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Длительность: 10:8
Комментарии: 740

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Автор David Cerden ( назад)
1:21 dab

Автор Cat Lady ( назад)
OMG the baby and the dog drinking water was sooo cute

Автор Jj Jones ( назад)
looks like raccoons are now mans best friend

Автор google user ( назад)
Not really funny and no cat drinking from the sink

Автор Bernie Valencia ( назад)
so funny

Автор PRASHANT's Singh ( назад)

Автор ali Servan ( назад)
The pair of cat owners at 5:00 should be publicly flogged the dumbass
fucktards that they are. Funny to see your cat in distress it it, cunts?

Автор Sir JollyG4mer ( назад)
1:12 that fish was doing flips for days

Автор Alexis Proffitt ( назад)
yes olivia i did

Автор shadow Wolf ( назад)
the seal lion was not even funny

Автор VeronikaEl24 ( назад)
not sure what's so funny about wild animals held in captivity exhibiting
neurotic behaviours that speak of the physical, emotional and psychological
suffering they endure every day. Just try googling "zoochosis"... Thumbs
down for this video

Автор Anthony Triana ( назад)
Wash wash wash the seal.

Автор Daniel Johansen Kårvand ( назад)
Yeah, otter going around in circles. "Hilarious" ...

Автор Maureen Gopee ( назад)

Автор Maureen Gopee ( назад)
do it right time tho lel

Автор Maureen Gopee ( назад)

Автор Patrioten 74 ( назад)
Animals in zoos are no fun.

Автор KIARA L ( назад)
I didn't even smile

Автор foxy_fa scowcroft ( назад)
this animals are werd :P

Автор Maria Hunte ( назад)
why do they have a racoon as a pet

Автор Longhorn Murphy ( назад)
5:58 I know a friend who put their betta fish next to a mirror and it
killed itself so I don't know about putting one night it's tank

Автор Matthew Productions ( назад)
much funny

Автор Samet Harmancı ( назад)
thats not funny idiot

Автор leanne garland ( назад)
hallerios it is the beat and funniest
yeah the best

Автор Julia Taunton-Clark ( назад)
What was the crab doing? Being camera shy?

Автор Top Musicaly Videos ( назад)

Автор Mindrolling ( назад)
At the beginning all I see is unhappy captive animals, particularly
revolting is the 'petting pool' for idiot humans to stress out marine life.

Some of the clips aren't cruel but they're not exactly "burst out laughing"
material. You've missed the target wildly.

Автор Nataša Stojanović ( назад)
Animals being in zoos and aquariums is not funny at all.

Автор anazang ( назад)
2:39 hes hopping like a kangoroo

Автор Summer De La Cruz ( назад)
is it bad that i didnt laugh....?

Автор Jen Piper ( назад)

Автор Tsundere Hun ( назад)
The music is really unnecessary.

Автор JennahTheCreeper ( назад)
congrats on 1,000,000 subs!!!

Автор Dawson Striemer ( назад)
I hate to be that guy, but I feel bad for all those animals in the zoos and
seaworlds n' stuff. Especially felt for that manatee that bumped into the

Автор XxThePianist & ViolinistxX ( назад)
Oh look we have an acrobat for the mini circus ;) 7:04

Автор Jill R ( назад)
If you put a mirror in a Bata fishes tank it will attack and kill itself
thinking it's another fish

Автор Michael Barla ( назад)
this is not even funny

Автор LokiTattoo ( назад)
Does anyone know the title of that catchy twangy song when the raccoon
compilation was playing?

Автор Kylie Konton ( назад)
There so cute

Автор Pawfect Eevee ( назад)
7:04 circus chipmunk

Автор Pawfect Eevee ( назад)
6:36 I can't fit it in my mouth

Автор Pawfect Eevee ( назад)
3:40 endless climbing

Автор Mythical Roblox & More! ( назад)
Kid rolling with dogs in car

Автор Satan the demon ( назад)
Favourite:fucking chipmunk walking on its front legs XD

Автор Royal Penguin ( назад)
poor fish and crab

Автор Dog Man ( назад)
I got a Donald trump ad 😂

Автор egy 16 éves kis fiú Lajos ( назад)

Автор Natalia Alba Gillings ( назад)
6:30 is the best😂😂

Автор Micah Penn ( назад)
racoons are funny af lol

Автор Carissa pate Pate ( назад)

Автор Ender Angel 103 ( назад)

Автор Theo Roberts ( назад)

Автор AJMGPlaYz Gassen ( назад)

Автор Roxanne Milan ( назад)
bjt bggiol

Автор tofuguy ( назад)
My mom told me that if i turned this up any louder, she'd slam my face into
the keyboard. But i dont

Автор Funny BoZone ( назад)
The best videos are with crazy cats it is always funny

Автор Pyrox Playz ( назад)

Автор Epsonthe Giraffe ( назад)
Aaaaah a severed raccoon head.....oh, nevermind.

Автор PartyPanda ( назад)
On the otter one did anybody notice the otter in the background dancing

Автор Megan Blake ( назад)
lol dabbing crab

Автор Sescopian ( назад)
After watching this video Tiger Productions equals click bate in my mind,
the animal in the thumbnail wasn't in the video, I see no reason to watch
anything else from Tiger Productions. If you don't have what you put in the
thumbnail in the video your channel becomes not worth bothering with to me.
When you basically advertise one thing and deliver another, the impression
Is inevitably that you're untrustworthy.

Автор Alpha Vlogai ( назад)

Автор Alpha Vlogai ( назад)
I didn't laugh even ones ! Because its normal how they act, and the owners
just use that !!! Not funny at all!!!

Автор dzstella ( назад)
Its oke and is a ha0ppy video.....,LOL HAHIHAHII

Автор unrealsimon93 ( назад)
I just can't understand parents that allow their kids to lick their dogs'
tongues. Beyond disgusting.

Автор Khaalex ( назад)
95% sure this was made by a homeschooler

Автор Mili Latū ( назад)
the one at 4:50 is literally animal abuse - you're forcing a mirror up the
cat's face and another person is holding it so it can't escape.

imagine if you're really scared of spiders, and one person forces a spider
to your face while another one holds you still. do not ever force something
on animals that CLEARLY scare them.

Автор Gameplay Network (NG) ( назад)

Автор Annamarie Cockrell ( назад)

Автор merete 80 ( назад)
Horrible. If you like animals you sett them free. Disappointed in this
channel showing this as cute

Автор matt buck ( назад)
One word BORING

Автор peterdougie ( назад)
why are pugs fiteing

Автор Sapphire ( назад)

Автор Anime Drawer ( назад)
Funny?????? Uh yeah sure ....

Автор Anya Randall ( назад)
boring worst video

Автор DerpyDuck45 ( назад)
First thought:CRAB DAB!

Автор Joe Thompson ( назад)

Автор Daffy Johnny ( назад)
The chipmunk does exactly what my hamster does!!! Where the chipmunk
stuffed its cheeks with peanuts!!😜😛😝🐹

Автор kittycatcarnival kittys! ( назад)
1:20 camera shy lol

Автор Mason Bradshaw ( назад)
What animal is that at 0:41?

Автор IndigoWolf Soul (Indigowolfsoul) ( назад)
Why do people insist on having pet raccoons? Like, kill those pests off.

Автор Typical Boss ( назад)
Jimm wtf he doesn't geek little punk bitch

Автор Derpy Unicorn ( назад)
I was mostly raccoons

Автор Sasha Fox ( назад)

Автор Cruz Ornelas ( назад)
I'm going to die 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😂😂😹😹😂

Автор 200hennry200 ( назад)
At 1:09 that fish really shouldn't be spinning like that. It could be a
sign of an illness or other problems. Not so funny now, is it?

Автор leighvi gardner ( назад)
yeah ^O^

Автор XxSlenderxX XxiswatchingxX ( назад)
All of them are raccoons

Автор KittyGamer30 XBOX1 ( назад)

Автор KittyGamer30 XBOX1 ( назад)
Dony really like the music

Автор Fillybro101 /Animaljam ( назад)
ppl say this is not funny but I bet they laughed!

Автор Jennifer Clayton ( назад)
I didn't know racoons were so outgoing.....

Автор Jennifer Clayton ( назад)
just love animals and people who take care of them.............we have a
little cat and dog and they have so much fun play time together it funny to
watch them.........

Автор Death the Wolf-X ( назад)
7:07 you have to *GET AWAY IN STYLE* xD

Автор คภGєl ❤ єYєϟ ( назад)
All I know is I stuck my cock into my new kitten and it seemed to like it
because it was purring right before it died

Автор Zbon ( назад)
Most of the videos are stupid and cruel! Esp with the mirror with cat,
mirror with the bird. Bird will probably fly to the mirror and crash to
death. What a f in jerk!

Автор Charleen Lance ( назад)
The squriels or what ever ARE FUNNY LOL LMAO

Автор Kiara Wright ( назад)
That Crab Is A Cheerleader.

Автор Plan B ( назад)
You know, one of the most irritating things that erks the shit right out of
me.. is when I click on a thumbnail to watch a video, and then the stupid
video doesn't even show the clip that the thumbnail came from!!

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