BEST Muscle cars burnouts ( PURE SOUND ) Hot

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burnout #2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vIBZHwXwN8

big fan of american v8 cars? here is my compilation with the best engine sounds and burnouts! have fun and please rate and comment this video

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Автор Mark Kennedy ( назад)
get better skids out of jappa cars waste of 5.7 litres

Автор Ounce eh Grass ( назад)
Just watched mad Max

Автор Bradley Watson (423 года назад)
As an Aussie, this video offends me because I'm still waiting for the
burnout to happen

Автор mason miller (1638 лет назад)

Автор mason miller (1653 года назад)
It's Mopar orb on car baby!!

Автор mason miller (1787 лет назад)
I'm gonna just start by saying, a corvette is NOT MUSCLE. ITS A SPORTS CAR

Автор Luis Abad ( назад)
no replacement for displacement. (except for maybe high revs)

Автор Chobbler Gobbler ( назад)
import beats muscle every time still

Автор Chobbler Gobbler ( назад)
import beats muscle every time still

Автор Chobbler Gobbler ( назад)
import still beats muscle every time you losers

Автор CAYDEN WORLEY ( назад)
It's a 67-68 Plymouth Barracuda

Автор Ubercharged Chargeduber ( назад)
2:01 DAYUM!!!!!!

Автор Dennis Throckmorton ( назад)
the guy @ 2:23 was like holy smokes I'm gettin sick cause of the smoke
yeesh those guys sure know how to roast e'm

Автор Jay Mitchell ( назад)
At 2:31. stiff dick car. Sick ass Superbird, in sublime green no
less.]Pffft, Mopar or no car.

Автор Jessy Dungui (ImxDzR) ( назад)
Isit bad I have a huge hard on from watching this?

Автор Eric Sutphin ( назад)
I think I'll have a V8

Автор TheCarbonStreet ( назад)
what is this car in 0:55?

Автор shibby4389 ( назад)

Автор Coolkid drifter ( назад)

Автор Darius T. ( назад)
My dream cars the OLD amaricen muscle cars 

Автор Leah Shadow ( назад)
Sexy, I love these cars. Great Video

Автор John Jackson ( назад)
What about the buick grand national 

Автор Piotr Tester ( назад)
super video

Автор Guns&Cars ( назад)
Damn that white Camaro was nice...

Автор Robert Armstrong ( назад)
smoke the tires

Автор Muscle Car Community and Classics ( назад)
Man I love this video!! May I upload this to my channel? I will give your
channel full credit for the making of this video!! Thank you in
advance! Jamie.. By the way I subscribed to you!

Автор C McCav ( назад)
Corvettes are and aren't muscle cars at the same time... Like they have the
extreme amount of power for it but each year their made for being race cars
to beat Porsche and Ferrari. And they have for the last 2 years. There
still cool looking and sounding cars tho

Автор Deon Denny ( назад)
this also in my backyard 4 speed manual 351 v8 with big rubberhttps://

Автор Deon Denny ( назад)
https://youtu.be/Ln3Nv_YNpPo here's my burnout and it just as good as what
u did and no small wheels 18" tyre's and its a 2004 ford ba xr6t plus my
pad is the size of my car not awhole carpark and I do believe ur show
roadkill said we are best at burnouts and here's a 2015 ford with ur
mustang motor in it https://youtu.be/p-yGuaOehUQ

Автор dartanion007 ( назад)

Автор rodney brown ( назад)
take a look http://youtu.be/hK0b8HSFPN8

Автор silvio cisotti (842 года назад)
A maior reunião de caipira americano, enfim os maiores pilotos de corrida
de linha reta e oval, porque nas demais, não pagam place pra ninguem.

Автор knucklehead0202 ( назад)
Corvettes aren't muscle cars, or cool.

Автор Billy Jack ( назад)
Love this video just wish I could've seen 70 Chevelle 454 but great choice
of cars good job

Автор mylittleponydude (500 лет назад)
why u cheer for jeff gordon? wtf?

Автор anonim xd ( назад)
Whats the first car?

Автор clarkespearo ( назад)
Just had to re watch to makes sure my comments were justified. An old
lady could do what these guys are doing, takes virtually no skill to get on
the brake and pump the gas. That vette had miles to swing it but he sat on
the brake. Dude your videos lame and these arnt even close to the best
muscle car burnouts.

Автор clarkespearo ( назад)
Wtf video is labelled best muscle car burnouts and every single one is
straight line or sitting. Shame shame 

Автор qtrml ( назад)

Автор Josh Larson ( назад)
Damn, that engine sounds way off the wall

Автор Kiefer S (1295 лет назад)
What kind of car is that at 2:32? It's a Plymouth what?

Автор Raymond Upenieks ( назад)
I really enjoy ALL of the Pure Sound videos, just what every car nut

Автор marco huertas ( назад)
nice could of done better though

Автор KiD CHRONiC ( назад)
almost all classics 

Автор Horsemanpro63 ( назад)
Seems like alot of brake stands...I hope for car owners sake they are using
line-lock systems...otherwise...doing brake stands not only burns out rear
brakes it also heats up the drums and or rotors which in turn will start to
melt your wheel seals on your rear axle...then you got a bigger
problem..gear oil dripping out on the tires and brakes..plus the risk of
fire if the temperature gets hot enough on the brake drums/rotors it will
definitely ignite...then say " bye bye " street machine.

Автор Chad Hickey ( назад)
Look how far I can pee.

Автор Jordan Melhem ( назад)
Torana and hq 

Автор NCジミー ( назад)
the blue cheville......looked sxy has fck

Автор DKashman ( назад)
What a crappy clip

Автор Tyrone Cripps ( назад)

Автор Timmy Ring Jr. ( назад)
what is the last car??

Автор jaydog bra ( назад)
In Australia are burnouts are way better.

Автор zimmy087 ( назад)
Boring. I was doing this when I was 9. no skill at all. Yawwwnnnnn. 

Автор Reesie Jenkins ( назад)
That Monte viscous af 

Автор Jeff Lindsay ( назад)
I like that red car

Автор Cody Biglow ( назад)
Jeff Gordon's burnout awesome!!!

Автор crazyhillbillyjoe ( назад)
Yehaw MF wow

Автор Dominic Sartini ( назад)
Lol Aussies think they're tough doing burnouts on little baby donut tires.
Pussies are too scared to go fast

Автор bigbossman padykill ( назад)

Автор MThrow ( назад)
Please don't get mad, but a Corvette is NOT a muscle car.

Автор roflcopterkklol ( назад)
Burnouts? Fucking weak. get off the bloody brakes ya wankers.
And people are actually eating this shit up like it is gold?
This is complete shit.

Автор AdriftersLife ( назад)
Nice watch mine :)

Автор sojuwannadrink1 ( назад)
No tires were harmed in the making of this video

Автор Damian Blake ( назад)
That's what real cars sound like ricers

Автор Cam Rehman ( назад)
RIP tires....

Автор GyroPyro12 ( назад)
The car the lady put down the water for was a plymouth barracuda. 

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Автор 24/7 Videos ( назад)
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#Dodge #Pontiac #failarmy #Smoke #youtube 

Автор Daniel96sj ( назад)
America are so SHIT at burnouts, in Australia we do better burnouts on
public roads... Type on YouTube (Summernats Burnouts) and you will see what
a burnout is. Not this crap, hopeless.

Автор 24/7 Videos ( назад)
Still remember this video? this is our most popular musclecar video ever!

#MuscleCar #HotRod #Hotrods #NHRA #IHRA #Racing #Drag
#dragracing #Chevrolet 

Автор Dalton Wardrip ( назад)
Nice cars

Автор Einsam Wolf ( назад)
what's the name of the last car?

Автор Ryan Beers ( назад)
I should do a video of my mustang doing a burnout it'll shame most of the
cars in this vid hopefully !

Автор Ryan Beers ( назад)
the red car firebird or trans am ? I don't believe trans ams were out that
early !! 

Автор Ryan Beers ( назад)
this was supposed to be sounds not videos !! waste of my time !

Автор Eric Helfrich ( назад)
when u leave your car overnite at the tireshop for new tires to be put on
in morning, this is what we do to warm up your old set and heat upp the rim
for easier removal. works every time.

Автор Chris Martin ( назад)
wish i kept my Thunderbird now

Автор stewiecasserole ( назад)
Gay as fuck. Yanks can't drop a skid for shit.

Автор Craig shelswell ( назад)
i think the Australians wood show these guys to do proper burnouts 

Автор wqpeb ( назад)
Kids. With pretty fair toys. 

Автор Bright-Light ( назад)
How much BHP does a stock camero have ?

Автор Jurgen Van den bergen ( назад)
ok u Americas, build some awesome motors... but stand stills please... I
know u can do better

Автор max131 ( назад)
хоть подрочить не грех

Автор XBanjoCountryX ( назад)
LMAO the aussies make cars to do burnouts and get destroyed big fuckin
whoop!we do burnouts to warmup the tread so we can hit that top spd in 10
secs.i used to get drunk and take my moms mini van and do pig tales at
50mph pedal to the floor.its just stupid that Australians destroy there
cars to do a burnout lmao sounds like some serious personality issues

Автор Porky Pie ( назад)
Apparently most of you posting the negative comments can't tell the
differance between a drag race burn out and an exhibition burn out. A drag
race burn out is not going to sit there till the tires are on fire. They
are heating them up to make them sticky to get better traction for their
launch when the light turns green.
The other burnouts if you haven't noticed are in a public parking lot or a
public street where doing so can get you into a lot of trouble. All of
these cars did burnouts, none of them didn't. Those of you who say they
sucked, lets see your muscle car and you do a burn out. The reality of that
more than likely is you don't even own a car let alone a gorgeous muscle
car like these are.

Автор baldandold ( назад)
ah, but can they do it without a linelok on the front brakes?...

Автор N Smith ( назад)
I have to agree with James. From the clips found online, the boys down
under could teach teach us a thing or two.

Автор xxdriftking027xx ( назад)
thats whats up lol

Автор bdwhitetailhunter5 ( назад)
the only good burnout on here was the yellow vette. the rest of these cars
in this video were turds! most would barely spin the tires. what a waste of
a perfectly good muscle car. IMO all muscle cars should have at least 500
hp...hopefully more!

Автор CobalionSnipez ( назад)
Nice corvette Yelllow? I like yellow!

Автор Kory's Rides ( назад)
Yes, exhibition driving, and it is expensive. So I got mine framed on hung
it on the wall. Excessive acceleration can get you a ticket too. Have that
framed as well.

Автор Nate Karg ( назад)
You are a moron. A 4 cylinder can't even put out half the torque of a v8
unless its turbo-charged and where does burnout come from, torque. Go look
a nitro v8's you homo, there putting out more hp and torque than any 4
cylinder in world.

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