Shaolin Monk Wang Bo


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Автор Brent Choi ( назад)
You are the best.

Автор spiritjourney51 ( назад)
This man is absolutely breathtaking and I thought my Toronto Master was
fantastic. So much power and control. He's beautiful to watch and deadly.

Автор Kash Senpai ( назад)
Common man, the naruto theme song 😂😂😂 really 🙄🙄🙄

Автор The Kung Fu Channel ( назад)
Don´t know why but anyway how good someone performes kung fu forms (in this
case modern wushu) I never can take him seriously if he uses these "paper
broad swords" or "paper halberd"

Автор belzebul ( назад)
Anyone knows the music?

Автор rick ls ( назад)
Finaly someone who knows the words and the meaning of Kung Fu

Автор david flanagan ( назад)
Having studdied under and sparred with him i can say that he definitely is
the most skilled martial artist i have ever met, his speed is unmatched, he
has zero telegraph and unbelievable power and control, it took everything i
had just to hold my own, it was an honor to get beat up by shifu Wang Bo

Автор MechPhantom ( назад)
@JangNicky take a look they are really really fast, but still not as fast
as lee the guy "sifu morten" that i speak of is shit fast man haha , 7
punches in 1 second, damn i swear hes faster than wang bo in many ways ,
shi xing hong loses to him too . Thats why you dont have to learn shaolin
be the "best" etc, ALOT of people in many other disciples are already
better than these guys . see you pal

Автор MechPhantom ( назад)
@JangNicky yea hes good of xourse, but remember theres always someone that
is waaaaaaaay (9999999x) better than him and any monk somewhere in the
world waiting to be found. Like bruce lee for example, hes the best till
now, not even wang bo is nt even close to reach his speed and cant be
compared literally. Bruce till today will forever be the storngest, fastest
martial artist ever that can beat any shaolin monk easy ,but the closest to
lee is this guy "tommy carruthers" and "sifu morten" 

Автор Nicky Zhang ( назад)
@MechPhantom Wang Bo was an official Shaolin Monk under the abbot. So yes,
he is well trained in actual combat as well. I've seen him many times in
person and trust me, you would not want to mess with him in any way...even
though he's a REALLY nice and peaceful guy. funny too.

Автор Nicky Zhang ( назад)
In the few times I saw Wang Bo perform with our monk instructors from
Shaolin Temple Cultural Center, I'd say his Monkey form is his all time
best. Nearly got kicked in the face last I tried to film him during a
performance. Huge crowds can make the performances exciting and dangerous
at the same time.

Автор MartialArtsCN ( назад)
@maibull086 He was a ''monk''. 

Автор wonphi ( назад)
@DragonClaw265 I know he is a real monk, but even amongst real monks, they
have different levels. I was just trying to tell GT500 that there are
levels amongst monks and that it's hard to say what is a "real" monk or
not. I know Wang Bo is not secular though. 

Автор MechPhantom ( назад)
@mcdunlap29 cool bro but aprt form the lfips and stuff can he really fight

Автор MechPhantom ( назад)
0:29 crazy monkey ultra uber scream !! woot

Автор Untied Strangers ( назад)
@nosfero ITS LIFE BISH! D:<

Автор The Immortal ( назад)
@JustMe15000 sorry to ruin your "world" but its wushu.. wushu its taichi.. 

Автор MartialArtsCN ( назад)
@24corrdi24 He is a real monk. =)

Автор crazyCLONE112 ( назад)
oh, he do be very good!!! B R A V O !!! :)

Автор wonphi ( назад)
@gt500cowboy If you can't tell the difference between TKD and kung fu, you
should get educated on the matter. If you think Wang Bo is a TKD
practitioner, you are sorely mistaken. Shaolin is a diverse art, and just
because something resembles another it's a shame people are willing to put
down an art just to justify their own wrong ignorance.

Автор wonphi ( назад)
@gt500cowboy Sorry wrong, TKD doesn't use swords, spears, staff, doesn't
have drunken fist, doesn't have the same stances, doesn't have the same
hand forms, you name it, you must be ignorant to think that TKD is like
Shaolin kung fu, just because Shaolin kung fu has kicks doesn't mean it's
like TKD, get educated, and Wang Bo is a shaolin monk, he may not be a
warrior monk, but he did train in the temple as a child. There are
different levels of monks, from secular disciples to warrior monks.

Автор wonphi ( назад)
@gt500cowboy ?? The guy is a shaolin monk, TKD is nothing like this.

Автор bizoneee ( назад)
@kohutsky Jacky Chan didn't create drunken style, you can find many videos
of shaolin (or wudang) monks doing it. But Jackies drunken style is so good
and funny that he made it famous.

Автор jeffdoeskungfu ( назад)
@kohutsky I've seen video footage of drunken forms performed before the
release of Jackie Chan's movie. However, they look much different than the
Jackie Chan stuff and whatever this guy is doing.

Автор Kohutsky ( назад)
This guy is bullshit. Drunken fist is not a real form of fighting, its a
fictional form created by jacky chan as a gimmic in the movie drunken
master. Sure this guy can kick ass, but its gimmic

Автор 24corrdi24 ( назад)
@s10fisto01 a real monk shouldn't show off ... ;p

Автор salamlam1 ( назад)
good i like it

Автор Sjnjerak ( назад)
Why would a shaolin monk use a modern wushu saber? I mean no disrespect he
is clearly a very devoted martial artist but it looks wierd to me.

Автор SirHC888 ( назад)
Very nice. Power and flexibility. You are lucky to have him as your Sifu.

Автор Untied Strangers ( назад)
Kung fu isn't just for fighting..it is a way of life.

Автор lordmemnochthedevil ( назад)

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