think people gonna believe you did 800lb for 10 reps

Автор Nural Kasaman ( назад)
nope this guy is not strong he is just a guy who thinks he is strong :/

Автор Lanc Rifg ( назад)
im black
Thats a strong person thats real?

Автор Jonny Childs ( назад)
Now if he can clean 1150 that would actually be pretty cool. Benching that,
even better

Автор steven frazee ( назад)
Wow impressive the most I have brought myself to dead lift was 800 and then
I could only do 10 reps

Автор motormaniac890 ( назад)

Автор Vicious242 ( назад)
i can curl that shit.

Автор Rajath Gokhale ( назад)
I bet none of you keyboard warriors can deadlift half the weight he
can.....!get a life and respect his dedication because that aint easy to
do....!!!!!!!!He is the man...thumbs up :)

Автор buffneesss ( назад)
seemed like he used his back more than his legs lol

Автор Gregg Steiner ( назад)
That's cool!

Автор Da Money Man ( назад)

Автор Anwar Benjamin ( назад)
Wow . That's just mind blowing !

Автор katadantesux ( назад)
Fuck Y'all... I SkullKrusher 1470.

Автор spooky shark ( назад)
Since everyone is so negative I will be the only positive one who will
comment. Nice job!! Almost 98% of these people who comment negatively will
never have success like this guy he actually accomplished something. I wish
him the best luck in the future, also I'm not writing an 1,000 page essay
so for those Grammar Nazi's I could care less what I put on a Social media

Автор DaisyEpicness ( назад)
how does he sleep on those arms at night???

Автор Sergio Griego ( назад)
Can he pk it up over his head? That i would like 2 see

Автор Danimal300zx ( назад)
"PUSHING UP TIRE LIFT"???? It's PULL UP, NOT PUSH. This isn't a damn bench

Автор Kritin Pruthi ( назад)
He looks like a pumpkin

Автор ColeSwan ( назад)
Lol @dzsquared1

Автор Proud2bGreek1 ( назад)
The worlds strongest man is probably a LOT weaker than this one. This man
is the consumer of the worlds best steroids. That's his achievement. The
man doesn't even look human for Christs sake!

Автор Molly Lawlor ( назад)
They are tiers

Автор EpicEmpireS ( назад)
Imposible that is not a humanbean 

Автор Václav Petřek ( назад)

Автор Prime mofo ( назад)
steroids alot of steroids

Автор rferatrop ( назад)
pushing up 100 pounds and shit your pants , i dont wanna know what happens
when u push up 1150 pounds :D

Автор Edi Facalets ( назад)
uau ce forta cine oare mai poate sa faca asta ?

Автор leon villanrete ( назад)
become into the new predator,grow muscles and feel like the king of the
jungle.get this domain name atyour browser workoutmotIvation.info

Автор aantonio06 ( назад)
one thing a lot of people are not seeing here is that by the time all the
weight is of the ground the lifter is already upright. Not a true lift of
the full 1150 lbs.

Автор Swolbraham Lincoln ( назад)
I curl dat.

Автор Matches Malone ( назад)
WTF is up with all these adverts in the comments?

Автор yellabeast22 ( назад)
i power clean 1250

Автор Jacob Johnson ( назад)
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Автор tentando sormoer ( назад)
so u want to get fit , first you have to learn. copy and paste this link in

Автор mohsin alsaigh ( назад)
حقك يا وحش

Автор chi paw ( назад)
Hey guys. Outstanding video clip. My pal used to be a fatty. He went from
293lbs of pure fat to 219 lbs of absolute lean muscle mass. I could not
believe it! I just signed up personally coz I wanna strengthen. He used the
Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)...

Автор Kasun Ranawake ( назад)
i curl that.

Автор Sara Santiago ( назад)
- this is how winners are made WorkoutmotivAtion.info

Автор Jakub Plays ( назад)
pudzianowski is the strongest not that fucker

Автор MultiKotelok ( назад)
pfff...it`s lame

Автор ThatPhunnyStuff ( назад)
I do flyes with that

Автор thatpaperfreak ( назад)
half it, roughly. (521kg)

Автор MultiKotelok ( назад)
so.. how much is this in kg ?

Автор Ivan Gvardin ( назад)
Curled that the other day for my warm up. No biggie

Автор walessa gunova ( назад)
copy this plan in your windowbrowser.discipline is the key to success,

Автор Gamara Haron ( назад)
I was afraid that the iron break in the middle...Lol

Автор cagkmyxa cakgmyfa ( назад)
most women will look at your sexy six-pack, we know the shortest way to get

Автор czstor ( назад)
Glad you like it., it does describe your demeanor.

Автор weza74 ( назад)
"I'm just repeating what the tv said" (I find that hilarious you admit
that) "not a real sport" "you don't have to be an asswipe about
it".......LOL Thankyou random person for giving me the gift of a good
chuckle today, Best regards (Asswipe)

Автор czstor ( назад)
I'm just reporting what I saw on TV, I don't keep up with this crap. It's
not a real sport, you don't have to be a real asswipe about it

Автор weza74 ( назад)
Its 22lbs more you bellend, and it was mark felix not fields

Автор Travis Nelson ( назад)
made more money for that one lift than you did for the past 5 years

Автор POTIS1 ( назад)

Автор Jason Isaacs ( назад)
Wow you lifted a very heavy object, you're something else.

Автор czstor ( назад)
The record is 1128 in 2013 by mark fields, this was much less.

Автор yousuf muhamad ( назад)
power to weight ratio

Автор Anthero Zoldyck ( назад)
i am so scare with his body

Автор Soob4ME ( назад)
Shut your fucking mouth Judy.

Автор Soob4ME ( назад)
Not being able to see his face makes it easy to picture a baby holding a
rattle at the end when he's shaking his fist.

Автор Tim Thebodeau ( назад)
I bench that.

Автор Proudest Fap ( назад)
Holy Crap! Did you see the solid metal bar is bending?

Автор Rodman Shah ( назад)
dat form

Автор Anthony Brandt ( назад)
Way to lift with your back

Автор McWit0 ( назад)
use ur brain and delete ur acc, thanks for this favor.

Автор Artur Knigh ( назад)
pfft i cam do that.. hehe <;(

Автор cucho_green ( назад)
the hulk

Автор ToasterHD ( назад)
Yell 'TANK!'

Автор kingofnone ( назад)
this video is old as fuck..why does the title say worlds strongest man 2013
when the video was uploaded in 2012 and was copied..?

Автор iNonentity ( назад)
Haha :D

Автор Rico Suave ( назад)
Mannnnnnnn, someone hold my beer and give me a Fork Lift.

Автор Cole Stiverson ( назад)
>2013 >240p

Автор Verna Pleva ( назад)
the harder you exercise, the luckier you get. check this plan out

Автор Sketpic GamingChannel ( назад)
Left 4 Dead? -Major gamer here,hello brother. ;)

Автор iNonentity ( назад)
TAAAAANK!!! I doubt anyone watching video this even knows the reference...

Автор TacoToJustice ( назад)
He will be like the big guys with huge axes from Resident Evil...

Автор Electra ( назад)
on the head

Автор Karren Kuddlesberg ( назад)
Why do videos with 1,000 lbs or more have more dislikes than likes? Finally
a video with more likes!

Автор dragon61rider ( назад)
That Mark Felix did about this with Ease. This guy struggled so bad.

Автор dragon61rider ( назад)
Walk away slowly?

Автор Liza Shamim ( назад)
Hmmm, how much fat could people lose? My mom lost 5 stone dieting with Fast
Fat Furlong. Do a Google search for it :)

Автор Daniel Pickin ( назад)
knock him out with skinny power

Автор LeoFallFall ( назад)
The bullets probably will turn back to you...

Автор urgay peniles ( назад)
wow he jumped high

Автор austin kirk ( назад)
He needs to work on his form

Автор Joshua yang ( назад)
Give him Justin Bieber.

Автор jerry simson ( назад)
mmm probably shoot him WITH A RPG

Автор kakkashin ( назад)
Wrestle with him.

Автор Slender's child ( назад)
If he was a zombie... RUN FAGGET RUN NNN!!!

Автор XxKillerBeast46xX ( назад)
Hit Him With My Car

Автор xtremeusher ( назад)
TAAANNNK!!!! (left4dead2)

Автор Paul Kiehlmeier ( назад)

Автор neounixify ( назад)
Throw popcorn.

Автор NinjaOnANinja ( назад)
Wow, brilliant. You deserve a reward. Lame ass douche.

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