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Автор Johnnyxluna (1 месяц)
these do not exsist it says. Can you help me?

Автор Max Unicorn (22 дня)
The link is dead.. x_x

Автор Voltei a usar meu antigo canal : youtube.com/sas1001pc (4 месяца)
lol thanks

Автор logan viscaino (7 месяцев)
deth link :/

Автор TechieGames (13 дней)
NEW LINK: http://www.4shared.com/get/QHeC5FPP/Addon_Effects_Setup_Vista.html

Автор Chis Silver (1 год)
I have a question on movie maker. I use Windows 7 and Windows Live movie
maker is so crappy it crashes way too much and I cant use any files on it
or it will say the file is corrupt when its not. On Windows movie maker
2.6, If I download the pack that has these effects, will the program not
crash at all or freeze?

Автор Garcia Jureyna (7 месяцев)
crap! the link isn't available 

Автор Alpha Hellenic (7 месяцев)
The links aren't working.

Автор The Wise Servant (8 месяцев)
This looks really cool! I was looking for a way to add neat looking text in
the video. Hope this works!

Автор Rc-Nerd (1 год)
i have the old one on my laptop and if i download 2.6 do i have to remove
the old one but its locked into the memory?

Автор NSI Sports (7 месяцев)
Do you offer the Effect package for Windows 8? [referring to the Windows
Movie Maker 2.6] add on? Is there a link that still works to download the
add-on? Thank you!

Автор Eric Clarke (8 месяцев)
So I'm guessing the packet is no longer available since the the link goes
to a server not found page.
If it is available please send new link. Thanks!!!

Автор howling wolves (9 месяцев)
getting it!!it is free right?

Автор BannerIncredibleHulk (10 месяцев)
I have a question: Can I make HD movies using Winodws Movie Maker 2.6? If
yes, what is the option I need to choose? Your feedback would be highly

Автор Kiana Koukla (9 месяцев)
The link goes to a page which won't display, I think it may have been taken
down, do you know of any other way of downloading this package ??

Автор Ferro Gamer - Italian Footballer (7 месяцев)
reupload please!

Автор Benjamin Kalipuka (10 месяцев)
were dd u get dis ma man

Автор Ernestas Bula (10 месяцев)
iv got that 2.6 but dont have effects as u have showed, how to update or
download them?

Автор sasukexnaruxsakura (1 год)
Is there extra effects for windows movie maker for windows 8?? 

Автор ASZ Producciones (1 год)
Please, Docextreme1, put them into another link

Автор Ichigo Piece (1 год)
you got issues, just tell us the original link...

Автор Tetsuya Kagami SYA (1 год)
the link does not work anymore.
can you put the original link from the wedsite that you downloaded it??

Автор Christina-M (1 год)
It says the website was taken down due to copyright

Автор Jason stephen (1 год)

Автор DreamEaterProd1 (1 год)
I just downloaded it.. And it doesn't give me those effects.. ): 

Автор cecil williams (1 год)
Thanks for sharing.

Автор TheAwestruck (1 год)
what is the link of the website that you are using to download all those
stuff and all??

Автор FruitfulRose (1 год)
Thanks for being so informed. How do I get the "Lots More Effects" you
speak about in your video? 

Автор Adventureruler (1 год)
The effects package for Vista and windows 7 doesn't show anything when I
click the link, what's up with that?

Автор cassiebieberduh (2 года)
Ikr i downloaded live movie maker and got losted so i un-download it.

Автор Naja Matthews (1 год)
Works on xp. If you want to dowload it for FREE select the REGULAR DOWNLOAD
option, if you don't it will prompt you to pay! THanks SOOO much!

Автор JbbJerrall (1 год)
aint this a bitch ? because of all that now my windows movie maker start
crashing and wont stop !!!

Автор docextreme1 (2 года)
Glad it helped don't forget to subscribe :) thanks for watching

Автор MostDangerousGaming (2 года)
is this a safe download... someone tell me

Автор NEW CHANNEL - (1 год)

Автор Naja Matthews (1 год)
did it work for xp? Is it free?

Автор docextreme1 (2 года)
Not at all thank you

Автор Mukuro Rokudo (2 года)
How to Download the effect because my movie maker don't have a effect Thank

Автор dee sleezy (2 года)
did you notice he has no capture from video device???....... no one
does!!!! watch my video and learn how to regain your capture from video

Автор BlackBlocks PARÓDIÁK :D HUPASZTMEK (1 год)
The 2.6 works for XP?

Автор Songs Only (2 года)
I have downloaded a movie maker from Net, but it is in any other language.
How do i Convert it to English

Автор fatsniper77 (2 года)
Can you make a tutorial on how to get the twitch effect for windows live
movie maker please

Автор docextreme1 (2 года)
Yes it's safe I would not post it if it was not

Автор TheBlanka57 (2 года)
thank you :)

Автор Tarita Meskhoradze (1 год)
its runing in windows 8 tooo

Автор Reyz Fever (2 года)
Nice :)

Автор SwiftK07 (2 года)
Thanks for this, now that I have a "newer" version I can add a title on a
selected clip without an error warning every 4 seconds. Now lets just see
if I can SAVE the films...

Автор RivaL ReNeGaDe (2 года)
Probably a stupid question, but here I go! Can this add-on package work for
6.0 version? I've heard the only difference between the two was 2.6 works
more for integrated video cards, whereas 6.0 works for separate video
cards. I also heard they were released roughly around the same time. Nice
video and thanks in advance for my question.

Автор docextreme1 (2 года)
You are very welcome dont for get to subscribe.

Автор Alam Singh (2 года)
microsoft sits not wrking

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