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Windows Movie Maker 2.6 is one of the most popular free movie editing software programs use today by millions of user's world wide

The Windows Movie Maker 2.6 is even better then ever the one your viewing now has tons of new Effects, Transitions, Titles Credits, and more They are FREE to download and enjoy.....The links below are safe to download so download with a clear mind. There are over 450 effects and about 100 hundred transitions and Credits.

The links below contains Effects for Windows Vista ans Also Windows Xp so make sure you choose the correct package for your computer

If you like what you have downloaded you may Subscribe to show thanks. Enjoy

First download Windows Movie Maker 2.6

instructions on downloading
Download the ( setup ) file to your computer and rename that file to ( exe ) just the way you see it here. Then right click on the (exe) file and install it also add a shortcut to your desktop.. Click on the link below to begin the download

Effects Package for Vista and Windows -7

Effect Package for XP

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Автор Winston Conklin ( назад)
What is new you'd say? "We never give you the reverse effect, so you have
to download different software!" GO-TO-H##L!

Автор 'Lil Philippione Nurse ( назад)
Cannot download Movie Maker 2.6. Page says...
"We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found."

Автор Bjørn Simonsen ( назад)
There is many new video effects added on. It is just sad that nearly all of
the new effect only work like the effect "Reveal right". And it sucks too
much ass, when the windows movie maker 2.6 many times just stop working.
Jesus christ why they never create a movie maker software that never
freeze. I can say, NEVER press the "video effects" and then "Contrast +15%"
or "Contrast -15%", or you can be very sure that it freeze if you try

Автор CaptainMagical ( назад)
Please note: "Uploaded on Dec 8, 2010"

Автор Aika CresentMoon ( назад)
None of the links work :/ Do you have any for Windows 8?

Автор pooly olly ( назад)
Can we make a movie using short videos ???

Автор Daevid ( назад)
NEW LINK: http://www.4shared.com/get/QHeC5FPP/Addon_Effects_Setup_Vista.html

Автор Johnnyxluna ( назад)
these do not exsist it says. Can you help me?

Автор FerroGamer - ItalianFootballer ( назад)
reupload please!

Автор Gremory Rias ( назад)
crap! the link isn't available 

Автор NSI Sports ( назад)
Do you offer the Effect package for Windows 8? [referring to the Windows
Movie Maker 2.6] add on? Is there a link that still works to download the
add-on? Thank you!

Автор Alphys Hedge ( назад)
The links aren't working.

Автор logan viscaino ( назад)
deth link :/

Автор The Wise Servant ( назад)
This looks really cool! I was looking for a way to add neat looking text in
the video. Hope this works!

Автор Eric Clarke ( назад)
So I'm guessing the packet is no longer available since the the link goes
to a server not found page.
If it is available please send new link. Thanks!!!

Автор Kiana Koukla ( назад)
The link goes to a page which won't display, I think it may have been taken
down, do you know of any other way of downloading this package ??

Автор Ernestas Bula ( назад)
iv got that 2.6 but dont have effects as u have showed, how to update or
download them?

Автор BannerIncredibleHulk ( назад)
I have a question: Can I make HD movies using Winodws Movie Maker 2.6? If
yes, what is the option I need to choose? Your feedback would be highly

Автор Benjamin Kalipuka ( назад)
were dd u get dis ma man

Автор sasukexnaruxsakura ( назад)
Is there extra effects for windows movie maker for windows 8?? 

Автор Chis Silver ( назад)
I have a question on movie maker. I use Windows 7 and Windows Live movie
maker is so crappy it crashes way too much and I cant use any files on it
or it will say the file is corrupt when its not. On Windows movie maker
2.6, If I download the pack that has these effects, will the program not
crash at all or freeze?

Автор ASZ Producciones ( назад)
Please, Docextreme1, put them into another link

Автор DreamEaterProd1 ( назад)
I just downloaded it.. And it doesn't give me those effects.. ): 

Автор Rc-Nerd ( назад)
i have the old one on my laptop and if i download 2.6 do i have to remove
the old one but its locked into the memory?

Автор Ichigo Piece ( назад)
you got issues, just tell us the original link...

Автор Tetsuya Kagami SYA ( назад)
the link does not work anymore.
can you put the original link from the wedsite that you downloaded it??

Автор Jason Steel (Bother.s of justice) ( назад)

Автор cecil williams ( назад)
Thanks for sharing.

Автор Eddie_Bamar ( назад)
what is the link of the website that you are using to download all those
stuff and all??

Автор Christina-M ( назад)
It says the website was taken down due to copyright

Автор Adventureruler ( назад)
The effects package for Vista and windows 7 doesn't show anything when I
click the link, what's up with that?

Автор FancySkribblez ( назад)
If you want to find the Windows/Vista version of this package, go to google
and type in Addon Effects Setup Vista 4shared. 4shared has the download on
their website. I downloaded it from there and it worked fine for me. Hope
this helps other people :]

Автор FancySkribblez ( назад)
Is there somewhere else I can download this pack for Windows? I'm really
excited about these effects, but the file in the link for Windows is no
longer available. Any help, anybody? Please and thank you.

Автор DKTYOJA2308 ( назад)
Is it working for windows Vista.? 

Автор MaxirionV ( назад)
Is there picture in picture? Say I'm wanting to put a facecam on a gameplay

Автор Smarty† Gothic & Lolitia ( назад)
It works on Windows 8

Автор Smarty† Gothic & Lolitia ( назад)
I installed this on Windows 8 & it's 100% working :D

Автор Shiki Sheeks ( назад)
The title animations are not the title animations.. ._. And that's what I
was searching for! T^T

Автор Endrit Krasniqi ( назад)
Help i need text effect can you send me a link plz 

Автор YouTube Girls123 ( назад)
Same I had to save the file restart the whole computer then go to the file
and download it again then it took fife seconds '-'

Автор TheRockyCrowe ( назад)
THANK YOU TONS!!!! I'm currently working on a animation project and I
needed more versatile effects.. I kept running into scammers and 'demos'
that didn't really have any effects OR gave you cool effects but forced you
to have their shitty disclaimer on it...this was fast, virus-free and
awesome! ^^ TY so much! (BTW, found you on google from Creativebloggers!)

Автор javier romero ( назад)
want add effect on wmm 2.6 for windows 8, can you recommend a link.

Автор Aravind LORD ( назад)
same here..... :(

Автор Parody Network ( назад)
Thanks you very much! I love making videos in movie maker becouse it's
easy! But me and my friends decided to make a real movie i needed better
effects that my old movie maker on xp has! So thanks you very much! And if
you want, you can support me and my team! :)

Автор 8SomaCruzes ( назад)
Well the main REASON why it isn't included with Windows 7, is due to them
changing the program to that Windows LIVE Movie Maker, it was never meant
to be on Windows 7.

Автор Naja Matthews ( назад)
Works on xp. If you want to dowload it for FREE select the REGULAR DOWNLOAD
option, if you don't it will prompt you to pay! THanks SOOO much!

Автор Naja Matthews ( назад)
did it work for xp? Is it free?

Автор Madara Uchiha ( назад)
Madara Uchiha is not approving this, so is #Meandmusic. You shall feel the
pain and hatred!

Автор BlackBlocks Gaming ( назад)
The 2.6 works for XP?

Автор matthewtaylorbrown ( назад)
It's so nice to have so many options, thank you for presenting this.

Автор NEW CHANNEL - ( назад)

Автор NEW CHANNEL - ( назад)
Xp... :D

Автор Tarita Meskhoradze ( назад)
its runing in windows 8 tooo 

Автор Tarita Meskhoradze ( назад)

Автор Smarty† Gothic & Lolitia ( назад)
Will it work for Windows 8?

Автор Kenne Barton ( назад)
And also don't replace this WMM with the one you have, because if you have
any saved projects they will not open with the new one you download. And
you wont be able to update your codecs because his download disables your
tools>options menu so therefore none of your videos will most likely not be
imported. I was very disappointed. Thanks for nothing bud.

Автор Kenne Barton ( назад)
None of my movies are compatible. It says cant be imported because the
codec required to play the file is not installed on your computer. If you
have already tried to download and install the codec, restart Windows Movie
Maker, and then try to import the file again. So I installed some k-lite
codec pack but when I open WMM and try to access tools>options the fucking
program crashes. Ur add on package for some reason is disabling my options
menu. WTF? So now I have no videos that can open.

Автор Kitsunaga ( назад)
Can someone tell me if this works for 6.0?

Автор MagicGirl15 ( назад)
Thanks, this will really help me! But some of them dont work especially the
halloween ones, do you know how to fix this?

Автор duhastchris ( назад)
some of them i dont think are working like the Halloween one like a orange
line just pans across the screen and theres a cupple others that do the
same thing 

Автор Edward Saniatan ( назад)
Thanks Man! It is still available Right now. Wow Bro.. Thanks.. Helped me a
lot.. :)

Автор mothman197979 ( назад)
I could not down load 2.6 because I do not have Vista, however I did
download the package for the FX and it works in the 2004 windows movie
maker, thanks man. I Subbed you.

Автор ChaoCream ( назад)
Wait, why do you have to rename it? That's confusing me. Do I have to do
something special or something?

Автор supergirlnic ( назад)
i have windows movie maker but u said in the description vista , and i
dunno what is that :/ which one i download ? ? 

Автор Mario Alegria ( назад)
Thanks al lot dude it serves me well for my animations the video i sent you
is just the tip of the iceberg ill send it to you as i experiment with this
software i encourage people to get this its the best better than i would
say cs4 cs4 too complicated so again dude thanks gracias ok mano chao.

Автор UltimateGrobanite ( назад)
OMG thank you SOOOOOOOO much! I've dual-booted my Mac with Windows because
I like WMM better than iMovie and I've wanted new transitions and such for
WMM for a LOOOONG time. <3

Автор Cindy Buzatu ( назад)
Thank you very much. I was using the old version of movie maker on my old
machine. Got a new machine and was forced to update but the transitions
were SO limited. I love the new ones but I have to say that there are still
some missing (pan down, pan out from lower left etc). Still, these extra
effects do help HEAPS!

Автор Cindy Buzatu ( назад)
The best thing to do is to save your photoshopped images as a jpeg. You
will need to save it as a copy because of the format but it's no problem.
Then go to your video project in movie maker, click FILE and then IMPORT
INTO COLLECTIONS (or just hold CTRL + I). A pop up will allow you to browse
your computer and add whatever media files you like (provided they are
compatible which jpegs definitely are). Mix and match between videos and
pictures. Add your own music, mute certain audio etc.

Автор Jezadele0904 ( назад)
Thank you so much, I am creating a slide show for my middle school students
and really wanted more effects to make it extra special. You saved me! My
students and I thank you! Jessica Pgh, PA 

Автор Ckrille ( назад)
It is not false. Apparently it took you to someplace else. I didn't have to
sign up for anything. it was only a wait 20 seconds and then click to
download.. Have you tried the link multiple times to see if it does he same
thing? if it does then It's either the link or your computer.

Автор Mario Alegria ( назад)
There yu can see more of my stuff im so addicted to this its awesome again
gracias amigo,

Автор Mario Alegria ( назад)
Thanks alot dude you made my day long time no see here i made some old wmm
2.6 maybe now i can re do with this software thanks i love the transitions
im happy,,

Автор Exequiel Wales ( назад)
Thank you sir! :)

Автор CallOfDutyEmpireCODE ( назад)
Thank you for your videos. I watch your couple videos on Movie Maker 2.6
and am more knowledgeable of the program now. [Sub'd]

Автор Mark Alberto ( назад)
thank you so much man!! ^_^

Автор shameem kouser ( назад)
i have windows7 o.s i have windows movie maker. but im confuse these effcts
and transitions r not in that. plzzzzzzzz help me how can i get these
effects. the link is not supporting it.

Автор ZigN Zag ( назад)
where an i download that effect?

Автор ZigN Zag ( назад)
why when i put effect on the video there'' X'' sign on it??

Автор KingSilencer ( назад)
Dude thanks your so awesome 

Автор Lucynthia Ritonia ( назад)
heheh thank you so much for that bless you...

Автор KaylaTheHyena ( назад)
It works, thanks!

Автор MsChaing ( назад)
Well, I can't fully download it because my computer is dumb, but I plan on
downloading it asap. Thanks! :)

Автор frances nicdao ( назад)
is this 2.6? 

Автор waymuu ( назад)
try downloading 'klite codec pack'

Автор Viotto ( назад)
wmv cannot be imported because the codec required to play the file is not
installed on your computer. If you have already tried to download and
install the codec, close and restart Windows Movie Maker, and then try to
import the file again. ??? please help! I cant import any clips

Автор jan cj perera ( назад)

Автор RivaL ReNeGaDe ( назад)
Probably a stupid question, but here I go! Can this add-on package work for
6.0 version? I've heard the only difference between the two was 2.6 works
more for integrated video cards, whereas 6.0 works for separate video
cards. I also heard they were released roughly around the same time. Nice
video and thanks in advance for my question.

Автор AlexFGFootball98 ( назад)
Hi there do you know if u can get like slow motion effects and flashing
effects for this or windows live movie maker?

Автор Babyboonijivi Regalado ( назад)
thank you soooo much!!

Автор Stina ( назад)

Автор Glenn Torres ( назад)
thank you

Автор MIZ-GAMING ( назад)
wrk on live movie maker ????????

Автор bucky699 ( назад)
quick question u kno if these will work on 6.0? only ask cause when i tried
to use effects on 2.6 it crashes every time so im trying 6.0 out as its
designed to work with win7 

Автор bucky699 ( назад)
This is great i like making AMVs and this makes it possible to continue on
WMM and not having to buy software just for something i like to do on the

Автор docextreme1 ( назад)
Thanks so much for subscribing my friend glad you found it useful.

Автор Andrei Galutan ( назад)
Thanks!!!this helped me alot

Автор Marie Plumentera ( назад)
GREAT!! so COOL thank you so much it helps me a lot :D

Автор Karen Torres ( назад)
You're a hero!!! 

Автор Steven Michael Bogarat ( назад)
thanks very much..I had your program and really had a good time using all
the extras...my laptop crashed and I tried to re-install the "special
effects" and I got a different set..I wanted the one with "wild curl 1 and
2"...also with "rotate back..forward..clockwise...counter clockwise
etc...would you point meto the correct link....greatful for that..Steven 

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