Battlefield Bad Company 2 Eyefinity #3

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Автор OSeuKumiama ( назад)
@joelikesJDAMS thats just the angle the camera's at, as you can see on his
other video the the monitor thats closer to being perpendicular to the
camera has less light going straight to it, but taht doesnt really apply to
the player view. The other video is the following:

Автор roshawn1111 ( назад)
@ragils5 i got like 45 fps at 4800x900 with 2 5770s

Автор Gaming with Lever ( назад)
@joelikesJDAMS yeah, I noticed that to. 

Автор joelikesJDAMS ( назад)
it looks like the monitor on the right is just a little bit darker than the
other 2

Автор Elmnator1 ( назад)
@Willanhanyard Acer p244H's X 3 

Автор Willanhanyard ( назад)
What monitors are those? Thanks!

Автор Elmnator1 ( назад)
@ChuckThePug ill never go back to one monitor again :-)

Автор Chuck ( назад)
So what do you think now, 9 months later. Happy with the eyefinity setup
still or was it an impulse buy?

Автор noozi ( назад)
@MMmadmaxMM because there isn't a clear cut solid option at any price tier
for headsets. i'm doing the same thing, using a crappy gamecom until a
company produces something in a higher price range that's actually worth a

Автор noozi ( назад)
@RibenaFanta probably one ultrawide res video.

Автор RibenaFanta ( назад)
what happens when you record with Fraps? does it give you like... 3
seperate video files?!

Автор doorOfSouls ( назад)
so how can i play bc2 with dual screen? (i only have 2:P) or where to
download the eyefinity ?

Автор Tom Snape ( назад)
@MouthofSaurons someone already has

Автор HumanOFtheWeek3000 ( назад)
@Fowtowsjop i run it at 50-60fps too... i have a 2.6 GHZ Quad Core too. 

Автор Yosmer ( назад)
@ragils5 the 5770 is not even close to a 5870 lol.... 5770 = 4870 with DX

Автор PSPfanBOY22 ( назад)
I want a 5870 so badly.

Автор Wabadebadoo Olelikemjoel ( назад)
how strong is 2x 5770s? is it a bit better than the 5850?

Автор Elmnator1 ( назад)
@ragils5 Im getting around 50 @ 5760 X 1080 HBAO off AA and AF @ 4X each

Автор HumanOFtheWeek3000 ( назад)
@67CopperHead i have 1 5770 it barely runs the game at 1680x1050 resolution

Автор doug Dp ( назад)

Автор copper head ( назад)
lol 1 5770 can run this u get better fps for doign this

Автор Username0123456789 ( назад)
you have frame lag. you need more than one 5870.

Автор dark2koneko ( назад)
@HareRajan I kinda doubt this. I had to turn down some settings to get the
beta running well at 3840x720 on a 4870 1GB + TH2Go (About the same as a
5770 1GB)

Автор Rajan Plumley ( назад)
would a 5770 and phenom x4 3.2ghz run this with eyefinity on 3 19" monitors
with highest settings? I might invest in this

Автор krzytom81 ( назад)
I love Steam!

Автор slopedarmor ( назад)
wow? such good performance with only 2,8 ghz quad? That inspires me to buy
another two 26" screens once I've got myself a killer PC.

Автор Elmnator1 ( назад)
Yeah I have a little advantage but I dont think its much. and TY

Автор Elmnator1 ( назад)
im getting between 40 - 55 with AF and AA set at 4X and HBAO off and
everything else on high

Автор Taylor Phillips ( назад)
lol you got the same moniter as me how cool. anyway nice video going to do
this when i get some money.

Автор ChannelMerko ( назад)
Awesome video :) what is your FPS? I'm running eyefinity myself in same
resolution, i get about 45-100 fps with HD 5970 and Q9550 2.8ghz Quad. I
should overclock the CPU to get better performance i guess.

Автор Artopunk14 ( назад)

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