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Автор mahdi chowdhury (1 месяц)

Автор Pam Adger (2 месяца)
+Scott Mills Happy Birthday!


Автор taurussocal (1 месяц)
Goodness kids, quails just like chickens lay unfertilized eggs unless there
is a male!
"The difference between fertilized and unfertilized eggs comes down to
whether a rooster has been involved or not. Hens do not need a rooster to
lay an egg; they do so (almost daily) on their own simply according to
light patterns".

Автор Thuy Nguyen (1 месяц)

Автор Tong Sengchiam (3 месяца)
Thank you for the video. Love it. Would it be ok if i used the canned quail

Автор Andrew Lujan (1 год)
if you know the name of the song at the beginning of this video you
probably fucked your sister.

Автор brian1991brick (11 месяцев)
Quail eggs are great, but thats a lot of work your doing there.... ill just
keep supporting people like you.

Автор LearningDaily (9 месяцев)
great video thanks

Автор rax7 (1 год)
i was watching cute baby quails videos. the next thing i know i am watching
cooking quail eggs videos.

Автор tj m (1 год)
great vid ty 

Автор 5truckspgog123 (1 год)
Thunderstruck by AC/DC. Great video. Thank you for the DIY.

Автор lamb of God (1 год)
did I just see a quail kill Chuck Norris?

Автор Carlos Zambrano FSM (1 год)
What is the name of the song at the beguiling of the video..... Awesome

Автор MsStanleycat (1 год)
I hate peeling eggs so if they have to be peeled twice I'm out! good video
though thanks.

Автор JAMES WILLIAMS (2 года)
i have quail farm in nigeria

Автор Hollie Doerflein (2 года)
Why are there so many steps? How different are they from duck eggs in the
peeling process? I use sea salt water to boil. Let cool and peel. Easy
breezy. The go straight into the pickeling jar hot and cooled to seal the
jar. The duck and the qualify are both FOWL. I really lived the technical
technique of your pickeled eggs. Great job! Would live to know more about
your quails :)))

Автор Adam Matthews (2 года)
Too much! just peel after boiling

Автор dappledbaybeauty (2 года)
This video is great thank you so much for uploaded this is very
informational ! Thank you so much ! Would apple cider vinegar work with
pickling quail eggs instead of normal vinagar?

Автор DLM7351 (1 год)
Very well done, thank you very much. That is the way I used to do it about
thirty years ago

Автор aAZAZXZSAXZ (2 года)
well explain that is the way to do it thanks....

Автор Matt Fumich (2 года)
You've never seen me eat a chicken egg.

Автор blacknightmare1930 (2 года)
thanks alot,, i will try out your recipe...hummmy ...

Автор Robert Eaton (1 год)
Also 1 quail egg has the protein of 3 chicken eggs... also contains more
nutrients than a chicken egg due to the higher protein diet needed for game
birds... they are also lower in cholesterol... so 1 quail egg is
technically = to 3 chicken eggs as far as the body is concerned...

Автор Mike Neves (1 год)
do you happen to no KC

Автор DNRGamebirds (2 года)
James, Jambo!

Автор Tim Manthorne (2 года)
After boiling the eggs why not just peel the whole shell off

Автор EpicQuailBlog (1 год)
nope, doesn't ring any bells

Автор AngkorWTF (3 года)
The first pickled quail eggs tutorial on youtube I've seen. Thanks for

Автор EpicQuailBlog (2 года)
no, there are no embryos in eggs if the eggs are collected before they are

Автор Mike Share (2 года)
i think you eat to much of eggs !!!

Автор stutteringp0et (2 года)
For hard boiling - my wife has a different method that yields great
results. Start with room temperature eggs. If washed and refrigerated, let
them sit out to return to room temperature. Get the water boiling, and
place the room temperature eggs into the water. Exactly 4 minutes to
completion, then remove eggs directly to ice water.

Автор kang vbc (3 года)
I am in Canada too

Автор EpicQuailBlog (1 год)
haha yes. It is indeed time consuming. In high school when I had a hundred
or so birds I used to pickle about 500 eggs every month, and I would peel
eggs literally all weekend. But I made a killing at the Farmer's Market :)

Автор ilgesmccool (2 года)
Wow I love your tutorial. I was going to give up on peeling quail eggs
because the other videos said you couldn't use anything but perfectly
peeled eggs and I know I could never do that with quail. Now I can your
way!!!! Do the eggs pickled have the same vitamins and all the good stuff
that quail eggs usually have?

Автор DLM7351 (1 год)
Very well done, thank you very much. That is the way I used to do it about
thirty years ago

Автор EpicQuailBlog (2 года)
that is true, they do taste the same and doing chicken eggs is a heck of a
lot less work. I like quail eggs better though because I get more of a
balance between white and yolk in each bite. Quail eggs are a 1-2 bite
thing, where as with chicken eggs I get a bite of all eggwhite and then a
bite of all yolk.

Автор Calico123 (3 года)
Thanks for posting this video - I'm going to try this out :-)

Автор Elliot Chin (2 года)
So much work for one.

Автор EpicQuailBlog (1 год)
Funnily enough Mike I very rarely eat eggs at all. I guess when you're
surrounded by them all the time they don't appeal to you anymore. Mostly I
used to sell and give away the processed eggs as gifts.

Автор EpicQuailBlog (2 года)
I am always adding new info about quail, raising, breeding, eggs, etc on
the blog :) Starting in 2013 I will be expending a bit since I am not
living in an apartment or dorm anymore! I always pressurecook my eggs if I
plan to keep them for a while unrefidgerated, to prevent botulism and other
anaerobic pathogens that love growing in a protien-rich, oxygen-deprived

Автор Justin Helm (2 года)
wow thats alot of eggs

Автор Marialla (2 года)
I had no idea quail eggs were so delicate and required so much special
attention to prepare. I'll respect gourmet cooks more now when I see them
served. I always used to think they were just like small chicken eggs.
Looking forward to learning more about raising quail! I'd be fascinated to
see if they could be kept in an apartment.

Автор rudegyal808 (1 год)
Youtube quail eggs in soy sauce by Daves kitchen, he does a GREAT job using
the same technique my Mom uses! If you watch him, and take notes, you will
save a LOT of time and vinegar.;-)

Автор Kelli In The Raw (3 года)
Cool video. Are you from Canada?

Автор EpicQuailBlog (1 год)
Hi Tim, good question! I tried to peel quail eggs just like a chicken egg
when I first got into it, and the shell just doesn't separate from the egg
well at all - even after putting them under icy water and leaving them in
the fridge for days. The eggs would crumble apart in my hands. Someone told
me to remove the shells by soaking them in vinegar first, and it makes the
eggs turn out way nicer looking.

Автор rudegyal808 (1 год)
In Korea we use a fresh chili pepper(s),and instead of water, 2cups
vinegar, 1cup soy sauce, table spoon sugar, 3(or more) whole cloves garlic.
They are to die for!

Автор Kelli In The Raw (3 года)
lol I think it's cute. We watch a lot of people from Canada. When I heard
your voice I said to my husband that you must be from up north. (US) He
said, "Yes. WAY up north!" ha ha Thanks for the wonderful information. My
husband and I learned a lot from you. I am considering getting some quail
now. I wanted chickens, but they are big and noisy. And you can't have a
rooster in the city limits. Quail might be a better size for me to handle.
Have you raised chickens?

Автор JbobsFunnyFarm (2 года)
They can easily be kept in an apartment. Brita and Blondie I raised in a
dorm room and I live in an apartment now with Brita. (epicQUAILBLOG posting
as jbobs)

Автор JAMES WILLIAMS (2 года)
i am in nigeria

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