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Автор CaptainTheo888 (6 месяцев)
some of the latest comments on here are hilarious :D .. I DJ'd
professionally around the World for over 10 years and we were still using
Vinyl for most of them...there was ONLY your ears... that's why most people
sucked and why those of us who could beat match really stood out ;)... the
tech is now available though and everyone should be using it for their beat
matching so they can focus on the mixing.. and coming up with something
original for everyone else to enjoy! .. the negative big yourself up
comments I read in this thread don't say much for the people writing
them... the rest of you, I'm glad this video helped you out :)

Автор dohboy76 (4 месяца)
I can vouch for the Captain! we banged it out at more parties around the
world on "VINYL" than any of you clowns posting shit could even play in
your wet dreams. rant over.

whats up theo! 

Автор Kevin Fairweather (3 месяца)
Great stuff, cheers. When you are mixing do you keep it on beat sync and
not tempo sync ? 

Автор tom S (5 месяцев)
When he moves the arrows from left to right (2 min and 50 secs in) I can't
do that on my software. Can someone help me out?

Автор cableaddict (6 месяцев)
I hope this doesn't sund rude, it's an honest question:

1: How are you using the first track to beat grid all your other tracks?
It seems all your doing is using it to CHECK sync afterwards. Am I
missing something?

2: How is this the EASY way? Is there a different way?

Автор Ex0rz (1 год)
Or maybe just dont use the fucking sync at all and learn to actually mix?
Problem solved. Seriously :D

Автор ROLi djXtraordinar (9 месяцев)
train your ears people...jus' listen.

Автор dra del (1 год)
ok so i do set the grid for both songs...when i start them they start with
perfect beat matching but then after a while the beats start getiing out of
grid as the songs go on...the grid kinda changes with the beat so the beat
is not grided perfect as in th ebeggining of both songs....what do i do

Автор Gripshead (1 год)
sounds like a bunch of good Tips :)
what I did find out that to Name the Beatmarker as #2 instead of #1 leaves
me the Room to set #1 at a Trackintro where No Beat´s going on. #2 is
regarding to that always there where the Action starts.

Автор sean pearson (1 год)
does any one know if a hercules rmx2 console is compatible with tractor pro

Автор revorocks123 (1 год)
Even if the beat grids are off and you're playing a song it's not the end
of the world, usually they are only a little bit out and you can just turn
off sync and beat match it by ear, helps to look at the phase meter while
doing it too for a visual representation. But yeah much better to just get
them gridded properly in the first place. Thanks for the vid, helped me
sorting out my tracks which caught me out at times

Автор Joseph Schmidt (2 года)
when i try to nudge the outside of my jogwheels to change the tempo of the
track, the tempo changes when i turn the jogwheel for that instance but
after i stop turning it, it jumps back to its original tempo. is there
something in settings to change this so i can nudge the outside of the
jogwheel and have the tempo change stay the same?

Автор Razerknife gaming (1 год)
Never ever ever trust traktors beatgrid just do it manually saved you a lot
of time and effeort

Автор Claude Harrison (2 года)
listening to the same drum loop for several hours or days really sucks.
Apart from that minor detail, this works perfectly.

Автор Tarik Yanis (1 год)
good video bro

Автор DJEazy (2 года)
Start with organizing your hard drive and folder. Then import as usual.
Then once all done analyze, begrid and all that good stuff, go to explore
and import each of your folders in your hard drive as playlist.

Автор dermott o'donnell (2 года)
Why not just the metronome on each deck, under the padlock button that is
the internal metronome for each deck

Автор syeoak (3 года)
Great stuff - informing & saved me from ripping remaining hair out.

Автор Andrew Long (1 год)
then at least mention that the metronome is there to help you get it in
time ass hat

Автор todzillarockz51 (3 года)
If my load indicator is in the red, does that mean I need a faster cpu?

Автор Badders Yo (2 года)
Hi, Captain, I am trying to use Traktor 2, im having problems beatgridding
the tracks. When I move the marker at the front of the track it moves it
out at the back and vica versa!! Can you give me the advice I need please?

Автор Javier Nouel (2 года)
so basically traktor will almost always have the beatgrid correct to the
corresponding track playing next to it?

Автор Michael Wolf (1 год)
Looking for this for months. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Автор Bryce Bullard (1 год)
wow, thank you! I'm a young DJ still trying to learn beat matching /
girding and this helped me a lot! thank you ones again help me very much.

Автор CaptainTheo888 (1 год)
that it does :) ... but once you get fast with this it is just a few
seconds per track

Автор ZuYork (2 года)
also any advise as to how to organize your tracks I have over 3000 and am
the type of person who wants to keep all and just let my files grow to make
sure I will never be without a track

Автор CaptainTheo888 (1 год)
oh good, another negative muppet on the planet trying to big themselves up
by searching for something wrong in others.... you should try reading ...
this video is called ... "Beatgrid the Easy Way" ... this is the easy
way... personally I can mix vinyl flawlessly, cd's, use a laptop,
whatever... but as I witnessed back in the strictly vinyl days not everyone
has a precise ear... so this is the easy way.. and it is very fast too so
I do it myself most of the time... end result is the same

Автор CaptainTheo888 (3 года)
@DjCBlaq - If you pay attention to the Video you will see that I say to
chose a track that has a very simple kick with percussion, a track where
the start of the beat is without question within the waveform that you can
zoom in and see clearly, a track where visually you can see there is only
ONE place for your beatgrid marker to be exactly at the start of the first

Автор DJEazy (2 года)
Ok after being pissed at 2.5 and beat grid being off, I started watching
the videos and none even helped a little. 3 days of uninstalling and
installing traktor and then it jumped out at me when I notice red flashes
on some tracks and said missing transients. What I then noticed that all of
the tracks that had this going on, was outside of my BPM rang that I had
set. (78 -155). All tracks in the range was perfect. So after reading about
transients / TAGS. I loaded my my Virtual DJ and pluged in

Автор Javier Nouel (2 года)
dafuq? i have a core i3 and it runs perfectly.

Автор CaptainTheo888 (1 год)
you can do that also but as I witnessed back in the vinyl days not everyone
has a precise ear... so this is the easy way.. and it is very fast too so I
do it myself most of the time... end result is the same for me

Автор worldcomedyproducts (1 год)
i dont get it...

Автор DJEazy (2 года)
Sorry ran out of space.... CONTINUED..... my hard drive and check different
tracks. Sure enough all tracks that beatgrid fine had an additional BPM
tag, which was taged by traktor. The others only had the original bpm from
the song, but no traktor bpm tag. I went back to tracktor and highlighted
all tracts that was outside of the range I had set, and then re-anylized.
This time changing the range for these tracks to 48-95, and checked replace
sound. Resault ... Perfect beatgrid. Continued

Автор Lennnkg (2 года)
thanks man very helpfull:)

Автор Hugh Jass (2 года)
at the tattoo shop

Автор Proton1 (2 года)
Techno is American music.

Автор skltndance (2 года)
not a bad method, but as i can see, u play internally. so the track have to
be synced to the metronome, not track to track sync.

Автор leroy lewis (3 года)
Thank you, much appreciated. I didn't know where I was going wrong. I can
match by ear, but couldn't sync. I had set Cues slightly out and not zoomed
in far enough on the waveform.

Автор CaptainTheo888 (3 года)
it's actually perfect to both the ear and on a scientific level...
distortion doesn't help but the video's purpose is served

Автор FLAVIO G (2 года)
nice vidoe is that the extra settings under the decks right ?=

Автор DJDaaruz (1 год)
Hmm, interesting method. Recently switched from Serato to TP....loving all
the options.

Автор Joel D (2 года)
I think I may speak for many when I say that I was expecting a tutorial on
how to beatgrid a track that is a little more organic rhythmically and in
need of some tweaking whereas this video simply explains how to verify that
a track has been correctly analyzed in the first place. I really like the
idea of replacing "Tick" with an actual percussion track. Thanks for your
contribution to the art...

Автор CaptainTheo888 (1 год)
it gets close but it doesn't always get close in the same way with all
tracks making some of them off... so if you manually do it you know you
have perfection ... not my favorite thing to do by any means

Автор Andrew Long (2 года)
why don't you use the metronome? this fact alone discredits you entirely...

Автор Juan Carlos (2 года)
What if the beatgrid is set correctly on the first half of the track, but
not on the second half? What do I do in that case?

Автор matthew ranson (2 года)
where can i download this

Автор Broose MSTRWRK (2 года)
no!! got 2 check Latency in the Menu and feed your Cpu with more latency
with pulling the marker to the right

Автор Max ekim (2 года)
Thanks for this video Just great.

Автор deejayslim1 (2 года)
I have an i3 and it works great... a friend of my put his on vista and it
worked shitty so i told him to try his other comp which has w7 and it
worked great with no issues

Автор ZuYork (2 года)
Thanks for the great video I am new to traktor. and I kind of have a noob
question I saw you were beat matching 126bpm's you say do this to all
tracks using that one track as a guide Do you mean only tracks that are
126bpm correct. I ask because I saw another video a person said the same
but said to use the higher bpm for all tracks even lower bpm's such as 98
or higher 132 I'm confused I saw the vid 5 times so I know I didn't
misunderstand stand the gentleman am I missing something

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