Shahrukh Khan Deepika Arjun & Kareena LIVE 2007

Shahrukh Khan Deepika Arjun & Kareena LIVE 2007

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Автор ‫ندي خالد‬‎ ( назад)

Автор Bebo Khan ( назад)
Bebo has natural beauty! Just love her <3

Автор Hicham Hicham ( назад)
Shahrukh Khan Deepika Arjun & Kareena ko ko ko go

Автор bunga andunk ( назад)
This is the original deepika face. she plasticity opaque and ancient.
actually he is very ugly and not appealing. I am talking reality not
because they do not like it

Автор Jihad Jihaditaa ( назад)
stop at 5:33 ,, loool

Автор Bilal Ibragim ( назад)
Мне нравяться

Автор gogoagone ( назад)
Omg deepika so ugly , kareena natural beautiful

Автор kkk999595 ( назад)
What a performance but she should dance this at Filmfare Award..love u

Автор nazi shah ( назад)
lol @ saif ali khan and his son he is so hot on kareena the way he looks is
just crazy lolllllllllllll damn

Автор Suryane Zaine ( назад)
wth. firstly, I like Kareena but seriously? Outfit fail, song bad and
somemore the dang fires that suddenly appeared and... THERE WAS A CHILD

Автор hazarag ( назад)
love kareena , all her haters go to hell.

Автор money maker ( назад)
1:01 guys getting too excited. proberbly new to fame and publicity!

Автор Huddy0003 ( назад)

Автор SAM KING ( назад)
big bich...kareena...fuck experience

Автор alexandra12345ism ( назад)
i love OSO.My fav movie

Автор Obayd Muskin ( назад)
why was there also a black eyed peas song, i thought this was bollywood

Автор Maria Chaudhry ( назад)
it's not only kareena kapoor who is doing those steps your guys are calling
stupid, but also those other girls who are dancing behind Kareena. So why
don't you people say "those girls and kareena look like some weirdos"? Why
just say "kareena looks wierd. She can't even dance."

Автор Allah Hu Fuckbar ( назад)
is she dancing?

Автор Ameiaru ( назад)
they replayed saif looking kinda like 'wtf' face like a bajillion times.
T_T; and i disliked how they mixed the black eyed peas song with the yeh
mera dil song. XD;; Mera Dil's so much better.. :D Once Kareena started
smiling, awesome performance. ^_^

Автор topaz09rk ( назад)
@sssteveo: I totally agree with you...i'm pretty sure when anyone has a
prob with how another person looks or acts it's just because they're
jealous or insecure about themselves.....people should focus more about
improving themselves instead of being picky about other ppl :) and yes
kareena is fabulous always & forever (for me anyway & her other many
fans...you don't have to feel the same way but at least don't be mean about

Автор topaz09rk ( назад)
@vmp98765 he's her boyfriend :)

Автор vmp98765 ( назад)
is saif related to kareena? the camera keeps going back to him.....

Автор ankit ( назад)
nice video

Автор Leela Davis ( назад)
im confused with this song

Автор musicmakerchick19 ( назад)
He has a ponytail!!!

Автор chateaunck ( назад)
i love this movie om shanti om

Автор samiramida1 ( назад)
@karatajaan movie- "Don-The Chase Begins", song- "Yeh Mera Dil"

Автор Za Qa ( назад)
@TheRb16 lol that's her BF Saif. Maybe he got ticked off because of the
'young' comment SK made. Idk.

Автор TheRb16 ( назад)
the guy at 4:57 looks ticked off! LOL

Автор Kareena Khan ( назад)
HATE DEEPIKA, Never Liked Her....... Kareena's The Best......

Автор Anoucha Vellien ( назад)
kareena is rocking!!wow saif'son is sooo cute!!

Автор MiaSRK3 ( назад)
I wonder if Kareena and Saif were together then cause OMG Saif was
drooling:)) Nice dance!

Автор alexandra12345ism ( назад)
Deepika is so beautiful

Автор Kheksha B. ( назад)
@sssteveo no she s a badhmaash did u see her song chailya her bikini u
didgustig ppl think shes bubbly

Автор Ennniii ( назад)
and hate kareena... '-.-

Автор Ennniii ( назад)
love srk's ponytail! :D <3

Автор shincy9 ( назад)
everyone watching looks so uncomfortable! saif looks like he can't take it
anymore! lol!

Автор Melly&Mark ( назад)
i no lol

Автор Fairouz KH. ( назад)
Yes !

Автор ameenastarz678 ( назад)
5:50 hilarious

Автор Melly&Mark ( назад)
is thats saif's son??

Автор magicyte ( назад)
I'd stick my deep in her ka.

Автор Bo0og88 ( назад)
amazing performance one of her best Love u bebo ur the best

Автор Sandy Sutraban ( назад)
hmph... this one is a disappointment, so not kareena! she's my fav. but the
same moves were used too many times and got boring after a while. Other
than that the remix was not so great =[

Автор Shahidsteddy ( назад)
2:09 sonam looks like juhi chawla, doesn´t she?

Автор ff fff ( назад)
LOL at saif sharukh and arjun's faces.

Автор Janeth Quispe ( назад)
la pelicual om shanti om es bien linda y mucho mas aun cuando baila algo de
la musica que dice an de disco algo asi - chevre bailaron la musica del
3:15 -jajaja miren la cara preciosa de Shahrukh Khan en el minuto 4:24

Автор 12-Mojo ( назад)
hmm...good looker but terrible dancer maybe?

Автор LuaniNair ( назад)
SRK with his Om Shanti Om's haircut is adorable ♥___♥.

Автор xXIleonaXx (1464 года назад)
i like kareena very much this isnßt her best^^ why does she look so angry
and bored? i know that she can do it better! ;)

Автор yerytwa ( назад)
its like she dnt give a shyt no smile on hr face

Автор Shahidsteddy ( назад)
It´s true her hands are flying around... And what look is
that...04:25...?!!!??? Seems little weird

Автор chatnoir60609 ( назад)
she doesn't know what to do with her arms and missed the choreography steps
many times. She is not a good dancer anyway, now i'm convinced, at the
beginning I thougth it was a matter of time. She has to thanks God she is
beautiful and an average talented actress.

Автор 22lovebird ( назад)
crap..so fake..waste my time.

Автор sweetrose80s ( назад)
she is not the best looking, but she is fine enough to be a actress. at
least she is better than her older sister, and i think she did a good

Автор kiflichka ( назад)
this girl cannot dance ...im sorry...i don't know is it d choreography
but..somthing is..just too..stiff ...shes been dancing for long now...was
she shy tht her bf was watchin :P....hmmm anyway...who cares ..she doesn't
for sure! :)))..she is famous and beautiful :)))..

Автор nitendra061 ( назад)
so dont watch her video then why are you watching her.. idiot

Автор Natanael9124 ( назад)
yo pienso que se le caia la baba a srk por karena kapoor al fin al cabo es
hombre, a aninadat tambien se le caia la baba, y que decir del que hizo de
malo en om shanti om, y la pregunta es ¿xq saif la miraba algo confuso a
karenna? tatatararan mmmm

Автор iiCiiNG ( назад)
saif looks so mad lol

Автор Y4gami ( назад)
not anymore....shes a fucking stick now

Автор fizzyhello381 ( назад)
i think saif looks a bit confused...its cute though

Автор aishuly naya ( назад)
i love arjun rampal !

Автор Coolzadi13 ( назад)
OMG!! AT 3:26, Saif's kids looks xactly like him!! How cute!!

Автор awanshika ( назад)
very true........... thanxs

Автор sultan bulut ( назад)
her face is ugly...that is what i meaning

Автор Frogless82 ( назад)
What is ugly about her?

Автор Ray Jarmiah ( назад)
i didn't like when she came out looking all serious @ the start, then when
yeh mera dil came out, she started to get playful. like wtf? lol

Автор sultan bulut ( назад)
karren is soo ugly...omg deepika 4-evaaa

Автор sultan bulut ( назад)
deepika is so beautiful

Автор Ameeksha Dilchand ( назад)
arjun rampal is soo funny!m he doesnt dance isnt it? x

Автор jennina17 ( назад)

Автор krisfoil ( назад)
Uhmm, she has no hips whats up.... dance is really not good...

Автор nitendra061 ( назад)
i think she did well i dont agree with that deepika is looking good than

Автор Sheila S ( назад)
Kareena didn't dance well on this performance

Автор Mia Conl ( назад)
AM I THE ONLY 1 WHO NOTICED THE SHOES. whats up with those :P

Kareena Kapoor, is so beautiful!!

Автор MrsRonaldo21 ( назад)
wtf was dat....the crapist performace av ever seen!!!!!

Автор Hamzah Wahid ( назад)
whats the song caled on 3:15

Автор smartmnn ( назад)
Saif looked like he was going to blow up at times and he only smiled at the
start and end

Автор mbiling ( назад)
lol saif mad at her??? probably thinking damn shes doing so oooo badly.
more like.

Автор chou kawaii (1616 лет назад)
why did saif look like he was ready to blow up?

Автор Erica hizbu ( назад)
someone need to get saif an inhaler seems he always has a hard time
breathing when watching Kareena performing

Автор roshhh430 ( назад)
saif sorta looks like he doesnt like it...

Автор cecily2 (1029 лет назад)

Автор cutegal2402 ( назад)
Kareena looks angry .. she's not smiling as much and apart from her dress
there is not one sex appeal to her dance .. she is just swaying around ...
nothing about her moves are nice or sexy at all .... wow you would expect
something better from Kareena Kapoor. Deepika with no dancing looked better
than her.

Автор kewldude246 ( назад)
hindu r stupped kaling him king

Автор kanoush1985 ( назад)
look at saifs face in the end!! theres no way his angry!

Автор kanoush1985 ( назад)
i really dont think saif looks angry.. i mean i think theres something
else, his son is with him, so why would he be angry! alot people always
intrepret these things sooo differently..well kareena looks good in this
and so does saif!

Автор Fact1971 ( назад)
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Автор ShyHigh2 ( назад)
saf is get angry lolzzzzzzzzzzzz

Автор semijal ( назад)
yeah agree with you.. Kareena rock.. love her.. she is really talented

Автор TigerRW86 ( назад)
You are so right it's uncanny!

Автор amouli ai ( назад)
was anyone else cringing??

Автор scir 91 ( назад)
yes, heh :)

Автор scir 91 ( назад)
arjun looks better with shorter hair imo. his face is great to look at and
the longer hair takes away from it. it's all about the role though. very
few MEN look better in long hair. i guess fabio is one.

Автор scir 91 ( назад)
i like your nick, clumsydancer, ;)

Автор gutlessghoul (586 лет назад)
"Yeh Mera Dil" has so much more sex appeal than Stacy Ferguson. no matter
what is said about Kareena, she still remains the most powerful female
personality in Bollywood.

Автор cbcd0123 (1509 лет назад)
dude your so right his son is sooo cute ! <3

Автор NoRegretsStr8Up ( назад)
ok, is it just me or was Aish dying inside. she was enjoying this disaster
of a performance...

Автор o0oKajolo0o ( назад)
Kareena is hot, but Deepika... :/

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