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Автор 009james009 (5 лет)
this is stolen off the mikado advert but i do find this girl more
attractive and sexy ;)

Автор Ciaran Smith (5 лет)
except this came first

Автор Mine Craftbros (3 года)

Автор Daim Gill (3 года)
very sexy........................

Автор isemale (6 лет)
Mootodamusic hahaha Roflmao= Rolling on floor laughing MY ass off u fucking

Автор TheKingOfTheFuture (4 года)
this girl is so hot

Автор Audrey Randazzo (5 лет)
i put that on TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Chu Hang Chun (5 лет)
Xerox means the brand of photocopier?

Автор coldfusion87 (5 лет)
@KitKattheDemon They're wrapped around your throat, choking the life out of

Автор Anakin IX (3 года)
Who's the girl?

Автор bcktEnTeRtAiNmEnT (6 лет)

Автор Makgame (4 года)
@coolmyself LMAO! ;)

Автор coolpilot2001 (5 лет)
that guys a fuckin queer whos probably never saw a cunt before. probably
lives with his 79 year old mother.

Автор Tore Aurstad (5 лет)
0:23 "WTF ... A DICK???????????????"

Автор gr0chibre (3 года)
@happylaughter1990 commercials assume that we are dumb

Автор jonathantse1 (5 лет)
the guys like... lucky day!

Автор shrekt (5 лет)
@Maux4200 it was jammed i think?

Автор gtqwerasdf (6 лет)
if i was that guy i would say oh yeahhhhh

Автор MauroIV (5 лет)
asdsadkkdjddsaKJÑ xD

Автор helenstone1980 (5 лет)
who cares about the continuity,ya stupid fuckers!

Автор brett fogg (5 лет)
i was just about to say that i saw one similar but i thought they were
chinese. oh well no biggie

Автор sodalover477 (6 лет)
Lol, he gasped because she was wearing no underwear. LOL

Автор spiro37 (5 лет)
I'd be like...ya wanna go out sometime? lol

Автор nachoguy5 (5 лет)
Dude, other countries rule

Автор tazman5001 (5 лет)
this ad has bin coped like 1000's of times

Автор chronousnemesis (4 года)
oh my...she's crosseyed 0:02

Автор mxalex12345 (6 лет)
No you wouldn't.

Автор thegozguy (6 лет)
there is NOBODY that hot at my office and thank god

Автор jonathantse1 (5 лет)
the guy said cool or ughh? cuz if he said cool hed get smaked lol. if i was
him id smile :D

Автор Djarra (4 года)
Judging by the look on his face she is really a he

Автор Fritz k (5 лет)
i dont think it was only her ass....

Автор airsoftguy85rocks (5 лет)
what if the girl was a tranvestite?

Автор kronokratos (5 лет)
yes copied by mikado

Автор acs6121956 (4 года)
@okokan4444 no. no, she is not my taste !

Автор Thiago Laranja de Vasconcelos (4 года)
kkk' Mt boa a propaganda

Автор princezaidy (5 лет)
Take a copy is free

Автор The Great King (4 года)
think about it. her skirt is WAY above the machine. Most probably the
printer would show plain black picture

Автор khanhcept (3 года)

Автор theothecoolguy (6 лет)

Автор This Guy (3 года)
only in europe

Автор R99Kie! (5 лет)
I know. I wouldnt have gasped, I would have slipped an evil laugh. lololol

Автор cheatfuse (5 лет)
chill the fuck out.

Автор gr0chibre (3 года)
@KHANHcept already made, too late

Автор VoidKeeper (6 лет)
isn't it Rolling on the floor?

Автор IdTube (5 лет)
Wow! Is this an authentic commercial? To me it looks more like an opening
scene of a porn movie. =D

Автор Razerlikes (4 года)
This is an office where i would go work if all girls are so sexy

Автор Kalyan Chakraborty (4 года)
who is she?

Автор doofusgerms (4 года)
OMG That face

Автор AirCanada04 (3 года)
You can tell this is from NL.

Автор Jonathan Post (6 лет)
your right its focus range is less than an inch away from the glass

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