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Автор David White (1 год)
A big thanks to everyone who has left comments lately. I hope you got the
results you were after. D.

Автор Ben curry (1 месяц)
Best video yet,Thanks very much :)

Автор Tormod Smith (1 месяц)
helpful , i was going to buy a jigsaw as well

Автор Andrew Lawlor (3 месяца)
Not sure why I didn't think of this. I made a big mess using a power tool.

Автор Kevin Chapman (1 месяц)
mine was a better cut, just saying....

Автор jaco jager (8 месяцев)
Thank you so much for this tip. I used it yesterday on an installation and
the client was amazed with the finish.

Автор John Deyoung (8 месяцев)
great video

Автор swimmingmintinyoutub (1 год)
Hello David, Thanks for sharing this great video! just a question though if
you dont mind, Could you tell me what flooring you used in this video? I
hear it's engineered one but what brand is it and where it's from? I just
love the look of it and have to have it :) THANK YOU

Автор Dave Smith (1 год)
Tomorrow I'll be using this.

Автор Kevin Sargent (1 год)
Really helpful stuff, thanks David!

Автор Louisa Mosi (1 год)
Hello David, I have sent my email address through your contact page on your

Автор jay sarkar (1 год)
thanks its helps

Автор Вячеслав Бердников (1 год)

Автор gherkamum (1 год)
Excellent video, thanks a bunch!!

Автор barclyde1 (1 год)
Thanks that was great... much appreciated.

Автор juday won (1 год)
Great tip, thanks very much, I'll be using it today.

Автор Konely King (1 год)
You have good control of that handsaw but you've mad too much clearance,
it doesn't look good.

Автор Luojie Zhao (1 год)
This will be my first time to lay laminate flooring.
So I kept looking at the door sections, and thinking that's going to be a
real headache.
Thank you so much for this, I had never thought about cutting the frame
away. Now I feel much more confident. Great video tip...

Автор Ifeyini O (2 года)
Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Автор David White (2 года)
That's not something I've heard of. Though it sound pretty vicious -
probably take your leg off if you're not careful. I'll see if i can find
one. Thanks for the advice.

Автор sean graver (1 год)
hi david..my house has numerous nails driven in at an angle that would
blunt your saw or anything that would normally cut through wood..is there
any other way..im looking at a metal blade that would cut through nails too
..if so can you recommend anything ?? thank you sean

Автор hipppsp (2 года)
Best not cut all the chassis as it will eventually fall leaving a door gap

Автор tomsacadden (2 года)
nah!,it's a great wee tool and so easy to use,must be one on you tube
somewhere. keep up the good work and be lucky,.

Автор supersesqui (1 год)
Looks to me like there was way to much space there. Using a slimmer blade
saw or a bosch oscillating saw will give a much tighter and better looking

Автор David White (2 года)
My pleasure.

Автор Adam Colley (3 года)
That looked to me like a floating floor on concrete? Were the planks Glued
together? Thanks for the info Good video!

Автор Mike Robinson-Charlton (2 года)
Fab video ! Answered all my questions :-) keep up the good work

Автор bobdabuildaman (2 года)
Just be wary of nails from the footplate into the frame as is often present
in new build houses with chipboard floating floors. These can really bugger
up your saw and is where a multitool with a metal cutting blade is useful.

Автор Louisa Mosi (1 год)
Your the best David. I wish I saw this earlier. Our trades man did a shoddy
cut on the door frame to lay floor tiles in the hallway. If you look
closely at the door frame at the bottom you can see the unrefined cut wood
and the space inbetween was covered with chalk. A mess! How do I tidy this.
Help please.

Автор mmid2 (2 года)
Great video. Can you help with some extra info... How do you do the other
side of the door if you slid that piece in sideways. (surely you can slide
the other piece in because that last piece would be in the way) I'm

Автор David White (2 года)
Hi, it was a good point. Unfortunately, I'm not very good in front of the
camera and probably suffer from a bit of stage fright so forget to mention
loads of stuff. Glad you like the videos, I'll keep adding. Regards.

Автор Bob Loblaw (3 года)
If you want to be lazy you can buy a dremel multi tool like I did. It's a
bit pricey but you can find cheaper versons for around $30 that work just
as good.

Автор Hashim Salim (3 года)
Similar to the previous comments, this was an exciting tutorial and I'm
looking forward in applying your techniques. Hopefully, I won't need to
replace the door frame!

Автор smilexa (2 года)
i don't kno why people allays have something to say about videos if i don't
know how to do something youtube can help but when i see all the comments
is like i use a chainsaw well im using a saw i don't think it matters as
long as you know what you doing and at the end of the day the customer says
thanks great job that's all it matters great job and thaks for the video im
sure someone will comment on my post

Автор David White (3 года)
@ohdrdrdr Hi, yes there was a door but it was removed and shortened
earlier. There wasn't a door bar on this door as I was taking the flooring
straight through into the hall area. I will be covering door bars in
another tutorial. Thanks for watching.

Автор David White (1 год)
Yes, it can still be done - though how easy depends on the brand of
laminate, some joint systems are more flexible than others. You might fine
you need to make a dummy run with the piece you are fitting to see what
works best for you.

Автор mitch verkuyl (2 года)
i use to use a small stanely pulll saw. it worked great till another
carpenter on my job had a multi tool. the only function i use it for the
oscillation chisel. i can see most home owners struggling to use hand saw
to cut the jamb and casing. for a less then a hundred bucks i would
strongly suggest going and getting one. it will cut this perfect in less
then 30 seconds. and trust me thats only the start to what else it can cut.
it pays for its self the FIRST time.

Автор David White (1 год)
I don't see why you can't fit tiles this way...I think the amount of space
you leave for adhesive will just be down to trial and error. I would be
tempted to fit a piece of tile to a piece of board and then measure the
thickness of the tile and adhesive together to give you an accurate
starting point. As for clearance, i think the closer you can get the tile
to the frame - the better it will look. Luckily with a tile you don't need
to allow for expansion.

Автор hipppsp (2 года)
Super I just said it incase that the fixing wall was not sufficiently keyed
to the Door frame. Keep posting the Vids, I enjoy them alot!!

Автор David White (3 года)
Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad you found it helpful. I've tried to
send a response to your question but haven't got enough characters to give
you all the options. If you would like a detailed answer on how to do this
properly, please email me at flawlessflooringuk@hotmail.com and I can
answer your question more accurately. Regards David White

Автор Neil Grant (2 года)
Thanks very much for this, very useful and I'm going to give it a go when I
lay my laminate floor in the hallway. One question though: if the laminate
floor is to stop at the door threshold, is there anyway to undercut just
the laminate floor side of the door, or do I have to cut the lot off?
Thanks in advance.

Автор Isaac Benjamin (3 года)
@flawlessflooringuk I did try it and it came out perfect. thanks again for
that simple trick. :)

Автор Neil Grant (2 года)
It did help - I had to chisel a few bits of wood out but it did work out,

Автор David White (3 года)
@loganwolfpack Thanks. Have you tried it for yourself yet and how did you
get on?

Автор David White (1 год)
Louisa..If you click on the link to my website from the tutorial and send
me your email address via my contacts page, ill get right back to
you....I'd just rather not post my direct details on here for obvious

Автор Isaac Benjamin (3 года)
wow thanks alot, very easy and very simple explaination. no mumbo jumbo
just straight to the point. thank you sir.

Автор David White (1 год)
Hi. The undercut technique will work with pretty much anything. As
mentioned earlier though, you may just have to practice with a piece first
to see what the board will allow you to do.... You might find clicking the
board into place to one side is helpful and then just tap it under the door
frame using a hammer and block (never hit the edge of the board directly -
you'll just destroy it). Or sometimes you can remove part of the click
joint if it helps...then compensate with a spot of glue.

Автор Carl Jones (3 года)
That was brilliant ! ! Gonna give that a go. Made a right hash of our
hallway. How would you go upto the stairs in a hallway the bottom step?
(Stairs carpeted)

Автор David White (2 года)
Yes. Simply repeat the process in the tutorial using your laminate flooring
to determine the height of the cut and just saw half way through the door
frame rather than all the way around. It's hard to see on the video but cut
up to the door stop. This is the piece of timber around the frame that the
door closes against and then just slide your flooring into position as
demonstrated. Hope this helps.

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