Transvestite.. Short Skirts Tight Skirts

By October 2005, I was getting good enough with clothes and make-up that I was starting to get looks from guys. But, as the end of this video shows, sometimes a short skirt gets more attention than you would like.

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Автор Dave Clark ( назад)
Nice beautiful 

Автор John Perks ( назад)
That is a lovely video wish I could take part

Автор Bob Hathaway ( назад)
i do wear short shirts like in th video

Автор Loraguy ( назад)
Thank you Tigress! I was just learning back then... I think I do a little
better now ;-)

Автор Jean West ( назад)
Thanks for sharing love all your tcute outfits, they look great on you oxox

Автор Loraguy ( назад)
@frostfirei Well that's an odd thing to say. I AM a guy, silly! ;-)

Автор Loraguy ( назад)
@sbbound99 Thank you Amanda. That's one of the nicest compliments I've ever
received. Hugs... Lora

Автор Amanda Bound ( назад)
Thank you for creating such an inspirational video!

Автор MrMotownmanny ( назад)
You should wear the strap from your purse on your shoulder & clutch it to
your side.

Автор Loraguy ( назад)
@TheKillybegs Thank you very much Paul. That's kind of you to say.

Автор Connie Firtree ( назад)
Hi Lora, have only just found this one from you, very nice all round and
brave of you to go out as well. Luv the leather oufits, they suit you done
to the ground.

Автор mrkenjb ( назад)
Hey ya-BABE-hottie-ya hon!!!

Автор mrkenjb ( назад)
What-loraguy-i think LORA-BABETTE-your so fine-GIRL!!!!

Автор Loraguy ( назад)
¡Usted tiene absolutamente razón!

Автор viky ruiz ( назад)
tienes el mismo problema que yo tenemos que aprender a caminar como mujeres

Автор Loraguy ( назад)
That's exactly the look I was shooting for! Thank you ♥

Автор Loraguy ( назад)
Thank you much, Jackie. The girl is singing about her "bitter-sweet

Автор Loraguy ( назад)
If he saw Natalie walking away, he wouldn't have given up so easily!

Автор captain1jim ( назад)
love the boots!

Автор torbrex1 (134 года назад)
Not surprised you're drawing attention with those looks

Автор OhSoddit ( назад)
Excellent. Thank you.

Автор sometimesjessica ( назад)
How Xciting! Look like scary fun! ;D

Автор nickyftv ( назад)
Wow Lora, I was nervous just watching. You look great - just wish I had
your courage. :-) Nicky xx

Автор malysz31 (28 лет назад)
great video,you are so brave

Автор Angeliqeu Berg ( назад)
in 0ne word GREAT

Автор Loraguy ( назад)
He thought I was someone he knew, and he didn't understand why I was
ignoring him.

Автор malysz31 ( назад)
what the guy on beginning wants from you?

Автор pantyhose gurl ( назад)
looks like you drew some attention much safer in the daytime

Автор Tintageltv ( назад)
Great outfits and so brave-great!

Автор Kevin Hopkins ( назад)
you look fantastic in all of your videos...I'd watch those sexy legs of
yours anywhere

Автор torontoteddy62 ( назад)
Lora this was great video of such and extremely gorgeous woman,in some
really pretty skirts and blouses Kisses.

Автор lawnmanmo1 ( назад)
Dear Lora LOVED the vid as usual. Your getting better and better everytime
you go out. I was watching that guy watching YOU as the video opened and I
just hoped that he would not be a problem. Just be careful as you have been
told by others. you still arouse me to the nines. Hugs Jerry

Автор Erica Caddei ( назад)
Lovely video! Lora honey, it's always wonderful to see a beautiful and well
dressed gurl out and about, though it does get scary sometimes, just be
careful sweety. Hugs, Erica xxxx

Автор cavalheira ( назад)
Nice collection of vids......stay safe

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