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Автор Maria Zamora (18 дней)
my husband family that they may God for give them

Автор desilentmajority (2 месяца)
O please pray for my family and my husband family

Автор Emily Bautista (2 месяца)
Special request for my family.My son family fallen apart and its killing me
deep down inside.Cause I love then both so dearly they been married 14 yrs
have 2 beautiful little girls.I am asking God for his help and prayers to
please keep my family together.I know times are hard and God will see them
through.Please pray and bring my family back together.It hurts so bad
crying in tears over this.They both are my life and my only
grandkids Deeply Hurt please pray for me

Автор Rick Manley (3 месяца)
Pray for Chris and I.

Автор Katerina Love (9 дней)
Just beautiful. Pray for my family to get through our financial hardship.
Saint Joseph pray for us.

Автор osama said (4 месяца)
olive wood christian items from Bethlehem and Jerusalem-holy land

Автор Thomas Salimeno (4 месяца)
please pray for me and diana that we may be back together where belong we
moved to alabama in may but we had a few problems in our life so she moved
back north, for nowwe talk each night and know we belong together.please
pray she might be back for christmas or the new year so we can get married
as we both promised each other amen

Автор Kaj Avila (4 года)
Were in the scriptures does it say that we have to pray to "saints"???
Please show me! All you´re doing is what the second commandment forbids! I
KNOW you took it away from the catachese.

Автор ken griffith (2 года)
ty i need help

Автор Jaybeatsz Silva (2 года)

Автор Alfred Calindor (1 год)
They predict a future without White people just like they predicted that we
would be riding in flying cars by by now Who do these Anti-Whites think
they're kidding, once White people realize that open borders, FORCED
integration, and assimilation is GENOCIDE it will be stopped They can say
they're Anti-racism but it's obvious they're just Anti-White

Автор Andrea Sartori (2 года)
It occurred to me while I was praying this, that of course Jesus would look
like his Earthly father St Joseph. Therefore St Joseph is handsome like
Jesus. It seems obvious I know but the thought that we know what St joseph
looked like brought me joy. I hope it 'clicks' for you too!

Автор MrSugaraddict (1 год)
If you're trying to convert Catholics to whatever protestant sect you
belong to, I must say you're not doing a good job. Saint Joseph, please
pray for all our fathers this Father's Day.

Автор nancydrew999 (3 года)
We can ask for God for anything, be it "need" or " want" if you have faith
you will receive it. Thank you for uploading this prayer. St Joseph will

Автор Bella McDonald (3 года)
I need my family back!! please St.Joseph I need your help :~(

Автор Kate -N- Mike (1 год)
It is not.

Автор Jaybeatsz Silva (2 года)

Автор labourday25 (6 месяцев)
Thank you, st joseph.

Автор Vicario Armel (7 месяцев)
Pray For my family..the law is trying to separate us..and its a pain for my
wife and i that i am not allowed to stay in her country..and in a couple of
weeks i need to go back to my country please pray for us thank you

Автор missdarcy321 (2 года)
Their bodies are in the graves but their souls are in heaven !

Автор 052Smyrna (2 года)
7) James 1:23-25 The LAW is GOD'S MIRROR. A mirror can reveal stains, but
cannot remove them. So God's Commandments can expose our sinfulness, but
they cannot cleanse us from the past guilt, or provide strength for future
obedience. this is not their work. If we are to honor God by obedience, we
must 1st meet Him in true conversion, & experience His mighty saving power.
Ex. 20:2,3 "I am the Lord thy God, which brought thee out...Thou shalt
...". Note God's order. Salvation 1st-then obedience.

Автор kingvoyager (2 года)
Saint Joseph find me a lovely, clean and safe place to live.

Автор gerald76400 (4 года)
i am having full faith in my mother

Автор 052Smyrna (2 года)
Ecclesiastes 9:5,6 "the dead know nothing." Psalm 6:5 "No remembrance of
God in death." Psalm 115:17 "The dead do not praise God." Acts 2:29, 34
"David, though he had been dead for a thousand years, had "not ascended
into heavens." Over 50 times in the Bible, death is compared to a sleep,
because sleep is only a temporary condition, which carries with it a
promise of a certain awakening.

Автор tethm9 (3 года)
Dear St. Joseph plese pray thet mum 's cough is getting worst day by day
and hope that she will recover soon, she has gone to see a doctor , and I
believe and trust that you will be able to heal her

Автор Rasa19750109 (2 года)
I WANT TO GET A JOB because 4 years i am without my job i am looking for it
all the time,but............... please,pray for my job !!!!

Автор the defender (2 года)
i need money i am muslim .. need help from is this can happen to muslims?

Автор bold bizkit (8 месяцев)

Автор henry baladr (9 месяцев)
I remain in hyd.miraculously amen

Автор JezusSlave (3 года)
What do you fancy Him to say or do to satisfy your requierements? Life God
and His body and blood in Eucharist- John 6:30-66, "I am the bread of
life..." and another movie proving that, do you have faith, what more do
you want as prove, belive or not youtube. com/watch?v =5SfXvMlb8u0 God
bless you

Автор reginaldtora (3 года)
Thanks so much for this prayer and i have unwavering faith that this year
will be a supernatural yr for me and my family.

Автор metta108 (7 месяцев)
Praying for peace in the world- especially Syria, and for good health and
healing for my family, loved ones and friends, including animals, and for
healing and good health for myself.

Автор Kate -N- Mike (6 месяцев)
Laj, sorry to hear that your petition hasn't been granted yet. Please keep
in mind that God doesn't always grant prayers immediately. It can take
months, sometimes even years. And sometimes the petition is not according
to His Will, so His answer is "no". Keep the faith... and keep praying. God

Автор Vicario Armel (7 месяцев)
Im gonna have to live my daughter and my wife here...and Lord knows when im
gonna see them again..

Автор Laj Mokoon (6 месяцев)
They say this prayer seldomly fail. I can confirm that I have done this
prayer with full faith and still did not get my payer answered. God has
stop listening.

Автор Steve Yeash (8 месяцев)
Steve and Lisa have been one for seven and a half years. Please God Keep
them together in your love and compassion.

Автор jth91960 (3 года)
The prayer is helping my son to be able to speak and communicate with other
people, and even to try to say the Our Father!

Автор darionwilliam (1 год)
Is this prayer in the bible?

Автор Queenbee2001 (2 года)
Beautiful Prayer! Thank you St Joseph! Amen! Thank GOD!

Автор chris michaels (1 год)
thank you st.joseph for hearing my call.

Автор TheLourdes2009 (2 года)
Pray for a miracle for Our Lady of Sorrows School in Lower East Side!

Автор Deep D (3 года)
Please help me to get my love back, please. People out their please, please
pray for me

Автор missdarcy321 (2 года)
Ofcourse we recieve favors only through God when we ask or pray to our
saints and the Blessed Mother all they do is INTERCEED for us, We ARE NOT
PRAYING TO THEM AS IF THEY WERE GOD They are in heaven with God and they
put a good word in for us What do you think the Blessed Mother, saints,
angels and all the biblical people are doing in Heaven twiddling thier
thumbs? No! they are praying for us and helping us for the salvation of our

Автор Paul Malboeuf (3 года)
I will say that prayer for nine consecutive days ! Thank you for putting it
on Video! God Bless you!

Автор theresabichduyen (4 года)
May God bless her. In communion, Theresa

Автор labourday25 (3 года)
Thank you St joseph. God loves you. Amen

Автор mhimaja1 (1 год)
Dear St.Joseph please pray for me..Help me in finding a suitable job its
very important for me now.....

Автор Greg Ulrich (2 года)
Dear St. Joseph, Pray for my family especially my son and daughter. Protect
my family as you protected Jesus and Virgin Mary in Jesus name. I love you
St. Joseph.

Автор Kate -N- Mike (2 года)
@JAYBEATSZHOLLA OF COURSE pray to Jesus. Nobody is saying that that isn't
necessary. In addition, we ask St. Joseph to pray for our intentions as
well... just like we ask family and friends to pray for our intentions.

Автор Delores Condi-Thomas (1 год)
Dear St. Joseph the Holy foster father of JESUS please pray for us..
Financial Blessings; a good paying job with benefits. Please help me walk
thru the grief of losing my dear husband that I Loved so very much.. Thank

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