Priestman vc 20 long reach excavator

My priestman vc-20 at work in gothenburg sweden

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Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 8:14
Комментарии: 9

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Автор james healy (3 года)
how old is this machine? it is in excellent condition.

Автор carlo777 (4 года)
woow a very nice vc20, I have got vc15 and i love it, if you one day think
to sale it please email me and i will buy it: carlo@inbox.lv

Автор Geoffery Heak (2 года)
Very tidy machine for her age. A real class bit of British engineering !!

Автор MrMymorph (1 год)
for any spares needed please contact me. we can get most vc20 vc15 and
priestman spares.

Автор MrMymorph (1 год)
great to see in action

Автор Moorexpress (1 год)
Wirklich eine sehr schöne Maschine Respekt !!

Автор 69rd96 (4 года)
What an incredible machine!

Автор Heavy Truck Photos (3 года)
Great video!

Автор Po Il (9 месяцев)
worked on them

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