Cowboys vs. Packers: The Ice Bowl | 1967 NFL Championship | NFL Classic Highlights

The Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers battled each other as well as subzero temperatures on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field in the 1967 NFL Championship Game, widely known as "The Ice Bowl."

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Длительность: 2:7
Комментарии: 280

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Автор Jacob Rva ( назад)
Aaron rodgers looks more slim in this game

Автор Disheartened6 ( назад)
Tables turn this year xD

Автор benny robinson ( назад)
I think someone actually froze to death in the stands

Автор Agent Squidward ( назад)
No Ice Bowl this time. Packers still win.

Автор Fabian A ( назад)
that was at Lambeu tho

Автор Ja Man ( назад)
damn was 3 years old then and didnt even know i was gonna be a packers fan
in a few years.

Автор Richie Betz ( назад)
This is gonna be a good game on Sunday. I still think the Packs will beat
us 31-23 though. We might a little rusty due to our starters having a few
weeks off. If all else fails, we NEED to bring Romo out.

Автор DanN ( назад)
Notice how most of them were white, oh how times have changed

Автор Jack Azz ( назад)
Cowboys Defense has been lit up before by several QB's all season long,
mainly by Cousins where he went for 500 yards and about 3 TDs and by Ben
Roethlisberger where he went 3 TDs and nearly 400 yards and the Cowboys
still won those games.

Автор Marlene Mortler ( назад)
just a german comment passing by

ich weiß du wirst das übersetzen

good luck packers

Автор kareemthegoat 311 ( назад)
this not the same game But Dez caught the ball.

Автор _Jaydee_ ( назад)
It will be a close game but packers will grind out the W

Автор mh1080p hd ( назад)
When they catch it but oddel can't

Автор NISMO ( назад)
Why is everything in slow motion ?

Автор Sam Belloso ( назад)
this is literally telling u that green bay packers are gonna win this
weekend 😂😂💞🤘 they are savage

Автор Ezekiel Elliott #21hunnit #17-16 MVP #America'sTeam ( назад)
I think everybody is forgetting that the Packers have no deense

Автор Austin Frazier ( назад)
Stellar matchup with deep history. EVERYONE is excited for this one on
Sunday! Hope it's close and well fought! See ya'll on Sunday afternoon!


Автор J ( назад)
Sorry, Fudge Packers. We have a whole team. All you have is Rodgers and
Cobb. Revenge is upon you for the upset in 2014 with the "non-catch catch".
You shouldn't have won that game and you know it. Dallas wins 27-17.

Автор James Hancock ( назад)
Dez caught it

Автор J money johnson ( назад)
10-7 packers but we all know my pats are the best

Автор J money johnson ( назад)
patriots nation

Автор Travis Sorenson ( назад)
I couldn't be more proud to be born in Wisconsin and be a Packer fan. We
have an amazingly historic football team that keeps on delivering.

Автор KCJ Media ( назад)
The one 10 years before that game was the best Championship in NFL history.

Автор WAERWOLF 909 ( назад)
when the 1967 camera works as good as your android

Автор 34alecjim ( назад)
NFL jerks themselves off to the ice bowl anytime gb and dallas are been
mentioned in the same breath

Автор Asha Duerson ( назад)
Lol black ppl literally advanced the game of football this was worst than
high schoolers

Автор Minny Paul ( назад)
Cowboys will beat the Packers, said Steve Harvey.

Автор Skepticalkhan6 ( назад)
I think the cowboys will win on Sunday. As long as the refs know what a
catch is this time. #DezCaughtIt!

Автор Aman Maratha ( назад)
I want the Packers to win, but I won't be surprised or shocked if the
Cowboys win.

Автор Jacob Brownrigg ( назад)
Umm wth is the super bowl named "NFL championship" and being played in
Green Bay?

Автор LeGOAT James #ProtectoroftheNBA ( назад)
Texans vs Cowboys superbowl!!! The battle of texas.

Автор Moop 2006 ( назад)
Can someone tell me how to post a comment

Автор Legend #23mil #hall of famer ( назад)
Reply to thia with who you think will win the Superbowl.

Автор Aaron Rodgers MVP ( назад)
The real america's team.

Автор J ( назад)
Knock Knock... Who's there? Doesn't matter because its > Odell Beckham Jr.

Автор Justino Macedo ( назад)
lets go cowboys

Автор Landon Meyer ( назад)
Packers are actually thee underdogs this time.

Автор Quohavoc up ( назад)
right now the spread is -4 Dallas.take those +and GB as that will go down
by game time

Автор Quohavoc up ( назад)
well irregardless of who wins,the over 52 looks like $.Dallas has got to
put some pressure on Rodgers w/o a pass rush my cowboys are in
trouble,but,Dallas will score points as well.this will be highest rated
playoff game ever.the winner will beat either atl or Seattle the following
week . I'd like to see Dallas make it to super bowl for Jason witten & Sean

Автор Asad Lalani ( назад)
Go cowboys!

Автор jeffery jones ( назад)
I like how the NFL always post games that we lose

Автор jeffery jones ( назад)
I like being the underdog

Автор xavier ojeda ( назад)
all these packers fans are pathetical predicting the most BS just lets wait
and see who wins

Автор Rob_thegod ( назад)
Can you shut up Kybron for once in your life.

Автор RG3 #SMOKINGTHAT3#10hunnit#DAWGPOUND #AFCnorthbest ( назад)

Автор The Patriot ( назад)
Please post the Ravens vs. Patriots Divisional round game of 2014. That was
a great ball game!

Автор _theJonz_ ( назад)
Happy birthday, Starr

Автор Dante Carlucci ( назад)
I dont like the cowboys and I dont like dez byrant

Автор Ndudi Enwereuzor (BlueKing) ( назад)
Some think it'll be a blowout, I think it will be a shootout instead

Автор Dante Carlucci ( назад)
im a jets fan but these packers better beat these cowboys

Автор Matthew_ Skywalker101 ( назад)

Автор Ксения Ковалевская ( назад)
If the Packers were all gay, then their team name would be funny.

Автор Logan Curtis ( назад)
Good luck cowboys fans

Автор CyberWolfGaming ( назад)
They were both in the NFC how was that possible?

Автор telepathic759 ( назад)
I'm off of work today. What a treat! Thanks @nfl

Автор Trump LOL ( назад)
Wentz > Dak

Автор Tyron Wells ( назад)
The Pack is going to send them boys home

Автор David D ( назад)
Am surprise NY lost that badly I didn't see that one coming

Автор Carder Cummings ( назад)

Автор Solomon Kessington ( назад)
Coldest game in NFL history

Автор TXPRIDE817 ( назад)
Rodgers is a beast! He will most get his next week but the Packers are
injured all to hell and have no running game or Defense, Dak will drop just
as much stats as Rodgers AND we have the best RB in the league. Yeah, were
going to light up that Packers D all to hell even worse then we did back in
october. 38-28. We got this! #WeDemBoyz!

Автор harmlessrumble ( назад)

Автор DrNuggetFTW ( назад)
Shall be a good one, Aaron Rodgers > Dak Pressthot

Автор Nithin Medikonda ( назад)

Автор Coleton Plays ( назад)
good luck packers fan

Автор Ventilator ( назад)

Автор 21 savage onyijen ( назад)
1st view

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