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Автор armidxn (2 месяца)
In Jesus Name...a great Amen!

Автор Nicola Kanaan (2 месяца)
Thank you saint Joseph for responding my Prayer Thank you.....תודה מקרב לב
יוסף הקדוש

Автор milagrin alphonso (1 месяц)
St joseph please heal my back pain an give a healthy body.amen

Автор Leisel Huggins (2 месяца)

Автор Alphonse Amalraj (2 месяца)
St. Joseph pray for us!

Автор getrude mallya (1 месяц)
Help me I need this job as well as financial freedom. 

Автор carmelo mizzi (3 месяца)
I believe and trust in St.Joseph,...He will really pray for you if you ask

Автор Fatima Juliet (4 месяца)
I have a land which I am trying to sell since 3 years O st Joseph help me
to sell he land I need Money to live, I request all to please pray for me I
praise n thank Lord

Автор Aaron Ventura (4 месяца)
St.joseph help me with my travel needs...
Thank you.

Автор Carmen Caruana (5 месяцев)
ST Joseph please be by my side at the hour of my death together with MARY
the mother of GOD and my mother too.

Автор Jessica Linquist (4 месяца)
To save my soul

Автор KevinMike (5 месяцев)
♡♡ I "want" to win the lottery. ... ;-) but what I currently "need" is just
enough money to pay off my debts and my family's debts. ....Amen! Loving
St. JOSEPH, please intercede. ...I love you, Jesus! To all creatures, a
very MARY CHRIST MASS! :-) :-D XOXO ♡ ♡

Автор Janette Reyes (4 месяца)

Автор mztet teretet (8 месяцев)
Please help me pray for my ailing father and for my sister who's taking
care of him. I am the only source of financial help to sustain their needs
and medicine for my father. So I need prayers to keep my job as well. Thank

Автор Emilita Agapito (7 месяцев)

Автор able7777able (4 месяца)

Автор Judy Calvin (11 месяцев)

Автор RosaLinda Herring (9 месяцев)

Автор Bernadette Omalley (10 месяцев)
please pray for my son and husband.

Автор jocelyn r,m (9 месяцев)
i pray for mysef for my especia intention.....amen

Автор Sierra Mungia (9 месяцев)
may god forgive me for I sin. :'(

Автор Rita Fellin (10 месяцев)

Автор Rhose Umer (11 месяцев)
Please pray for me I want to go to Canada for working because I want my
children's to finish study and to help all my family.and please pray for my
daughters Danica and Kassandra Orbigo for they're safety.amen Deeply heart
please pray for me.

Автор desilentmajority (1 год)

Автор Maria Zamora (1 год)
my husband family that they may God for give them

Автор D Pagne (10 месяцев)
please pray for what i have been waiting for years now.. my approval to
better my life so i can help more people and teach others of his LOVE and
kindness.. please God and everybody PRAy with Me... tahnk you.. it will
mean so much to me.. love and peace to all n God Bless us all :)

Автор desilentmajority (1 год)

Автор MrGoblin60 (10 месяцев)
I am already praying to St Joseph but I ask for your prayers as well. I am
suffereing terribly with anxiety and panic attacks. The drugs prescribed
for me gave worse symptoms than the disorder itself. I plead with St Joseph
to quickly free me from this torment. Amen.

Автор Emily Bautista (1 год)
Special request for my family.My son family fallen apart and its killing me
deep down inside.Cause I love then both so dearly they been married 14 yrs
have 2 beautiful little girls.I am asking God for his help and prayers to
please keep my family together.I know times are hard and God will see them
through.Please pray and bring my family back together.It hurts so bad
crying in tears over this.They both are my life and my only
grandkids Deeply Hurt please pray for me

Автор desilentmajority (1 год)
O please pray for my family and my husband family

Автор Rick Manley (1 год)
Pray for Chris and I.

Автор Amethyst A. (1 год)

Автор desilentmajority (1 год)

Автор Katerina Love (1 год)
Just beautiful. Pray for my family to get through our financial hardship.
Saint Joseph pray for us.

Автор Thomas Salimeno (1 год)
please pray for me and diana that we may be back together where belong we
moved to alabama in may but we had a few problems in our life so she moved
back north, for nowwe talk each night and know we belong together.please
pray she might be back for christmas or the new year so we can get married
as we both promised each other amen

Автор WithMyLittleSpoon (1 год)
Buon Anno 2014,Happy Blessed Sunny Snowy Friday:):):)***:):):) I ask the
Sacred Heart Of Jesus,for Oh St.Joseph do assist me by your powerful
intercession and obtain for me from your Divine Son ALL spiritual blessings
through Jesus Christ Our Lord*****Blessings To ALL Per

Автор osama said (1 год)
olive wood christian items from Bethlehem and Jerusalem-holy land

Автор Kaj Avila (5 лет)
Were in the scriptures does it say that we have to pray to "saints"???
Please show me! All you´re doing is what the second commandment forbids! I
KNOW you took it away from the catachese.

Автор labourday25 (5 лет)
thank you st joseph,may god bless you.amen

Автор ken griffith (3 года)
ty i need help

Автор Alfred Calindor (2 года)
They predict a future without White people just like they predicted that we
would be riding in flying cars by by now Who do these Anti-Whites think
they're kidding, once White people realize that open borders, FORCED
integration, and assimilation is GENOCIDE it will be stopped They can say
they're Anti-racism but it's obvious they're just Anti-White

Автор Andrea Sartori (3 года)
It occurred to me while I was praying this, that of course Jesus would look
like his Earthly father St Joseph. Therefore St Joseph is handsome like
Jesus. It seems obvious I know but the thought that we know what St joseph
looked like brought me joy. I hope it 'clicks' for you too!

Автор MrSugaraddict (2 года)
If you're trying to convert Catholics to whatever protestant sect you
belong to, I must say you're not doing a good job. Saint Joseph, please
pray for all our fathers this Father's Day.

Автор nancydrew999 (4 года)
We can ask for God for anything, be it "need" or " want" if you have faith
you will receive it. Thank you for uploading this prayer. St Joseph will

Автор Bella McDonald (4 года)
I need my family back!! please St.Joseph I need your help :~(

Автор Kate & Mike Catholic Crusade (2 года)
It is not.

Автор Jaybeatsz Silva (4 года)

Автор labourday25 (1 год)
Thank you, st joseph.

Автор Diane Dunwell-Hoffman (5 лет)
Ruth Ann is now back in her room, and is on a ventilator. They will remove
it tomorrow at around 9:00AM. When given commands to move her toes, she
did. She is still not awake though. I will update more when I talk to Tom.
I did not go up tonight, as I felt she needed the rest, and I really don't
want to see her on a ventilator.

Автор Vicario Armel (1 год)
Pray For my family..the law is trying to separate us..and its a pain for my
wife and i that i am not allowed to stay in her country..and in a couple of
weeks i need to go back to my country please pray for us thank you

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