Xerox Girls Ass

Hey lucky guy hows he feeling while seeing this ............? check out buddy because you dont get second chance in life.

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Автор Jack French ( назад)
can one explain the importance of this

Автор andrasiboti ( назад)
@LunaaaTianaia851 Ahhh! Nice spam, you've posted there!^^

Автор gr0chibre ( назад)
@happylaughter1990 commercials assume that we are dumb

Автор gr0chibre ( назад)
@KHANHcept already made, too late

Автор Daim Gill ( назад)
very sexy........................

Автор AirCanada04 ( назад)
You can tell this is from NL.

Автор Anakin IX ( назад)
Who's the girl?

Автор gdvibes_ ( назад)
Dis is funny doe

Автор Mine Craftbros (302 года назад)

Автор This Guy ( назад)
only in europe

Автор I am Sidd ( назад)

Автор khanhcept ( назад)

Автор Didi972 ( назад)
/watch?v=Z8kxB3nSTn0 Is it me or it's the exact same scene from an earlier
French commercial?

Автор happylaughter1990 ( назад)
Why would she get new paper if the printer still have? And you can't
photostep it when it's so far. It would only come out a black piece of paper

Автор doofusgerms ( назад)
Amazing face

Автор SUBHAJYOTI PAL ( назад)
@coolmyself Ha! Ha!

Автор Thiago Laranja de Vasconcelos ( назад)
kkk' Mt boa a propaganda

Автор doofusgerms ( назад)
OMG That face

Автор Razerlikes ( назад)
This is an office where i would go work if all girls are so sexy

Автор Noé Vázquez ( назад)

Автор Joe Adams ( назад)
woooooow i luv that

Автор debiion ( назад)
Why would she get new paper when there's still left?

Автор TRoN1Ck ( назад)
wwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww shes hot! :O

Автор Daniel B. ( назад)
pervert xerox

Автор tdsupersaiyan ( назад)
double D paper

Автор chronousnemesis ( назад)
oh my...she's crosseyed 0:02

Автор Belphegor of Sloth ( назад)
32 people didn't think it was Double A paper.

Автор Makgame ( назад)
@coolmyself LMAO! ;)

Автор none none ( назад)
Why did the guy look so shocked when he saw whats under her skirt? Is she a
shemale? XD

Автор 1zg ( назад)
@Maux4200 i think she didnt notice the other tray for paper

Автор kevinsnipes05 ( назад)
@Maux4200 who gives a shit shes hot.

Автор Simplicity ( назад)
think about it. her skirt is WAY above the machine. Most probably the
printer would show plain black picture

Автор coolpilot2001 ( назад)
this video has one of the best ICONS ever

Автор splashlog01 ( назад)
She has a ball sack

Автор 4thGradeReadingLevel ( назад)
@Maux4200 It's an ad, for the Double A paper - yes the copier had paper but
it wasn't Double A.

Автор mmaton ( назад)
@diefuhreroffunk She was reaching for paper.

Автор diefuhreroffunk ( назад)
@Maux4200 toner, maybe? A different drawer? Aliens?

Автор ifarcast ( назад)
LOL! she freaked out

Автор Djarra ( назад)
Judging by the look on his face she is really a he

Автор Space Monkey ( назад)
yea, I'm confused too. Why the hell was climbing to get paper if the
machine had enough to print a gazillion pictures of her "ass"

Автор TheKingOfTheFuture ( назад)
this girl is so hot

Автор bornbillsmith ( назад)
@Maux4200 Maybe she was getting paper for a different machine but all the
paper is located near this one.

Автор Kalyan Chakraborty ( назад)
who is she?

Автор Slightlystoopid Justin ( назад)
@Maux4200 Its called a joke.

Автор Atomic Quibbles ( назад)
he screams and runs ... ahhhhh she's a dude!!!!!!

Автор Blitz Vogel ( назад)
"I didn't know you were a tranny!"

Автор zwatcher ( назад)
@Maux4200 she needed a different size paper. big machines like that have
multiple trays

Автор acs6121956 ( назад)
@okokan4444 no. no, she is not my taste !

Автор acs6121956 ( назад)

Автор heathovc ( назад)
@Maux4200 another tray...

Автор swharr ( назад)
I hope she was looking for a condom. They need to practice safe sex. I
really hope he wasn't shocked by dingle berries. oh my

Автор Audrey Randazzo ( назад)
i put that on TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор joe tupis ( назад)

Автор tazman5001 ( назад)
this ad has bin coped like 1000's of times

Автор Kayokak ( назад)
@Maux4200 BAH! logic does not matter! Only the copying of said up skirt
shot... Logic... the nerve of some people...

Автор mmaton ( назад)
@sonofrock97 :P

Автор mmaton ( назад)
@MakWAR Hah, probably :)

Автор NutsandGuts ( назад)
It's a trap!!!

Автор coldfusion87 ( назад)
@KitKattheDemon They're wrapped around your throat, choking the life out of

Автор Bernardo Flores ( назад)
@Maux4200 the machine probably got techno horny and cummed out some extra

Автор Guj Sehambi ( назад)
wow shes gorgeous

Автор shrekt ( назад)
@Maux4200 it was jammed i think?

Автор KitKattheDemon ( назад)
1. copy and paste 2. send ths to two other videos 3. hold your breath for
10 seconds 4. press refresh twice 5. look at your hands

Автор Xavier Lucero ( назад)
Lady Gaga's penis?

Автор CoreMusicFreak ( назад)
what? a dick?

Автор princezaidy ( назад)
Take a copy is free

Автор Daniel Dugger ( назад)
This is so WIN!

Автор Mārtiņš Vītols ( назад)
epic commercial WIN!

Автор Ciaran Smith ( назад)
except this came first

Автор Fritz k ( назад)
i dont think it was only her ass....

Автор jackfrosty399 ( назад)
Well then that guy just saw a whole lot of man junk.

Автор ikmaakvids ( назад)
hollaaand!!! my county :D

Автор J VTEC ( назад)
@ixonixas anyone send that over, I just wanna see it :P

Автор nachoguy5 ( назад)
Dude, other countries rule

Автор Christine Sweet ( назад)
yes, but people also refer to photocopying as "xeroxing"

Автор airsoftguy85rocks ( назад)
what if the girl was a tranvestite?

Автор timetravelr28 ( назад)
I would have helped her SIT on the copier, then hit the button. You get
much clearer copies that way.

Автор Chu Hang Chun ( назад)
Xerox means the brand of photocopier?

Автор jonathantse1 ( назад)
the guy said cool or ughh? cuz if he said cool hed get smaked lol. if i was
him id smile :D

Автор jonathantse1 ( назад)
the guys like... lucky day!

Автор CoreMusicFreak ( назад)
can i borrow one picture? :DD

Автор Tore Aurstad ( назад)
0:23 "WTF ... A DICK???????????????"

Автор AskelChinhook ( назад)
haarscherp printen xD it means to print out something that is clear enough
to see a single hair

Автор Manu ( назад)
what is Mikado?

Автор IdTube ( назад)
Wow! Is this an authentic commercial? To me it looks more like an opening
scene of a porn movie. =D

Автор kronokratos ( назад)
yes copied by mikado

Автор joshcena12 ( назад)
mikado advert

Автор cheatfuse ( назад)
chill the fuck out.

Автор R99Kie! ( назад)
I know. I wouldnt have gasped, I would have slipped an evil laugh. lololol

Автор R99Kie! ( назад)
Yeeeeah... That something to think about.

Автор P. Myocardomania ( назад)

Автор JAMZH6 ( назад)
maybe there wasnt enough paper to make the print she want so she went to
get some more

Автор coolpilot2001 ( назад)
that guys a fuckin queer whos probably never saw a cunt before. probably
lives with his 79 year old mother.

Автор LuxuriousLuxembourg (1802 года назад)

Автор brett fogg ( назад)
i was just about to say that i saw one similar but i thought they were
chinese. oh well no biggie

Автор Maux4200 ( назад)
hang on, if she was going to get paper because the machine was out of
paper, how could there be paper in the machine when she was still getting
paper? O_o

Автор Hibbel1 ( назад)
xDD funny :D

Автор Rick James ( назад)
this advert was made before the Mikado one

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