B-17 Scratch Built Foamie

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It is always windy in Idaho. We had a short window of no wind this morning to try and maiden flight the B-17, but alas, it didn't work out. The plane is quite large and difficult to throw so we tried to take it off from the ground. The landing gear failed on the first attempt and damaged the elevator control.

By the time we made repairs, the wind had come up and we couldn't fly. There may be a second attempt this evening, if the wind dies down.

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Автор PatBALEX ( назад)
Looks like it has a lot of torque...Go easy on the trottle....Great job..Looks good....

Автор Mark Richardson ( назад)
@mattyfly4fun thanks :)

Автор trance183 ( назад)
Very nice detail! Can't wait for maiden. :)

Автор Mark Richardson ( назад)
@TheLipRipp3r Thanks :) Dustin put a lot of work into it. Hopefully we can see it fly soon.

Автор TheLipRipp3r ( назад)
....that sure looks nice! Great scale finish-work!

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