BEST Muscle cars burnouts ( PURE SOUND ) Hot

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burnout #2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vIBZHwXwN8

big fan of american v8 cars? here is my compilation with the best engine sounds and burnouts! have fun and please rate and comment this video

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Автор Dennis Throckmorton ( назад)
the guy @ 2:23 was like holy smokes I'm gettin sick cause of the smoke
yeesh those guys sure know how to roast e'm

Автор Jay Horvath ( назад)
I gained weight on this program +Gain Weight-F

Автор Jay Mitchell ( назад)
At 2:31. stiff dick car. Sick ass Superbird, in sublime green no
less.]Pffft, Mopar or no car.

Автор Dylan and Joshua ( назад)

Автор Jessy Dungui (ImxDzR) ( назад)
Isit bad I have a huge hard on from watching this?

Автор Eric Sutphin ( назад)
I think I'll have a V8

Автор TheCarbonStreet ( назад)
what is this car in 0:55?

Автор shibby4389 ( назад)

Автор noah lane ( назад)

Автор Darius T. ( назад)
My dream cars the OLD amaricen muscle cars 

Автор Leah Shadow ( назад)
Sexy, I love these cars. Great Video

Автор John Jackson ( назад)
What about the buick grand national 

Автор Piotr Tester ( назад)
super video

Автор Guns&Cars ( назад)
Damn that white Camaro was nice...

Автор Robert Armstrong ( назад)
smoke the tires

Автор Muscle Car Community and Classics ( назад)
Man I love this video!! May I upload this to my channel? I will give your
channel full credit for the making of this video!! Thank you in
advance! Jamie.. By the way I subscribed to you!

Автор C McCav ( назад)
Corvettes are and aren't muscle cars at the same time... Like they have the
extreme amount of power for it but each year their made for being race cars
to beat Porsche and Ferrari. And they have for the last 2 years. There
still cool looking and sounding cars tho

Автор Deon Denny ( назад)
this also in my backyard 4 speed manual 351 v8 with big rubberhttps://

Автор Deon Denny ( назад)
https://youtu.be/Ln3Nv_YNpPo here's my burnout and it just as good as what
u did and no small wheels 18" tyre's and its a 2004 ford ba xr6t plus my
pad is the size of my car not awhole carpark and I do believe ur show
roadkill said we are best at burnouts and here's a 2015 ford with ur
mustang motor in it https://youtu.be/p-yGuaOehUQ

Автор dartanion007 ( назад)

Автор rodney brown ( назад)
take a look http://youtu.be/hK0b8HSFPN8

Автор silvio cisotti (841 год назад)
A maior reunião de caipira americano, enfim os maiores pilotos de corrida
de linha reta e oval, porque nas demais, não pagam place pra ninguem.

Автор knucklehead0202 ( назад)
Corvettes aren't muscle cars, or cool.

Автор Billy Jack ( назад)
Love this video just wish I could've seen 70 Chevelle 454 but great choice
of cars good job

Автор mylittleponydude (499 лет назад)
why u cheer for jeff gordon? wtf?

Автор anonim xd ( назад)
Whats the first car?

Автор clarkespearo ( назад)
Just had to re watch to makes sure my comments were justified. An old
lady could do what these guys are doing, takes virtually no skill to get on
the brake and pump the gas. That vette had miles to swing it but he sat on
the brake. Dude your videos lame and these arnt even close to the best
muscle car burnouts.

Автор clarkespearo ( назад)
Wtf video is labelled best muscle car burnouts and every single one is
straight line or sitting. Shame shame 

Автор N Smith ( назад)
I have to agree with James. From the clips found online, the boys down
under could teach teach us a thing or two.

Автор xxdriftking027xx ( назад)
thats whats up lol

Автор bdwhitetailhunter5 ( назад)
the only good burnout on here was the yellow vette. the rest of these cars
in this video were turds! most would barely spin the tires. what a waste of
a perfectly good muscle car. IMO all muscle cars should have at least 500
hp...hopefully more!

Автор DelphoxFlamez ( назад)
Nice corvette Yelllow? I like yellow!

Автор Kory's Rides ( назад)
Yes, exhibition driving, and it is expensive. So I got mine framed on hung
it on the wall. Excessive acceleration can get you a ticket too. Have that
framed as well.

Автор Nate Karg ( назад)
You are a moron. A 4 cylinder can't even put out half the torque of a v8
unless its turbo-charged and where does burnout come from, torque. Go look
a nitro v8's you homo, there putting out more hp and torque than any 4
cylinder in world.

Автор 24/7 Videos ( назад)
that's because of the dusty aussie roads and the flintstone tires you guys
have overthere.

Автор James Lawrence ( назад)
i'd just like to say you americans have nothing on us aussies and new
zealanders when it comes to burnouts... you guys can't even get the wheels
smoking properly even with all that v8 power, we can pull off better skids
with a 4 cylinder engine.. don't believe me? search some up for yourself.

Автор SouthernRebel77 ( назад)

Автор maddogg27100 ( назад)
I would consider it a modern muscle car, though its not the same as the
original muscle car boom.

Автор hitesh bonde ( назад)
seeing the smoke gave me asthama...

Автор Qnickel27 ( назад)
its actually a Monte Carlo SS, same body style, slightly different styling
and of course a V8 rather than a turbo V6

Автор The99reddragon5 ( назад)
thats a mean gran national

Автор iankrzemien77 ( назад)
You might be right its one them i couldn't remember which one it was

Автор The One ( назад)
isnt that the dodge Daytona? the dodge charger got defeated so they built
the Daytona and it was fast enough to get banned from racing Plymouth
superbird is like a the same car but by a different name

Автор 24/7 Videos ( назад)

Автор 24/7 Videos ( назад)
just burnout that ticket then ;-)

Автор 24/7 Videos ( назад)
thanks for the comment! you are absolutely right. only this corvette
burnout was so bad ass i just had to add it!

Автор Erin Bragg ( назад)

Автор Erin Bragg ( назад)

Автор n00bcak35 ( назад)
i guess it depends on witch corvette your talking about z06 yes but im
pretty sure a zr1 is a supercar

Автор bad67pontiac ( назад)
Corvette at beginning sounds the best by far. Best burnout who knew what
they were doing was the 24 car.

Автор bad67pontiac ( назад)
Love the burnouts of course. Only problem I see is Title is wrong when you
open up a video saying Muscle Car burnouts and you open with a very new
Corvette which isn't a " Muscle Car" a 60 - 69 I would go with. But not
this car, its not a muscle car. I would put in the ...... Extreme Class to
compete against European cars. Still I love the post don't get me wrong.

Автор iankrzemien77 ( назад)
I'm a ford man but the true old school muscle car's from the 60's early
70's Mopar was it. Come on the super bee or super bird was BANDED from
Nascar. What other car was plus over 200+ mph stock

Автор Max Maki ( назад)
right you are. mopar was the king of the streets

Автор 24/7 Videos ( назад)
Didn't know skippy makes burnouts to!

Автор 24/7 Videos ( назад)
and watch my other muscle car videos to :)

Автор Brendan Ng ( назад)

Автор 24/7 Videos ( назад)
BoOoM passed the 100.000 views! thanks everybody for watching, sharing and
rating my video(s)

Автор jessi lopez ( назад)

Автор Jason Morrison ( назад)
Yeah but this is american muscle cars not Modern day Car's :) we all should
know Australia has better burnouts, since doing them here in america is
illegal or atleast where i live :/

Автор Jason Morrison ( назад)
True that ford made a huge things saying it was not fair then boom they got
banned could have shaped the way racing was done back then buttt nooooo
ford was jealous of the power of a mopar!

Автор MrSonyDelight ( назад)
*Nascar Racecar

Автор MrSonyDelight ( назад)
Let's see you do one better fucker.

Автор samiamW437 ( назад)
yea nice cars nice sound but fucking shit burnouts

Автор s logan ( назад)
yanks thats not a burnout video .youtube.com/watch?v=Ga8g8_Nw39o australia

Автор Brendan Ng ( назад)

Автор Jason Morrison ( назад)
Corvettes are sports cars and sports cars are not cars that go over 200....

Автор Jason Morrison ( назад)
There all american Iron does it matter if its muscle or not?

Автор skoteski01 ( назад)
Most of these are lame, power breaking doesn't count. You can do that in a
mini van

Автор HomeGrown Racing ( назад)
the dodge Daytona too that's what the superbird was based on

Автор n00bcak35 ( назад)
actually cars that go over 200 mph are called super cars

Автор Brad Rae ( назад)
Fuck yer the NASCAR

Автор waffenamt7 ( назад)
Nope they were doing 200 plus mph.

Автор Michael Glass ( назад)

Автор PizzaPete1958 ( назад)
Amen to Youknowitsmetheone!

Автор PizzaPete1958 ( назад)
Powerbreak burnouts are easy. The Mustang toward the end was the most
impressive because I didn't see break lights. He wasn't faking. But I'd
really be impressed to see a lot of smoke and a car bolting from the cloud
on its two back tires and rails!

Автор T Davis ( назад)
What an idiot-fuck german cars.

Автор Stuart P ( назад)
maybe 220 kph

Автор Sorrelity D ( назад)
R.I.P Tires.

Автор MOPARDRIFT KING ( назад)
Fuck German cars they are for fags with shitloads of Money MUSCLE POWER ANY

Автор John Schlander ( назад)
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to build pure lean muscle using the systems advanced somatotyping
techniques. Follow Maxidale.com for best results

Автор Hanjin13 ( назад)
love that copo burnout

Автор 24/7 Videos ( назад)
whaha have fun with y'r opel astra then!

Автор itdoesntmatter ( назад)
obviously you dont know what muscle car means. muscle car is the term
coined for an american rear wheel drive 2 door coupe with a powerful v8 in
the front. the corvette is both a sports car and a muscle car but it is not
a pony car because pony cars are affordable cars that are styled for
sportiness and the corvette is not considered affordable i believe the car
has to be under 50k to be considered affordable. the boss 302 is exactly
all 3 it is a pony/sports/ and muscle car.

Автор nikola mitkov ( назад)
Hey guys, have you seen Aston Muscle Ripper? (Google it) You will learn how
to get shredded.

Автор tilemahosC ( назад)

Автор grimreap93 ( назад)
hmmmm, any car that goes fast has a big motor in it and can hold a large
engine in my book is a muscle car, specifically the fast back. gt500 gt 350
the boss 302 to name a few. I would to some extent agree the coupe model is
a pony car.

Автор Zach Irvin ( назад)
They were not, do you know how much horsepower and downforce that would
take? For example, the fastest camaro in the world can only go around 140s
with almost 3000 hp.

Автор Psycho Von Cunt ( назад)
No, mustangs are so called pony cars.

Автор TheChargerman12345 ( назад)
can anybody give me a shout out

Автор grimreap93 ( назад)
Mustangs are muscle cars

Автор 0090cl ( назад)
I thought I was the only one lol

Автор Psycho Von Cunt ( назад)
You're gonna bother complaining about the Corvette but not the Mustang!?

Автор Psycho Von Cunt ( назад)
Nah, i'm used to seeing Scandinavian burnouts.

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