German panzerfaust in action

Video that shows German tankhunters armed with Panzerfausts in action.

(c) Erika KF, www.militaryclub.info

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Автор Joseph V. Stalin (5 месяцев)
This IS NOT reall footage.

Автор Erwin Rommel (8 месяцев)

Автор rak1445 (11 месяцев)
Those T-34 are (meant to be) Czech. One of them has "Žižka" written on the
turret. Žižka was Bohemian religious warrior in medieval times.

Автор hassuWille (6 лет)
german nubs who burned lapland

Автор FlyingSnake110 (4 года)
@fortvaux term "rifle"comes from rifled barrel. Panzerfaust has no rifling
so it is recoilless gun. Depending on language there is distinction between
recoilless gun and recoilless rifle (for example in English there is
distinction in name, in Polish there is none)

Автор unltd679 (5 лет)
it is meant to be fired under the armpit indeed

Автор wwwtotalitaerde (4 года)
My brother Markus Bott had been tortured during five and a half years by
the German BND, which is the former GESTAPO. I recorded more than 100
videotapes which ended up in the legal system. My brother was tortured
during 1.5 years despite several legal procedures pending. Markus Bott was
assassinated on July 11th 2009 because of our homepage, linked on my
channel, and our book Der Totalitäre Staat. If my homepage disappears, the
BND will have assassinated me as well. Martin Bott

Автор Instinct42 (6 лет)
Rpg's were based on the Panzerfaust Fener4e dummie. When we looked into
Soviet files we found out their Rpg-1 were actually captured german
panzerfausts. and they copied the german idea of panzerfaust. "cheap and
very effective man-portable, anti-tank, fire and toss away weapon"

Автор vaggelis1945 (3 года)
@m1rock the germans may took the idea for Panzershreck from the bazooka,but
Panzershsreck was better in everything...

Автор SnAKeoMan (5 лет)
haha german pwnage i a mfrom AUSTRIA it is next to germany and i say you
austria have some good Panzerfaust´s too DEUTSCHLAND FTW wuhuu ich liebe es
nicht den krieg die waffe !!!

Автор Nddesh (5 лет)
shit.. tell me there was a pile of Luger :D

Автор Dalton C. Rocha (7 лет)
Panzerfaust was sucessfull as an anti-tank weapon.

Автор dutchforces (6 лет)
That it was a one shot weapon was the best... The panzerfaust was cheap and
quickly to produce (under 2.50 mark) and later in the war they even made
them out of cardboard. Beat that allies :)

Автор fortvaux (7 лет)
Negative on that. The first true assault rifle was the russian Federov
Avtomat, being built in low numbers around 1915. Also if you´d know a bit
about guns and their functions then you´d know that the AK47 and the Stg44
work both in different ways...

Автор Michael Shao (7 лет)
Add on to what fortvaux said... The Panzerschrek was also a copy of the
Bazooka in that it was shoulder mounted: however it was improved upon in
that there was a little blast shield to help the aimer shoot down the
sightline they wanted to shoot down... The Schrek also had a higher
penetration rate than the Bazooka; as well as it's effective range was
about 100m; the Bazooka could effectively fire 75 - 85m, maximum.

Автор Fistofmail (5 лет)
Its more of a both shoulder would be better for long range

Автор worldwar2freak12 (4 года)
Sol or whatever, your right.

Автор Michael Akkerman (2 года)
You wouldn't aim a panzerfaust horizontally at a target that far away. You
need to aim it up in the air and fire it underarm.

Автор Konstantinescu (6 лет)
great. nice video. thanks so much because i was so confused about the
panzerfaust kept readin about it and seeing it in games but didnt know how
it works so i needed to see it in action. thanks.

Автор powmful (3 года)
The Fliegerfaust was not a successful weapon because of its small effective
range caused by too large dispersion of projectiles and the designed range
of 500 meters was never attained. Although large orders for the weapon were
placed in 1945, and with 10,000 launchers and 4 million rockets ordered,
only 80 of these weapons were ever used in combat trials. ^Aimed at the top
thumbed up comment. As for the others I agree.

Автор Michele Vogliardi (2 года)
You should play less COD and study more history man....

Автор MightyMooseKing (1 год)
I'm Canadian who's living in Germany and one of the largest arms factories
of Nazi Germany is just 5km away from my current home, a few years back
some kids also found working weapons and ammo ranging from simple bullets
to even a fully working Panzerschreck. Additionally somebody's apparently
painted an old PanzerIV which is standing in the woods here in really
strange colours like pink or violet. Btw, the arms factory was called
"Muna" if I'm not mistaken.

Автор Troy Tempest (7 лет)
I don't think it's reenactors, it's probably a training film, but good
footage none the less!

Автор TweekSCO (7 лет)
Panzer nubs :P

Автор landsknechte (6 лет)
It's supposed to be tucked -under- the arm, not held over the shoulder like
a bazooka.

Автор Boy Rich (5 лет)
wow.. great video.. loved the sound effects

Автор LoneRussianS (1 год)
My question was about last sentence of that original comment (origin of

Автор Slevin Kelevra (6 лет)
yeah but it was a lot lighter and much cheaper and easier to produce and it
still could destroy just about any armored vehicle so its pretty good

Автор ablev72 (3 года)
@VitaminsAndPiss Yea, because they lost!

Автор Ceadda Keohane (1 год)
Nobody said it was real... only that the weapon was being fired.

Автор ApoTheHumble (5 лет)
Ha-ha! The Russian tank did not stop moving ahead. Lol!

Автор Big Black Guy (5 лет)
rpg are resuseable u can put more rounds

Автор fortvaux (7 лет)
No, you´re wrong. The Panzerfaust is a so called "recoilless gun". That
means that it has a charge behind the warhead and is fired like a gun. The
RPG7 is completely different. The warhead has an attached rocket motor
which propels the warhead out of the laucnher..also the RPG7 is reloadable
whereas the Panzerfaust can´t be reloaded.. Also, the AK47 just looks like
the STg44 but works in a different way. The Ak has a rotating bolt, whereas
the Stg has a tilting bolt.

Автор buffuzo (3 года)
I had a toy panzerkampfwagen IV which I blew up with an M-80. It did a lot
more damage to that model than a panzerfaust could do to a t-34.

Автор sgfhk321 (6 лет)
You are thinking the PanzerSchreck.

Автор g36c1 (6 лет)

Автор Dalton C. Rocha (7 лет)
This video is a part of another video.I'm a brazilian.

Автор Flo Wer (7 лет)
No, "Faustpatrone" is smaller! It's a Panzerfaust, i think "Panzerfaust 60"
Die Faustpatrone war der Vorgänger der Panzerfaust 30, das Raketengeschoss
war umgefähr halb so groß, 2/3 so groß wie das einer Panzerfaust.

Автор Samuel Boas (1 год)
I always see that after they shoot with a Panzerfaust the dipose it. Is it
possible to put another rocket in it just like the rpg-7?

Автор leeham991 (7 лет)
its was a vid i saw on the list after this vid i was comenting on.

Автор lee chen (7 лет)
it's seem that The RPG design almost similar with german
Panzerfaust.because the ammo reloaded from the front holes,but the bazooka
from the back .same as the designing of AK-47, i saw it looks like german
MP-44 Sturmgewehr.

Автор Leftyotism (3 года)
@powmful buts its still the invention ;) every invention has gotta be
improoved ^^

Автор Soratris (4 года)
The shamwow was invented by the Germans...... also everyone who comments
with an opinion on the war is a jackass you had nothing to do with it and
are leeching the pride and sacrifice of your forefathers.

Автор panzerfaust95 (6 лет)

Автор Donaven Scott (5 лет)
True true tank combt requiered skill back then nowadays every thing is done
with computers so pound for pound i think the tankers fromm WWII are
superior to the tankers of today

Автор Ella7272 (7 лет)
I am learning about PANZERFAUSTS from YouTube. Thanks, YouTube. Watching
history is more fun than learning history in a classroom.

Автор ShotsloppyD (7 лет)
Panzerschreck? Knock out Rosie?! In your dreams. It would take a full-on
2000-lb'er to crack that mug!! Dude it looks like SHE could penetrate 150mm
of armour with her ugly! She could bowl over whole regiments with her
self-rightousness! Why isn't she sent for Bin Laden?... umm, sorry. Cool

Автор Chibling (6 лет)
It amazes me how much of current tech is based on what the Nazi's designed
over 60 years ago...

Автор sezander (6 лет)
sieh dir mal an was die heut für waffen entwickeln

Автор fortvaux (6 лет)
The RPG and the Panzerfaust have completely different designs. The concept
of a man-portable anti-tank launcher might be the same but they work in
different ways. And of course it has no rifling. But it´s still a
recoilless rifle. Read some books about it...

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