Dominick Cruz Vs Cody Garbrandt Engage In A Strange But Heated Trash talk! Full video

Dominick Cruz Vs Cody Garbrandt Engage In A Strange But Heated Trash talk! Full video

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Автор John Bryson ( назад)
I've watched this like 20 times and I'm just now realizing Cody said "I never had to chase pussy in my life"...

Автор Kai You ( назад)
Whenever people get extremely upset and start arguing, the verb usage progressively becomes more and more synonymous with sex verbs

Автор Kai You ( назад)
Dominick: "Alright, very good"
LOL idk why but that's hilarious

Автор IIR3D H00D ( назад)
Then Cruz got embarrassed

Автор Seth S ( назад)
pillow hands, yeah, you got pillow hands

Автор Brian Escobar ( назад)
Doubt him now

Автор Steve A ( назад)
trash talk don't win you a world championship..Cody props to my ohio neighbor cleveland baby

Автор Jeb .Rowe ( назад)
I wish Cruz knocked this cunt out

Автор KingCarrot500 ( назад)
Cody 'Your legs ain't got no wheels' Garbrandt.

Автор MrDemonicTaco N ( назад)
"i never had to chase pussy in my life on december 30th i aint doing it. i dont have too" "what are you talking about" " what are you talking about you'll see" im dead lmao

Автор AdamBarker89 ( назад)
Dom's little smirk kills me lol

Автор Kwame Coleman ( назад)
i went to school with cody , he used to get picked on a lot in high school until he just said fuck it and beat the shit out the guy ....cody hands is no joke he's a phonmoal at boxing..

Автор Kwame Coleman ( назад)
cruz stfu you never face anyone in the top 5 lol you faught all scrubs

Автор dimension187 ( назад)
damn that Cody is o dumb

Автор anoop saharan ( назад)
Dominick is fucking jokes "Yea keep talking, Very Good"

Автор Molly Pasishnek ( назад)
you look like peewee herman with that tie on * - Look at your tie lol

Автор kiDkiDkiD12 ( назад)
Where is the full video?

Автор beau g ( назад)
Cruz is a shit talking turd. Jab and run, jab and run. I hope this dude sleeps his ass,such a bitch

Автор Mohamed Hotait ( назад)
Im gonna eat everything you got - BRAZZERS

Автор The Curryman Effect ( назад)
"I bought a house by beating your team" hahaha

Автор Kokainuser ( назад)
Is Cody Garbrandt mentally challenged or what?
That's some Chad Mendes lvl shit talk...

Автор 15Megaplayboy ( назад)
how dare Cody say who has he ever beat!? only his entire fucking team.

Автор Its all a lie ( назад)
Cody is a tool

Автор hard NUT ( назад)
'They'll be busted on your face.' Classic

Автор yo deadass ( назад)
dis shit funny asf

Автор Ethan ( назад)
Cody Garbrandt is a fuckin loser

Автор Henrik Brekke Johansen ( назад)
I don't think Garbrandt should keep getting hit in the head for a living. something is definitely off...

Автор Vince0M1 ( назад)
Dom teach this kid a lesson.

Автор Bruce Lee ( назад)
"I never chased pussy in my life.." He lost me from there lmao

Автор Sean Savage ( назад)
Worst bit of trash talk I've heard in a long time, shit was cringeworthy.

Автор hank derbo ( назад)
"I never had to chase pussy before, December 30th ain't gonna change that" pretty funny shit

Автор Sam Raj ( назад)
Dominic Cruz is a goddamn beast man... he need to get past this fool real quick then make a fight with Mighty Mouse

Автор Thomas McBride ( назад)

Автор Timmy Turner ( назад)
I hope Cody knocks out that arrogant feathfisted Cruz

Автор Conor 'I got choked like a bitch' McNugget ( назад)
when a human argues with a dumb monkey

Автор Alex ( назад)

Автор Real Muthafuckin Ninja ( назад)
cruz is fucking with his head.

Автор AlphaGames ( назад)

"I was able to buy a house from beating all your teammates"



Автор Joey E ( назад)
Cruz: "I'm gonna bust it on your face"

Garbrandt: "I'm gonna eat all of it"

Автор enjoisk8a911 ( назад)
Dom went off on Cody about being KO'd and then was like o are you gonna let me speak. Then Cody talks about its his fate to win the belt, yet Dom is living in a fairy tale. Wacky trash talk

Автор jack chan ( назад)
May be a tough one for Cruz as he has always had a massive height ,reach and size over his opponents. He is up against a man the same size as him , but hope he comes through.

Автор Hector Rabbit ( назад)
Cody needs to keep off the mic

Автор slasaus1 ( назад)
LOL Dom's trash talk but also his smiles are just spot on B)

Автор GabsFIFA ( назад)
I fucking love Cruz, I want him to school Cody and I believe he will. However, I just have this feeling that if Cody catches Cruz in round 1, it'll be interesting, as Cruz is a slow starter.

Автор Berserker ( назад)
Cruz runs like a pussy. Cody won't chase him. Made perfect sense because Cruz can only win if he can get his opponent to run after him swinging at the air.

Автор Marco Rodriguez ( назад)
"You look like Pee-Wee Herman with that tie on" LMAO!

Автор MuhaO ( назад)
"who did you ever beat". This guy, pushing trashtalking to a dumber level.

Автор Rizki Primanugraha ( назад)
let's go dom!

Автор Mike Shea ( назад)
Dom, bring back the belt to SD.

Автор Kevin Humphreys ( назад)
2:24 "gonna be busting on your face"
"I'ma eat everything you got"

Автор Tdot 416 ( назад)
Cruz's impression after cody talks about chasing pussy... Cruz is on a next level.

Автор vulnerable gullible sheep ( назад)
lets go no love! Cruz had him with the bought a house comment tho

Автор Durim Trdevaj ( назад)
i love cody but damn, very childish and immature trash talk,still think he has a good chance of winning, about 50 50 for this fight

Автор Edemile Umipig ( назад)
Cruz talked about Faber being a survivor. Just trying to survive so he could say that Cruz didn't finish him. Well I guess Garbrandt is a survivor too

Автор Outlaw J Wells ( назад)
lmao "LOOK at YOUR tie!"

Автор joe momma ( назад)
haha pee wee Herman

Автор sregi22 ( назад)
Hahahaha gold. Lets go Cruz!

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