Czech film

1994 Czech film called Potkal jsem ho v zoo (I met him at the zoo) about two boys, one blind. They find each other and have many adventures. I haven't found this available with subtitles yet.

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Автор Len Goldstein (6 месяцев)
2 beautiful boys

Автор vanguardmellophone (5 лет)
The movie is in Czech. Unfortunately I haven't found a version with English
subtitles yet. This is the moment in the film where they first meet.

Автор stompncrush (4 года)
if you do find it,can u upload it?? it looks like an entertainign story!
peace out!

Автор Foxtrot851 (6 лет)
nejlepší byla ta brutální akce městské policie Zlín... :-D

Автор Spoon E (5 лет)
jak se ten film jmenuje a proc byla postnuta prave tahle scena?

Автор vanguardmellophone (4 года)
I will if I find it!

Автор jaredismyidol (5 лет)
wow.......first english comment

Автор Miozi (5 лет)
2 cuz didnt understnad anything :(

Автор murienrouge (5 лет)
i remember watching this movie on TV yers ago

Автор 2isTheNew1 (4 года)
that was funny..

Автор B731 (6 лет)
Kde ho ale sehnat?:-(

Автор Dejanthedj (5 лет)
ZLÍÍÍÍN ... natáčelo se to na jižnácích :))) a ta městská policie to byl
brutal :DD ale tak bylo to pro děti , tak se to tak musí brat :DDD když to
seženete někdo , dejte mi vědět ... díky

Автор Elunaj (5 лет)
short translation You are blind, you gawk? Sorry, it wasn't wilfully. I
regret your lemonade. Surely no more than me.

Автор vanguardmellophone (4 года)
@rabbitwho Thanks for the translation!

Автор vanguardmellophone (5 лет)
Without subtitles? I'm not sure. I haven't found the movie in its complete
form yet.

Автор rabbitwho (4 года)
"Are you blind? Blind guy?" "Excuse me, I didn't mean to.... I'm really
sorry" "Truly no more so than I"

Автор rymicka (4 года)
IVOŠ and "SLEPOŇ" it comes from a czech word for blind = slepý --- slepoň.

Автор foad2010 (3 года)

Автор Antonio Carlos Rocha Catuta (5 лет)
Não é minha praia, esse e todos os outros relacionados. Não mesmo!

Автор cocopreis (5 лет)
Mohl by někdo uploadnout celej filmík, pls?

Автор PewpieMan (4 года)
He is an alien

Автор PewpieMan (4 года)
He is XT-002 Deconstructor

Автор elmyr4art (4 года)
Oh! ... I know them: "Ivos" and "Slepony" - Padame! says Ivos and then they
run :-)

Автор mabcosta (5 лет)
So... And where I can find this movie without subtitles anyway...?!?!?!?!?

Автор mcav1987 (5 лет)
can some one translate please

Автор rymicka (4 года)
it is an old Czech story for kids called "I met him in the zoo" and it is
about a group of children and their new friend who is blind but great and
they all survive a robbery in the house where that blind boy lives but I
donť think there is a possibility of finding this movie somewhere Czech TV
has got copyringht for it.

Автор musclefan (3 года)
Damn you must see the other scenes....he is well built and muscled....sexy!

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