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Автор Oleg Zaidullin ( назад)
The US people will elect Clinton, which will be worse than Obama. Since
Bush juniour, each US president was worse and more pitiable than his
predecessor. If Obama doesn't start a WWIII, it will be done by Clinton or
someone else. What happened with the great country, if it stops raise
people like Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt or Kennedy? Whether it has it
any vital power yet?

Автор donell havens ( назад)

Автор Antonio Bellington ( назад)
the part with the van is highly edited in the that full video they get
violent with the cop are very rude constantly refuse his kind requests
swear and speed off. The officer was acting within his limits and doing his

Автор Arda Önder ( назад)
This just goes on and on about the power of nuclear weapons. Hardly even a
documentary. It might be useful if you're trying to sleep though. Lots of
baseless and irrelevant information delivered with cold background music
and hypnotic speech. Add some pepper and you're fast asleep.

Автор David Boson ( назад)
only stupid people believe youtube documentaries as truth.

And only realy stupid people read the comments on youtube

Автор intellegentia ( назад)

Автор A-HA-2015 ( назад)

Автор ras222 ( назад)
With the exception of the minority of dimwits still drinking their own
corrupt governments propaganda laced Kool aid no one actually wants war.
American people don't hate or fear Russia or China and neither do their
people hate or fear America in any way. When are the people of this world
going to stop buying into this obvious lying and fear mongering that only
supports the agenda's of the corrupt power elite in our government's? It's
not a coincidence that all the biggest arm's dealers on the planet are
constantly encouraging this bullshit nationalistic fervor in their own
people to keep us believing the "other side" hates us and is going to "get
us". It's a damn joke anymore. It's just business to them and our belief
and fear towards each other is the factory of their product---> War. We are
all sick and tired of our governments threatening the entire world by
waving their nuclear dick's at each other over bullshit boarder disputes,
bullshit differences in political opinion, bullshit religious ideology's or
simply who is the biggest bullshit "superpower" . Governments are doing
this because they realize what the rest of the world is beginning to wake
up and realize. That they are not as relevant to the well being of the
world as they used to be. We are simply out growing through advance's in
technology and communication our need for them. I am not saying I am anti
government, I am saying I am anti corrupt, lying, arms dealing, fear
mongering, finger pointing, hypocritical government. "WE THE PEOPLE" is not
an ideal that belongs to Americans alone and never was. It's an ideal that
belongs to the world. When did Americans stop believing in it?

Автор YTisMEH ThisisBS (333 года назад)
Cool title for a video about nuclear war. Lets just improvise and nuke the
world.. Typical russian brain fart aka putin wannabe tarded fanboi.

Автор Bhatti ifti ( назад)
Only time will tell ...

Автор Guillermo Garcia ( назад)
YOUR VIDEO has some value because it alerts people about the present and
dangerous world situation. HOWEVER, what the hell can we do? People like
the Dalai Lama, Eckhard Tolle or Priest Lyndon Harris have no chance of
becoming Powerful Heads of State. IF THEY DID, THAT WOULD MAKE A
BIG DIFFERENCE, but we prefer to vote for Politicians. YOU ALSO KNOW that
Obama's powers are VERY limited. Are you hinting we should elect G. Bush
Or Romney? Would it make any difference? You KNOW the answer.

Автор james millward ( назад)
have the makers of this film heard of "Self fullfulling prophecy"?

Автор coldblooded kidder ( назад)
obama clinically insane? really?

Автор Tod Zankert ( назад)
Well thought out documentary until you realize, 'Oh, it's just to get you
scared enough to vote down the President or else we will all be pulverized
the world over!' 

Автор Garrett Nibarger ( назад)
Going to leave this here for those who are seeking truth.


"As I have seen with my own eyes, the Ancient of Days, the presence that
resides with us, and I have been given this sight so that I can awaken
you." Patrick Webster Small


Автор Filip Zajączkowski ( назад)

Автор DIOGENES CANDLE ( назад)
The world is run by the insane.Only insane people would have developed such
a system. This is a war against humanity.Unless we as the people of the
Earth eliminate the stockpiles of weapons created to destroy humanity by
the wicked minds who are in control the world we live in will only support

Автор john smith ( назад)
As always, along comes this wonderful "diversity"...forced in ONLY white

Next is white peoples’ natural response - white flight - in 100% of the

In EVERY white area - this "diversity" scam means chasing down white flight
(now in Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, etc) & finishing off the last white

"Diversity" in reality ALWAYS means chasing down the last white
person...wherever they are.

Chasing down the last white person (IS) white genocide.

Автор jim smith ( назад)
Im 29, and for my whole life, I've imagined a time of apocalypse in my life
time. Maybe its instinct, or cultural influence, but I really think this
time will happen. Whats the point of doing anything, having children,
working hard, putting in effort, when, for the first time in human history,
we are now capable of killing ourselves totally. Go Darwin Go!

Автор JAS Sakulich (BlackHead Schnoz) ( назад)
Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama reignites the Cold War!!!!

Автор Purgo & Illuminatos ( назад)
The world is in a state of peripeteia.We have allowed the oligarchy who
control the finances of the world to create a war machine ready to make our
small planet devoid of any life other than cockroaches.
We need denouement and the dis-assembly of the nuclear stockpiles built up
by mad men that is out of control.

Автор Anthonie Slotboom ( назад)

Автор Zoran Cosic ( назад)
I am Obama supporter, he means good but fascist here in US led by
republicon party and their teabegger cronies are one who constantly pushing
for war, I urge American people to go to pols come November and get rid off
warmongers republicons out of government once for all, DON'T VOTE
REPUBLICON! unless you want something to happen like you see on this video.

Автор Andrew M ( назад)
I've seen better propaganda attempts. But nice first try. I'm sure it would
work on some already raped by similar bs for a while

Автор xWhite_Suit_Mafiax ( назад)
Did you just say the naval branch would be cut? Are you stupid oh lets see
barrak Obama is on a suicide route what ate you his thinking!
Omg.....atleast use something besides Wikipedia when you look up facts

Автор werd oss ( назад)
3rd time lucky.

Автор Uga Ga ( назад)
Ukraine Crisis Today: Democracy caught on camera (this will never be shown
on mainstream media)

Автор asiaticmoor1 ( назад)
Our America Military should be arresting the treasoness in the Dept og
Defence and every politian the has violated their Oaths of Office. Why
won't the Military do something they sore alegions to protect the
Constitution for America of 1776 not the Constitution of the U.S of 1872,
yes I wrote 1872, the secret constitution.. Arrest all those criminal in
our Military from Generals on down.

Автор asiaticmoor1 ( назад)
Stop blaming the President for world war three. It those crooked banking
system who control the military industruial complex. Their the real threat
to the Citizens of America, its the IMF that's causeing these wars not the
people. WWIII, is something only the NWO will benifit not the everyday man
and woman.

Автор Alois Kolar ( назад)
Dobitnik Nobelove nagrade za mir Barack Hussein Obama in plan za 3 svetovno
vojno - Nobel Peace Price winner Barack Hussein Obama and the plan for
World War 3 - Лауреат Нобелевской премии мира Барак Хусейн Обама и план
мировой 3 войны - Barack Hussein Obama y el plan para la 3ra Guerra Mundial
- Barack Hussein Obama et le plan de la guerre mondiale 3 - Barack Hussein
Obama und der Plan für World War 3 - 奧巴馬和計劃,第三次世界大戰.

USA would love to see, that Europe would fight (and would be destroyed
again) for their selfish and sick ideas of "New World Order", their GMO
seeds and food, pesticides, chemical-pharmaceutical industry and their
drugs, forced vaccination of all population, viruses as biological weapons,
Codex Alimentarius, geoengineering, chip implanting for whole population of
the Planet - they already spy with their "aliances" the whole world and
they want the whole world as their empire.

Please Europeans, don't be so stupid once again! We don't need "so
democratic" US and their NATO any more (moreover, we've hever need it!),
what we do need are United European Military Forces under the European
command to protect us against them and their "democracy".

We need to have economical and political integrations wtih Russia -
EuroAsia, not with those...

So, if they really want to fight with Russia (if they have a enough of
currage, "Hollywood democrats", pretenders...), just go ahead than, but
this time without European Union!
Russians will kick their phat asses once for a very long time...

We do not want war in Europe any more!

Автор Agounet ( назад)
Any link with french subtitiles ?

Автор Jayson Williams ( назад)
why is so much threatening messages being engaged in then....?

Автор Supergamer082 ( назад)
Just saying Americans can't be stupid enough to go firing missiles on
powerful countries

Автор AppleJuice ( назад)
Lyndon LaRouche... obama... well well.. all the same freaks...

Автор Weirdo Disorder ( назад)
There have always been assholes but these days there are assholes extra
ordinaries on top.

Автор Jon Stribæk-Frandsen ( назад)
Nice collection of beautiful pictures and a beautiful voice. But you can't
call it a documentary 

Автор Kc Marshall ( назад)
are you of your mind? LOL

Автор Michael son of God ( назад)
Please come follow me on my journey. I'm the ArchAngel Michael in the

Автор Yareck U ( назад)
Nonsense!!! He is just simply securing western civilization existence. Look
what happens in Ukraine. We need to keep Russians and Chinese in check. It
was always like that and it will be. Otherwise we would already be them. 

Автор nile sun ( назад)
Obama and the plan for World War 3 - Best documentary film 2013

Автор Kenny Reynolds ( назад)
The US will fall no matter who's president , IT CAN'T STAND WITHOUT OUT GOD

Автор MOISES RICALDAY ( назад)

Автор Kim Fabulous ( назад)
If the others arn't talkin about money then you don't need them

Автор Craig R. Limon ( назад)

Автор Craig R. Limon ( назад)

Автор Sophia Loren ( назад)
150.000 people will die today, people like you. Are you going to spend your
last hours seeking the truth of life and death or scrumble to the illusions
of this temporarily world?

Google *"Truth Contest"* and click the top entry *"The Present"*.

Автор Zed a errahim ( назад)

Автор Zed a errahim ( назад)
the only country who will have profite and will be happy if there will be
3rd world war is israel 

Автор Randy Sparks ( назад)
Yes Obama wants to leave office with a big bang.

Автор Randy Sparks ( назад)
The United States just spent 200 billion dollars upgrading it's nuclear
weapons over the last 2 years and Obama can not wait to long to use them
especially the big ones nuke em baby nuke em Lets get it on Russia China
either fight or shut up.about what you have and what you can do you lag
behind the US so when you get close to parity we will attack and nuke you
for so much of your bullshit.

Автор Randy Sparks ( назад)
Don't you know that Obama dosen't care about the American people but just
wants to attack Russia and China as soon as possible so let's get it on
nuke em baby.

Автор vdotme ( назад)
I just came here to add one comment - "Best Documentary Film 2013
As you were.

Автор Randy Sparks ( назад)
Yes Obama got Osama bin Ladden will send seal team 6 to get Puttin while he
sleeps nothing the US can not do.

Автор KidsKicksforChrist ( назад)
Don't fear real American,s, IN GOD WE TRUST, this american shame of liars
and thefts can't stand against the truth, in their gods they lust. This
O-Abomination of a president has his place secured in Hell.
Charles Wallace,, God bless you all. http://youtu.be/W9wirgMUfzM

Автор Tulua pilimai ( назад)
Why would they unleash nukes on the planet it would contaminate everything
kinda pointless, The fallout would make parts of the world

Автор Peter Dunn ( назад)

Please sign the UNIVERSAL PEACE PETITION to promote peace on Earth &
throughout the Cosmos.

By signing you will also be promoting mutually beneficial contact between
humanity and alien civilizations.

Please use this link to sign now:

To understand why you should sign this petition - please read this:

Автор Ola Svensson ( назад)
The americans have always loved war, everywhere and anywhere.

Автор arturgallery ( назад)
This is how people going to be extinct. Earth needs much smarter God loving

Автор cannricky Perez ( назад)
Why Obama?, because he is black?, I dont understand SOME american thinking,
or with others US decades presidents since Cold War and Gulf Wars, was not
present the WW3 scare menace?, is notthing new, hapend with Gorge Bush and
Ronald Reagan, What diference?, Can someone tell something with real base
argument?, bah!.

Автор MoNo OnOm ( назад)
pure propaganda. 

Автор eduardo anaya ( назад)
What kind of documentary is this? "Obama is clinically insane?" First off,
who is the anonymous voice in the background that claims so? And where is
the evidence to claim such fact? "Obama is suicidal?" Geez, what a
irresponsible, cheap bunch of crap.

Автор Skibum Willy ( назад)
An inheritance CAP fixes everything in a fair way. see it debated, and
visualize the beauty of this one rule tweak we can demand! Anonymous
outsider solves the big picture

Автор Med Mahogany (Son Of Carthage) ( назад)
Your president takes you on the last walk and he is the only one who will
bless your death....
You must think, This is not Iraq or Afghanistan, This is Russia
,China,korea, Iran, India, America Latina and All the arabs and all
The Russian missile "Topol-M" it don't cares if your ally is Spain or UK...
Your black sheep takes you to the hell...for the "peace"....

Автор silver togn ( назад)
I have been wondering how long it will take before the HUMAN RACE
understands that "WE, the PEOPLE" are ALL ONE. WE, the people do have
enemies, but they are those that force us to go to war with ourselves. Get
it through your heads that we, the people are being manipulated......

Автор ibra ali ( назад)
Hi, let is start world war III soon because people want killing every days
and every night let is end the world we will se where the people ar they
running, i think beace is better then every thing 

Автор josh liaskos ( назад)
Russia will be the next country to get nuked out of existence ,not before
they take out Turkey and are knocking on Israhell door. The prince of this
world will prevail over the good of this world so hold on to your seats for
a rocky ride because the antichrist is yet to come and most of humanity
will then jump on his ban wagon. Lord have mercy on Orthodox Chrstians
strengthen them in their faith and bring those outside of your church into
the fullness of your revelation

Автор josh liaskos ( назад)
i heard a comedian joking about the countries of the world owning how many
trillions of dollars ,his solution was to just give him a name ,implying
that he just take him out. Seriously though why cant these institutions
just forget the debt and start issuing interest free money in the interest
of humanity 

Автор Ron Burgundy ( назад)
Makes me cringe when I see Christians talking about the end of life, as if
that's what they want, they want it to end. Destination apocalypse.

Автор MagnaYu ( назад)
This should be updated with the latest developments in Ukraina, and how
Putin gained a new victory over the American imperialism. The Armageddon
has already started, the forces of good (Putin, social democracy, endorsing
human well-being, environmental consciousness) vs. evil (aggressive
capitalism, social inequality, destruction of nature and environment in
race for profit, American imperialism) are already fighting and the good
wins its first battles over the evil. The final victory for the good will
happen in the next decade, when a real humane society will start.

Автор Михаил Смирнов ( назад)
Dead Hand!!! учите Русский язык чтобы понять...
Система Периметр Dead Hand Мёртвая рука
Мы за вами наблюдаем сцуки)))

Автор Михаил Смирнов ( назад)
Хрен вам а не Россия!!! если вы ударите, то наш робот SkyNet ответит вам по
русски!!! называют его "Периметр", выгоняйте свою обезьяну из-за руля
правления, он бредит! не хватает ему бананов, типичный Niger... 

Автор Abraham Heredia ( назад)
well were screwed

Автор awale wiinterali ( назад)
Obama and the plan for World War 3 - Best documen…:

Автор Mulubrhan Dagnew ( назад)
after my last comment, i would like to ask also that how evil is president
Obama that he is planning world war three? is he really that evil maniac?

Автор JAY ArtmaN ( назад)
Have no fear, there is more then just man governing this planet. When the
first nuclear test began, an unknown force entered are solar system and
caused many defense systems to fail, since then that strange force has
implemented thousands of people in key positions to prevent this chaos, and
restore order were there is none. If it wasn't for secret societies, this
would have already happened. 

Автор Wayne Johns ( назад)
This is typical of the Republican't regurgitated rhetoric that continues to
poison the minds of the sheople in this country that can't look back at 30
years worth of true history since Rayrun. Where's all the money that was
supposed to trickle down when they gave big corporations tax breaks and
subsidies? It trickled up and created the 1%. Where's all the jobs that
were supposed to be created from giving them tax breaks and subsidies? They
were outsourced overseas. And now the 1% control our government and the
media and the middle class is doomed. Obama doesn't like war. He doesn't
think we should spend 680 billion on a military that's 6 times stronger
than any other on the planet. He thinks we should be giving it to the
veterans that were cut off from their SNAP benefits and to the people who
are now unemployed because their jobs were outsourced overseas. You sheople
need to wake up and smell the greed.

Автор Darko V.H. ( назад)
what would be left if the u.s. soil was hit with 2-3 TSAR bombs???

Автор John Rothery ( назад)
If this film, flawed as it may be, helps to open up the debate on crucial
issues important for the future of humanity, then it is to be welcomed.
I am confident that some of the closed minds of all persuasions that have
commented here are not representative.
John Rothery (New Zealand)

Автор Mohammad bin Hosed ( назад)
Oh, we all know this shit. Alex, my man, don't you think we ought to get
some people over there--people who can somehow mend fences with President
Vladmir V. Putin, and his Russian Federation? 

Автор Eric Jarvie ( назад)
...Citizens of the world witness the insane pshycopathic nature pure and
downright evil of the American president Mr Barack Obama whose years
enslaved as an race at the hands of captors in that nation America taught
him absolutely nothing other than to despise the humanity that clearly
rises above him....Now counter this with true bold tenacity and the courage
that belongs solely to the people of Scotland not to be counted or confused
as English and the vote for its Independance in Sept 2014...With an clear
planned intention and agenda to evict all Nuclear device pernamently from
the territories land and nation of Scotland.....Peace loving free World
citizens vote to stand with us as humanity in Scotland and shout out loud
YES! to Scotlands Independance to rid the Planet this barbaric sick
insanity the outright evil of Nuclear weaponary that threaten all...!!

Автор Gere Stokoe ( назад)
How Ron Paul Was Cheated Out Of Presidency
A compilation of footage showing the tactics used by the establishment to
eliminate Ron Paul from the Republican nomination. Everything from bias,
blacking out, and even vote fraud in the caucuses.
How Ron Paul Was Cheated Out Of Presidency

Автор Edgarzore ( назад)
thanks obama

Автор Gere Stokoe ( назад)
Both party “leaderships” have been partners in the International Banker’s
NWO/NeoCON Agenda
Both parties have promoted - NWO Fascism/Warfare & NWO Socialism
(international bank funding and bailouts by taxpayers)
Both parties have been partners in working for the PRIVATE Federal
Reserve Bankers. “OUR” Government bailed the Banksters out, and left the
citizens/taxpayers holding the bag for Trillions.
Both parties have promoted perpetual “war”. Just pay attention to
Obama’s Foreign policy; Same as the NeoCON’s foreign policy of perpetual
wars; based on the phony “War on Terrorism”. (Did you, the reader, watch
the videos above that expose the false propaganda?)
The 2012 election set-up was in place again to eliminate all
non-owned candidates. The owned media (FOX,CNN,CBS.NBC, and ABC) did all
they could to install another CFR puppet. Just go to You Tube to see the
media prejudice and party corruption used against Ron Paul. The owned
media, with their Talking Bobble Heads, are full partners in our nation’s
sell out to a world socialist/fascist dictatorship run by wannabe slave
Who will open their eyes and wake up others?
Our nation’s and children’s freedom is at stake.
For those that took the time to read and view this, and found it
interesting and worth knowing; check this short video out:
World War 3 Has Already Begun
World War 3 Has Already Begun

Автор Lisa Mills ( назад)
We have crazy technology that connects people from one nation with people
from another. Surely, this is something that we can all utilize to make the
world a more peaceful place.

Автор gohn rio ( назад)

Автор Cyberat Rodent ( назад)
Osama bin Laden or Bush Hitler... same puppet.

Автор Cyberat Rodent ( назад)
Make note of this, because we are set to launch on our own cities.
We ourselves are to blame, look in the mirror, we allowed AGAIN a
centralized government that would lead to tyranny, we disarmed ourselves,
we allowed AGAIN a monetary system that would lead to capitalist
dictatorship, we brainwashed ourselves. Laziness, zombietainment,
irresponsibility, divide & conquer, coercion, deception and intimidation
lead to all this. The next generations are also tech. junkies. Nukes can
end lives for billions in a short time and more in a millennia, but Ebola
can eradicate All Human life on earth in a matter of months.

Автор cocacolaopenhappines ( назад)
through us to you,You must read this.) Answer these questions if you think
you are a GOOD person.
1)Have you lied-If so that would make you a liar and are therefore guilty.
2)Have you stolen even if it is small-If so that makes you a thief and are
therefore guilty.
3)Have you used the lords name invain(this is very serious because god gave
you life)-If so then you are a blasphemer and are therefore guilty.
4)Jesus said that if you look at a woman and lust for her in your hart you
have already committed adultery with her-If so you are an adulterer and are
therefore guilty.
5)Have you ever bended the truth to get someone out of trouble, Into
trouble,make them look good or bad,spread rumours about someone that were
not true or said things that the person never said than you have bared
false witness-If so you are a false witness and are therefore guilty.
-This is not all of gods commandments yet im sure most people would have
already failed on number 1,Think about your life and ask yourself "will I
be innocent or guilty in the day of judgement","will I be in heaven or
hell',"am I willing to take the risk","if the judgement is not real I lose
nothing but if it is real I lose everything" The bible says we are all
guilty and fall short of the glory of god but lucky for us the god of the
universe and the judge of the universe was willing to die on the cross
paying the penalty for our sins and is now able to dismiss our case if only
we take up his free offer by repenting our sins in the name of Jesus and
always strive to follow his law,we will make mistakes on the way but it is
better to make a mistake than to deep fry ourselves in our sins till the
day of judgement,Jesus is a better saviour than you are a sinner.Jesus said
that sin will be destroyed by the brightness of his second coming,if you
become one with your sin and have no moral basis to separate sin from good
and evil than you to will be destroyed with sin because you have become one
with sin.The bible says that the death of many will be Gods strange act, as
the bible says god takes no pleaser from the death of a sinner,are you
willing to take such a big risk,PS:Jesus said "only god is GOOD". FOR MORE
INFO GO TO (1)http://www.answersingenesis.org/

Автор BeerZerkeraidian ( назад)
Fuck this propaganda ! trying to get people to vote for Romney a Cult
member no less, then call Obomyou crazy LOL ! Just consider your selves
lucky he won. or you would all be wearing magic under pants right now.

Автор william laureano ( назад)
They can't push the button if their not safe 

Автор william laureano ( назад)
They bombed Japan and now they have better bombs will America wake up
before they push that button will they militia stop they from getting into
their caves

Автор Andy Coe ( назад)
The very end will come from the outside, you fools!

Автор iwantoutnow ( назад)
It looks I am not the only "crazy" who thinks Obama is 100 times more
dangerous than Bush.

Автор monolith geometry ( назад)
This video has real people talking, so therefore.. it's gotta be real....

Автор LEWFROST2 ( назад)
Conundrum is something that is puzzling or confusing.
Six contradictions of socialism in the United States of America:
1. America is capitalist and greedy - yet half of the population is
2. Half of the population is subsidized - yet they think they are victims.
3. They think they are victims - yet their representatives run the
4. Their representatives run the government - yet the poor keep getting
5. The poor keep getting poorer - yet they have things that people in other
countries only dream about.
6. They have things that people in other countries only dream about - yet
they want America to be more like those other countries.
That pretty much sums up the USA in the 21st Century.

Автор Iván Jahzeel ( назад)
Opercult | Sons of Assange

Автор jonald june quijote ( назад)
if a nation fly its nuclear missiles then the opposing nation will let
their nuclear missiles fly, the result, there is no winner but a damaged
earth, all people vanished and if God will come the second time there will
be no human will to greet God on the air.........

Автор Đặng Văn Tuấn ( назад)

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