Why Is This Mysterious Lake Scattered With Ancient Human Remains?

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Автор slaSSification ( назад)
First channel where google subtitles works properly.

Автор Mew Wew ( назад)
They disturbed them

Автор Phil Mike Hunt ( назад)
Ma nigga 42

Автор Alexis Hurley ( назад)
I think it was a strange way to battle to the death

Автор That goal gave me EYEGASM!! Wow! ( назад)
The way you say "hundred"😂😂😁😁😃😆

Автор Nolan Mosley ( назад)
what if they were swimming when the hailstorm happened?

Автор Todd no last name ( назад)
How did this video get 15k up votes and less than 1k down votes. This guy
is such a schmuck. and the video is boring as all get out. And don't make a
video asking a question you can't answer.

Автор Dipayan Bird Of Hermes Dey ( назад)
That's my usual body dumping ground.

Автор TheDanzomanzo ( назад)
Most likely they were executed in some way shape or form. Simple, but also
the most likely theory in my opinion.

Автор david tillett ( назад)
that would be the perfect place to hide someone you've just kill

Автор vinayaunni ( назад)
3:32 I was dying to..6:29 aliens it is! Thoght so thoughty2

Автор Mark Jordan ( назад)
your racist towards aliens.

Автор iluvgtasan ( назад)
PM me so we can go for a pint.

Автор Samanta Ferreira ( назад)
O.M.G uh they found where I hid my ' bone collection ' DON'T TAKE THEM

Автор Tophat Smile ( назад)
fuck u thought for calling KOALAS stupid

Автор きよし早川 ( назад)
Sneaky Japanese

Автор Salitter ( назад)
sounds like they got executed with blunt weapons

Автор Crazy Russian Hamster ( назад)
i heard 19thoughty2 who else did??

Автор Out Of Place Ninja ( назад)
Either a ritual sacrifice or an execution.

Автор Mr. Fish the frog ( назад)
Ah, the Lost references.

Автор Heavy Micro Grow ( назад)
Yeti squad

Автор James Mackay ( назад)
make a video on ss ourang medan

Автор Michael Sand ( назад)
snarky humor!

Автор JmToCool ( назад)
they found out my time travel

Автор DarkDeath Lord ( назад)
I keep trying to play Game of War but this one player keeps kicking my ass

Автор James Walker ( назад)
They got in the lake to protect themselves from the hale to no avail

Автор Sycoz_Skills ( назад)
the thing with the king and queen might be true but to the heads and
shoulders is that they were brought there and killed with a blunt object or
something think about this to if it can preserve the little bit of skin on
it so what happend to the rest of it. The king and queen were cannibals and
ate them but its just a theroy for now.

Автор Evan Sanchez ( назад)
Whatever anniversary wife feeling desire bare lobby metaphor associate.

Автор Wolf Grenade ( назад)
Enemy slinger marksmen sniped them.

Автор Stephen Borgelt ( назад)
Maybe some sacrificial killings from some old religion not known today.

Автор Ren Kurosawa ( назад)
Hey Aaran :) I like your new lighting.

Автор UndeadBalazar ( назад)

Автор OmarDdosinq_ PVP ( назад)
I hope you die from cancer! Oh and *no offense*

Автор OmarDdosinq_ PVP ( назад)
It was mass $uicide

Автор Hannag Perez ( назад)
Can I give you head

Автор bulldogce ( назад)
Maybe it was an execution site and they threw large rocks at their heads

Автор Kat Lover ( назад)
Roses are blue violets are red

i have to go to the bathroom
*eats paper*

Автор Trish Washington ( назад)
I love him lol

Автор IsaacOfficixl ( назад)
Undertale music at start?

Автор Noah Schuster ( назад)
Salad recovery supporter dbktcg message file there vs.

Автор Valerio Zerbi ( назад)
What if they were swimming during the hail storm (a ritual?)? Then it makes
sense that they only got injured on head & shoulders

Автор Ava Davis ( назад)
Perhaps they were all stoned to death and the bodies dumped at the lake?

Автор No Filter ( назад)
Cant stand how this fucktard talks

Автор SpartiuS94 ( назад)
Three HONDRED.. Nice

Автор onlythewise1 ( назад)
there all used wife's not wanted any more

Автор Forex Trader ( назад)
The Great Flood in the Bible

Автор isis smith ( назад)
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Автор wassuup ( назад)
Lets guess thoughty2s penis lenghr

Автор Ahoy matie ( назад)
Ajay ghale did it

Автор Sean Schultz ( назад)
get to the fucking point

Автор JustGotRekted ( назад)
It was the legend27

Автор steve hayes ( назад)
Every ones slowly and painfully dying with no hope to survive, so the
members who could move took it upon themselves to end their suffering with
blunt objects, clubs, rocks etc... this is my theory.

Автор mike poloni (MSO YOUTUBER) ( назад)
another grea video

Автор City Woks shitty beef ( назад)
ye sneaky Japanese man

Автор Upper Case ( назад)
It was Yetis

Автор Anonymous ( назад)
Also, I freakin' love it that you cite your sources.

Автор Anonymous ( назад)
Has the water been tested? They died from trauma to the head and neck but
is there a naturally occurring compound that can cause people to become
violent? This is a pretty interesting mystery to me.

Автор Cheyenne du Plooy ( назад)
If the lake is frozen over for 11 months of the year isn't it just as
simple as the ice cracked and they all drowned? the head injuries could be

Автор ajwasp ( назад)
Damn, he's handsome! And I think it is the voice that does it. I quiver
every time he says 'month', in his special way. Also, he is such a great
YouTuber! Ace vids, always! Well done Arran! :-)

Автор Naughtius Maximus ( назад)
1:28 I bet you guys missed Gandhi in his war suit.

666 dislikes only the Illuminati dislike

Автор Jason Walker ( назад)
Obviously it was a 9th century sniper.

Автор Cool maniac Happyguy ( назад)
Maybe the lake was the scene of a very brutal battle

Автор reubenhood48 ( назад)
carbon dating doesn't work u idiots

Автор Joseph J ( назад)
666 dislikes😨

Автор saiassassin ( назад)
Is that undertale music?

Автор CHARBELOA ( назад)
3:45 a pilgrimage.... is he a summoner??

Автор TheVirtualBanana ( назад)
After close examination, I've come to the conclusion that it was aliens.
Case Closed

Автор Yserick Gupta ( назад)
I have been there numerous times

Автор Zoe Jane ( назад)
care for a swim in dead body soup? it's for science!

Автор deathking 4119 ( назад)
in think maybe some of them tried to kill the king and the wife to tale his
riches but failed cause some of the other protected the king and the wife
and maybe there where more than 300 people but some have ran off and
probably died of the cold or got back to the village and nothing was told
or maybe all have died and the king and wife walked back with no words said
or just as well died. but there where weapons found so maybe they where
attacked by people and in coincidence or something only hit in the head and
shoulders. and then just left there.

Автор Tonni ( назад)
It was me

Автор Sheris Johnet ( назад)
congrats on almost having 2000000 subz

Автор Pit Gutzmann ( назад)
Hi thoughty, loved that video. And I love your dialect. Are you from
Western England? Liverpool? Long ago I watched a tv series "Red Dwarf" and
this guy's dialect sounded similar.

Автор Vitt Acilev ( назад)
I agree, it has to do with 👽's

Автор YurIshak ( назад)
what is the song.

Автор Zim Babwe ( назад)
Ancient Indian beef jerky processing pond.

Автор Robert Jensen ( назад)
They were all bored to death by your videos.

Автор The Duck ( назад)
Roses are red
There is a lake
Violets are blue

Автор Phil McAughk ( назад)
....definitely aliens! ;P

Автор Buddha Palm ( назад)
My theory is that they got attacked at night possibly in their sleep. They
didn't know what hit them so they couldn't defend themselves. Again, only a

Автор Lil Fil ( назад)
I want that to be my final resting place hell yeaa

Автор Harman Mann ( назад)
it was the legend 27

Автор Sue Mead ( назад)
Death by slingshot or arrows.

Автор Aether Gaming ( назад)
They were probably killed while they slept by bandits or something and all
hit in the head with blunt weapons like a club.

Автор dude ( назад)
4:41 alien spotted!

Автор PeyPey Planet ( назад)
I feel like a group of bandits caused the deaths because they may have had
clubs or something and had beaten the travelers on the head and shoulders

Автор some person ( назад)
It's also possible that they had something to protect their bodies from the
Or they were attacked.
Or the ice cracking beneath them had something to do with it - maybe group
suicide since they knew they where dying. Or group suicide on the frozen
lake, which later melted.

Автор Nick Vinsable ( назад)
Actually, I completely agree with the Hailstorm Theory, except it Might Not
have been Hail, but something that is Expressed as Hail at the time it was

Автор fgdfgdg dfgdfg ( назад)
Maybe they were killed by somebody's men and then that person invented the
legend so he can hide his crime behind it.

Автор Joe Clarke ( назад)
Awesome video yet again, keep up the good work!

Автор ima dogg ( назад)

Автор Cuba Cleaven ( назад)
Rocks from the mountain could've fallen on their heads

Автор Green Alien ( назад)
Large group of bodies with blows to the head in a pond on top of a
mountain; It was obviously a cult. Mystery solved!

Автор Marcos Gabriel ( назад)
Everything sounds 100x better coming from your mouth. Cuddle me and feed me
information. 😏

Автор Johannes Schubert ( назад)
THe legend 27 did this?

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