Shocking predictions from a woman who has already predicted things that have unfortunately come true.



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Автор Isaac Bridges ( назад)
Time is not set in stone. I believe a lot of her predictions, but with so
many parallel strands of time predictions should always be taken with a
grain of salt.

Автор Koji Odo ( назад)
who's watching in 2016 .......

Автор Jake Dixon ( назад)
Good shout

Автор Kristine Buela ( назад)
Just. Pray. And. God. Will. Do. The. Rest. AMEN!

Автор Lucky Munch ( назад)

Автор Danny_PS4 ( назад)
Alot of predictions have seen war in 2016, it is coming but she didn't get
the dates right. Obama will be the last US president which means something
happening next year, whether it happens or not remains to be seen,

Автор darksaint ( назад)
I think she really got the dates wrong but shes on to something how can
some one born in the 1911 predict that china was going to be world power in
2018 its to good. I think her dates are screwedup but i think shes on to

Автор GermanyFan01 ( назад)
2010? Or 2110?

Автор Raed Baker ( назад)
No one knows what will come in the future except the creator and builder of
the universe. The almighty one GOD. Not baba vanga or mama donga !! So stop
making fool of yourselves people...

Автор Darg ( назад)
Oh WW3 was so tough, but well, here I am. Thanks God, and thanks Baba
Ganga. If it wasn't because of her, I'd have died!

Автор ryan fields (fielded) ( назад)
What's the name of the music

Автор Assassin157 ( назад)
I did some research. The dates are wrong

Автор geo tan (1505 лет назад)
We are in 2015! Hoooray I survived the war! :)

Автор alexis sanchez ( назад)
i think the dates arent correct but if she saw a war by this time shes
right if u dont believe me buy a ticket to israel and see 4 ur self

Автор Anon emous ( назад)
God fucking damnit tanoxbelata people like you are seriously too fucking
stupid to exist. how mentally retarded can you get you stupid gypsy??

Get off youtube and delete your comment right now. You should be ashamed
for spreading such stupidity.

Автор Ivaylo Ivanov (mishx) ( назад)
Maybe her predictions are actually coming true ?? :) Baba Vanga is one of
the best and presidents from many countries around the world have come to
her asking for advises and hear what she has to say about the future, soo
want to hear your comments now :)

Автор Ninja 87 ( назад)
Did I miss WW3? Dang it, I gotta stop playing video games, I missed an
entire world war!!

Автор [Bisdak]KobeBG ( назад)
dude it started in the arab spring at 2010 and you will see WW3 will start

Автор daersoulkeeper ( назад)

Автор luben v ( назад)
She predicted about Syria, send a letter to Russia and USA so that they
save lives. WWIII is a communist joke, they all change and lie about those
predictions. In fact the world will move to peace but it won't be easy
cause the evil ones still deceive the people around the world. After all
we're still in Europe that means me too :), hope not for long. But Syria is
too partly a set up the idea is to prevent their destruction of the country
so get your ass up and write to USA to Kremlin, pray etc.

Автор formless777 ( назад)
Ahem. Get your head out of your arse. Russia isn't going to declare war on
the USA over Syria and neither is Iran. Syria simply isn't important enough
in terms of its income or resources. North Korea will be wiped off the map
in 30 minutes if they use a nuke and is in the process of collapsing. WW3
is nowhere near. And that "helicopter story" of yours is complete
disinformation. What monkey told you that ? 

Автор CoolGuyPunK ( назад)
I will disagree with your comment, because in 2010 was the Arrabic spring,
which let almost to WW3 if USA diddnt take control, after that is the Civil
war in Siria, which is continuing even now, it could happen a WW3 if a
single NATO helicopter enteres Siria, because Russia and China are guarding
it, and after that you have the Korean crysis 2013, it almost lead to a WW3
between N. Korea and S.Korea

Автор overtaker2000 ( назад)
Ww3 prediction is true in 2010 china and someone started a war. She said it
will end in 2016 it started with china but it hasn't finished

Автор Iputu Satyena ( назад)
Maybe she saw Call of Duty trailer or something? For us today, the graphic
is acceptable but maybe it's to real for 1980's.....Comments?

Автор noize gate ( назад)
Why we need World War III: - no more stupid YT vids, - no more fuckers
posting crap no one cares about in the comments - the neighbours you always
hated will die first - no more religious propaganda / daily TV mindfuck /
prophets - no more traffic jams or traffic - no more people to annoy you on
the internet or on TV - free parking!!! -> BALANCE IS RESTORED, I am pro
WW3, do it FASTER stop the talking, start acting Thumbs up if you want the

Автор formless777 ( назад)

Автор Saul T. Nuts ( назад)
ww3 was a video game

Автор trianglechoke101 ( назад)
how do you expect someone to read that fast? keep pausing it? good vid

Автор SpencerAK74M (1681 год назад)
Kid, I've lived in the real world for years. I've seen stuff that would
make you shit your pants. I have seen the remains of people who cross the
Mexican drug cartels, I have seen just how many people around the world
want nothing more to kill us any way the can. It shows just how young and
immature you are with every post. We've all been there, but chill and worry
about your own life. Not about whether China would ever consider invading

Автор Samu Babukokku ( назад)
People who speed type have a tendency to misspell. My family is a military
family. Your the one that needs your nose rubbed in the shit of the real
world. I go to school 5 days a week, I'm always out in the real world, like
the mountains where my grandparents live. I can do many things with the
government that I can't say. I have also seen to much, I can't say. How
much more real world can you get than that... Trust me.

Автор SpencerAK74M ( назад)
You're so cute... Like a puppy. But puppy needs to have his or her nose
rubbed in the shit of the real world. Tell ya what, learn how to spell,
look at international relations, and join the military or a Federal agency
and get a security clearance. It helps.... Trust me. 

Автор Samu Babukokku ( назад)
I have been laid and I do go out in the real world. See I study this, what
china is going to do is look for weak spots in the US such as abandoned
towns, that is how they'll come in. Nobody lives in abandoned towns and the
US government doesn't even care about those lost forever towns. China
nuking us is like 1 in a million shot, us nuking them, that will happen.
Think about all those weak points we have hear in the US.

Автор Brass 'n Barrels Firearms Channel ( назад)
2164 animals turn half-human? THE FUCK IS THIS? Did you fall your biology
class or were you home schooled you fucking retard, evolution doesnt work
that way you fucking ignorant sodomite 

Автор SpencerAK74M ( назад)
Ok let me get my facts straight... YOU'RE A FUCKING HIGH SCHOOL KID!!!
Jesus, go out and live in the real world bro. Get laid for chrissakes....
The Chinese can't invade us, pure and simple. They could invade Taiwan,
they could make our lives in the Western Pacific a little exciting, hell
they could even nuke us... But they can't invade us. 

Автор Samu Babukokku ( назад)
So I would most likely be drafted into the military. So you need to get
your facts straight, before you reply.

Автор Samu Babukokku ( назад)
Excuse the fuck out of me for spelling ignorant wrong. How in the hell do
you think China will be able to over run us. 1 they have to have the power
to be able to do that. And yes I know what logistics is. 2 like I said
there whole population has had some sort of military training and their
population is hell of lot bigger than you may relise. We're just lucky that
we have more sifisticated weapons than they do. But we'll just be fighting
for a long ass time. I'm in high school AFJROTC. 

Автор SpencerAK74M ( назад)
Well you can't even spell ignorant, so why am I replying? Do you know what
logistics is? The Chinese don't have enough to invade the US. It's simple

Автор Samu Babukokku ( назад)
1 I'm not ingnoant. 2 They do have the transport capabilities weather or
not you want to believe that. 3 being there largest trade partner doesn't
matter, what does matter is if we pull something stupid and that will just
start the whole damn thing.

Автор SpencerAK74M ( назад)
Your ignorance is breathtaking... They simply don't have the transport
capability for one, and two they will not invade THEIR LARGEST trade

Автор Samu Babukokku ( назад)
Air and sea. The Chinese has a bigger pop than us, so it would be hard to
stop them. 

Автор Tara Koehler ( назад)
shits fake!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор SpencerAK74M ( назад)
@MsAbbydo And just how are the Chinese going to invade us? 

Автор SpencerAK74M ( назад)
So um... WW3 was supposed to start two years ago, yet here we are? 

Автор Joeyer5 ( назад)
Its 2012 now, and the only thing that's wrong is that by damn stock wont go

Автор Samu Babukokku ( назад)
Another thing is Russia is worried if they will get hit or something. Since
Iran is right next door to Russia. So they will probably be the ones to
nuke America if we hit them. So otherwise Russia doesn't care if we attack
Iran as long as Russia doesn't get attack by accident by us.

Автор Samu Babukokku ( назад)
this is not cool. Dumbass Obama will attack IRAN and China told us that we
back off or the USA will be invaded. Obama has carriers, battleships, and
alot of other things heading over to Iran just to attck them just because
Obama just wants to move out of Iraq and move into Iran and cause a major
war. It seems like he doesn't care if us Americans are alive or not. Thats
what pisses me the hell off. And Obama pisses me the hell off as well.

Автор Shoal Nervo ( назад)
@fr0nt1er But we are all aging for a few seconds, every few seconds.

Автор fr0nt1er ( назад)
@ShmooyShmoo it means that this diseased people will die in a few moments
after being infected, dumbass.

Автор Shoal Nervo ( назад)
whats aging for a few seconds mean?

Автор LairdEJM ( назад)
So it didn't happen...what a surprise... 

Автор Владимир Ленин ( назад)
She said that WW3 at first will begin as usual war... Look at Libya, it
have destroyed.... And then business will reach the nuclear weapon...

Автор reksub ( назад)
im making a prediction that these predictions are wrong

Автор Math Pro ( назад)
Yes as I can see World war started a ear ago. BTW she is from my
country(Bulgaria) and she told that the world will end when bees and honey
stop existing.

Автор PrimeConsciousness ( назад)
China needs to seriously get off their asses and invade the middle east. 

Автор floatlykabuttafly ( назад)
@TheMorado75 he's already here?? Where?

Автор notessimodude ( назад)
And we already know what happens in 2552...

Автор tanoxbelata ( назад)
Regarding the nuclear weapons that would be used in the start of the war,
there are credible reports coming from inside Libya, that a mini Nuclear
weapon was detonated by NATO in sirte to once and for all destroy the
Gaddafi resistance. 4 days after alleged explosion gaddafi was caught and
killed. Coincidence. Don think so.

Автор tanoxbelata ( назад)
We in WW3 right now. Her predictions have not always been easy to intepret
but I hindsight we see how right she was. WW3 According to many experts was
to start in the middle east. When she said Kursk, it didn't mean the city,
so when they say Middle east they mean the Arabs. I believe WW3 started
when the Arab spring started in nov 2011. Libya and somalia has been
attacked, Syria and Pakistan are next, and the whole Palestinian issue is
going to blow up like never before.

Автор Remember My Hug ( назад)
@Lillajohan123 still got 2 yrs left till 2014. and look around. are we not
at a world war now?

Автор Johan_Se ( назад)
yeah its soon 2012 and still no WW3 :<... So the predictions werent 100%
just luck

Автор Jon Glenn ( назад)
@kaptinfancy Oh Yeah Me Too! Me Too!

Автор johnnytheprick ( назад)
@ManardGCrebs, he was a wise man for a fruadster and thief.

Автор tel030 ( назад)
we've already had world war 3 it was the cold war

Автор Sergej Govorcin ( назад)
He is right... It will come out at 11/8/11 SRSLY!!! MW3 comes out that
day... xD

Автор Bishop bro ( назад)
she never predicted ww3 u deep shit

Автор andy walker ( назад)
the war aint yet ....thank you s a walker

Автор Sedativ ( назад)
3rd ww already begun(libya, afganistan, israel...)! that could be the

Автор reksub ( назад)
how come all the good stuff happens after were all deed

Автор HUNRUSPWNZ ( назад)
Actually WWIII has started.Look at Africa.

Автор Craig ( назад)
Are we there yet.

Автор sprucemoose18 ( назад)
What complete and utter bollocks.

Автор knotty ash ( назад)
lol werent we all supposed to be dead in 1999-2000-2010- now 2011- make
your bloody minds up load of utter nonsense keep takin your tablet lol pmsl

Автор David lis ( назад)
ummm its 2011 and no nuclear bombs has hit.... 

Автор haiowl ( назад)
Is it just me...or does this person watch anime?

Автор JAMamation (1691 год назад)
w0000t ww3 is over! haha what a fucking stupid video. this is what it'll be
like in 2013 when we're all laughing at the 2012 theory.

Автор Iv Petrova ( назад)
shame on you, she was one of the greatest people ever.make research and u
will be shocked

Автор didi linha ( назад)
I does not like this vid...Who says is truth......?!Should be in that

Автор pd2210 ( назад)
I find it hard to belive that people take the time to create this bullshit

Автор adventures with gusgus ( назад)
the picture of that old lady is harold camping's wife lol lol lol lol 

Автор dooley169 ( назад)
thats vanga's crap

Автор 3rk4u ( назад)
good v id see this is how they will kill us,on u tube

Автор landon s ( назад)
@Alerxis03 he isnt baba vanga you fucking retard

Автор landon s ( назад)
@grassycelebi thats sorta scarry

Автор landon s ( назад)
ww2 started as minr battles did you furget the koreanattacks nov 23 this
could be the start and violence only seems to be escalating

Автор Rumyana Sarafska ( назад)
Vanga's prophecies regarding Kursk and 9/11 are true, however the
predictions(shown in this video) from 2010 onward are made up by people,
Vanga never predicted this. She made lots of predictions, which came true
or are to come true, one of these prophecies was that Hitler was to loose
the war - after Hitler personally asked Vanga .

Автор zee riz ( назад)
umm its 2011 wheres world war 3....... 

Автор stoneageman18 ( назад)
@BlackOpsEliteForce i've been telling people in my day to day life, people
think i mad! Shitting my pance.

Автор Kaptin Fancy ( назад)
did she predict that I will have sex tonight??...please tell me she
did...yeah she did...i can feel it

Автор Denis Arsenal ( назад)
@77777random she said november 2010. now its march 2011. i dont care
further than that

Автор Denis Arsenal ( назад)
its funny she said world war lll is in november 2010 and yet we are in 2011
and we dont have a war. all of this prophecies are total failure for my
opinion... nothing will happen in 2012. the world will eventually end in
4-5 billion years when the sun will heat up and explode

Автор Corey Fall ( назад)

Автор RevMac777 ( назад)
@TobiGoodBoy1100 China a Super power is so funny. All of their technology
is what they stole from the US. We stop buying China Trinkets from walMart
they would implode economically. A Super power doesn't pay their works
starvation wages. Row Up and take a corse in economics!

Автор RevMac777 ( назад)
@TobiGoodBoy11001 Time will run out for China! Your words show your
inteligence. row up!

Автор Shane Mc Geown (Smgy) ( назад)
Song name please ? :)

Автор RevMac777 ( назад)
China will never be a world power. Poppycock Prophecy!

Автор dan clou (ripper) ( назад)
When WW3 start you won't even have time to see it coming or react to it,
they have been planning it for 50 years now, after Hitler failed to take
over they watch and learn.Now they are playing chess, puting army bases
everywhere, corrupting gouverment, bringing allies together, THEY WILL NOT
gouverment, one currency one army.Harper went to see Obama las month to
make or borders more fluid.

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