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Here we describe our adventures with building to date, as we are developing open source equipment for all the tasks. This is towards creating the world's first replicable, post-industrial village.


We are looking for people who are interested in building the world's first replicable open source self-sufficient decentralized permaculture village - to transcend survival and evolve to freedom.

Read more at http://www.OpenFarmTech.org

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Автор Faruq Hunter ( назад)
We've been using the manual CSEB press from Aureka in Auroville. The most
beneficial part was taking the classes offered by the Earth institute of
Auroville and learning from over 40 years of work, mistakes and successes.
The best thing they said there was "It does not take much knowledge to do
but the knowledge it takes - you must have"

Автор raf D ( назад)
Great video. About your press and loading problem- maybe you could try with
hemp and lime mix- great building material and very light. Peace

Автор system analyzed ( назад)
When i built a small house of adobes, just needed a wooden Frame, a heavy
stick, clay and straw. I realy dont like all the crazy noisy technology.
You´r looking for a cheaper way to realise something.
Wouldn´t it be better to ask: Why is there not enough "money" for everyone.
This notice is from germany, and please excuse my english. There are some
videos of the ingenious Franz Hoermann (Hörmann) and he told about your
lowcost car projekt.
Maybe i didn´t realy understand what you people are doing, but for my it
looks like you are realy love noicy technology and heavy material.
Fore example, ( i belief) fighting against blades of grass with
motor-scythes is absolutely crazy, because there are very longlive simple
"evergreen old tools".
It´s about to find a happy medium.

(P.S.: Please help to stop "your" administration to make such a global
In Europe we have a mass-imigration and it starts with war and
There are the messages of Eisenhower and JFK, and it seems like the
democracy became undercut, and it´s the same in all Europe. A lot of peoble
are realy in sorrow about this trend. I hope you americans will be (realy)
free again, only the general public can do this. Some people says "your"
FED-System enslaves and depress the whole humanity included your country.)

Автор Antonio Romo ( назад)
@keimo2007"CEB = Bunch of urban yahoos are trying to invent wheel again."
I'm sure you think that paying an overpriced and never-ending lease or
mortgage is a better solution than trying to live debt free. These urban
yahoos, as you call them, develop sustainable buildings and systems that
have little environmental impact unlike the "wheel" that apparently you
like to ride on.

Автор remember25october ( назад)
1. Integrate brick press with tractor somehow? Make it a «brick press cube»
and add it right after «earth digging cube»?

2. Complicate brick shape a bit. So that they plug into each other just
like LEGO bits.

Автор Levi ( назад)
You guys are badasses!! I haven't seen anyone build a tractor and turn out
500 CEB's day, then build a MASSIVE warehouse like this. Great job guys!!

Автор Ian Gow-Robinson ( назад)
your method looks extremely inefficient. your lifting up 10kg+ buckets when
if you put the machine in a gulley or foxhole you would not need to raise
bucket past knee height. 

Автор keimo2007 ( назад)
CEB = Bunch of urban yahoos are trying to invent wheel again. 

Автор ultan gannon ( назад)
Sounds like Sagan. 

Автор José Font ( назад)
This is so GREAT you guys did something very nice. Thank 

Автор The88Nomad ( назад)
Your voice is great. I watch your videos, every night, because I want to be
lulled to sleep...

Автор grogros69 ( назад)
Have you considered making a conveyor to feed the hopper in the brick
press, and loading the conveyor with a larger hopper and your backhoe? If
you did so, your production rate would be much higher, which would then
justify either larger bricks, or a double interlocked layer, which would
make your structure much easier to erect, and much stronger because wider
walls are more resistant to lateral forces.

Автор Garrett Monie ( назад)
A wild Maker used Back Hoe. .... Its Super Effective

Автор missourigal69 ( назад)
Im in SW Mo....all rock, packed in red clay down here...Y'all have better
soil up there.

Автор Robert from SPB ( назад)

Автор menonfire12 ( назад)
Oh this proyect is so cool, so cool!

Автор Torro Crash ( назад)
genial, me gustaria tener mas datos, soy de culiacan sinaloa.

Автор joshwand ( назад)
What about an elevator to load the hopper? Then you'd just have to move the
earth longitudinally with shovels or a front-end loader onto the
elevator... you could load the earth onto a horizontal belt feeding the
elevator to have more surface area to work with. You could also stick a
rotary mixer at the top of the elevator, too, to make the earth uniform. 

Автор Nordic .I ( назад)
@marcinose Here in south africa in days of old, houses had floors made from
cow manure, look it up, its nothing like what you think like, its solid and

Автор HeavyDemir ( назад)
How much clay is ideal for the bricks ? 

Автор xntrik52556 ( назад)
NW Missouri? Then you're going to want some thermal insulation on the
outside of the structure. Compressed earth block is fine when there are
large temperature swings between night and day, like spring and fall in the
Midwest. But, when the temperature swings are hot and hotter or cold and
colder, as it is in summer and winter, the thermal performance is terrible.

Автор MrPotatoesLatkie ( назад)
@9z87z89 Nothing wrong with hard work.! It's much better than sitting
around and, one can learn a lot. The point is to be able to live outside
the system. They make their own machines and, their own building materials.

Автор MrPotatoesLatkie ( назад)
@hotapplepie2009 Hey, telling someone that type of thing seems completly
out of place with this type of video. It's inspiring, but different from
what most people today would consider normal, so scepticism is normal. Be
considerate and, positive.

Автор Donn Buchfinck ( назад)
And to be truthful, the apocalyptic Mr. Rodgers voice over needs some work.
The world hasn't come to an end quite yet. Great stuff though. Can't wait
to see what you have come up with next.

Автор Donn Buchfinck ( назад)
I have been looking around and I have seen that the bigger machines that
produce blocks are really two machines. One that the material is dumped
into by a loader and then it prepares the material as to breaking it down
and then transports it by conveyor to the block making machine at the
proper rate so the hopper does not get clogged. That is what makes the
machines so efficient.

Автор Andreas Goelzer ( назад)
I wish you the best of luck for your project. It does seem to be a lot of
work to get some bricks, i guess buying them would require a lot less work.

Автор Marc ( назад)
Why not straw bales for walls covered in earthen stucco? Seems like an
easier proccess and more insulation for the effort.

Автор Jamie “Jam Bra” Braly (1655 лет назад)
Questions... floors for your dwellings? Surely not living on dirt.... and
what about a Stuco or adobe like covering for the inside and outside of the
bricks? Wouldnt that not only be more pleasing to look at, but provide more

Автор Jamie “Jam Bra” Braly (1911 год назад)
only 134 views for something this amazing? GUess everyone is watching
American Idol. Good stuff guys. Where is your location? I'd like to visit

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