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Автор Doctor Who ( назад)
Merry Christmas! What are you most looking forward to in series 10? 🎁

Автор Dubble77D ( назад)
I'm really digging the music in this trailer, hoping this becomes one of the heavily used themes of season 10.

Автор IamStuckInaTree ( назад)
0:32 Wilhelm scream

Автор XunSanchez ( назад)
HEV Suit! Half-Life 3 Confirmed.

Автор J.A.Y Youtube ( назад)
Im the doctor. Doctor what?

Автор AnimeLxveMix ( назад)
0:32 When I forgot to study.

Автор Centurion Fragger ( назад)
goodbye to steven moffat and his stupid sonic sunglasses

Автор Dodo Odo ( назад)
doesn't she sound a bit like martha?

Автор David B ( назад)
what was at 24... ISITANANGEL

Автор An Odd One ( назад)
One more season and we are free of the Moffett. I pray the show will be able to survive until then.

Автор Dragon Lion FS ( назад)
Oh, Season 10 already? I need to catch up. I am way behind. This looks interesting. But, maybe because I watched the first 2 seasons at a young age, when I were much more emotionally attachable, I for some reason still miss Rose. I guess it was a traumatic experience for me, when she got trapped in that parallel universe.

Автор #1 PRISSY MILLENNIAL ( назад)
Boy, I absolutely cannot wait for my favourites, the Movellans, to come back.

Автор roguexxrenegade ( назад)
I like her spunky attitude

Автор Richard van H ( назад)

Автор A Completely Generic Duck ( назад)
Would love it if at the end of season 10, something goes wrong with his transformation, and he drastically changes physically and mentally, becoming someone with the looks of a 10 year old and yet has the need to kill everyone around him. Of course this would only be for an episode, but it would be awesome watching him struggle to become the good man he was again, trying his best to get somebody to kill him so he can transform again while at the same time trying to stop himself from organizing one of the greatest genocide in history.

Автор Socki321 123 ( назад)
Can't wait, there are classic elements such as mondasion cybermen, Ice warriors, movellen at 0:33 and new concepts. So excited

Автор FallenColours ( назад)
I'm basically the only Doctor Who fan in Canada

Автор Blake LaRue ( назад)
What is the song playing at 28 seconds? Someone tell please. I love it

Автор Mrafa 121005 ( назад)
she is funny but a little annoying

Автор Vincent Judakov ( назад)

Автор BananaKake ( назад)
I feel like Peter Capaldi isn't appreciated as much as he should be because he makes us all laugh but then everybody had low expectations for him even though he's brilliant at his job

Автор Hidden Patchz ( назад)
I want the doctor to get an alien companion

Автор SkyGuy 675 ( назад)
I can't wait, or as the doctors of new who would say
12th Doctor: Shut up... wait don't
11th Doctor: Geronimo
10th Doctor: Allons-y
9th Doctor: Fantastic
War Doctor: No more... sorry, i meant more

Автор Rajan bhalla ( назад)
remember the 10th doctor

Автор EmilyDiCaprio17 ( назад)
I'll miss Clara but it's always nice to get a fresh start with a new companion.

Автор Craig Are ( назад)
Someone convince Peter to stay😭🤔

Автор Eda Uçar ( назад)
herkes river a odaklanmış ama clara nerede?

Автор Ella Sharpe ( назад)
I'm wondering where I'd Missy with the half time lord Daleks when she said I Think I Have A Idea'

Автор Ella Sharpe ( назад)
I'm wondering where I'd Missy with the half time lord Daleks when she said I Think I Have A Idea'😵

Автор Dan Levold ( назад)
Was that wood skinned looking alien at 0.24- 0.25 an ancestor to the face of boe? It has a similar face to the face of Boe.

Автор Herbert Zhang ( назад)

Автор Meows In Space ( назад)

Автор Ashleigh Dando ( назад)
bill is already bugging me

Автор Ultimate fan boy ( назад)
I can't wait !!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Aj 247 ( назад)
Shame after this series he's leaving I've just started liking him as well :(

Автор Jayde Blackmar ( назад)
So far I'm absolutely in love with Bill, she's so quirky and seems very naive, but not in a childish way.

Автор TopBunkProductions ( назад)
"What's a Dalek?"

Are you telling me that Army of Ghosts, Doomsday, The Stolen Earth and Journey's End have all been retconned? Because in those episodes, London was invaded by Daleks TWICE, in 2007 and 2009 respectively. There is no way she doesn't know what a Dalek is.

Автор Witam _ab ( назад)
i can't wait for it. And, because I'm from Poland i didn't see christmas special from 2k16. oh god why 😥

Автор Skywalker 47 ( назад)
12 and weeping angels PLEASE

Автор View This ( назад)
Feb. 25, 2017....I'm wishing for season 10 to hurry up and get here. Which means I'm wishing my life away. I hope the doctor gives me that time back.

Автор outbreakerwolf ( назад)
es wird zeit für die neue staffel

Автор John Davis ( назад)
God I hope we wears the red velvet "doctory" suit a lot in this season!! That is his most and one of THE most best Doctor outfits ever!!! Please be great season 10!!

Автор Steviofo ( назад)
I kind of wonder if this is going to be the doctor that goes to Trenzalore one last time.

Автор Zeynep Gün ( назад)
artık başlasın

Автор Nathan Berbach ( назад)
Doctor Who n'est pas la même chose sans Clara :-(

Автор John Davis ( назад)
Nardole does nothing for me. He was comedy relief in 2015. Although I liked him in 2016 Christmas, I have an awful feeling that in series 10, he'll just feel like an awkward third wheel and just add a stupidly silly tone! Please Doctor Moffat, let Nardole be a serious and interesting character!!!!

Автор just a random girl ( назад)
It's series 10, a perfectly perfect time to bring back 10th doctor, just for a special episode maybe, or I bet TENnant would be glad to meet his future self in the 10th episode.

Автор Khan Shahrukh ( назад)
ColinFurze as the new Doctor !! Who's With me ?

Автор togomojoo ( назад)
The scream at 1:31 :)

Автор Markus Hirschmann ( назад)
Seeing so many space-stuff in this teaser, I really hope they'd make a Pure Historical episode again, like The Romans or The Aztecs. NuWho turned the Doctor into a space-traveller instead of a time-traveller. Every episode is about a planet or an alien which sometimes could've been excluded without harming the plot. For example, The Crimson Horror would've worked better without that red alien by simply having the old lady (forgot her name) being the one who invented the poison instead of having it being produced by that alien thing.

Автор koolkidkristian 2006 ( назад)
at 0:32 I heard a scream from a meme that I cant remember the name of. Like If you agree! :)

Автор Callum McPherson ( назад)
I love Bill already! I'm getting Donna Noble vibes from her, and I have a feeling she's going to be really fun to have around.

Автор Nightshade The Hedgehog: Narration & More ( назад)
How did we get from epic Series 1 stuff like Father's Day to this.

Автор Lorraine Cornwall ( назад)
I bet the flood is coming back in series 10

Автор Rhys Benjamin ( назад)
Oh god, not more Matt Lucas.

Автор sky mick ( назад)

Автор jacksepticeye #1 fan ( назад)
well I'm looking forward into who is probably the new companion and the Dr it's going to be really cool and I really want to see the. I really want. Paul you to stay but I do miss David Tennant he was a really great Dr I love her very much I like the round console I think David Tennant's was the best I just had the sharp edge ones but some of the other really cool I meant that but I just wanted to 10 its back and I always wanted his place that but I love David Tennant he's my favorite of the all the doctors I've ever seen, seen Tom Baker Matt Smith. Apology and Christopher Eccleston well the first time I watch Doctor Who was probably David Tennant and I was the first time I've ever seen David Tennant's Tardis in Doctor Who but I love David time it is one of my favorite Dr is Dr the 10th doctor I build a 10th doctor's Tardis console it didn't turn out very well but I think I turned it I think I really look good but I am looking forward to see if the door leaks cuz I think they're really cool and I like them I love when they say Exterminating that weird voice that's what I'm really looking forward in 2010 and I hope the 13th doctor will be someone that I really like like David Tennant but I hope he will be a good doctor like Peter Capaldi I always loved the doctor's but I'll Always Love David Tennant the most as he was a good and great doctor really good man I love he was the greatest timelord of ever known

Автор Misheel Battulga ( назад)
болвсролоор хэзээ гарах бол

Автор Finn Morris-Young ( назад)
Am I the only person who loves nardole now???

Автор Darth Vader is the greatest villan of them all ok ( назад)

Автор JustB3NJI ( назад)
This is one of the best new series trailers. Not sure if it's THE best or if series 4 and 5 slightly beat it.

Автор BillyTDM !! ( назад)
Is Nicholas Briggs still voicing the daleks? It didn't sound like him.

Автор OWEN ( назад)
I really hope that we find out how the master (missy) came back this season

Автор Blair Turpin ( назад)
she is terrible, like the worst just get rid of her and keep nardole

Автор TheCapedPanda ( назад)
Do you think perhaps this series could not be terrible? Thanks.

Автор Bleu Cremers ( назад)
0:16 looks like tomorrowland from disney 2015, i think its the same shooting location as well....

Автор Oozaru 313 ( назад)
bring on the origin of the cybermen story! I feel that the doctor will have something to do with the start of there transformation on mondas.. the new cybermen suck and should be 'deleted' ... sigh

Автор Dylan Williams ( назад)
0:16-0:25 please shut up

Автор Ben Zombie ( назад)
Mmmmmmm not sure about this

Автор The Golden Arrow ( назад)
I feel, now Sherlock has ended, Steven Moffat will put more time and effort into this season.... I hope anyway...

Автор Hyensoo Choi ( назад)
Where can I get music from 0:28 ?

Автор Wizzard ( назад)
Can't wait to see nardole again. I think he's hilarious, although he would be, as he is a comedian. Still not sure about the new companion. Not too long to go now!

Автор Tyler Bailey ( назад)
I can just picture The Doctor talking about his college students like they're complete morons in the typical Capaldi fashion XD. I can't wait...

Автор James Holmes ( назад)
Half and half regards this.

Автор Cian Birney ( назад)
She didn't mess it up she made it better don't be a hater if your gonna be posting comments like that don't whach the videos

Автор ProjectFlashlight612 ( назад)
Voyage To The Bottom Of The Ratings aka "Let's Blame Capaldi For This, Leave Chris To Fix The Mess We Caused, And Just Slip Out The Back Door Quietly"

Автор Nathan Ouedraogo ( назад)
0:32 is that a Wilhelm I hear?

Автор Nathan Ouedraogo ( назад)

Автор richardathome65 ( назад)
"Are you out of your mind?"
"Yes, completely, but that's not a recent thing!"

Nice bit of writing there, and very well delivered!

Автор Podle Kate CZ ( назад)
I'm looking forward to the series 10! :) I would not somehow return 11 doctor? he was amazing ! :)

Автор Blood Guts ( назад)
I'm excited. I hope there is a good creepy horror episode (I.E. Listen, Silence In The Library, The Empty Child, etc)
I'm going to miss Capaldi dearly.

Автор Bren Jordan ( назад)
Still not a fan of the new companion, but if Matt Lucas is there to soften the blow I suppose I can live with it!

Автор Tactical Films ( назад)
Can't wait!

Автор Katakimiku San ( назад)
When is it coming?

Автор Heidi Barker ( назад)
Love it!!!!!!! But did I just hear a Wilhelm scream?

Автор William Brooks ( назад)
hmm i'm not sure how i feel about the new compainion

Автор Andrew Parker ( назад)
I heard the Willheim scream!!! 😂 Epic!!

Автор Historic Hoshi ( назад)
I've heard that instead of the waters of mars returning it's Ice warriors?

Автор Cuttin Edge ( назад)
It's Capaldi's and Moffat's last, lets hope it does both of them justice.

Автор Anna Catherine Kowalsky ( назад)
if the 13th Doctor will be actress not guy,I'll finish watching show,and my friends too

Автор Lupercal06 ( назад)
I don't want him to go :(

Автор Dog 12098 ( назад)
Wilhelm Scream!

Автор lightdark00 ( назад)
I hope she dies in the show or leaves by the end of the season.

Автор Scott Mantooth ( назад)
while highly unlikely (or very, very remote as to the probability of actually taking place), i'd love to see a view of the TARDIS flying through space and seeing The Great A'Tuin (Discworld series) moving along off in the distance...and having Pearl Mackie "Bill" ask "what is that?" and The Doctor reply "Some place very interesting, for another time"

yeah, never gonna happen outside of fan fiction...but it would be so awesome if it did

Автор W.A.Q. Productions ( назад)
RIP John Hurt, and this looks good but I'm sad it's Capaldi's last, but I have hope the show and the next doctor will still be good!

Автор orbulus oculus ( назад)
the hype train is real

Автор Rudy Rojas ( назад)
absolutely gutted about Peter's departure.

Автор Tino Rozzo ( назад)
If Peter Capaldi leaves we'd like to see Paul McGann return.

Автор rex marion ( назад)
Spoiler alert the Doctor dies!!

Автор Ionut Maris ( назад)
Why leave.

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