Marlin 795: ProMag 25-Round Magazine

Finally there is a _working_ full-capacity magazine option for the Marlin 795. I review the new ProMag "MAR-A1" 25 round magazine. There have been other attempts at extended magazines for the Marlin 795, and everyone says they are Junk. Well, finally us Marlin owners have a magazine option that puts us on-par with the Ruger 10/22 BX-25.

Table of contents:
- I introduce the magazine and give the basic features.
- Shooting footage (using Action Target Rimfire Dueling tree)
- Notes about loading the magazines, talk about the "Butler Creek Baby LULA" tool which I think _might_ fit (haven't tried it yet)
- Magazine Dissasembly
- Closing thoughts

Make sure you watch my video on the "Stick Magazine Fix" before you try to use these plastic magazines. The lever could gouge the plastic and get stuck, smooth out the internal magazine lever

The Butler Creek "Baby LULA" loading tool will fit the factory 10 round Marlin mags, but will NOT work on these ProMag magazines.

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Автор Nacreala Nicusor (5 месяцев)
you can dissasemble it to load it

Автор chad cook (5 месяцев)
do they make one for marlin 25mn

Автор Yung Ray (3 месяца)
Can this work on a model 70??

Автор TheTy2009100 (10 месяцев)
How have they held up?

Автор cab354 (11 месяцев)
Why not take out the spring, load the mag, and then replace the spring to
save your fingers?

Автор Colten izawesum (11 месяцев)
is there a supplier in Canada for these

Автор Mr American (1 год)
damn well mine does not look like yours its a straight bot a circle.1

Автор JOJO B (1 год)
i was curious ,it looks very simple to dissasemble the magazine is it
possable to remove the spring and then load the magazine and reinstall the
spring,maybe that will make things easier?

Автор PreparedTexan (1 год)
Time to buy a Papoose. :)

Автор Justin Howard (1 год)
Quick question, I have a Marlin 70 HC, and i've heard the 795 magazines can
fit the model 70. Do you know if this is true or not? Thanks for any help :D

Автор papgrumly (1 год)
The hi cap mag ban will pass! Buy them now while you can.

Автор ResponsibleCitizen64 (YouTube) (1 год)
Sounds like you'll have to wait until after the panic subsides.

Автор wrockw (1 год)
My rifle has the plastic sling mounts.Your rile looks like metal studs.Are
they metal.?

Автор xdkos man (1 год)
Total JUNK., bought 2 of these direct from Promag. I received two plastic
bags from Promag with a magazine in each - NOT like is pictured here. Also
both mags fail to feed with 3 different types of ammo. Promag sent me some
mags that were used in plastic bags? This is unacceptable, I will never buy
from them again.

Автор Anon Vigil (1 год)
The Papoose is not even sold anywhere anymore. There basically is no Marlin
Takedown-style rifle.

Автор sk8dc420 (1 год)
don't buy the promag for the marlin 795!!! It worked for one clip of
shooting and jammed .... Then quit working all together !!! Complete junk

Автор fantasybeading (1 год)
I ordered a couple magazines from Promag for other types of weapons and
they sent me 6 of these magazines a few days ago, so I bought a Marlin 795
instead of sending them back. Thanks for the video.

Автор ResponsibleCitizen64 (YouTube) (1 год)
All comments are held for approval before they appear. Feel free to add to
the conversation, but keep it clean please.

Автор Joe smith (1 год)
can you use the hot lips butler creek loader for this magazine

Автор sjpones3 (1 год)
will these 25rd promags fit my Marlin/g\Glenfield Mod 70? thanks for your
time, good video

Автор ResponsibleCitizen64 (YouTube) (1 год)
Make sure you watch my video on the "Stick Magazine Fix" before you try to
use these plastic magazines. The lever could gouge the plastic and get
stuck, smooth out the internal magazine lever so it doesn't catch on the

Автор jesse hernandez (1 год)
Also, it jammed my clip out safety lever(makes the trigger reset), n I had
to disassemble the rifle and pop it back into place, 5 minute fix. Only had
that happen once, but u can see the scratches/gouges on the clip, nxt to
the notch for the reset lever, so you might have to file dwn tht part if u
have the problem, this shld have no affect on the performance of the
magazine... And the new rifles are Allen wrench, not flat head. N it's an
akward size, so the cheap set won't have it...

Автор Scott Parker (1 год)
Thanks for posting this video.

Автор Rob Rosenberger (1 год)
FYI: yes, the XT-22 accepts a 795 magazine ... but the 795 cannot accept an
XT-22 magazine. Keep this in mind if you own a 795.

Автор nelsonbutcher1 (1 год)
if these prove reliable and durable in the long run it will give the 10-22
a serious run for its money. ive always liked the 795 series better anyhow.
this is just a new reason to invest in one :3 thanks for the info.

Автор Greb Jackson Jr (1 год)
Got my marlin 795 and looking for a better mag that can hold more and still
feed it nice is this mag a good one to get

Автор Nothingyetful (1 год)
im glad to see you wearing gloves when loading

Автор akkadianantttt (1 год)
I love your vids, very thorough and concise.

Автор TheBeanster (1 год)
thanks for that nice vid it was really in depth!

Автор ResponsibleCitizen64 (YouTube) (1 год)
Rear sight is the one it came with, also. Nothin new or changed on this
rifle, other than magazines.

Автор 75ShadowShooter (1 год)
Promags SUCK. Bought 2 of them for my 795 and they jam constantly. The
factory mags work fine.

Автор stix4Him (1 год)
Yeah buddy!! About time!!

Автор Ch4osWe4veR (1 год)
Know if one of these will work with the discontinued Marlin 25n I have?
Uses the same mag as its still produced replacement the 925. 25 rds is
maybe a bit much for a bolt rifle, but would be cool to go forever without
needing to reload anyway.

Автор ResponsibleCitizen64 (YouTube) (1 год)
@JOJO B I tried that but without the spring tension, the rounds get
jumbled-up inside. See my latest video I found a little tool that goes over
your thumb helps with loading the magazines

Автор TheXtro101 (1 год)
Well,it's about time Marlin 795 get some non-factory high capacity mags.Too
many accessories for the Ruger 10/22(bought my "795" 4 years ago in 2009).

Автор Patrick Jones (1 год)
Got one from Academy. $17.95 works like a charm. Got two factory 10 shots
and one of these.

Автор ResponsibleCitizen64 (YouTube) (1 год)
I recently saw two Marlin Papoose rifles (used) at a gun shop. I handled
them, and I just wasn't "in" to the design. Especially the metal barrel
with no forward handguard. I think the Ruger 10/22 Takedown looks better
for a .22 takedown rifle.

Автор ZephaniYah White (1 год)
Academy sells them in store for $16.99. Another thing about these mags, is
the fact that the release catch on them protrudes more than on the factory
mags. For this reason, you have to apply more pressure on the mag release
button to fully release the mag. Otherwise, you may damage the mag by
yanking it out. I've heard a story of the mags splitting at the top, this
may be due to what I just described. This problem can probably be
eliminated by filing down the catch release, which could be risky.

Автор ResponsibleCitizen64 (YouTube) (1 год)
The Butler Creek "Baby LULA" loading tool will fit the factory 10 round
marlin mags but will NOT work on the ProMag magazines.

Автор ResponsibleCitizen64 (YouTube) (1 год)
At one time, I think ProMag made a Metal magazine for the Marlin 795, it
was 15 rounds, and yeah it never worked as far as I can tell. These
25-round Polymer magazines are still going strong, I have 4 and all still

Автор Mr American (1 год)
What front site are you using?

Автор Robert Rivera (1 год)
About time

Автор Anon Vigil (1 год)
I just meant that they cannot easily be found at the vast majority of gun
stores. I have never seen one. They can barely be found online. But yeah, I
like the 10/22 design better. Overall, I think the Rugers are better built.
I have a 795, which I like but the stock is junk and the mechanism isn't as
"tough" as the 10/22. But it is inexpensive and a bit lighter and more
accurate out of the box.

Автор rbarrera1000 (1 год)
Nice video. Unfortunately, the BC Baby Uplula will not work on these pro
mags. The thicker part of the mag will not fit into the loader.

Автор dobe5487 (1 год)
The Baby Up-Lula does not work with this magazine. It will not slide down
enough on the magazine to allow loading.

Автор tonitchit (1 год)
You think these mags would fit the Marlin Papoose?

Автор ResponsibleCitizen64 (YouTube) (1 год)
The Magazines are still working fine.

Автор womensway1 (1 год)
Great video......been waiting for this mag for a long time!

Автор jesse hernandez (1 год)
I bought this gun as a cheap plinker, but it is extremely accurate, even at
100Yrds+. i do recommend it with a Simmons 8x32, or 3-9x40 scope. And I
bought two of these mags, but neither if thm wrk. The round doesn't
chamber, it lodges straight up, not into the muzzle. I've been told tl2
shave sumthin on the clip to fix this, but b4 ruining either mag, Id like
to knw if there r any suggestions on this issue? I will post vids of the
small group size @100Yrds n post the jam video also

Автор Appalachian Freedom Outdoors (1 год)
Thank you Sir! I am very excited about this -- I love my 795!

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