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Автор bel.spb.ru (5 месяцев)

Автор bel.spb.ru (1 год)
americend :))

Автор bel.spb.ru (1 год)

Автор ras222 (6 месяцев)
With the exception of the minority of dimwits still drinking their own
corrupt governments propaganda laced Kool aid no one actually wants war.
American people don't hate or fear Russia or China and neither do their
people hate or fear America in any way. When are the people of this world
going to stop buying into this obvious lying and fear mongering that only
supports the agenda's of the corrupt power elite in our government's? It's
not a coincidence that all the biggest arm's dealers on the planet are
constantly encouraging this bullshit nationalistic fervor in their own
people to keep us believing the "other side" hates us and is going to "get
us". It's a damn joke anymore. It's just business to them and our belief
and fear towards each other is the factory of their product---> War. We are
all sick and tired of our governments threatening the entire world by
waving their nuclear dick's at each other over bullshit boarder disputes,
bullshit differences in political opinion, bullshit religious ideology's or
simply who is the biggest bullshit "superpower" . Governments are doing
this because they realize what the rest of the world is beginning to wake
up and realize. That they are not as relevant to the well being of the
world as they used to be. We are simply out growing through advance's in
technology and communication our need for them. I am not saying I am anti
government, I am saying I am anti corrupt, lying, arms dealing, fear
mongering, finger pointing, hypocritical government. "WE THE PEOPLE" is not
an ideal that belongs to Americans alone and never was. It's an ideal that
belongs to the world. When did Americans stop believing in it?

Автор D777Mac (1 месяц)
They have it all wrong, in fact backwards, It is the U.S. that will be the
target of a preemptive nuclear strike from Russia and it's allies. Take out
Israel's most ardent nuclear supporter and you have more than half the
battle won. But retaliatory strikes from the U.S. will leave only 1/6 part
of Russia and it's allies left. The current President hasn't any ambitions
to reduce the planet to a burnt out cinder. The whole thing sounds like the
sociopaths Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney's military strategy taking place
in Rumsfeld's basement.

It is a pushing and provocations that tightens tensions between the two
world powers. It is this provocation that triggers the preemptive strike on
the U.S. by Russia and it's allies. This YouTube hypothetical
scenario sounds good and convincing, but is not the way it's going to
happen in my opinion. They have it backwards.

Автор bel.spb.ru (1 год)
Only time will tell ...

Автор Michael James (11 месяцев)
Is this video a joke?
Obama wants to destroy the whole world?
OMG! eeek!
Oh! well at least the rotten human race will be finished and it will give
the chance for other creatures to take their turn and take over the Earth.
Maybe the ants will survive and become the new dominant life form.
Looks like wev'e had our day folks. Nice knowing ya'all! Yeehah!

Автор Renzo Colameo (1 год)
JESUS is coming soon. Like busy.
God Bless everyone (except politician & bankers).
Amen *

Автор numkie (11 месяцев)
Russia is a dictator run nation. Putin has shown how evil he is. The
Russian news is all state run and convince the Russians all their problems
are because of the west.

Its all ways the US's problem. Russia is the one making new missles. Russia
wants to eventually conquer all the former soviet blocs, or at least create
puppet governments. Looks at ukraine.

Russia needed that warm water port to help get more weapons into Syria.

Автор YTisMEH ThisisBS (6 месяцев)
Cool title for a video about nuclear war. Lets just improvise and nuke the
world.. Typical russian brain fart aka putin wannabe tarded fanboi.

Автор cannricky Perez (10 месяцев)
Why Obama?, because he is black?, I dont understand SOME american thinking,
or with others US decades presidents since Cold War and Gulf Wars, was not
present the WW3 scare menace?, is notthing new, hapend with Gorge Bush and
Ronald Reagan, What diference?, Can someone tell something with real base
argument?, bah!.

Автор Michael Nelson (11 месяцев)
This is absolute crap, this information is the same when war President Bush
was wrecking the economy and the nation. For you to produce a video like
this proves that you are the scum on the bottom of the barrel filled with
human waste. This is the kind of lies and deceptions that drove me away
from the republican party forever....
And yes, you suck

Автор Alois Kolar (10 месяцев)
Dobitnik Nobelove nagrade za mir Barack Hussein Obama in plan za 3 svetovno
vojno - Nobel Peace Price winner Barack Hussein Obama and the plan for
World War 3 - Лауреат Нобелевской премии мира Барак Хусейн Обама и план
мировой 3 войны - Barack Hussein Obama y el plan para la 3ra Guerra Mundial
- Barack Hussein Obama et le plan de la guerre mondiale 3 - Barack Hussein
Obama und der Plan für World War 3 - 奧巴馬和計劃,第三次世界大戰.

USA would love to see, that Europe would fight (and would be destroyed
again) for their selfish and sick ideas of "New World Order", their GMO
seeds and food, pesticides, chemical-pharmaceutical industry and their
drugs, forced vaccination of all population, viruses as biological weapons,
Codex Alimentarius, geoengineering, chip implanting for whole population of
the Planet - they already spy with their "aliances" the whole world and
they want the whole world as their empire.

Please Europeans, don't be so stupid once again! We don't need "so
democratic" US and their NATO any more (moreover, we've hever need it!),
what we do need are United European Military Forces under the European
command to protect us against them and their "democracy".

We need to have economical and political integrations wtih Russia -
EuroAsia, not with those...

So, if they really want to fight with Russia (if they have a enough of
currage, "Hollywood democrats", pretenders...), just go ahead than, but
this time without European Union!
Russians will kick their phat asses once for a very long time...

We do not want war in Europe any more!

Автор Guillermo Garcia (6 месяцев)
YOUR VIDEO has some value because it alerts people about the present and
dangerous world situation. HOWEVER, what the hell can we do? People like
the Dalai Lama, Eckhard Tolle or Priest Lyndon Harris have no chance of
becoming Powerful Heads of State. IF THEY DID, THAT WOULD MAKE A
BIG DIFFERENCE, but we prefer to vote for Politicians. YOU ALSO KNOW that
Obama's powers are VERY limited. Are you hinting we should elect G. Bush
Or Romney? Would it make any difference? You KNOW the answer.

Автор ogiva1000 (10 месяцев)
NATO threatens world peace
On 22 and 23 March , the struggle for peace organizations from various
countries participated in the conference in Belgrade Forum for a World of
Equals , in Serbia , in the course of the 15th anniversary of NATO
aggression against the former Yugoslavia .

By José Reinaldo Carvalho

It is a year of anniversaries this allusive to imperialist wars and the
struggle of peoples for liberation and peace. In August , unfolds the
centenary of the outbreak of the First World War in September and the 75th
anniversary of the start of the second .

An occasion to organize events that can make reflections on the meaning of
these massacres that resulted in tragedy for humanity , motivated by the
interests of the imperialist powers prey .

The president of the Brazilian Center of Solidarity with the Peoples and
Struggle for Peace ( Cebrapaz ) and the World Peace Council ( WPC ) ,
Socorro Gomes , made ​​on the occasion of the Belgrade Forum a blunt
statement that denounced the crimes of NATO and called for peace . "15
years ago - pointed - the imperialist powers , notably the United States
and its allies Organization North Atlantic Treaty ( NATO ) perpetrated one
of the most monstrous aggression against a sovereign nation , Yugoslavia .
The country was the victim of intense aerial bombardment conducted during a
brutal campaign of almost 80 days , which resulted in a massacre of about
three thousand people and left more than 12,500 wounded . More than half of
the dead and most of the thousands of wounded were civilians . "

The NATO war against the former Yugoslavia was the first test of the new
strategic concept of aggressive alliance , which has established the
principle of " broad concept of security " and readiness " to meet ,
regional conflicts beyond the territory of NATO members . "

The concept is formalized in April 1999 , during the war against Yugoslavia
, at the Summit in Washington , now under the command of the United States .

It is always imperative to reflect on the role of NATO as the main gendarme
service intervention , militarism and war in the United States and European
Union policy. Apart from Yugoslavia , NATO played a decisive role in the
Afghan war and military intervention in Libya .

During the crisis in Ukraine and after the referendum in which the people
of Crimea decided to return home from Russia , the President of the United
States and its European allies brandished the NATO force and threatened
with an intervention . The crisis has not yet had its outcome , the
situation is still unpredictable and we need to be aware of what can still
happen . Obama made ​​a point of saying this week that NATO remains the
world's most powerful military alliance . Like who warns him that is ready
to be thrown.

The president of CMP warned in his speech that in Belgrade to legitimize
their attacks , the imperialist powers create concepts of a stupid cynicism
, as so-called " humanitarian " wars and " terror " , on behalf of which
the U.S. perpetrated the worst crimes against humanity in recent history.

No illusions about the aggressive nature of NATO, Socorro Gomes pointed out
that the Atlantic alliance " was born as an aggressive alliance and enemy
of peace." And argues that " the world that people want to build peace and
cooperation , justice and equal progress is incompatible with the
prevalence of brute force and imperialist threat that spreads to military
bases , war fleets , aggressive interventions , deleterious alliances
against the peace and sovereignty of nations. "

Effectively . NATO is responsible for the devastation of international law
, the degradation of the United Nations system . The Atlantic alliance
instigates the arms race and the militarization of the planet causes crises
in countries and regions worldwide . The strategy of NATO is faced with the
goals of peace and security , violates democracy , human rights and the
achievements of civilization .

Therefore , the conference in Belgrade demanded the dissolution of NATO. In
the words of the President of the World Peace Council , Socorro Gomes , "
the World Peace Council considers that the dismantling of NATO is essential
for peace between nations condition , has spared no effort in exposing the
nature of their offending and criminal action against the sovereignty and
self-determination of peoples and nations. "

Lasting peace requires the struggle of the people, relationships of equals
, respect for national sovereignty , non-interference and non-use or threat
of use of force , the opposite of what the great powers have done
systematically .

All this highlights the role of social and political organization as
Cebrapaz . Fight for the world peace , with an anti -imperialist and in
solidarity with the people attacked prospect is inseparable task of
national and specific struggles .

Автор james millward (6 месяцев)
have the makers of this film heard of "Self fullfulling prophecy"?

Автор bel.spb.ru (1 год)
Едоша в Новосибирске

Автор intellegentia (1 месяц)

Автор Eric Burbach (1 год)
History will show this video is a fiction, was it funded by those crazy
Koch brothers or is it Republican/tea party propaganda? I love that ominous
female voice and those images of destruction. Very well done. A good try
but just not good enough.

Автор john smith (9 месяцев)
As always, along comes this wonderful "diversity"...forced in ONLY white

Next is white peoples’ natural response - white flight - in 100% of the

In EVERY white area - this "diversity" scam means chasing down white flight
(now in Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, etc) & finishing off the last white

"Diversity" in reality ALWAYS means chasing down the last white
person...wherever they are.

Chasing down the last white person (IS) white genocide.

Автор Levon Guyumjian (11 месяцев)
This is not just Obama, the whole US government, most of it republicans,
Russia, China, Great Breton, France. Here are the countries trying to split
the world among them, with out of regard to any human opinion or their
knowledge. Most pushy among them obviously US government, sadly they aren't
paying attention to human history. There are no winners in the wars only
losers, this time will bring total hold all human civilization & end of
human kind. If US government officials think their deep bunkers will help
them to survive, & start another cycle of human civilization they are dead
wrong. When they come out of their deep bunkers earth's surface will be
like planet Mars with one difference. Temperatures will be just unbearably
hot with very little oxygen, oceans will have lot less water than what we
have now with boiling hot waters, earth will have lakes wherever is deep
enough. North & south poles will have very unusually cold weather just like
the moon surface. They are using all American citizens like a useful tools
until they reach their goal, after that they will be in their deep bunkers
less regard for rest off human kind, this what American government
preparing for entire human kind including for US citizens. 

Автор Ian Bradley (10 месяцев)

Автор Tim Scott (11 месяцев)
God help us :(

Автор silver togn (10 месяцев)
I have been wondering how long it will take before the HUMAN RACE
understands that "WE, the PEOPLE" are ALL ONE. WE, the people do have
enemies, but they are those that force us to go to war with ourselves. Get
it through your heads that we, the people are being manipulated......

Автор Tod Zankert (8 месяцев)
Well thought out documentary until you realize, 'Oh, it's just to get you
scared enough to vote down the President or else we will all be pulverized
the world over!' 

Автор Bhatti ifti (6 месяцев)
Only time will tell ...

Автор Mohammad bin Hosed (10 месяцев)
Oh, we all know this shit. Alex, my man, don't you think we ought to get
some people over there--people who can somehow mend fences with President
Vladmir V. Putin, and his Russian Federation? 

Автор Andrew M (10 месяцев)
I've seen better propaganda attempts. But nice first try. I'm sure it would
work on some already raped by similar bs for a while

Автор Red Falcon (10 месяцев)
The Eternal Hebrew and his puppett states, like the USA and UK, will do as
they have always done: Serve the needs and plans of the Eternal Jew. To
start war, perpetrate war, and partake of the spoils of war. Nothing has
changed in over 500 years as far as the Jew is concerned.

Автор Diana Ellis (10 месяцев)
dont make much sense , if they kill us all....where would they go ? Live
under ground for the rest of their life's ?
Weird video for real.

Автор Agounet (10 месяцев)
Any link with french subtitiles ?

Автор xWhite_Suit_Mafiax (10 месяцев)
Did you just say the naval branch would be cut? Are you stupid oh lets see
barrak Obama is on a suicide route what ate you his thinking!
Omg.....atleast use something besides Wikipedia when you look up facts

Автор eduardo anaya (10 месяцев)
What kind of documentary is this? "Obama is clinically insane?" First off,
who is the anonymous voice in the background that claims so? And where is
the evidence to claim such fact? "Obama is suicidal?" Geez, what a
irresponsible, cheap bunch of crap.

Автор Sophia Loren (10 месяцев)
150.000 people will die today, people like you. Are you going to spend your
last hours seeking the truth of life and death or scrumble to the illusions
of this temporarily world?

Google *"Truth Contest"* and click the top entry *"The Present"*.

Автор DIOGENES CANDLE (9 месяцев)
The world is run by the insane.Only insane people would have developed such
a system. This is a war against humanity.Unless we as the people of the
Earth eliminate the stockpiles of weapons created to destroy humanity by
the wicked minds who are in control the world we live in will only support

Автор Jon Stribæk-Frandsen (10 месяцев)
Nice collection of beautiful pictures and a beautiful voice. But you can't
call it a documentary 

Автор Lisa Mills (10 месяцев)
We have crazy technology that connects people from one nation with people
from another. Surely, this is something that we can all utilize to make the
world a more peaceful place.

Автор Supergamer082 (10 месяцев)
Just saying Americans can't be stupid enough to go firing missiles on
powerful countries

Автор eric jarvie (10 месяцев)
...Citizens of the world witness the insane pshycopathic nature pure and
downright evil of the American president Mr Barack Obama whose years
enslaved as an race at the hands of captors in that nation America taught
him absolutely nothing other than to despise the humanity that clearly
rises above him....Now counter this with true bold tenacity and the courage
that belongs solely to the people of Scotland not to be counted or confused
as English and the vote for its Independance in Sept 2014...With an clear
planned intention and agenda to evict all Nuclear device pernamently from
the territories land and nation of Scotland.....Peace loving free World
citizens vote to stand with us as humanity in Scotland and shout out loud
YES! to Scotlands Independance to rid the Planet this barbaric sick
insanity the outright evil of Nuclear weaponary that threaten all...!!

Автор Cyberat Rodent (10 месяцев)
Osama bin Laden or Bush Hitler... same puppet.

Автор Đặng Văn Tuấn (10 месяцев)

các quốc gia đã sẵn sàng rồi, csVN vẫn chưa có đủ vũ khí.

Автор Purgo & Illuminatos (9 месяцев)
The world is in a state of peripeteia.We have allowed the oligarchy who
control the finances of the world to create a war machine ready to make our
small planet devoid of any life other than cockroaches.
We need denouement and the dis-assembly of the nuclear stockpiles built up
by mad men that is out of control.

Автор Blissful Alien (11 месяцев)
the assholes making the video would seem so silly when after 2016 Obama is
gone and the world still is the same and ppl are still eating McDonalds and
sweating mountain due here is United States. If you ppl had any sense, or
perception of reality of awake in this world, you'd see that this "black"
president the only thing he's hated for coz his race (and you are all white
not to mention, followers of christ and santa, who are white too, oh why I
digress) ..so you'd see that Obama is the doing just the opposite,
apologizing and stepping down even when there is no such chances of
catastrophe to occur. This video represents whts wrong with all the ppl
living in the bubble

Автор Yukoto (11 месяцев)
i figured something like this was gonna happen. I always used to ask my dad
a couple years ago "Is there gonna be a ww3?" I'm kinda scared now that i
know there probably will be....

Автор gohn rio (10 месяцев)

Автор Weirdo Disorder (10 месяцев)
There have always been assholes but these days there are assholes extra
ordinaries on top.

Автор John Rothery (10 месяцев)
If this film, flawed as it may be, helps to open up the debate on crucial
issues important for the future of humanity, then it is to be welcomed.
I am confident that some of the closed minds of all persuasions that have
commented here are not representative.
John Rothery (New Zealand)

Автор JAY ArtmaN (10 месяцев)
Have no fear, there is more then just man governing this planet. When the
first nuclear test began, an unknown force entered are solar system and
caused many defense systems to fail, since then that strange force has
implemented thousands of people in key positions to prevent this chaos, and
restore order were there is none. If it wasn't for secret societies, this
would have already happened. 

Автор BeerZerkeraidian (10 месяцев)
Fuck this propaganda ! trying to get people to vote for Romney a Cult
member no less, then call Obomyou crazy LOL ! Just consider your selves
lucky he won. or you would all be wearing magic under pants right now.

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