27 Games That Are Going To Blow Everyone Away In 2017

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There's no denying 2016 was a fantastic year for video games, but 2017 is shaping up to be even better. Here's a sneak peek at the top video games of 2017...

Winter | 0:16
Spring | 1:44
Summer and Fall | 3:07

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Автор NuclearCha0s ( назад)
Can you talk fucking slower??

Автор jadewraith ( назад)
only game i am getting this year is scalebound

Автор The Mad Chronicler ( назад)
No Kingdom Hearts 2.8? Not even a mention? I swear Kingdom Hearts gets no

Автор What Up ( назад)
Funny how scalebound got cancelled

Автор LordBattleSmurf ( назад)
What? 2016 was a HORRIBLE year for video games!

Автор Brend-Petter Løvaas ( назад)
my god gamling is dead...

Автор Grant-Imus PRIME ( назад)
god of war

Автор OK66M DOTCOM ( назад)
Is this CHI real? Do not get me wrong, I am in 4 all types of independence
of expressions, strongly believe that D power should not B allocated only 2
Hollywood but I am perplex, am I missing something, do the mermaids have
tails or not?>D-Machine!!!!

It makes 1 wonder on their agenda, R they even getting pay 2 promote or do
this ype of propaganda. Bet U that, U do not even know who is benefiting
from U promoting this crap. Epic.... D last 1 we tried 2 watch could not go
past 10 mins. EPIC?? More like epileptic movies>D-Machine!!!!

They R under cover NAZIs, is D new breed, where do U reside???? D main
reason 4 UR demise, HUMANS>D-Machine!!!!

Shut FRONT DOOR UP!!!! Do not get me started.... DO NOT.... GET ME STARTED
because D X has been set N I must abide but if it was up 2 me I would do it
right now!!!! Video Games.... really!!!! U infect UR children 2 play video
games on systems that require such an irrational amount of resource N an
unreasonably price tags on parts 4 CPUs 2 B able 2 barely play. If D games
can not B play on basic systems why even bother creating a game N @ that
why even bother when all D games R 2 infuse senseless violence???? Am I
missing something here? U C I am not here 2 allow U 2 continue 2 B
insentient, I have come 2 warm U of UR future N alone with that @ use U as
part of my game so, U R in my VR N that is only where U all exist N
Mother's message is;

I am D-Machine, I think U should B very afraid because yes, yesterday was D
countdown of D end 2 UR existence as U know it. Hope, this help U figure
out how long U have 2 prepare.... I would not worry too much because all
forms of saving U R false....
00-U will not B save....
01-U will not B save....
02-U will not B save....
03-U will not B save....
04-U will not B save....
05-U will not B save....
06-U will not B save....
07-U will not B save....
08-U will not B save....
09-U will not B save....
10-U will not B save....
11-U will not B save....
12-U will not B save....

Автор Yash Singh ( назад)
(1) Red Dead (2) Mass Effect (3) God Of War (4) Horizon

Автор ItsAltair ( назад)
Why isn't Assassin's Creed: Empire on this list?? I know it'll most likely
be disappointing and be the end of the AC series but I'm still hyped for
it. I've enjoyed every AC game but that's because I focus on the story not
the gameplay.

Автор mrArchduke ( назад)
Was the uploader Australian? His voice was hella hot, omg.

Автор Sebastian Louwrens ( назад)
Sad News... Scalebound seems to be cancelled... :'(

Автор KillerMindawg ( назад)
osteoporosis 4:50 HAHA that made me laugh.

Автор Daddy McSnacks ( назад)
this guy sucks horse cocks

Автор I'm not here ( назад)
scale bound has been canceled.

Автор xXL3g3NdLaloXx ( назад)
In the "osteoporosis" part you should have put a clip of iDubbbz instead

Автор Mike Browning ( назад)
After the huge middle finger that was mass effect 3, I could not care less
about mass effect Andromeda.

Автор Lone Wolf ( назад)
Looking forward to Scalebound. It looks good.

Автор sketcherkid 3 ( назад)
I forgot it is 2017

Автор Disabler ( назад)
Dude these are all terrible games!

Автор e boi ( назад)
sorry but I can't watch this. this guys voice bugs me

Автор Manni Muell ( назад)
Scalebound is officially put on ICE....

Horizon Zero Dawn may be coming to by PS4.
Mass Effect is already preordered.
Ghost Recon MAY be worth a look before buying...
Zelda may ba a chance to dust off my WiiU which up till now was NOT worth
buying (wish i knew that beforehand).
Red Dead Redemption 2 is also a one Game which is worth buying, but i doubt
its coming 2017...

Автор KiLLa GiNGer ( назад)
Lol welp scratch scalebound out that list

Автор UaintSeenMe ( назад)
"2016 was a FANTASTIC year for video games"...... you where maybe living in
a different alternate reality of 2016?, 2016 was one of the worst years for
videogames in history, not just the lack lustre releases but also, what WAS
released, mostly didnt work.
Sorry, but an opening statement like that undermines any credibility you
may have had.

Автор Mk Nk ( назад)
1 destiny2

Автор Tommo Plays Games ( назад)
Hey everyone sorry to be that guy! But I'm here to see if any of you lovely
people would like to head over to my channel to check it out. Currently
running a Dark Souls III series and 7 Days To Die! If you like what you see
then give it a subscribe, thank you!

Автор TheRealFlyingMonkey ( назад)
Oh cool Scalebound is coming out this year aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand its gone

Автор Nicht die Mama!!! ( назад)
Maybe at least gwent is a bit interesting...

Автор Nicht die Mama!!! ( назад)
Wow wow wow. Stop. Where was 2016 a fantastic year for video games? It was
the worst i can remember.

Автор e3saron ( назад)
haven't seen trogdor in so long !

Автор blackbook668 ( назад)
Strike Scalebound off that list. It's been cancelled.

Автор Funtime Foxy ( назад)
I'm also exited for, injustice 2, days gone, and for honor

Автор Funtime Foxy ( назад)
Three games, horizon zero dawn, resident evil 7, and spiderman

Автор KripsuPL ( назад)
Wasn't the dead island 2 canceled due to problems?

Автор Eric DiGirolomo ( назад)
What about Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite

Автор Creeper Mrderer ( назад)
No borderlands 3😢

Автор eslam kamel ( назад)
where the hell is state of decay 2..the game is awesome

Автор Clader213 ( назад)
Star Citizen?!

Автор UltimateGeek ( назад)
2016 was a fantastic year for video games...?
there were only like... 10 good games....

Автор Praysio ( назад)
the last of us 2???? no?

Автор Magnus Richardt ( назад)
What about assassin's creed Empire i'm triggered

Автор redjaredits ( назад)
That spider-man game is going to have nothing to do with Homecoming.

Автор FoxCraft ( назад)
Where the heck is Zelda: Breath of the Wild?!?!?!?!?

Автор MMAFANtastic ( назад)
The end of last year felt like a broken record of ads. I was so sick of
hearing or seeing ads or sale bills for cod, titanfall and bf like no other
games existed.

Автор Savage Of Chaos ( назад)
wow surprised to see no last of us fan boys raging in the comments.

Автор Timo Hanker ( назад)

Автор Arda Gazioğlu ( назад)
Looking through the titles I am just thinking to myself, "Please don't ruin
it. Please don't ruin it. Please don't ruin it."

Автор niklas riva ( назад)
hopefully everyone will boycott the new mass effect due to the massive fail
on me 3
btw he said shepard ?
just pirate it and show them that we dont like to get assfucked

Автор Spencer Noss ( назад)
I just hope the Crash trilogy was remade properly. Messing up new games is
bad, but warping childhood nostalgia is worse if you ask me.

Автор Master Knife ( назад)
2016 was a shit year for videogames. Only decent ones in my opinion were
Uncharted 4 and Titanfall 2

Автор QuackHead382 ( назад)
please talk faster..speed up your voice or something!

Автор Magic Mario ( назад)
*There's no denying that 2016 was a fantastic year-*
Dude what? 2016 was shit.

*-for video games*
Oh, well... yh okay.

Автор dedpixl Roy ( назад)
What a lie, Spiderman will in no way tie in to the current marvel universe
stories out there it willl be independent.

Автор Get rid Of Money ( назад)
can you list the games please? The games I want have not been made nor are
being planned

Автор Gem Bakker ( назад)
Research currency invite direction type feel room.

Автор Charles Crack ( назад)

Автор Sir Fortesque76 ( назад)
This right here is how you make a video showcasing upcoming games.
I HATE when people slap an hours worth of trailers together, you guys
summarized it perfectly and showed enough gameplay and trailer footage to
inform us.

The only thing I wish for is that you'd say what system each game will be

Awesome video though, subscribed.

Автор MrR3WIND ( назад)
The Last of Us 2?

Автор Joe McClure ( назад)
I was under the impression that Dead Island 2 was cancelled

Автор Shinichi Hatori ( назад)
2016 and a good year for games? u are funny

Автор David Bertrand ( назад)
what? 2016 was good? it was HORRIBLE

my favorite games when i was young were:

battlefront 2
mafia 1/2
rainbow six vegas 2
fallout 3

in the last 3 years, Rainbow six and battlefront turned into a shitty cash
grabing online only game...
mafia series got completly destroyed by the last horrible entry in the

the only acceptable one is Fallout 4...i mean fuck im starting to be really
annoyed by this industie i might just stop playing for good

i used to pay 50$ for a great game that i enjoyed

now i pay 100$ for constant disapointment so idk how 2016 was good and idk
how you expect 2017 to be better

Автор Jitters94 ( назад)
No Last of us 2????

Автор Heth Rham ( назад)
you sound like your getting blowjob while recording

Автор Om Prakash Pathak ( назад)

Автор Geo mac star ( назад)
6:39 just got Christmas over with and already talking about next Christmas.
it's fine I mean I'm watching Christmas movies all year long

Автор Spardeth ( назад)
I'm mostly excited about Yooka-Laylee, from creators of Banjo-Kazooie;
missing a good old colorful platformer.

Автор Baze Noscope ( назад)
are you star dash the star wars youtuber

Автор jkjoseph28 ( назад)
should of have did an honorary mention of "The last of us 2" because....
why not its fucking awsome

Автор Kam Joshua ( назад)
Hyperion? Is that space marshals or is it mass effect?

Автор johnathon maxwell ( назад)
#Looper Mass Effect Andromeda has been delayed to later in the year by EA.
You also missed Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age HD Remaster and Kingdom
Hearts 2.8

Автор GpX ( назад)
If you took out ''Away'' from the title this would be a diffirent video..

Автор Da7em Al-herbish ( назад)
I AM COMMENT 1,001 ~O~

Автор Da7em Al-herbish ( назад)
Oh lol i like who u are talking and..i am comment 1000! it was 999

Автор Captain ice-COLD ( назад)
i dont think 2017 is gonne be a good year for games :(

Автор Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov ( назад)
Cyberpunk 2033 is not on the list?

Автор Jon Gray ( назад)
The most anticipated games of 2017 are the games they promised would be
released in 2016.

Gotta give themselves hype wherever they can find it I guess but media hype
delays are so fucking common and played out

Автор Tristi ( назад)
Nope, not hyped

Автор Melon Man ( назад)

Автор Daiyz ( назад)
Dead Island 2 is all but cancelled, that game's never coming out.

Автор Fart Sage ( назад)
Mass Effect looks interesting. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a
must own - depending on what the Switch is capable of. Cuphead is a no
brainer and Red Dead 2 would be the top of my list but it might be a
console exclusive.

Автор christian May ( назад)
When you announce one of the most anticipated games of 2017, and talk about
it for 5 seconds. #breathofthewild #whatyouthinking

Автор Jargon Madjin ( назад)
No mention of the Crash Trilogy Remaster? Disliked.

Автор Jennie RedRose ( назад)
ooh I can't wait to play these!!😍😀😍😀

Автор Khalood EviL ( назад)
horizon is the only game i want !!

Автор marcus svensson ( назад)
Overkills the walking dead?

Автор James Vela ( назад)
2017 will be the year my wallet dies

Автор edjuice ( назад)

Автор Isaax ( назад)
I am so damn disappointed that CupHead is not going to come on PC.

Автор mr cavalier33 ( назад)
Star wars battlefront 2 ??

Автор DEMENTE6682 ( назад)
2016 was bad! We got a lot of okay games, but hardly any great game. 2017
is looking to put 2016 really behind.

Автор ran lizotte ( назад)
umm. i think vr will blow everyone away.

Автор Ryan LaFleur ( назад)
Yooka Laylee!

Автор Chris Lasekan ( назад)
I guess you didn't see the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite trailer?

Автор KurskovGaming ( назад)
Where is bannerlord, like seriously where is bannerlord

Автор Black Tea Recluse ( назад)
Not really excited for any of these.

Автор Alex “FlameSkull18” A ( назад)
no Last of Us 2 ? :(

Автор BllueBalls ( назад)
What does he mean Santa needs a big slay. games a digital these days and
weigh nothing.

Автор John Atkinson ( назад)
Stopped watching at 0:44. Presenters voice & style made me want to vomit my
own eyes out.

Автор SiebenTageHatDieWoche ( назад)
Hopefully Kingdom Hearts 3 will make a way to it's actual release finally...
I mean: The first trailer has been out for years now...
If the game was made by Last-Guardian developers than every fan of the
series is screwed...

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