Jazz modal playing

A few ideas of using modal concepts soloing in jazz

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Автор Bob Lewis (1 месяц)
To those of you that think Reg is not a good teacher... This is advanced
guitar playing for serious players. I like the pace! The really slow
lessons on the internet drive me crazy. I've been playing Steely Dans music
and Hendrix of course for years and learned theory as a kid (50 freakin'
years ago). Get a Mickey Baker Jazz Guitar Book one. That's what a lot of
players first intro to this type of playing was years ago. There are many
others, but his books are still great... I can't believe Reg is taking the
time to share these invaluable insights into the way real great players

Автор Abel Markland (1 месяц)
those subs are pretty hip

Автор Maxim Bissonnette (1 месяц)
wow very good

Автор juan pablo lopez (3 месяца)
Good guitarplayer , but bad teacher ( sloopy sometimes )

Автор Quinn Battick (3 месяца)
You should make a song. Where'd you learn to play? What kind of guitar is

Автор Barry McCockiner (3 месяца)
Dude! I left playing guitar and listening to jazz long ago, but watching
this video kinda inspired me to take up the guitar and blast Pat Metheny on
my speakers.

Автор Angelo Sini (4 месяца)
good guitarist but as a teacher very bad.

Автор Julio Stancioli (9 месяцев)
You play really cool but you're showing that you know or just to teach?? To
teach one must play slower!

Автор Rimvydas Mitkus (5 месяцев)
Dude You're play very awesomely!

Автор kirk hammond (5 месяцев)
I for one would appreciate being able to see the NUT in your composition &
maybe less of the rear of your right hand.
and you speak very quickly (for foreigners to English - I am showing this
to an Italian player who cannot understand you speak so quickly..) when
referencing Dorian, mixolydian, so a bit slower on the re-cap' of what you
just played very rapidly would help anyone interested. Your playing & feel
is great, U R obviously an advanced player with a lot of history in jazz
under your fingers ! Thank You. Kirk

Автор foxybrown2 (8 месяцев)
That is not the way you play so what and you know that, that song is played
in 4ths
love your playing style though

Автор Olivier Lefebvre (6 месяцев)
Great guitarist but you don't explain....nothing....so..you are a

Автор Abel Markland (2 месяца)
i like how he cuts himself off lol

Автор t3v08r (8 месяцев)
Where can I learn licks like that? 

Автор Andrew Amirzadeh (8 месяцев)
that was sweet. 

Автор Juampi Sampaoli (9 месяцев)
very nice 

Автор DynVec (9 месяцев)
this make me think of Diablo Tristram Village theme/ambiance/song.

Автор Andy R. (9 месяцев)
Video cuts out at 6:06

Автор saartje janisar (9 месяцев)
i also like his playing..........the only thing that is disturbing me is
his face which you can't see

Автор 1610austin (10 месяцев)
i like your playin . so many great players on here . cheers

Автор dbshore1 (6 месяцев)
Reg523, Thanks for the great ideas and knowledge you share, and for
tolerating the comments from those lacking the insight to understand what
you are pesenting

Автор Abel Markland (6 месяцев)
less talking more playing! haha thx for the vid bruh

Автор swingmanu (1 год)
hird thing: i used to play with a very supple wrist, holding my pick with
my whole closed hand floating over the strings... following a eaching
friend's advice, I started playing with an open hand and my fingers resting
on the 1st string or the pickguard: I can achieve more various sounds now
and need less wrist... This may solve your problem as well... My teacher's
words: create your own technics following your own needs! I hope you solve
the problem!

Автор Zack Slepsky (11 месяцев)
great lines and ideas

Автор swingmanu (1 год)
I have a pain and occasionnal paralysis cause by the strap on the left
shoulder; In lack of a real permanent solution, I've had to practice with
no strap, and get used to putting the strap on my right shoulder. I'm still
batter at playing the normal way but i can switch shoulders anytime when
the pain comes. Since my hand fells much better anyway, i often forget to
avoid the right shoulder now but i know I have to be careful

Автор kanethecracker (1 год)
whats type of arpeggio do you use in the first play with the loop at 3.23?

Автор Reg523 (2 года)
I've never had any injuries to wrist or hand. Made a conscious effort to
hold the way I do... just for that reason, least amount of stress on wrist,
hand, and still be able to play at fast tempos with out effort. There are
ways of picking with less moving parts, which ends up with less possibility
of injury... but generally involves more use of arm. Usually loose picking
speed and generally will tighten up and loose some feel. Best of luck with
your playing...Reg

Автор Sami Arefin (2 года)
Wow you sound great! swings so hard!

Автор Banjojo (1 год)
Yes clearly there are amazing things going on in your brain, I'm not sure
how to get those ideas from this video. I know all about dorian mode from
Irish playing but trying to branch out here, you know where I can start? I
know you are a guitar player and I banjo but I play guitar as well.

Автор Jose Sosa (2 года)
wow men your awesome than k you¡¡

Автор bandwidthzero (2 года)
great vid man u need more views

Автор getupanddosomething (1 год)
You're the real deal my friend. Thank you for teaching, I am an eager

Автор Reg523 (2 года)
@bandwidthzero Thanks... I'm going to actually get a real You Tube channel
going soon. All of these vids were for posting at Jazz Guitar Forum.

Автор Jamiro Smajic (1 год)
Tommorow im going to take a good look at this vid, thanks!

Автор 2skyland (3 года)
Cool, man.

Автор lars lmundo (1 год)
man you know a lot about it

Автор vtwin1 (3 года)
This stuff's brilliant man! Anytips on nailing that swing feel at speed?

Автор Jakub Dzierżak (2 года)
no comment -.-

Автор David West (1 год)
What loop pedal you are using?

Автор jazzman3071 (3 года)
Monster stuff in here man. This is just great stuff. I am baffled why there
are only 110 views! So many players have a hard time saying ANYTHING over a
modal tune. Great way to approach this. I dig the tone you have as well. Is
that a full sized floating humbucker from Kent Armstrong? Thanks for
sharing. 'Mike

Автор 6672rock (2 года)
The video cuts out at 6:10, but the audio keeps going.

Автор Hashim Halstead (1 год)
Let me get more advanced then come back with more understanding. I
apologize for my n00bness.

Автор turockandar (1 год)
Terrific playing and great lesson :)

Автор Henryguitar95 (2 года)
fuckers got style

Автор rgvtuvsf (1 год)
You're a very good player, but a very bad teacher:) I think you just used
this (I guess lesson) to showcase your skills, nothing wrong with that.
It's what I'd do if I could:)

Автор Aaron Pc (2 года)
This Is Classy

Автор haduroboros (2 года)
Try 0.5x or 0.25x :-)

Автор David J Nann (1 год)
I just wanted to listen to the guitar, it sounds just perfect,some of those
runs, well they are to die for David

Автор J4m3z1 (2 года)
Did you freestyle those solos when you were going up and down the whole
neck, and keeping within the mode you were playing in? Damn, it's like
every note the guitar is capable of playing is just second nature to you...

Автор cmstricker67 (2 года)
Nice playing! I was watching this with a friend and his first reaction was
"damn his cat can shred the neck!" im subscribing

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