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Автор name8895 (4 года)
@JRThro i don't get what you're saying

Автор Alex Greene (5 лет)
Still 8 more lords to go!

Автор greatdoom99 (5 лет)
@jelliena he'l always heal no matter what

Автор CnlNathan (5 лет)
why is it when wolfwing's life is 200 then it will disconnect???i hate it!
it also happens when i kill escherion p.s. my name is akladon in aqw

Автор jelliena (5 лет)
some say it's easier if you don't use mana, since he won't heal. is that

Автор Pexthebig (5 лет)
I think wolfwing will help us later... what do you think guys?

Автор therider931 (5 лет)
dude i was just fighting him he needed 1 more hit to kill him and then boo
i was disconnected.............i'm so fucking pissed

Автор greatdoom99 (5 лет)
yeah :D

Автор pplz223 (5 лет)
How do I fight him? It says I need to complete the war.


Автор anarchyian666 (5 лет)
Nice vid, greatdoom99, and you're totally right -- he heals no matter what.
What's more, his heals are preset. Pre-PTR, he would heal himself at
roughly 29k, 24k, 20k, 15k, and 10k. Now, post-PTR, he heals at roughly
28k, 23k, 17k, 12k, and 7k. Whether you use mana or not, he'll heal himself
exactly five times, so USE MANA! But don't take my word for it... In
MuzikFr33k2008's wolfwing video, staff member Cysero says "ever[y] 15% he
takes YOUR life" and "number keys guys, use em!"

Автор John Thro (5 лет)
He says "All of Lore must become members of my Werepyre Clan, starting with
you" what he means is just "all of lore must become members, staring with
you" lol sry artixtube I saw this the first time I saw the cutscene.

Автор dnlzmd (5 лет)
its harder now since they updated the game XP

Автор Unbeatable1215 (5 лет)
I hate him when he berserks!!......T_T

Автор greatdoom99 (5 лет)
@skaterdude15awful it ALWAYS heals

Автор Shadow Zylo (5 лет)
I hit him like,80 and I'm lvl 18!, He hits me 900 TWICE AND I DIE,extremely
hard,they overdid it.. -.-

Автор krists kormazovs (5 лет)
Tnx new engine youve made him nearly impossible >:(

Автор ThePokemondragon (4 года)
not hard HES F@CKIN INSANE!!!!!!!!

Автор greatdoom99 (5 лет)
@snoopdawg104 vinzin i saw you in yulgar :D you the one humping girls
right? -_-

Автор hongWeekly (5 лет)
it heals when u use mana

Автор jelliena (5 лет)
wait, what happens if u choose to destroy wolfwing? :O

Автор Lam N (4 года)
if you destroy wolfwing you will get 2500 evil rep

Автор Potcfun (5 лет)
vath vs wolfwing :D XD

Автор Wes T (5 лет)
@therider931 that has happened to me several times.

Автор BlackRose07P (5 лет)
is the wolfwing armor members only if it is ill be forced to say

Автор Davo Sawlani (5 лет)
hihi vath vs wolfwing two lords of chaos

Автор Kishan Ramachandran (5 лет)
it is impossible to kill him after update... u need healer and it is still
hard. I keep glitching and not being able to use healing word... is this a
glitch or is it supposed to happen?

Автор anderlechtboy1000 (5 лет)
hehe on aqworld is hes name tyranitar warrior and i'm his friend dds freak2

Автор Michael Jimenez (5 лет)
dang dats mest up z is crazy i wish u could shoot out bows like that tho
thatl be kool

Автор IEnder x (3 года)
@name8895 no tibiecans is

Автор Awesummer1 (4 года)
So that's the old aqw... Man it looks so different now! And yeah, he was
kinda hard. But now it's harder. :/

Автор greatdoom99 (5 лет)
@jelliena if you destroy wolfwing he'l stand up and Z shoots him so both
ways Z destroys him

Автор PandaKun (5 лет)
doesnt he die either way? if you kill him or Shadow slayer Z does? can you
change your decision? please answer ima confused.

Автор name8895 (4 года)
hardest boss evar

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