7 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Mad Max: Fury Road!

Oscar season is upon us, and with all these award shows, why not serve up some facts about a film that is the ultimate not-at-all-Oscarsey movie, that still managed to snag 10 nominations last year? It's Mad Max: Fury Road!

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Автор Fabio yes, that's my name ( назад)
this film is epic. amazing

Автор Lazlo Productions ( назад)
Pria - Horse

Автор Loko8 ( назад)
the people that call themselves fans and never seen the first three movies sicken me

Автор TheDistortion93 ( назад)
I watched this masterpiece at night, so I wasn't able to really turn the volume up (because we all know the volume difference between speech and explosions), which made me end up hearing all the action but none of the speech, the english just wasn't loud enough and when I paid attention it was just jibberish....... yet I understood the whole fucking movie. That impressed me.

Автор Stu Saville ( назад)
Something I realised recently is that Nux's lines "I am the man who grabs the sun!" and "I live, I die, I live again" appear to be inspired by a Maori Haka

Ka Mate! Ka Mate! Ka ora! Ka ora!
Ka Mate! Ka Mate! Ka ora! Ka ora!
Tenei te tangata puhuru huru
Nana nei I tiki mai
Whakawhiti te ra
A upa … ne! ka upa …ne!
A upane kaupane whiti te ra!


I die! I die! I live! I live!
I die! I die! I live! I live!
This is the hairy man
Who fetched the sun
And caused it to shine again
One upward step! Another upward step!
An upward step, another… the sun shines!

Автор Dani Gaymer ( назад)
You know you can obtain electricity from gas, right?

Автор Alejandro ( назад)
Mel Gibson should have been mad max... he recently starred in blood father and did an amazing job

Автор Jacob Martinez ( назад)
This should have won for Best Picture because when you get down to it what film in 2015 pushed the boundaries of film and made the best use of the visual medium?

Автор wibbers01 ( назад)
Something else you probably didn't know. Hugh Keays-Byrne who plays Immortan Joe, the big bad in Fury Road, also played The Toecutter, the big bad from the first Mad Max film.

Автор Daniel Beaney ( назад)
I think they should of still cast Mel Gibson as Max because his actual madness would of added an extra dynamic to his charracter

Автор SecurityDolphin ( назад)
One of the reasons why the cars are old is that the series started in the 70's meaning their woundn't be to many cars being manufactered after the apocolypse so having the old cars also helps follow the lore

Автор Richard Mickelson ( назад)
Another thing you probably didn't know was the actor who played Joe played Toe Cutter (The Villain) in the 1st Mad Max

Автор The BlueDodo ( назад)
We are not Czechoslovakia anymore. We are the Czech republic. We split in 1993 and became 2 countries. The other one is Slovakia. Booom! Cinefix a bonus thing you didn't know.

Автор PC Master Race Network ( назад)
7 things we all knew, yet again

Автор PC Master Race Network ( назад)
7 things we all knew, yet again

Автор Steve the Racist Spider ( назад)
I prefer the theory that this max is the young kid from mad max 3

Автор NoMadScinetist ( назад)
Just one question. What is the purpose of the guitar guy?

Автор The Myke Show ( назад)

Автор grewn d ( назад)
My 4.3 liter Chevy S10 with standard transmission will out live me if I have anything to say about it

Автор Jennifer Lewis ( назад)
Awwww man! I was really hoping to learn something new about Coma-Doof!

Автор Gobsnachaz ( назад)
I don't understand why everyone worships this film. It had great visuals, but nothing else. No plot, no character development... it seems like a better shot transformers to me.

Автор Sarah Song ( назад)
Absolutely loved this film.

Автор Toyota Prius ( назад)
hey You know What... fuck You!

Автор Robert Roberts ( назад)
Mel Gibson was right. (now, let's see the inferring that this vague statement may bring.)

Автор WCSorrow ( назад)
what's the name of the song playing at the end? it is badass.

Автор Prosdigous ( назад)
Yeah Mel played President S in Spaceballs

Автор Fun Psichics ( назад)
Tatra from slovakia im from slovakia and mi granddpa has a tatra its not even going

Автор jim treebob ( назад)
Mel Gibson rules.

Автор Aidan McFarland ( назад)
Either do This is Spinal Tap or a John Hughes movie! PLEASE!

Автор You're a Towel ( назад)
I love the '73 Ford Falcon XB GT

Автор SteamNerd ( назад)
Please tell me i'm not the only one who really wants Tuccipalooza. #Tuccipalooza 2017

Автор AMT TT ( назад)
Everyone "loves" the guitar guy....Lots of them are fu*king annoying possers

Автор 120percentNick ( назад)
Alright, now I need to watch 'Mad Max: Fury Road' for a 5th time.

Автор Ethan ( назад)
Woah this has the same exact length as your last things you didn't know!

Автор Hunter Rolph ( назад)
can you guys do *six days seven nights*??

Автор Mmmbop, ba duba dop Ba du bop ( назад)
do con-air next 🖒

Автор Trashboat ( назад)
no facts about the Doof Warrior?

Автор Edward Hitten ( назад)
?? Mel Gibson is a nazi? Did aou took the affair too far?

Автор Jason fox ( назад)
Do what you didn't know about Eraserhead or Mulholland Drive.

Автор Paul Pince ( назад)
I am SO excited for the new "Babe" movie. This director rules.

Автор Ramgine198 ( назад)
The number one thing on my bucket list is to own the the mad max interceptor from the first movie.

Автор Filthy frank2 ( назад)
Millie bobby brown better be on here or i swear to god

Автор NexisFilms ( назад)
My fucking god is Tom Hardy epic !
And so was this film .

Автор Katherine A ( назад)
I would call Mad Max estrogen filled rather than testosterone filled!

Автор Willow Fisher ( назад)
Van last golden accuse part mate

Автор PainfulHail13 4 ( назад)
I say only a little bit of Mad Max 2 when I was a child. when I saw Fury Road I wanted to see all the series

Автор mega_beast_001 ( назад)
Things you didn't know :what's been eating Gilbert Grape

Автор endorbr ( назад)
Idk... a bunch of Prius fused together could look pretty interesting.

Автор Geekfreak63 ( назад)
Now the real question is, where are the vehicles now?

Автор BluEye Studios ( назад)
How is Mel Gibson a Nazi? Just because he's conservative?

Автор BIOHAZARD - R - US ( назад)
You had my like at the first thing

Автор Cameron Simpson ( назад)
Can you do a 7 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About: Tremors?

Автор gracie helms ( назад)
please do The Outsiders!

Автор alejandra reyes ( назад)
Mel Gibson is maybe crazy but I loved him in every movie! :D He is allways more than just an actor... he fills all the movie

Автор 81ackman ( назад)
Sorry, but Mel would have been better.

Автор P Ariza ( назад)
I hate Happy Feet. And I love animated movies.
I had to say it.

Fury Road was really cool. I watched it with my dad and we had a lot of fun watching it.

Автор Captain Jakemerica ( назад)
Damn these are some interesting list damn

Автор Claire Gillespie ( назад)
I'd watch the video about English Patient

Автор Alex N ( назад)
I wish people stopped perpetuating this stuff about Gibson though. Especially as a light joke. Either be serious or shut up

Автор Milind Tripathi ( назад)
"Suck it Climate Change" should've been Trump's Campaign Slogan

Автор Robert Rożek ( назад)
giga horse aut of priuses woud look awensome

Автор nick highland ( назад)
the gigahorse has two V8s not V16s. but they're really huge V8s they're Chevrolet 502ci big blocks. They also are super and turbo charged, but only the superchargers were actually functional, the turbos are dummies(bonus thing you didn't know haha) Sorry, I had to correct him on this because as a car guy it upset me deeply lol.

Автор Nikodimos Triaridis ( назад)
THIS is how you make a manly film! No need for penis envy explosions or big breasted women, just be a badass film.

Автор jhosioja ( назад)
And another 50 years, and all the cars will be Hiluxes.

Автор Luke Macdermid ( назад)
It's sad that one of the most iconic film series in Australian cinema, the main character is played by an Americanand then a Brit.

Автор Dave Pascoe ( назад)
A bonus thing, Fury Road was meant to be shot in the same location as Road Warrior but floods to the area after 5 years of drought meant the area didn't have the wasteland look that the film required meaning it had to be shot in the backup location

Автор qwerty kwerty ( назад)

Автор Why ask my ID? Is that important? ( назад)
#8: the director shares name with the filthiest youtuber ever.

Автор Nikodimos Triaridis ( назад)
This channel is like watchmojo, but about 1000x times better.

Автор Nikodimos Triaridis ( назад)

Автор Josh Edillon ( назад)
The Gigahorse has a mileage of 2 gallons-per-mile.

Автор Sotnas ( назад)
Nicolous Hoult was amazing in Fury Road. He deserved a Best Supporting Actor nod.

Автор Danny Bala ( назад)
He didn't even sound Australian. And why did Furiosa sound American

Автор Crawleyman ( назад)
CineFix I love your channel. It always seems to talk about movies in a sophisticated yet fun way but I saw something that disgusted me. You showed a picture of Mel Gibson in a Nazi uniform. I know he hasn't done everything right in life but to my knowledge he has never been a Nazi. I doubt it but maybe you can tell me otherwise.

I will still continue to watch your great videos but I'm really disappointed. I know you all can do better.

Автор Sagara Sousuke ( назад)
Why didn't they open a Museum with all those caaaaaarsssss!?

Автор Brendan Olson ( назад)
Do 7 facts about everything I hate about you

Автор ANDREW PRIDMORE ( назад)
Trailer Mix: Apocalypse Now as a roadtrip movie?
Some Alexander Payne shit.

Автор Jason theboss05 ( назад)
alright time to do reservoir dogs

Автор Roxanne Urrutia ( назад)
could you talk about 'Enter The Void'? probably not a things you didn't know episode, but something. you know?

Автор DaDangerDog ( назад)
I freaking LOVE Fury Road.

Автор omri arielly ( назад)
not a word about the amazing black & chrome edition?

Автор Adam 23 ( назад)
fist of the north star was inspired by the first mad max and early shonen.

Автор BlastingRobin ( назад)
thumbs down for dissing the great mel gibson

Автор Marco Alexa ( назад)
I really don't like car chases in movies or exploding vehicles for that matter, but I LOVED Mad Max: Fury Road. A beautiful brutal masterpiece.

Автор Joel Lehtonen ( назад)
I'm sorry, but filmography of the director and the fact that Hardy replaced Gibson are Things That Everybody Knows.

Автор Viwe Mbava ( назад)
_The_ best Action movie of all time. *Period*

Автор musicsurfin ( назад)
One thing I know about this film, it sucked. The "Seinfeld" film that is about nothing but driving. What? That's right, it is just driving... No plot, no acting, no story, no point, just driving, I hated this movie.

Автор Tormund Gaint ( назад)
Where is Namibia? it has beautiful desert.

Автор kriqtic ( назад)
Best Mel Gibson photo EVEERRRRRR!!!

Автор Berik Abultayev ( назад)
thank for mad max vid!

Автор Turdsley ( назад)
The behind the scenes of Fury Road is great, it goes into how they made The Peacemaker (the Bullet Farmers car/tank) and its freaking insane.

Автор GeorgeJP ( назад)
mad max fury road is my favourite action film

Автор Darth Malgus ( назад)
I seen this movie 3 times in theaters, the only movie ive ever done that for

Автор Francisco Gutierrez ( назад)
I thought, for sure, that the bit of reused footage from Mad Max and the prop which was a nod to The Road Warrior were going to be bonus things.

Автор AttilatheThrilla ( назад)
Imagine owning one of those cars... That would be so tits.

Автор goblinfing ( назад)
We still bashing Mel Gibson? Funny how people only remember that he said NIGGER a few times..but he basically saved RDJ from the utter shit.

Автор SuBhaYU BiSwaS ( назад)
Anybody else thinks that the opening of the movie ,even the cover of this video the guy is Gerard butler... I went to see it in the theater ....it felt like he was suddenly replaced by Tom Hardy... ?? Or is it just me !!

Автор NeverSaySandwich1 ( назад)
Mel Gibson is a boss

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