Steve Jobs presents the plan for the new Apple Campus (2011) LAST STEVE JOBS FOOTAGE

This is the last known video footage of Steve Jobs. He presented to plans of the new Apple Campus "The Mothership" to the Cupertino City Council.

Date: June 7, 2011
Steve was 55 years old More Insanely Great Videos & Info at http://everystevejobsvideo.com

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Автор Mahaveer U ( назад)
who is watching in 2017

Автор Best Life ( назад)
he inspires me, he's my idle

Автор Kosova1 ( назад)
Is Cupertino City somewhere in China??

Автор Jayyy Zeee ( назад)
It's strange that he mentions his job at HP when he was young since it's thought the chemicals he was exposed to there resulted in the cancer that was taking his life at the time this was filmed.

Автор Finley Ellis ( назад)
Section best reward array norm killing generous drive.

Автор Zim O.E ( назад)
A lot of Asians

Автор Bedtime Paradox ( назад)
They all want to make a blow job to Steve Jobs, but they dont know how to ask.. So they make this stupid questions like: "My ass is all yours Mr. Jobs, but do you think you could penetrate me while other people have wi-fi?"

Автор F Fuentes ( назад)
The guys who didn't sell their apartments are smart. Now those apartments are going to double in price.

Автор Lincoln Berry III ( назад)
"Will it have free WiFi?"

Talk about short-sighted...

Автор ForrestKnight ( назад)
Anyone else come from the aerial video of the Apple Campus 2? Crazy what can happen when you make things happen.

Автор Salahuddin Cook ( назад)
Bali pride 6 and 7

Автор Master Mind ( назад)
The new Apple headquarters. Will be the, new world order government building headquarters. Apple is just a front.

Автор iam1ina1000000 ( назад)
I could build a big fancy office too if I did not pay taxes and just lied about my head office being in Ireland. The USA is 20 TRILLION dollars in debt in 2016, and greedy corrupt corporations like this, refuse to pay taxes. Of course if slaves like us refuse to pay taxes, we are sent to jail and our property is seized!! Apple sucks!!

Автор Neal Moreno ( назад)
uh um uh um uh um um

Автор Noe Berengena ( назад)
Steve died on October 5, 2011, two days short of 4 months after his appearance here. Councilwoman asks "What benefit is this to Cupertino?" Taxes , honey! Employees patronizing Cupertino businesses! Duh.

Автор Joel Booker ( назад)
Some dumbass questions coming from the city council. Did the oriental guy sleep through the whole thing? "The old building is gonna hold like 9,000 people? And the new one 13,000?" You think they spend a few billion on a building and not think about the traffic influx or safety and code requirements.

Автор Gabe the Babe ( назад)
He said 2015. Its November 2016 and there not even half way done

Автор thiruvetti ( назад)
2:18 - Typical Chinese / Japanese - Takes the camera, acting as if its all cool, doesnt care about the focus or the direction of the target, pushes the camera button , thinks "Everything is done here. Now what more is left"!

Автор Pablo Skills ( назад)
its fu**ing unbelievable the DUMB of the questions of the "politics"

Автор Leonardo C ( назад)
13:19 free wifi .... steve ! How much would cost to Apple to give free wifi to Apple's neighbors?

Автор Jared Herman ( назад)
So sad, he seems so weak and frail.

Автор Rexo ( назад)
11:23 The would has changed so much without Steve jobs

Автор whatadollslife ( назад)
too bad he didn't plan on where any of these people will live ..have fun on your commute

Автор Jeff Suttles ( назад)
Look at all of those second generation Chinese, Japanese and Mexicans running the government and sitting in that room looking like they're all about to orgasm like they do playing slot machines in casinos. It's no different than what they did to Hawaii. Native Hawaiians are outnumbered by Japanese and Filipinos a million to one. Yet they still cry about the handful of whites that are there.

Автор Geoff Garvis ( назад)
11:03 -This dumb lady would last about 3 seconds as an Apple employee.
Fortunately for her, Steve was there on his best behavior.
At 13:29 he had enough..."call me a simpleton" he says. In Steve talk, that means YOU ARE A SIMPLETON GET OUT OF MY FACE.

Автор ShawnyDaBirdie ( назад)
its 2016 and its almost done ALMOST only 2 more years to go it is so awesome if you get the chance go there

Автор Arun Lohia ( назад)
Softrobot headquarter. higher than Apple headquarters . s.robot

Автор musicalboy S85 ( назад)
rip stivi

Автор Wayne Fraser ( назад)
"With such a big building, have you thought about the safety of those employees?". Well yeah of course......The building is big and holds 12,000-13,000 but the Pentagon holds nearly 25,000.... Your city will be alright

Автор john tacij ( назад)
What a speaker(presenter) he was

Автор damystica ( назад)
Cupertino City Council is infested with chinks. :-)

Автор Jake K ( назад)
did they bought apartments around the corner?

Автор Nairuulagch ( назад)
The key here is in the future an angry Microsoft stock owner or executive flies a big plane to crash into Apple headquarter then only little part of the building will get damaged like Pentagon example.

Автор Brice Deylac ( назад)
Crazy that he died 4 months later.

Автор OakhillSailor ( назад)
OMG the council are so star struck they just want to suck his dick. Especially the gay one.

Автор Ben Tarr ( назад)
What the hell did that guy ask about the Kaiser plant for...?

Автор ( назад)
SJ is the man!!!

Автор S Chase ( назад)
as always - city councils are freaking ridiculous.

Автор moomman89 ( назад)
What about a heliport area?

Автор Kahurangi Millin ( назад)
The buildings say IO. See the big overtop pictures

Автор Kahurangi Millin ( назад)
So it's a giant metal & glass donut...

Автор Laura Kane ( назад)
America has the poorest people in the world and it's because companies like Apple send all their work to China and to top it all off pay no tax on income earned. How's your IPhone? Google same exact thing. They're making truck loads of money while 65% of Americans don't even have $500 for an emergency.

Автор Thantzin Hao ( назад)
Why so many asians

Автор Ken Grand ( назад)
@ 8:03 why did he say "brown outs" as opposed to blackouts when talking about power outage?..... was it a slick racial pun?

Автор [331] ( назад)
here is a joke how about steve doesent have a job

Автор MeBeTheDB ( назад)
In 1983 ... I found out, through a 'friend of a friend' who worked at the then only Apple Building -- on Infinite Loop Way in Cupertino -- that I could buy my first computer ... the wondrous APPLE IIc ... at a nice discount.

So, I saved my pennies -- rat-holed every spare dollar and finally, working as a Production Assistant / Location Scout for local Bay Area shot movies / commercials that I finally had the price. Yippieeee-!

As soon as possible, I made the appointment to get to Apple's Home Office and on that day, I made my way there ...

Once inside the huge white lobby, I went to the reception and asked for the friend of a friend. The beautiful receptionist called him -- then asked me if I could wait a few moments as he was just finishing something. Well, of course I said 'Yes' (!)

Retreating to one of the comfy sofas -- I sat there biding my time -- with veritable 'Visions of Apple IIc Sugarplum Fairies' dancing in my head. As I sat there, I noticed there was SOMETHING under some clear plastic on display off several yards.

My curiosity peaked, a few moments later, I climbed off the sofa and ambled over to see whatever IT was ... and oh-my ... it was the ORIGINAL APPLE 1 that Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak created in Mr. Jobs' childhood home.

The shell was made of wood

Автор duci71k ( назад)
Yea..-the great man himself....sometimes you have to say "no" Steve knew how to do that well....

Автор Shocksta1234 ( назад)
damn by 2015 ? i watched an update video and it was like half way done

Автор Yaqin Mhd Nor ( назад)
He is something. I like the moment when he scratching his head.

Автор 4jeffryangelus ( назад)
the campus will be amazing and steve did a great job. but OMG! those city officials are behing like children. they asked the worst questions in the world. was this their first day? "ohw anda waddabout tie safetie will it.. iz it gonna be a oke?" Steve: "yeah"... "owah okay"

Автор tntiger84 ( назад)
At 9:40 mark landscape +350% is incorrect. Should be +250% (approx). Btw, are these "council members" paid more, the more stupid their questions are? Seriously. Maybe they should read more.

Автор Ian Tait ( назад)
I'm glad for cupertino that apple pays its tax because they don't pay all the taxes they are supposed too in Australia

Автор forty fourounce ( назад)

Автор wigglesize ( назад)
I don't understand why Steve Jobs is so praised, what did he actually do? He didn't create technology, he didn't have any skill that could allow him to single handily create something valuable, people idolise him like he is tony stark, but he is just eccentric, nothing else. if this is an unfair description then I apologise, I have watched documentaries and that awful film and I still don’t understand what he did for apple. I don't hold this man accountable for music or computing tech, I give that praise to the people who actually have the knowledge and do the work. I notice how apple doesn’t fall apart now that Steve jobs isn't around anymore, so what was he actually responsible for when he was running the show? Motivational speeches? Great..... Someone give this man a trophy for having an orgasm over type face.

Also, Steve, not only is the creation of a donut shaped building the obvious opposite for the conformist square shaped building, but its also been done... check out GCLHQ in England, and this stupid looking building is being used for.... that's right, mass surveillance of the population of the planets populous, through the use of technology like your iPhones and iwatches and any other device that your company thinks up to create some more rainy day money for your 8 billion in of shore accounts. what a thinker this Steve Jobs guy was, more like a kid who never grew up, throwing tantrums at work. referring to this man a genius is offensive.

Автор Jacques Morand ( назад)
ça dernière journée de travail,
it's last day of work,

Автор lestliness ( назад)
It is kinda funny that there isn't an Apple store in Cupertino. 

Автор soviet9922 ( назад)
lucky this pice of shit shiny tv sale man is dead

Автор websuspect ( назад)
The cement prant is parutting da airrr.  whaattt?

Автор Tristan Miller ( назад)
sucky ass politicians

Автор Themonkeyking911 ( назад)
Poor Steve seems so tired... I will always remember him when I go past an apple store...

Автор raredreamfootage ( назад)
The iBuilding!

Автор vF3ARv1 ( назад)
Cupertino... more like Asiantino.

Автор Linn Vaveon ( назад)
Drone's Eye View of Current Construction -
Apple Campus 2 construction video - August 2014 - shot with GoPro

Автор Phil C ( назад)
wow this city council is retarded

Автор Partypoppers55 ( назад)
"Safety will be put into consideration?" What a dumbass

Автор shinnysud1 ( назад)
They want to steal my city wokk x0

guy sounds like the character from South Park

Автор Patrick Dukemajian (1147 лет назад)
Cupertino doesn't have enough traffic for an Apple store.  Meanwhile the city I live in has two Apple stores across the street from each other.

Автор Matthias VD ( назад)
I love the idea but one major flaw.... So close to the coast. While the sea water is rising and rising, the risk of fload or that the sea takes over major coastal land is real.

Автор Lumanix1 ( назад)
As soon as the guy pull up the ipad 2 at the end, a stupid Microsoft Surface Pro ad came up. How ironic

Автор Al Berto ( назад)
Is the conference made in China?!!!

Автор Yoleee48 ( назад)
Research RE and construction design.

Автор Yoleee48 ( назад)
This is such BS!

Автор Mark Rutherford ( назад)
That couldn't have been fun for Mr.Jobs.

Автор Gadget Euphoria ( назад)
This is possibly the last piece of legacy Steve left behind before apple started to slowly become decrepit of its customers....
Something Steve always cared about

Автор Jake K ( назад)
he looks so tired and sick. damn. and all of that council members look like a moron.

Автор Hargovind Shrestha ( назад)
is it cupertino or some place may be china, korea :/

Автор Sambo0201 ( назад)
This will probably be one of the best campuses in the world.

Автор Tardis64 Comments ( назад)
When are they going to make this campus ?

Автор Mike Mettal ( назад)
it was inevitable, for him to weaken after he had the transplant, not all people survive, the therapy is just wrecking... It's impossible to be energetic when you're on drugs 24/7, strong drugs meant to suppress you're immune system... he was dying and was still working, until he couldn't stand upright, how many people can say they actually had such devotion to what they did...

Автор MADBONE ( назад)
240P Steve wouldnt settle for this

Автор Juan Gimenez ( назад)
Totally agree

Автор Robbino65 ( назад)
The voice is so tired; not his mind, his energy.

Автор w210source ( назад)

Автор Bolaz ( назад)
He seemed so worned out, so tired at this point. Im not a mac guy, never owned one, have always built my own PC's and always had android phones but it goes without saying that this man revolutionized the technology industry and he was a perfectionist and a visionary and a very intelligent entrepreneur. He was taken from us too soon.

Автор federico bizyak ( назад)
jobs is the most big

Автор Moreno A. Hassem ( назад)
I love the campus idea, but being an icon for the young tech enthusiast, Apple should really consider having an area for visitors to wander and look how their buildings are made. The One Infinite Loop building is full of NO TRESPASSING signs and warnings. Secrecy comes first, but c'mon give us something to look at. 

Автор Felipe Alexandre ( назад)
veryy  good....

Автор M Ragunathan ( назад)
theyre just star struck...anyone would be...give them a break.

Автор lekoman ( назад)
God, the fawning comments from the city council at the end are obnoxious. I'm as big a Steve Jobs fan as anyone... but that "What do we get?" question and the council president's goofy iPad demo (as if Steve Jobs didn't know what an iPad looked like)... so uncomfortable to watch.

Автор eastfrog ( назад)
Yeah man this website here is just giving out comletely free White Apple iPad 3's for today only.

But you have to be fill out your email id but it is legit, I claimed mine a few minutes ago. Better hurry up! UPAD3.COM

Give me a bouncy ball. I’ve got some ideas I want to throw at you.

Автор videoartevideoarte ( назад)
he was in pain...

Автор chimmysvoicebox ( назад)
I am on my iPad rightnow and i remember him everytime I use an Apple app

Автор Adrian Telles ( назад)
he doesnt have the same energy in this video, but i like how he tells some short story. RIP Steve Jobs. I remember you everytime i touch my iphone

Автор Default Name ( назад)
lol, "No, we're not increasing it by much, we're only increasing by like 20" Steve Jobs lie? I knew there was something behind Mr. Jobs.

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Автор Mahmoud Shehata ( назад)
Thanks a lot ... keep up the good work.

Автор Mahmoud Shehata ( назад)
240P WHY?

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