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1994 Czech film called Potkal jsem ho v zoo (I met him at the zoo) about two boys, one blind. They find each other and have many adventures. I haven't found this available with subtitles yet.

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Автор Len Goldstein ( назад)
2 beautiful boys

Автор musclefan ( назад)
Damn you must see the other scenes....he is well built and muscled....sexy!

Автор vanguardmellophone ( назад)
@rabbitwho Thanks for the translation!

Автор rabbitwho ( назад)
"Are you blind? Blind guy?" "Excuse me, I didn't mean to.... I'm really
sorry" "Truly no more so than I"

Автор rymicka ( назад)
IVOŠ and "SLEPOŇ" it comes from a czech word for blind = slepý --- slepoň.

Автор rymicka ( назад)
it is an old Czech story for kids called "I met him in the zoo" and it is
about a group of children and their new friend who is blind but great and
they all survive a robbery in the house where that blind boy lives but I
donť think there is a possibility of finding this movie somewhere Czech TV
has got copyringht for it.

Автор 2isthenew1 ( назад)
that was funny..

Автор vanguardmellophone (812 года назад)
I will if I find it!

Автор stompncrush (791 год назад)
if you do find it,can u upload it?? it looks like an entertainign story!
peace out!

Автор elmyr4art ( назад)
Oh! ... I know them: "Ivos" and "Slepony" - Padame! says Ivos and then they
run :-)

Автор Spoon E ( назад)
jak se ten film jmenuje a proc byla postnuta prave tahle scena?

Автор murienrouge ( назад)
i remember watching this movie on TV yers ago

Автор vanguardmellophone ( назад)
Without subtitles? I'm not sure. I haven't found the movie in its complete
form yet.

Автор cocopreis ( назад)
Mohl by někdo uploadnout celej filmík, pls?

Автор Elunaj ( назад)
short translation You are blind, you gawk? Sorry, it wasn't wilfully. I
regret your lemonade. Surely no more than me.

Автор mcav1987 ( назад)
can some one translate please

Автор Antonio Carlos Rocha Catuta ( назад)
Não é minha praia, esse e todos os outros relacionados. Não mesmo!

Автор vanguardmellophone ( назад)
The movie is in Czech. Unfortunately I haven't found a version with English
subtitles yet. This is the moment in the film where they first meet.

Автор Miozi ( назад)
2 cuz didnt understnad anything :(

Автор Dejanthedj ( назад)
ZLÍÍÍÍN ... natáčelo se to na jižnácích :))) a ta městská policie to byl
brutal :DD ale tak bylo to pro děti , tak se to tak musí brat :DDD když to
seženete někdo , dejte mi vědět ... díky

Автор Foxtrot851 ( назад)
nejlepší byla ta brutální akce městské policie Zlín... :-D

Автор B731 ( назад)
Kde ho ale sehnat?:-(

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