The Glory Hole, Lake Berryessa

The 'morning glory' spillway beside the Monticello dam at lake Berryessa in Napa County, California, United States. It was constructed between 1953 and 1957. This inverted bell-mouth spillway stops the lake rising to a dangerous level and spilling over the dam. In effect, it acts like a giant sink plughole. The water flows down a concrete shaft and comes out of a tunnel below the dam. The top of the construction has a diameter of 72 feet (22 meters) and the shaft is 28 feet at its narrowest point. Do not swim anywhere near one of these !

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Автор Elite Dude ( назад)
The last pic looks like a giant mouth coming outta the sea and trying to
blow the clouds away.

Автор Vi Box ( назад)
the Deep unexplored depths of the goly hole wait till u see mine 😂

Автор Little Ricky'sFlyingCircus ( назад)
No Swirl.. no rotation.

Автор Beebo's Forehead ( назад)
Who came from smosh' innuendo bingo video?

Автор iamcarpetpython ( назад)
are there any videos or pictures of the other side of the dam where the
over flowing water comes out?

Автор john harden ( назад)
That's fuckin scary! I could only imagine if someone fell down into it

Автор dennis n ( назад)
Would be neet to see one being built.

Автор Gamer Universe ( назад)
Glory hole? What the fuck. That's gay as shit

Автор Bryan Easley ( назад)
Glory Hole! I used to skate board the drain pipe! It's sketchy getting
there, people have died there. the drain comes out of a steep vertical
mountain side and drains near the base of the dam. the water draining from
there will give you hypothermia! only way across to the Glory Hole!. it's
got sick big transitions!! The parks nowadays, holy insane sickness!

Автор Mundo da Ana ( назад)

Автор Bobby Treakle ( назад)
someone should do a video going down in it like a water slide

Автор German Shepherd ( назад)
I think a women drowned in it

Автор PetiteGamers ( назад)
I'm sorry what's the point of this?

Автор Mr40Smith ( назад)
This is creepy even to watch on my computer...

Автор kseries1981 (1736 лет назад)
what's with the creepy music?

Автор Mundo da Ana ( назад)

Автор Scarlett Ken ( назад)
That looks obscure I wonder where it leads too

Автор Baldr ( назад)

Автор Dylan P. (AdhesiveMadMan) (483 года назад)
Where can I find the creepy music? I really like it.

Автор Memento Mori ( назад)
I love holes. Is there a deeper meaning?

Автор Stick figure ( назад)
You don't gravitate toward this event horizon.
You float to it.
Pretty creepy.

Автор Kim Daniel ( назад)
why did you put that creepy ass music 

Автор Dylan P. (AdhesiveMadMan) ( назад)
We definitely need some footage of a worker going inside it. It would be
really interesting to see everything.

Автор ReimuHakureiShrine ( назад)
If it's a glory hole where's the dick?

Автор Morgan Woodward ( назад)
Dude...this guy that posted this video is like really fucking friendly. Guy
who made this video: Thanks for being so fucking friendly. :D

Автор takeadrive ( назад)
Nightmare !!

Автор Jean Mccoy ( назад)
cu do mundo kkkkkkkkk

Автор Corinne Vanvaljenburgh (1529 лет назад)
Well the creepy music really adds to it.😑

Автор MVP Productions ( назад)
That hole leads to a large fan that chops up the water particles from the
omnimetric and energy particles to create electricity which leads to the
generators which converts it into usable energy and uses THAT energy for
the city. if the long fall down a 100 meter drop does not kill you, the 100
GW fan will chop you up into 500 different pieces, and if you miraculously
jump down when the fan isn't on, and you survive the fall, you will be lead
to a dark oily smelling room that's about 70 in wide and 60 ft tall, and if
the camera is still on and a guy is watching, you will most likely be
Shoutout to +timmy delorian 

Автор Grimbles ( назад)
Wonder if you could make it through with scuba equipment, assuming the
water cushions you at the bottom and leads you out.

Автор Martin V ( назад)
the ultimate water slide!

Автор TheLobomao ( назад)

Автор Mya Gonzalez ( назад)
Imagian that u fall in . Like if u will be afraid of it

Автор Golden Popo ( назад)
only glory hole id fit in... HA

Автор s1rpala1nen ( назад)
i wanna jump in there

Автор mammato2 (1631 год назад)
that is real. its just a drain. scearch it up

Автор WM T ( назад)
makes me wanna take a massive dump..

Автор O-Ren ( назад)
0:33 what is that big hole and what is use for

Автор Happii Days ( назад)
So if you swam into the hole you would die? You wouldnt come out through
another tunnel??

Автор Lance Lot ( назад)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gLXevPy9qM... Thats where the water goes..

Автор karina lopez ( назад)
Forget that hole....im trippin on how low the water level got.....

Автор karina lopez ( назад)
Forget that hole....im trippin on how low the water level got.....

Автор SAMMIsLIFE ( назад)
Oh tru

Автор SAMMIsLIFE ( назад)
Wow, how did they build a tunnel under the water though, without the water
coming up n out?.....how did they build it period if its under the water

Автор Shamanin Rahman ( назад)
Ooo creery i had goosebumps while wathing it

Автор Jenna Jameson ( назад)
esa madre se ve espeluznante!

Автор 〉FIN_Vertti〈 ( назад)
beautifull :P

Автор ScrewsNutsAndBolts ( назад)
Very creepy !

Автор microstar97 ( назад)
Think about if you swim there and it takes you into it, i dont think you
will survive :/

Автор Lance Lot ( назад)
Woah how deep is that?

Автор historyinthefaking ( назад)
That is scary looking !

Автор I am “L-aGGer” Deal With it ( назад)
it goes into damm were is a turbin... 

Автор DEEPWINTER ( назад)
Makes me want to go swimming.

Автор Tephodon ( назад)
Interesting, how the tunnel directed under the hole? Where it inclined
below surface and is its angle is sharp or smooth?

Автор Jocelyn Ozeata ( назад)
Wtf ! I mean what's down there ?

Автор Tim Hull ( назад)
Finally, I found a hole big enough for my dick to pass through.

Автор galaxy fails (galaxyfails) ( назад)
I wonder what is down in that hole

Автор warddevin123 ( назад)
where does it go?

Автор Marius G. ( назад)
scary ..brrrrr

Автор 18 RJ352 ( назад)

Автор prokilerasazin nedforspid ( назад)
Wow, thats my ex-girlfriend

Автор Attila Gál ( назад)
why did not take engineers a fking fence on this hole?

Автор Passengervehicles ( назад)

Автор alphavideochannel ( назад)
It is indeed

Автор Chance Giddens ( назад)
Isn't that were zodiac killer killed a couple

Автор Summer Rutter ( назад)
Holy shit that's scary

Автор AzulShiva ( назад)
1997 a woman fell in and died. If you know how to talk to the dead go find
and ask her, if you dont just jump in yourself.. You couldnt drown because
the water is in freefall, therefore theres more air then water around you.
You would just shatter on the concrete below since the tunnel doesnt go
straight down forever.

Автор takeadrive ( назад)
Wow !!

Автор SwaggyRc ( назад)
that is so scary

Автор LovableNails ( назад)
It's just a tunnel--it runs through the dam and opens on the other side.
It's about 700 feet long from one opening to the other, but it doesn't go
straight down, so it's hard to say how "deep" it is. Chances are if you
fell in you'd drown before you made it out the other end.

Автор DivideByZero ( назад)
What happens if you fall into one?

Автор Javier Castillo ( назад)
why creepy music! 

Автор Ian Zuke ( назад)
When a lake/resevoir is overflowing and the water can't be diverted, it
just goes into a massive hole and then get distributed evenly after around
the lake. 

Автор MrTehlo ( назад)

Автор Andrea Maria Estevez ( назад)
y que hay al final d eso? a donde va a parar el agua?

Автор María José Morales ( назад)
y como seria que uno se cayera ahí ;O

Автор Terry Bardy ( назад)
I'll try, the way my Grandfather, (a Winters native,) explained it, the
water goes down the hole through a tube or a cave below this dam. Talk
about recycling! But it did save Winters a number of times. I hope that

Автор Terry Bardy ( назад)
My Family lived in Winters and I saw it! You're right, it's Not Fake. A
little spooky, but not fake.

Автор Terry Bardy ( назад)
Nice video! And it saved Winters a number of times. Interesting music. A
person would have to be a dummy or have a death wish to swim near the Glory

Автор RonRay ( назад)
Every part of your spidey sense tingles with these large spillway holes.
You don't even want to 'think' of what would happen if you fell down there!

Автор Demonised Gamer ( назад)
Its on google earth and maps just put in monticello dam

Автор keysgoclick ( назад)
It's just an overflow drain just like on your bathtub. When the water gets
too high (over the height of this pipe) it drains to the other side of the
dam to prevent stress on the structure. 

Автор irelandbloke ( назад)
This is certainly not fake !

Автор SahijApple93 ( назад)
WTF are you talking about? Go to Lake Berryessa idiot. I live in California
so I know lol. People these days

Автор itouchsniper ( назад)
its real google it or whatever even go there its real

Автор Simeon Hill ( назад)
ha this is fake .. nice try 

Автор motokid032 ( назад)
Down to the other side of the Dam.

Автор Kyler Whalin ( назад)
read the description

Автор Christopher Houser ( назад)
Youtube videos of pictures are terrible. :(

Автор Crystal Barbosa ( назад)
It has a very long and straight vertical drop that spits out at the bottom
of the Monticello Dam and thus begins the Putah Creek pronounced *pewta
creek*. If you get sucked in and/or fall in then you will most definitely
die weather there is water spilling over or not.

Автор Sarab Singh ( назад)
yeah lol , wonder how they never figured that out ! 

Автор Sarab Singh ( назад)
What happens to a person if he gets pulled in this hole ??? Where does it
go ?

Автор Anybody ( назад)
If your going to make a man made hole. Dont call it a Glory Hole please

Автор lslavychecker ( назад)

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
One time I got my dick caught in this.

Автор primovid ( назад)
Thanks for the warning...I was actually thinking of going out there to see
how close I could swim to the hole but since you warned me against it, I
changed my mind. 

Автор iWild Rock ( назад)
Glory holes are used for dam's to drain excess water during dry seasons

Автор irelandbloke ( назад)
You're absolutely right, people have to start taking responsibility for
their own stupidity.

Автор irelandbloke ( назад)

Автор Ian MacDonald ( назад)

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