US Military

A music video tribute to all the soldiers, past and present of the United States of America.

Просмотров: 191716
Длительность: 3:28
Комментарии: 280

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Автор javier montemayor ( назад)
Me gusta ver videos de aviones de guerra

Автор javier montemayor ( назад)
Me gusta ver videos de aviones de guerra

Автор Edward Fernan Tusan ( назад)
simply amazing

Автор jared mcmahon (Unknown MARINEz) ( назад)

Автор Praise Kek ( назад)
Mess with the best die like the rest.

Автор LuRcH ( назад)
actually, We have came to aid the brits a lot take a look into the history
books before opening your fucking mouth. 

Автор Jimmy Diosa Sinaban Jr. ( назад)
i love usa,,,,,,america is my idol 

Автор williamwee388 ( назад)
USA dun give a shit about his father, the brits.

Автор Calvin Hobbs ( назад)
Music sucks big time.

Автор ireneo naong ( назад)

Автор ozl t ( назад)
Watz the music called

Автор spacemonkey1776b ( назад)
Its part of the reason why we have fallen so far. If you dont like it here
GET THE FUCK ON, and dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Автор 2WorldWar2 ( назад)
exactly they're fleeing their countries because their government is taking
control of every aspect of their lives

Автор spacemonkey1776b ( назад)
They hate us, but they never seem to stop moving here.

Автор spacemonkey1776b ( назад)
As your filthy countrymen flock here in droves, yeas america must really
suck. Dick

Автор 2WorldWar2 ( назад)
finally a video about the US military where the top comment isnt some
socialist faggot from Europe talking shit about how we're in debt or
whatever. God damn queers wish they had a military that could even hold a
candle to UNCLE SAM

Автор Wylie Coyote ( назад)
America bitches

Автор rainbowsixODST ( назад)
Fuck you to bitch.

Автор Asif Jan ( назад)
fuck usa

Автор rainbowsixODST ( назад)
USA=United States of America OR United States of Awsome. You=little fatass
troll OR dumbass.

Автор rainbowsixODST ( назад)
Your Russian or Serbia so we dont give a fuck about you Nazis. How dose it
feel to have your own LANGUAGE changed by your goverment. Bitch slave. 

Автор rainbowsixODST ( назад)
There only dumbass and that is YOU perfectly. You names says Marvelous but
from you pic you look like shit. Just another drama queen wana be. 

Автор Bob Joe ( назад)
you do realize the us can destroy your country with a single missile

Автор mattschlipper ( назад)
What's this song called?

Автор mattschlipper ( назад)
Weve become more like the Roman Empire...

Автор Игорь Степанов ( назад)
USA = Third Reich 

Автор Игорь Степанов ( назад)
I am one fo them

Автор Joejan Torres ( назад)

Автор doing it for the memes ( назад)
woah every body bow down persianspyder can rime words and make an insult at
the same time.

Автор Made GFS Viking ( назад)
2:34 is a way of "tiger" of the French Army Long live the french army and
us army

Автор john jonson ( назад)
god bless america and the tea party. patriots

Автор JBSKK ( назад)
nice work. you know what good pics are. pls try to do another one with
video clips.

Автор jhinx davis ( назад)
its not the government who fighting each other but the peoples mind

Автор MzBUZZKILINGTON ( назад)
And yet we can't stop insurgents who live in mud huts. You know who
benefits from all this stuff? The people who manufacture these weapons.

Автор Big C ( назад)
USA= World innovation. Enjoy your internet, courtesy of USA.

Автор Haplo2020 ( назад)
Guys calm down he's only saying USGAY because of the way we're fucking his
country up the ass.

Автор No Match For Skywalker ( назад)
dud shut the fuck up go somewheres els.

Автор Howllo ( назад)
You know Canada is US ally.

Автор Patryk Blank ( назад)
USA = Protector of Earth! russia can suck black dick! ;)

Автор Howllo ( назад)
Your just brain wash to love your country. 

Автор 190177y ( назад)
fuck you usa!!!! fagit!!! 

Автор theviper139 ( назад)
you know what im done with you blocked

Автор theviper139 ( назад)
how are we gay if almost whole contry is straight gay if most of our contry
hates people like you ya know what you give an explantion of how were gay
come on give a logical explination you people disgust me in somany ways i
hate your type of people so much i could kill your familys i hate your type
so much i would hang you by your balls so sir please give a americans
everywere a good deed and go fuck yourself

Автор theviper139 ( назад)
im not going to get into an argument with somone like yourself hiding in a

Автор theviper139 ( назад)
diffrence between you and us you hide in holes we hunt. you its like a big
rabit hunt for us.

Автор John2r1 ( назад)
wait he called you a yankee thats what we call northerners here in the
south yes im in the southern part of america , if i had the cash id proble
be in Australia right now lol 

Автор John2r1 ( назад)
why a knife ? wait i know if your anything like me you want to see his face
as he dies up close and personal you knew a knife can be a muiti tool for
killing or just playing with him first lol just sayin slice and dice lol
btw i dont think hes alowed to leave his country without asking first lol 

Автор John2r1 ( назад)
true saudi arabia is like the only country the us ever imports from other
then canada and the us has more then enought oil in the ground inside the
America's own borders most of it is up toward Canada like in Wymoning North
andSouth Dakota and we cant forget Alaska has oil and texas and off shore
still inside the us territorial waters but we dont tap into those resorces
instead we let other countries drill off our shores for free we should
atlest make them pay us for the right to drill there ,

Автор Djhohotv2 ( назад)
Most of our oil comes from Canada. There was hardly any Oil in the Middle
East to begin with.

Автор John2r1 (605 лет назад)
from the USA's own histroy & fought a war for independence becouse of
oppression from the british who wouldnt listan to the people of america
&keep forcing us to do what they wanted without any repersentation from us
so we said screw you we arent going to take this shit anymore &the war
started we won & decided we wanted our government to be repersentive of us
.later we become what we are & started to spread our ideals of freedom to
other countries by kicking dictators out for the people there

Автор John2r1 (1258 лет назад)
well that depends on if your country does something to piss off the USA
becouse we all know the US Military can wipe out any country that pisses
america off but you got to do something to the US first consitering the US
is the only super power that has never wanted to take over the world for
real. ironic isn't it the only super power left was once owned by the
british & would rather fight for & help others become free from oppression
maybe becouse the US knows what its like to be oppressed.

Автор John2r1 ( назад)
quick ...he needs real help . real bad .

Автор John2r1 ( назад)
the oil we buy and refine we export most of it back to the middle east for
real. so america doesent have any oil shortage for real so the price we pay
at the pump is mainly taxes from the federal government in the US which i
find to be total bs that the price is so high when we know we have plenty
of oil in our own country yet the so called liberals in the government wont
drill for it which would give thousands of people jobs &nuclare energy
america already has that but not enough power plants

Автор John2r1 ( назад)
And you can add that The United States has plenty of oil within US borders.
We don't have to rely on foreign oil anymore! It is just a matter of
drilling and getting the oil out....

Автор John2r1 ( назад)
Did you know..There is a massive 200 billion barrel oil field located in
North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana. And it even gets better! Because of
new horizontal drilling technology, it is estimated that this huge field
may even produce up to 500 billion barrels of oil! The Saudi's are
estimated to have only 260 billion barrels of oil, clearly more the the
Saudi Arabia.

Автор hasrul hr ( назад)
if we do war, its same as we destroy ourselves, we known our earth in
weakness caused global pollution, now we wanna make more destroism to it.
After that, where our lovely family can safely life if we've destroy their

Автор The Don's Watch ( назад)
Saxton Haaale !!!!!!!!

Автор Djhohotv2 ( назад)
We don't need the Middle East for Oil.Most of our oil comes from Canada.

Автор Djhohotv2 ( назад)
We buy our oil primarily from Canada, we don't need you. 

Автор trent reese ( назад)

Автор trent reese ( назад)
its a ch-47 it can land in water for quick extraction of navy seals or
anybody else. you can just drive your small boat into its cargo bay and
itll take you home.

Автор UltimateOwnz ( назад)
1. Learn to spell 2. Go drink cow's milk from her breasts you poor little
fuck. And what the fuck is yunkie? 

Автор Thatgirloverthere177 ( назад)

Автор Thatgirloverthere177 ( назад)
Why are you crying?

Автор Djhohotv2 ( назад)
Americans don't look at Iranian military videos, if we wanted to look at
monkeys we would just go to the Zoo.

Автор desertstorm1989 ( назад)
Probably picking up a SEAL or Ranger team. Chinooks are designed to float,
so they hover low enough in the water for a SOF team to drive a zodaic

Автор Gorilder ( назад)
How was youtube made by Middle Eastern oil?

Автор mark alvin Apuli ( назад)
only USA can save the philippines for the greed of the other country,,

Автор Owen N ( назад)
50 Hunter Crescent, Salisbury North, SA. You are messing with a Fully grown
Australian male, As Crocodile Dundee would say... I will wait for you,
Cause I know what the fuck a knife is.

Автор Owen N ( назад)
I'm not a Yankee, I'm an Australian.

Автор Owen N ( назад)
Oh and Youtube is an American corporation so I suggest you fuck off right
out of here.

Автор Owen N ( назад)
HEAD OFF. Hitler was a Cunt to us, and he got what he dished out in Return.
Iranians are douchebags, nothing but trying to create Unstability in a
already unstable region, Long live Queen Farah.

Автор Joeasia1981 ( назад)
Could have been a target ?

Автор Emperador Light (32 года назад)
If all people is like you(Lives just to have revenge) the world won't be
able to achieve absolute peace.

Автор GhOsTF141 ( назад)
I don't ever see any Americans raging on Iranian videos. Also the U.S
military budget is around $700 billion dollars. Iran's military budget is
around $7 billion dollars. So the U.S military's budget is about 100 times
more then the Iranian budget, meaning that our military's technology is far
advanced then Iran will achieve in decades.

Автор UltimateOwnz ( назад)
Im not jew at all, and im glad that im not. Anyways you can talk shit about
me and my country, but if your country tries to do something one day to US,
you will one day get what you wanted, we dont need another war with some
scared poor pussies like you who only is looking for how he will espace
from his 3rd world shithole to US, Europe or anywhere else for better life.
We fucked you up once, we can do it again without first step.

Автор UltimateOwnz ( назад)
Actually Iranians are fucked by Jew's. And soon will be fucked by us. Just
try to do something to prevent us controlling your place, or you'll be
bombed every hour. Teee Heee.

Автор UltimateOwnz ( назад)
3 nukes on Iran and you're dead. Nuff said.

Автор GhOsTF141 ( назад)
Umm What? How old are you? Your comment makes no sense and you still havn't
answerd my question.

Автор GhOsTF141 ( назад)
I would argue against your comment, but your grammer is so terrible I can't
read what you wrote. I also wonder why someone from Iran would type U.S
military, click on this video, and rage like a little bitch.

Автор Joao Ramos ( назад)
who would dare to mess with USA? 

Автор dharmdevil ( назад)
fck china, everybody hates them

Автор Str8aura ( назад)
Numbers alone are nothing, the mistake of someone who is stuck in his/ her
ways, you may, on some miracle destroy the US, but you will never live to

Автор Je Moeder ( назад)
True number #1! BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD FUCK YEAH. much love from the

Автор calinette caline ( назад)
bravo aux état-unis je les adores love love 

Автор coleraine evans ( назад)
Nothing can be proven as far as who would win if we attacked say china or
russia. So, lets just take a look at what would happen if one of those
fuckers tried to invade america. They would never reach American soil. We
have the best navy, and the best airforce. If you cant attack by land or
sea then your fucked. And even if they did make it over here, we would
still kill em all. I know for damn sure if anyone tried to invade from the
east, the 82nd airborne would hold the fucking line.

Автор greendaysaint8302 (1324 года назад)
It was indeed a sad war with many young American men killed. However, look
at the number of North Vietnamese troops killed in the conflict. Estimates
range from 1million to 1.2million casualties. America could have easily won
this war. But the stupid liberals didn't want the blood of the innocent on
their hands. If Hanoi was nuked, many experts agree, that the majority of
the North Vietnamese army would have fallen in a matter of days.

Автор Navalsecurity Swick (772 года назад)
oh yeah i hate our government as well too, but i will always support our
military no matter what yeah we screwed up a few times in a few wars i know
that but i cant stand countrys like North Korea that constantly threaten
and hate on the U.S.

Автор ContinentalHeretic (1272 года назад)
You should be more careful when referring to hating the US, there is
nothing wrong with hating US foreign policy because it orders the massacre
of millions of innocents over the years. But if you mean hating the United
States as in an area of land then I agree that is a pretty stupid thing. I
hate your government but like your country.

Автор Navalsecurity Swick ( назад)
Vietnam was bad for the U.S. and im an american saying that it just wasnt
good at all we lost a shit load of troops 

Автор руслан ким ( назад)
какой еще Китай? о чём ты? и сходи к психиатру!

Автор Navalsecurity Swick ( назад)

Автор Navalsecurity Swick ( назад)
ha i see what you did there with the fish in a bucket or was that just a

Автор Navalsecurity Swick ( назад)
if you hate USA.....fuck off especially all those god damn North Korean

Автор Kaelan xFx ( назад)
US killed the chinese, and we werent equpied for a large scale war at the

Автор Chris R ( назад)
i know im from the philippines but... GOS BLESS THE USA! 

Автор ContinentalHeretic ( назад)
Ok then and in answer to the previous comments the percentages I site are
from wikipedia, and I think your claim of 10 being dead of every American
is definitely biased, sure more Vietcong died but that estimate is an
American figure leading to bias, just as any country would do I am not
singling the US out here. They exaggerate enemy casualties and try to cover
up their own deaths to increase morale. Anyway why are we even arguing who
killed more, war is disgusting, killing is disgusting.

Автор Remco Smits ( назад)
Love USA fuck China communist fucks.

Автор updisho ( назад)
oops, didn't realize i put North Korea. Everything i said was correct but
replace North Korea with Vietnam.

Автор ContinentalHeretic ( назад)
CONT. and so Chinese troops were stranded in S. Korea with no supplies
reaching them and without air cover no possible way to retreat. A large
number of the deaths occurred from illness though, so don't use the Korean
war because the UN was much more advanced than opposing armies with the
exception of Soviet provided aircraft.

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