The time has come! (☆^ー^☆) Let's have a look back at all those great Japanese commercials that 2016 gave us (∩_∩) The selection process was tough again with more than 2200 commercials to choose from so, as I always say, sorry if your favorite commercial was not included! With all the good quality ads in 2016, the compilation ended up being longer than expected but make sure you watch till the end because it is well worth your time ( ^◡^)

And that's it. Hope you guys like it, share it and love it (‐^▽^‐) Oh and thanks again for joining me in this adventure that I started back in 2011. It's been a pleasure so far and let's hope for an even better 2017!


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Автор Lou Sensei ( назад)
3:10 every girl needs one of these. Practice makes perfect ;)

Автор Sora Han ( назад)
Amazon struck gold with that Prime commercial.

Автор Joaquin Navarro (Zape) ( назад)

Автор Francisco Fuentes ( назад)
Can anyone provide the subs like other years please?

Автор Eng Seng ( назад)
1:03 Who are the two girls in the Kororo advertisement?

Автор SaltedBanana ( назад)
can someone please tell me the music track of samurai noodles @ 12:05 so

Автор SaltedBanana ( назад)
damn that aircon man lol!

Автор 체셔고양이 (Cat Cheshire) ( назад)
May I use this ad?

Автор Leon S. Kennedy ( назад)
who's the name girl open their shirts in 7:51

Автор m16 akm ( назад)
9:34 dafuq ĺol

Автор Анатолий Балбеков ( назад)
When I finished watching the video clip

Автор 4everGfunk ( назад)
is there anyway to look up the song at 2:03 ??

Автор Bouraku kratos ( назад)
la vie que les jps ils sont trop dans turfu 😂😂😂

Автор cesar garcia ( назад)
Dam Japan makes really great commercials, the soda one (1:48 min), the 2:03
min and the last one, the 9:34 and the last one 12:34 min are the Best with
the last one I applauded and when also everyone did it I laft.

Автор Daniel Aquino ( назад)
ajajjaja los japoneses son todos unos loquillos XD

Автор charly G ( назад)
Puro otako aquí D:

Автор Drex Machine ( назад)
I thought the samurai noodles ad was pretty dope

Автор Leslie Lee ( назад)
Love the Pocari one
anyone know about the girls name on 3:01?

Автор Gamer_Flo ( назад)
Can someone please tell me if there's a complete song of that Pocari Sweat
commercial? That'd be great <3

Автор william thorg ( назад)
What the hell did I just watch? Are they all smoking the good stuff and not

Автор Muh.Arief Prabowo ( назад)
i wish my manager like that 2:03

Автор 月野彼方 ( назад)

Автор saki akane Sunako ( назад)

Автор yoshi matsumoto ( назад)
1:03 godammit kishidan XDDDD LMAO

Автор Despond ( назад)
Err 0:48 there go my pants. That dog ad had me in stitches.

Автор dharani dharan ( назад)
The last commercial i don't even understand a single word but it is catchy
& now i am very addicted to this commercial.

Автор godstomper ( назад)
my brain literally melted.

Автор ja y ( назад)
wow can everybody understand japanse?

Автор Mathieu Leader ( назад)
nice to see you softbank dog

Автор epic dante ( назад)
Another great video.

Автор Hamizan Rusli ( назад)
what the song name for pokari sweat ads?

Автор kumara djaffri ( назад)
can anyone tell me the song used for pocari sweat ad?? sounds so good imo

Автор Numbercode ( назад)
3:33 look at those who play ping pong its fucking sync

Автор Momo Sethusa ( назад)
8:04 oh look, it's Naruto

8:06 There's Goku, Saitama and Sanji

8:16 and his friends, Sasuke and Hitachi

Автор develicious ( назад)
can anybody tell me the name of the girl in 3:00 ??

Автор Snow Black ( назад)
The amazon Prime Commercial ♡ :'3 so cute! It's also in germany on TV

Автор Drake Nazar ( назад)
What a weird way to spend 13 minutes. Definitely worth, though.

Автор ZvaleAlb Alborghetti ( назад)

Автор ธรรมะ ( назад)
Happy new year every one.2017 .Wish good thing come to me and every one.

Автор Mukka Zone ( назад)
What's the song called from 2:04 onwards? When i tried searching the drink
ad i can only find a different one.

Автор brocken jr ( назад)

In the closet
Ticks breed easily
I didn't want to know that x3
Gon x10

Beside beautiful clothes
Ticks lay eggs
I didn't want to know that x3
Gon x10

Автор Jaad Menasri ( назад)
what is the song on the last video ?

Автор Setsukelava Purr ( назад)
I feel like I lost the meaning of "creativity" while watching this.

Автор can Demir ( назад)
nefes alışım olsun kalp atışım olsun bildiğin hipnotize oldum :D bu nasıl
birşeydir :P

Автор no one special, just king of the ocean. ( назад)
I'm not a fan of babies, but that lion/dog one will always get me.

Автор 76Demon67 ( назад)
The dog in the Amazon commercial makes my heart melt.

Автор Coolblaster974 ( назад)
Somebody know the song at 3:33 ?

Автор Kamazus Welt ( назад)
warum können wir nicht auch so lustige werbung in Deutschland haben.? wäre
doch geil oder?

Автор Kamazus Welt ( назад)
the godzila soundtrack and godzila. Ok cool

Автор Yeager Mcbipper ( назад)
It may have taken that girl 41 takes to get through that song with the ball
and cup.. but we all know the 42nd take was a bukakke session with the crew
and that red ball ended up in her ass.

Автор Skyelar C ( назад)
Instead of hiring all of these billionaires for his cabinet, donald trump
should hire Japanese television commercial writers to fill every position.

Автор andivatar ( назад)
anyone can help me ?
what is the song on 11:05 ?
i think im familiar with it on my native language
i subscribed and liked already anyway

Автор Ayumi Takahashi ( назад)
i really like those rhythmic commercials <3

Автор Megυ Oѕaĸa (Gυмι) ( назад)
lel y me quejo de los comerciales de yutu y mirarme aqui... mirando mas
comerciales (? :'v

Автор dinopron ( назад)
My favorite is the Boss one with Tomy Lee Jones as a policeman.
Unfortunately it dindn't make it :(

Автор Herb Shannon ( назад)
whatever you might say about those ads, Japanese sure do have an excellent
sense of humor. Very uplifting stuff. (in any sense, lol)

Автор Antonio Brasolin ( назад)
Oh boy, I wish I could like this video twice.

Автор Grise Blacolar ( назад)
9:38 That guy though. So fucking random.

The last one though. Pure joy in her face when she did it without failing.

Автор max14719 ( назад)
Last one, she's so KAWAIIIII!!!

Автор Flowey One ( назад)
Lol moi j'lavais vu avant luccastv .

Автор ElricBro ( назад)
I'm buying everything I just saw! EVERYTHING!!

Автор Tommy Andrean ( назад)
very creative!

Автор Frédéric Emmanuel Guillerand ( назад)
C'est de l'art ;-)

Автор Mahinder p ( назад)
what am I doing with my life..................

Автор Magel Heronanda ( назад)
anyone know songs of pocari sweat ad in 02:05 ?

Автор George Henshaw ( назад)
The first commerical I was mind fucked so hard.

Автор Charles Woodley ( назад)
Amazon also has this commercial in the US? 10:49

Автор BreakfastCerealTV ( назад)
Anyone know the song at 2:03? Been wondering since the original posting in
August or so. Sounds like it's possibly made for just this commercial,

Автор Américo Herrera ( назад)
La reacción de la joven al final del último video es increíble. Me alegró
muchísimo el día cuando vi el comercial por primera vez y lo sigue haciendo
hoy. Gran selección de comerciales, sin duda los mejores del año!

Автор Yesil Lovehorror ( назад)
Gackt in soda Mets comertial? :o

Автор Roxy Dragnir ( назад)
for the ad at 11:03 , the lesson of this ad is ... if you want friends and
teachers to be happy about you read manga !

Автор NytokDragoon ( назад)

Автор Volund le fou ( назад)
Merci à LucassTV pour la découverte !

Автор Luc D ( назад)
4:30 7:15

Автор Shadowfury ( назад)

Автор SoFlyIndustry ( назад)
Anyone has the music from 2:03 ? Its quite cool

Автор My Anime Jay ( назад)
What is the song at 4:33

Автор wiktor pieseł ( назад)
2:13 is this Glitch mob in the background? :v

Автор RayZei ( назад)
Merci EclypsiaTV °)°

Автор matTmin45fr ( назад)
2:03 : Total rip off the song DANCE by Justice.

Автор John Henry ( назад)
the "samurai noodles" commercial is one of the best pieces of advertising
I've ever seen

Автор Michael Chan ( назад)
12:34 who is this girl??

Автор Kozchu ( назад)
4:33 is the best imo, is there a way to have the name is this one (to get a
separated video)

Автор Fox ( назад)
Ainda prefiro o comercial Dove Men Care

Автор WarEternal03 ( назад)
Hi, did you know the french website "Spi0n" ? He just upload YOUR video on
his account dailymotion to make profit, and send a post of your video on
his website. Sorry for my probably bad english, hope you understand

Автор Nando N ( назад)
This is the best

Автор ikeuchi _ ( назад)
Final fantasy 15?!

Автор gabby j ( назад)
hey does anyone know if there is a real full song for 2:14 and if so can i
get to name

Автор Swag It ( назад)
this might the best compilation yet

Автор ALec Yip ( назад)
sry can u show me the link about the part of apple pay at 3:48?

Автор Chris24YT ( назад)
great not weird

Автор blasian FMA ( назад)
Thank you for another good year of commercials. Have watched you for 4
years now :D

Автор eliotime™ ( назад)
The last 2 commercials were awesome.

Автор Edgar Raymundo ( назад)

Автор beth98362 R ( назад)
Wow, and I thought American advertising was weird...guess I was wrong!

Автор Aldo Verdejo Von Rodt ( назад)
Que genial la compilación! hay varios de mis favoritos durante todo el
Un gusto descubrir este canal! felices fiestas y por otro año mas de JPCMHD

Автор Segoro Agung ( назад)

Please Help me Redditors... :D

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