Jazz Guitar Lesson: Chord Voicing and Comping

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In this online guitar tutorial, Berklee College of Music assistant professor and Berklee Online instructor Bruce Saunders will show you how to use jazz chords in your guitar playing.

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About Bruce Saunders
Bruce Saunders is a Professor at Berklee College of Music. With New York City as his base since 1988, he has toured Europe, South America, Australia, Japan, and the United States as a band leader and as a sideman. He has recorded with musicians such as Jack DeJohnette, Peter Erskine, Dave Holland, Kenny Werner, Bill Stewart, Michael Cain, Glen Velez, Harvie Swartz, David Berkman, Tony Scherr, Mark Murphy, Ben Monder, Steve Cardenas, and many others. He has four recordings CDs as a leader: Fragment (Moo Records, 2002); Likely Story (Moo Records, 1998); Jazz Hymns (1995 and 1998); Forget Everything (Moo Records, 1995).

Saunders has taught at Berklee since 1992. He has also taught at New York University and various clinics worldwide, including the International Jazz Seminar in Xalapa, Mexico, numerous times in Colombia, South America, and the Maine Jazz Camp. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree in classical guitar and theory from Florida State University, and a Masters in Jazz Performance from the University of North Texas, where he studied with Jack Petersen and Tom Johnson. He is the author of Pentatonics, Modern Blues, and Melodic Improvisation (all Mel Bay Publications).

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Автор idogn ( назад)
Does this course still available online?

Автор Aniket Mango ( назад)
You sound like Morgan Freeman.

Автор dafeval ( назад)
David Becker Tribune - Distance Traveled - EPK - 2014

Автор Glenn Michael Thompson ( назад)
aka accompanying. :0)

Автор Bruce Saunders ( назад)
the first tune was part of "Very Early" by the great Bill Evans.

Автор Akoranicya ( назад)
hello sir how are you? just wanna ask some HINT/ADVICE how to be a jazz
player? can u pls tell me where to start or what to do? thank you so much

Автор Julian Jayme ( назад)
Comping = Complimenting. :). Start there

Автор Lauri91 ( назад)
I agree too. From the first chord I was turned on.

Автор Charles Tresca ( назад)
Great! Nice opening with Very Early! C.G.T. Ukiah, CA

Автор Adrian Hester ( назад)
I like your approach to comping chords.

Автор 2MrBrian ( назад)
More than inversion, voicing really means what notes do you choice to play
and what notes do you leave out. In other words, how do you voice a chord?
For example, maybe you would voice a G7b9 b13chord as F, B, Eb,Ab and leave
out the root. Or you may play a C6/9 as E, G, A, D. Both of those examples
are rootless voicings. Or you may voice Gb9 as G, B, F, Ab leaving out the
fifth, D.

Автор Don Won ( назад)
I'm pretty sure voicing means inverting the individual notes in some of the
chords so that they sound differently. In other words the notes get flipped
upside down and such. The root note for example normally acts as the bass
note, but when it is inverted, it becomes one of the higher pitched notes
in the chord. That way the chords have a different 'voicing' in how they
sound. That not only changes the voicing of the chord but it also allows
you more ways to play melodies around your chords.

Автор Zach Urch ( назад)
can someone please tell me what the song was at the beginning? 

Автор markushalfmad ( назад)
@clarity754 thank you very much - it's all very clear now! cheers!

Автор Michael Scott ( назад)
@markushalfmad Voicing basically refers to the order of the notes in the
chord. If you take a Cmaj7 chord (comprised of the notes C E G B) and play
it in that order you have a "closed" voicing or Root position chord. If you
change the order to E G B C you have a Cmaj7 chord in first inversion
(meaning the E is the lowest sounding note). Change the order again to G B
C E and you have a second inversion Cmaj7 chord. It's how your "voicing"
the chord. It's still the same chord, Cmaj7

Автор markushalfmad ( назад)
I understand 'comping' as a short term for 'accompanying' but I still don't
quite understand the term 'voicing' - my guess would be 'the melodic line
resulting from a sequence of chords', but then I suppose that would be
called 'chord melody' Pls, can someone shed some light on this terminology
aspect to help me understand its precise meaning?

Автор Mike Chavanu GPAC ( назад)
Just finished Jazz Guitar 101 with Bruce at Berklee On Line. Changed me as
a guitar player. He is a fantastic teacher and inspiring player. The cost
of the course was some of the best money invested in my pursuit. Thanks
again Bruce.

Автор Eric Zabala ( назад)
who else absolutely adores the cmaj7 chord, only the jazziest,laid-back
chord ever? :D

Автор upT3mpo ( назад)
@marguitar1 Freddie Green, but if you want to be inspired I suggest you
start with Wes Montgomery, almost every great player today is inspired by
Wes, for good reason. If you really want to be influenced, also try
non-guitarists like Charlie Parker (Sax), Dizzy Gillespie (Trumpet), or
Chic Corea (Keys). It's all just great music at the end of the day, it just
happens to be the guitar which is your chosen choice of instrument. Good
luck and keep going with it, time = results!

Автор Mackenzie Lawless ( назад)
@eletric74 looks like a fender deluxe

Автор gleb sorokin ( назад)
I want to be able to do that soooo bad!!! gonna start learnin!

Автор Plucky Xo ( назад)
Looks like fun but it's over my head

Автор Don Won (1635 лет назад)
Hey that's a great lesson! I am just now getting into jazz guitar. Could
you tell me who are some of the great jazz guitarists from the 20's-40's

Автор Ryan Burke (1069 лет назад)
What amp is he using? 

Автор Jeremy Lam ( назад)
looks like nicholas cage :D

Автор G Smith ( назад)
amazing! great vid!

Автор ElvisBluntman777 ( назад)
Jazz is beautiful

Автор Gerald Hardy ( назад)
can you break that down from :24 - :34

Автор Subsharp ( назад)
@Luisrox123 if you mean by playing over changes....you just have to be
really quick. This is a difficult and robotic approach in my opinion, I
prefer just forgetting theory at this point and just playing from the
distance of the note just played its good to have an idea of a few notes
you want to play if something changes or you get lost, but the left brain
is pretty uninvolved.

Автор Simonomon2 ( назад)
his fingers are like perfect for electric guitar. well rounded finger tips.

Автор G7flat5 ( назад)
Bruce is great! I took Jazz 101 with him and am taking 201 with him. He
knows so much cool hip stuff and is very generous in sharing his knowledge.

Автор Luisrox123 ( назад)
I've always wondered how to solo over someone comping a chord. I'm somewhat
new to jazz please someone reply! i cant see how arpeggios would work
because some chords are only played for half a second or something like
that. Help!

Автор 6K6R ( назад)
Nice job well done Claude

Автор ragrytakr ( назад)
The amp is fender deville ( 212 i think ) I don't know about the guitar

Автор angstikala ( назад)
so clean :)

Автор Julian Arcos ( назад)
hey Bruce, nice to see you my friend! good sounding guitar!! is thicker
than your regular 335? un abrazo !

Автор Julian Arcos ( назад)
great teacher, I know Bruce from xalapa, good friend!!

Автор Regal Sin ( назад)
Superb playing. I could watch this all day

Автор effsixteenblock50 ( назад)
any1 - those recordings Wes did with his brothers were on the Riverside
label. ;)

Автор aqwayne ( назад)
Really really clean.... amazing

Автор josejlim ( назад)
i studied with bruce...he has a lot of patience!

Автор omgnuub ( назад)
who said anything about him being depressed? he doesnt seem depressed or
even down in spirit to me.

Автор Nawazo ( назад)
Why is this man so depressed? Berklee school of music is where it all
beginsss...he should be prouuuud

Автор thermalegoogle ( назад)
great playing

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