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Просмотров: 321121
Длительность: 1:4
Комментарии: 1865

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Автор RaspleeCat98 ( назад)
can we get companion who isn't from modern age? please. We want companion
from another planet, if we can't have that then give us from another
country, maybe different continent?

Автор Jess Kini ( назад)
When is it coming out?

Автор James Z ( назад)
New companion hasn't started yet and already sounds annoying. Season 8 was
trash. Don't screw up another season with bad choices.

Автор animo358 ( назад)
"Yes, completely, but that's not a recent thing" the casual-ness of his
voice and expression is exactly why Capaldi needs to stay on the show for

Автор Dr Mad ( назад)
Martha Jones would be great! It would add a bit of the old doctor in. Plus
maybe add Mickey in an episode or something.

Автор Ryona Angel ( назад)
Note to self.
Get series 9 dvds. Watch them. Then wait for this to hit dvd

Автор Warren Valion ( назад)
What kind of name is Bill?

Автор Nezrexus ( назад)
still need to watch seasons 8 and 9 and some xmas specials still

Автор iwillheadlockyournan ( назад)
they need to do the 12th doctor justice

Автор James Holmes ( назад)
Half and half.

Автор Aj Duncan ( назад)
there was a wilhelm scream

Автор Dr.Yan ( назад)
i am so impatient!!!!!

Автор Snyzeru ( назад)
looks like a legends of tomorrow rip of

Автор lindapriorirish8 ( назад)
second ago
Maze is my favorite role and actor on Lucifer.. Love Lucifer to. but Maze
rules this show... Chloe and Lucifer are BORING.and slow the show down to a
near stop.. because of the Chloe role. and choice of actress.. not
attractive. I would love to see Maze. as the next Doctor Who... I would
almost settle for the next companion.. at the very least now....

Автор Nintendotank ( назад)
was it just me or was her name bill

Автор Aaron Nipperess ( назад)
ahhhhhhhh everytime i hear the doctor who theme tune or the tardis it sends
chills down my back

Автор Julie Dagand ( назад)
It doesn't look bad at all! It reminds of the seasons before Matt Smith,
and Bill seems to be a relatable character. I hope the story line is better
than the last one, because the hybrid story didn't make a lot of sense…
Anyway, I can't wait! ^^

Автор NorbertH ( назад)

Автор Will Mulligan ( назад)
Will Toby Whithouse be writing an episode this season?

Автор TSD Productions ( назад)

Автор Walter Wishmaster ( назад)
Make the Dude from the Big Lebowski the next Doctor Who companion and I'll
be happy for the rest of my life

Автор fatswashere ( назад)
I'm really looking forward to the new companion!

Автор James Wilkins ( назад)
Curiosity is a dangerous thing. It exists in every human being, no matter
how dead that person may seem, and it festers and grows like a beautiful
parasite. It will never die, it will always be there, forcing you,
compelling you, to see things that you might not want to see, and in the
end, you do see it.

With that being said, this looks new, creative and imaginative because of
how different it is, something that might breathe new life into Doctor Who
after too long. But nevertheless, I'm not going to see it, and it's not
because of the companion. Oh, no. I think she'll be a great companion, she
has a bit of Donna Noble in her. No, it's because of Steven Moffat's
treatment of Doctor Who over these past 7 years, has worn my patience thin.
The multiple bland stories, terrible arcs, gross ignorance of history (DW's
as well), and lack of any serious threat has completely eroded my love for
the series into almost non-existence.

Granted, it wasn't immediate, as some would obviously point out, but I feel
that the decline has been gradual. A creeping disease that infected the
production team that soon spread beyond the television series and into the
audio and comic stories too. Perhaps the most glaring problem was that
after a time, they made the Doctor the center of the universe, the deus ex
machina to all the problems. It slowly turned into a recurring theme that
made him almost god-level in terms of problem-solving. Nothing seemed to
threaten him, and the way the companions were always there as a part of the
story (even classic who), always the reminder that he can never do it
alone, slowly vanished.

Will it be here too? I'm not certain because it would be wrong to judge
after so little has been revealed, but Doctor Who just feels drained and
worn out.

It should of ended at 12.

Автор Gamer Furious ( назад)
I still like Clara better as a campaign

Автор Cassiano Souza ( назад)
acho que o jeito dela ser sera como a rose, so que sem a parte da pacera

Автор That_guy_gamer ( назад)
Ahhhh I can't wait!!!!

Автор RightSide Studios ( назад)
a bit off topic, but..... i love how it visually looks, like the color

Автор RightSide Studios ( назад)

40% Excited for season 10
30% Water on mars
20% bill and nardole
8% Fighting over who's the best doctor
1% comments about the comments
1% Random

Автор Eleventh Doctor ( назад)
Soooo, is it Dr. Who or Doctor Who? Given the fact that Hartnell's titles
credited the character as "Dr. Who"...

Автор Cassiano Souza ( назад)
ja comecei a gostar da bill

Автор Docteur qui ? ( назад)
Un salut de la France !!!!

Автор Santiago Garciacesar ( назад)
Please bring Doctor Who back to Netflix, that was the only place y was able
to watch it and now I'm slowly diyng

Автор Christian Smith ( назад)
Did The Silence outro get removed? Or am I just forgetting about it? Wait,
what am I talking about?

Автор JoeJoe XR90 ( назад)
Bow ties are cool! I posted a hilarious video. Check it out, like /sub do
your doctor thing...... Thanks

Автор PsychicGaming - ROBLOX Gameplays ( назад)

Автор Legoboy1324 Movies ( назад)
Daleks returning and maybe the flood I'm so excited for this!

Автор Mirage_of_reality ( назад)
What is the songs please ? :)

Автор Asmr-geek-36 ( назад)
One of the guys in this trailer looks like Enzo from the Vampire Diaries

Автор amy clarke ( назад)
I think this series might be good

Автор kovic ( назад)
It looks amaziiing! Mr. Capaldi, please stay for at least one more season
after this!

Автор rAUSTINm ( назад)
Exterminate. EXTERMINATE. EXTERMINATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор HAPPY CUPCAKE ( назад)
2017's finally here!

Автор dmpg1994 ( назад)
I'll be honest, she seams too quirky and a little annoying. Maybe I'm still
grieving and bitter from Clara's exit but those are my thoughts

Автор Doctor Sania ( назад)

Автор Daniel J. A. Opolot ( назад)
Does Moffat think constantly asking questions is funny?

Автор Andrew McCaughey ( назад)
Hey, look! it's the Daleks those guys who don't actually kill anyone

Автор DOCTORJACK10 ( назад)
This was a fail to doctor who I used to like doctor who and I still do but
now there's a new doctor and a companion it's just a failure

Автор NPChilla ( назад)
At 0:33 - is that a Movellan?

Автор La Barba DeNegan ( назад)
Can i ask why there's no any man as the companion of The Doctor?

Автор ZetronicalX ( назад)
Godammit pls make the effects better

Автор nicolas ( назад)
Bill is starting to look a little better.

That being said, I really want the show to succeed, so I'm super super
super hyped!!

Автор Eoghan Daly ( назад)
I'm watching this looking for positives and I've found a few now I'm over
my sad disappointment time period after return of dr mysterio one is the
movellans returning two is the doctors mini speech at the end and three is
the fact I'm excited for a dalek story.... ok idk what happening

Автор LackingContent ( назад)
This could be considered a silly/dumb question but what is bad wolf?

Автор Overscore ( назад)
Am I the only person who is not looking forward to this- the companion
seems annoying, everything seems too comedy-ish and please don't tell me
those are the Sonic Shades at 0:39 . Nardole, Missy and the fact that 12th
Doctor is really good in past seasons seem like the only things that will
save this season. This seems like Stephen Moffat's last revenge.

Автор Neon Pheonix ( назад)
TARDIS sound, but every 'Woosh' is replaced with the Wilhelm scream.

Автор Blah ( назад)
Finally, multiple companions who dont seem to have any love interests with
eachother, are from different time periods, and has an alien! Is nardole an

Автор Earthm78 Studios ( назад)
Another Dalek war? Awesome!!!

Автор Jonathan Turner ( назад)
Can we get rid of Nardole please

Автор 2rrkd ( назад)
Why does everyone keep talking about the Waters of Mars?

Автор Wayne Koenig ( назад)
184 dislikes? It's Doctor Who, what's there to dislike?
Can't wait for the new series ;)

Автор Butane Boss ( назад)
Bill is the Valeyard confirmed.

Автор Commander Karl ( назад)
I'm still not sure about Bill. She just looks spunky and rude, while also
being a complete parody of the show, she makes fun of the Daleks, calls the
Doctor, Doctor What, which is stupid, and she's a 20 something woman from
modern day London, which we've seen about 7 times since the show came back.
Nardole on the other hand, is a breath of fresh air when it comes to
companions and he's probably going to get side lined to make room for more
of the same.

Автор James Schaus ( назад)
I need to trade my fez for a top hat! So pumped

Автор MrSnip07 ( назад)
Anyone know if the weeping angels are back in this season

Автор L1GHT0P ( назад)
im not sure on this new companon she seems to u know north londonish XD

Автор Crimson Doodlebear ( назад)
I'm actually happy they are keeping Nardole, I like him.

Автор D. Bert Rand ( назад)
Bill comes across as being annoying somewhat like Donna Noble at first -
but then her character became so loveable and so refreshing so I hope the
newest companion does so as well.

Автор Silenx ( назад)
I think this is the great resurrection of Doctor Who..

Автор Sage Human ( назад)
doctor what?

Автор The Puresh ( назад)
On 0:07 you can see some classic Sonic Screwdrivers in the bottom left :D

Автор Bradley Acton ( назад)
if you pause dead on the right moment at 0:32 there is a classic who
monster from genesis of the daleks

Автор Lacuna Leora ( назад)
my favorite bit is at the end as its a qoute unknown: "are you out of your
mind!" doctor: "yes quite a bit, but thats not a new thing!" lol well least
we know he's still going further insane!

Автор Lacuna Leora ( назад)

Автор brian hand ( назад)
why is matt lucas there the doctor use to be seroius

Автор Kitty Watermelon ( назад)
I'm afraid that the new companion won't reach the standards Clara has set.
Although I am still going to watch it (somewhat forcefully) like a dog
protective of the Doctor Who bacon bit.

Автор DavrK ( назад)
0:35 "Rise and shine, Doctor Freeman. Rise... and shine."

Автор darkfarie94 ( назад)
YAY!!! Can't wait!! Love Doctor Who! Whovian forever. Hello sweetie.

Автор IchHasseSpecialWhatTube ( назад)

Автор GalacticSquirrel ( назад)
did anyone else hear the Wilhelm scream at 32 seconds in

Автор Mr Guess Who? ( назад)
The doctor better be a lot more serious like he was in series 8!
It was absolutely absurd that this wasn't consistent in series 9 and it is
all on Moffat that this happened!

Автор The Clubquak ( назад)
Who's watching in 2016?

Автор Adam Fishwick ( назад)
Is that the Doctor punching some one at 0:41

Автор TOPT//TheOnlyPinkTardis ( назад)
Btw, the episode with the blue guy and Bill screaming is episode 5. That
looks like a REALLY good and scary one. I think episode 1: A Star In Her
Eye, is going to be a scary-screamer too! What about episode 4? Well, i'm
not sure if the wooden guy at 0:25 is in episode 4, The Haunted Hub, or
episode 1, A Star In Her Eye?

Автор ali Bitar ( назад)
Are you out of your mind
- yes completely but that's not a recent thing

Автор CaptainTalon448 ( назад)
Haven't watched much of Capaldi's run except for some of the specials. Is
this a good point to resume?

Автор Aidan ( назад)

Автор Brione ( назад)
1. "What's a Dalek?" YESS!!
2. Wilhelm Scream
3. "Get in!" That's what she said
4. "Are you out of your mind?" "Yes, completely."

Автор Tyler Hostetter ( назад)
You guys catch that Wilhelm scream?

Автор friphano le roi ( назад)
I am so exiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry I am french)

Автор Lewis The Lycanroc Fan ( назад)
Oml, This is lookin' great. I mean honestly, I love the fact that its so
Also, I don't think its going to have flood monsters, if I had to be really

Автор TeslaFanBoy ( назад)
Out of morbid curiosity, is the footage of the TARDIS seen in 0:12 and 0:22
and 0:30 ever NOT going be used in the trailer for a new series?

Автор Royal Gaming NL ( назад)
wilhelm scream spotted!

Автор Phil Walker ( назад)
Good grief didn't think Dr Who could get any worse until I saw this
trailer, the new assistant looks dreadful

Автор Death biborun ( назад)
Again useless slow robots with friendly masks, from which you can just walk
away. Robots in this serial always like plush bears.

Автор Obed Carrillo ( назад)
What's the theme that plays

Автор Sara Khalfey ( назад)
exterminate the 175 people who disliked!!

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