How to tell Fake Vs Real Vans skateshoes

In this vid I'm showing how to look out for fake vans even though i think they look similar but if u want reals
You will be prepared.

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Автор Danny Merc (3 месяца)
stupid who cares about fake vans there just same

Автор cassiawaana (1 год)
I got real vans for 37$ lol

Автор Kaiya Rice (10 месяцев)
Where the hell do you find fake vans ?

Автор Neeeepz (1 год)
lol this vid is just a hate magnet

Автор The Ghast (1 год)
One Game Well.. LOL That doesn't even make much sense

Автор PUNKxSOUTH (1 год)
Lots of real Vans say VANS on the tab on the back, and a lot of them have
different colored tabs on the back, if you look at them on the official
Vans website you'll see that, also, all of them don't have the
brownish-orange gum bottom, you can also see this on the Vans website. Just
thought I'd throw my two cents in, because you were wrong about a few
things. (:

Автор steellht (11 месяцев)
Does vietnam make fakes

Автор Roger Minorger (1 год)
what are the websites for fake vans? so i wont buy there ..

Автор justin dejesus (1 год)
where did you get the fake vans???\

Автор buklau Sumdee (11 месяцев)
Your purple vans are vans lol xDDD

Автор Reason Pious Fortun (1 год)
I use fake vans too, not because I cant afford the original ones but
because they're much cheaper and the differences between the fakes and real
are very very minimal. you can even hardly tell, unless you really look
into them.

Автор josh blyth (1 год)
can you send me link for fake ones

Автор mcbooger61478 (1 год)
The real once r for girls stupid y would u wear them

Автор harvo510 (1 год)
keeper6t9er i got them from thailand shipped over they where $40 bucks

Автор George Gonzalez (8 месяцев)
Dude $90 for a pair of Classic Era's? You got ripped off bro! Classic era's
are even cheaper than the fakes ones at $45.99!

Автор buklau Sumdee (11 месяцев)

Автор Jorge Arellanes (1 год)
Vans are vans who the hell is going to tell the differences dumbass.

Автор sk8ingman97 (1 год)
90 fucking dollars

Автор Theskateeffect (9 месяцев)
Dude there fucking skate shoes not for you hype beast swag fags

Автор TvojaMAMA77 (11 месяцев)
This video is extremely annoying, cause you couldnt hold the camera stil...

Автор Freddy Werner (1 год)
your voice is annoying as fuck

Автор Chris Powell (8 месяцев)
i didn't even pay that for my chukka lows

Автор Dalton Cahn (9 месяцев)
If you get vans from journeys, vans.com,eastbay.com,zumiez there not
fake.target,khols there fake

Автор MrVenado80 (1 год)
Couldve sworn he said the real ones are on the left in the begining then he
says the right are real, im confused :/

Автор Jerrel. (1 год)
Ollie with them. Fake one won't survive.

Автор harvo510 (1 год)
at the back of the shoes there should be a red label that says Vans off the
wall if they just Say VANS they probably are fake i got mine from a well
know store in my area and mine dont just say VANS. Hope this helped if it
did please like the vid.

Автор sabrina13gallardo (1 год)
His shoes were the fake ones xD

Автор UltimateAirsofters23 (9 месяцев)
$90 man you got robbed vans $45 - $60 TAX INCLUDED you paid real vans money
for fake vans smh

Автор Tiffany Bruce (1 год)
There are vans and vans of the wall they are from different lines of vans
dumbass and it doesn't have t say vans-.-

Автор spicper lomba (1 год)
The fli fli

Автор AJMan81598 (9 месяцев)
Dude the purple ones are girls vans

Автор WizzTheRasta (1 год)
About the back some shoes like my "Old Skool" has the "Vans of the Wall"
but mine "Holder" has the normal "Vans" label. That's the bigest different
between the classic and the new aged Vans shoes...

Автор InformalShoes (1 год)
Those fakes have the leather cushion, like the eras do. The ones you have
are Lo Pros, and the other ones you showed are Authentics. Do some research
before you make your vids. Also, some Lo Pros have only "Vans" on the
badge. Check out Vans' website.

Автор Fabianwatez (1 год)
Kid you're really dumb. Vans classics were made in 1966. Dumbass.

Автор killa terain (1 год)
all are fake because they are made in China !!

Автор reitis11 (1 год)

Автор MikuLovesMH (1 год)
I got a real pair for christmas I love them! People say fake vans don't
last as long as a real pair

Автор Rebekah Lavy (1 год)
Where did u get the fake vans

Автор jesse Slayton (1 год)
there both fake cause any size over 7 should have a larger wider bottom not
like the ones on the kids size

Автор SymbiSpidey (8 месяцев)
Why would someone make fake Vans? Most Vans are like 50 dollars. Next you
gonna see people faking the generic Wal-Mart sneakers and selling them for
2 cents.

Автор Norman Bada (10 месяцев)

Автор Ericka Aguilar (11 месяцев)
Annoying keep the camera still

Автор Sanchezx22 (1 год)
90$??? there like 45$ at the mall. and 37$ if you knoe the right places

Автор Donovan Gunn (10 месяцев)

Автор PierceThe Abbie (1 год)
Vans are for girls and boys . They are skater shoes . Who skates more huh?
Boys. And we'll I don't think anyone should wear fake vans cause real ones
are pretty good . The aren't expensive .

Автор harvo510 (1 год)
@Fabs361 shutup fagot it was a quick vid and i didn't know about classics
and shit and the vans i am showing are not classics there new ones dickhead.

Автор alexarder202 (9 месяцев)
Vandal no it's not the vans on the right are not fake I got them so get ur
facts right

Автор Anthony Breazeale (8 месяцев)
90 dollars my ass

Автор Javier Greene (9 месяцев)
Dafuq you saying?

Автор Hendrix Dalida (1 год)
Are you from the Bay Area?

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