AQW: How to get past Hyperium Security

As the title says this shows how to get past hyperium security

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Автор JoshDDiebold (3 года)
@LostLandVideos You miss spelled were it's suppose to be were, were you
born yesterday?

Автор ImGraxus T.M (2 года)
this is fucking fake he has the VR Access room card thing, note that he
began passing at 1:58 and it says turret1 reactivated and turret2 was never
deactivated lol that means this guy is G4Y

Автор Kuomi KG (2 года)
stop the fcking bullshit u noob

Автор Rj Laguatan (2 года)
...FUK YOU...

Автор mike black (1 год)
btw nice music

Автор Boo (2 года)
@ilovevoreandclubpeng actually it does make sense he is right he should be
dead when he passed through the turrets

Автор Straw Skroom (3 года)
r u serious? u kan mispell whenever u want . espesially when not in school,
u sound so dum

Автор Marina Del Rey (2 года)
@TheAQWHotmailMan why are you calling him gay if your comment isnt gonna
make sense dont post

Автор lrns aplnio (1 год)
i always die in hyperium because of turret

Автор anjingkepleset99 (2 года)
are you indo?

Автор Mystical Fruit (3 года)
should have used either no audio or a song :/

Автор Ultrex (2 года)

Автор TheMikeylikey2 (2 года)
its much easier to just use rogue, use footwork, and the potion at
arcangrove thats increases the dodge chance

Автор Chris Abraham (2 года)
@TheSkuxDulux1 idk if you're already done with this, but if you want, just
get a friend to keep clicking the buttons for you while you cross.

Автор svelteeagle1 (3 года)
some help meeee wht does it mean u must improv dexterity to pickpocket.....

Автор tbshadowslasher (2 года)
lol the back round of this vid

Автор justunas Aubunas (2 года)
i found 10000x easier way

Автор Emily Luc (2 года)
@TheSkuxDulux1 you have to use rouge (or anything simalar, such as pirate),
use the last skill "FOOTWORK" and get across ass fast as you can.

Автор AQWDoomofweak (1 год)
Watch my viddeo I know how to get pst

Автор aqwrockteam1 (2 года)
i can go free they let me!!!!!

Автор js graffitero (2 года)
no me sirbe jope fuck

Автор vincent geraldy (1 год)
disconnect your internet and pass (thats the easiest way)

Автор ghiles asmani (1 год)
good idea !

Автор gabyartizada1 (2 года)
i just past the turrets :| reason: dunno, maybe vr or quests

Автор XSuperNinjaExtremeX (3 года)
@TylerBlackOps its possible lol i sorta did random jumping as i slided
across the floor and it didnt kill me xD

Автор LostLandVideos (3 года)
you miss spelled iz its suppost to be is where you born yesterday

Автор Demoman (2 года)
You type really fast...

Автор mike black (1 год)
ur crap loooool. go do vids for lego lol

Автор Jacky14950 (3 года)
listen up everyone these vidoes that everyone makes about how to get past
the turrets are fake the only good info that people might give you are 'if
you have a rogue or pirate class rank 5 or higher use footwork then go if
you get past turrets do the two missions in the mission room if you don't
the turrets will attack you when you goto hyperium again' thats the only
advise that i know is true not the while youre runnign press space then
you'll get past WRONG

Автор lucas paraizo (1 год)
vlw me ajudou muito

Автор Romeo Argawanon (1 год)
i hate chatting...

Автор zack zeek (3 года)

Автор SninjaUD (2 года)

Автор codyki9 (3 года)
They are disabled so no duur!

Автор Vincent Valentine (3 года)
noob doent work for sure

Автор Amr Kozbari (2 года)
get horn evader class then use the first spell whistle then pass by

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