Taurus 738 TCP Disassembly and Reassembly

Disassembly and reassembly of the Taurus TCP, a great little gun.

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Автор Jeff sHo ( назад)
With this as well as many Tip-Up Barrel pistols you want to make sure the
barrel is completely in the forward position before reinstalling the
takedown pin!

Автор SGT MAYHEM ( назад)
Thank you Brother for the great video. A friend of mine took her gun apart
and couldn't get it back together. I had no idea that it had 2 guide rod
springs and the other tricks and tips, saved me a bunch of swearing, torn
up hands etc… Thank you again, and Stay Safe

Автор CheaterBeater ( назад)
The pin goes in and out with no issues for me. I just put my finger nail
under and it pops out. When I slide the top portion on with the barrel I
just push it back in with some wiggling but for some reason mine has no
issues on putting it back together.

Автор Don B ( назад)
That is what happens with mine trying to get it back together.

Автор mona gill ( назад)
Very good information. I received the Taurus 380 as a gift. The manual was
a bit vague.

Автор Dommy Lahr ( назад)
I disassembled it but now I can't reassemble it, probably just take it to
my local gun dealer on Monday

Автор Mary Santana-Edge ( назад)
Just got this Taurus and came without instructions to disassemble, I was
used to a Colt Mustang 380 that was stolen., Thank you for this video it
help a lot.

Автор Ka-POP! !! ( назад)
I've read mostly positive reviews on these. Saw one yesterday at Academy
Sports and was tempted to get it. Thinking I will soon. Thanks for this
video. Not much of a trick once you know it, right? Gotta tell you, it's
hit and miss every time I try to take apart my Glock 27: Wrap right hand
around top of slide, pull slide back roughly 1/4 inch, hold two buttons on
either side down with left had while simultaneously depressing the slide
lock tab with your right middle or ring finger... hold your mouth just
right... let the light hit it just right... wait for the proper barometric
pressure... and MAYBE the slide will move forward and come off. If not,
simply repeat... click your heels together... etc.

Автор sha8ker1 ( назад)
Very well made video thank you for your time and effort.

Автор procasa01 (621 год назад)
how much was the gun ?

Автор Patrick Budowski ( назад)
Great video, pin was always a pain, now not so much.. :)

Автор Harold guyton ( назад)
Thanks Brah 

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
I wish I could help but I sold this gun almost 2 years ago.

Автор Abolitionist Society of Orlando A//A ( назад)
Is there a video for dissembling the magazine? I tried following the
directions in the manual but having a tough time

Автор securedog ( назад)
Like the others.. the same pin problem. Thanks for posting this. 

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy your TCP.

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
It is a pretty fun little gun. Sometimes I wish I had kept mine but selling
for a profit to finance another purchase won out. Thanks for watching.

Автор Doug Wheeler ( назад)
Thanks for the tip on reassembly. Just bought mine today. It was on sale
for 250 so I figured out I could not go wrong. Can't wait to shoot.

Автор MyRebel44 ( назад)
Thanks for the help

Автор Sherra Scott ( назад)
I just bought my TCP, so I haven't had a chance to fire it yet, but I've
had a Taurus 709S for over 2 years. I did have quite a few stovepipe
ejections at first with Winchester White Box rounds. I've put several boxes
of Remington UMC, Monarch (Brass), CCI Blazer, and what I remember to be
Silver Bear (I could be wrong...it's been almost 2 years for that brand)
with no other issues.

Автор Sherra Scott ( назад)
Just got mine today. I already have a 709S, but this was definitely more of
a pain in the butt to disassemble & reassemble. One thing you might put in
the description....if you pull the trigger while it's disassembled you will
not be able to get the slide back on properly! If that happens you will
need to recock the hammer manually with a screwdriver or something to get
the slide back on.

Автор Brian Freese ( назад)
THANKS!!! Reassembly was driving me crazy, and your example just helped me
do it without a hitch. 

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
Thank you for the information. I actually sold this gun shortly after
making the video and was simply following the instructions from Taurus for
disassemblying the gun. Thanks for watching.

Автор shawn crews ( назад)
i noticed that you stated that the rail must be in the full rear lock out
position to disassemble the firearm and reassemble and that is incorrect
for both assembly and dis-assembly it is much simpler to just slightly move
the rail back for dis assembly and re assembly the rail only has to move
about 1/16th of an inch the spring that pops up does not have as much
tension on it not because it is the re-tension spring the the slide lock
hope this not helps in future tear downs 

Автор kam lau ( назад)
Glad I watched this before taking mine apart. Great video and info. Thanks!

Автор cachemasterT ( назад)
thanks man. that pin was a b!tch

Автор SARGE3439 ( назад)
I actually had to take an emory board and round off just a hair of the edge
of the pin. It helped. Still have to go in on an angle though. I also had
an issue with it feeding the first round at first. Hit the lips of the mag
with the same thing. Problem solved. I'm sure it will get better with
repeated use. I like the trigger pull much more than my ex's S&W Bodyguard.

Автор John Mitchell ( назад)
Man. Just watched this as soon as I got the gun. I can say you've saved me
from a major headache. Thanks a lot

Автор John Clark ( назад)
Omg thank you i screwed up my finish on the pin when i tryed to do it with
out this video thanks alot

Автор Brandon Heinrich ( назад)
thank you so much im getting this gun in 2 days and no one would teach me
how to clean it or take it apart. cleaning is easy but assembly and
disassembly is the most difficult part of any gun. so thank you so much for
showing me how to do it right without blowing my hands off.

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
No problem. Thanks for watching. 

Автор Matt Duda ( назад)
thanks for the tip on getting the pin back in

Автор akw1971 ( назад)
Thank you to Jeremiah for the video and to Thizzelle for the "part-way"
suggestion... That is finally how it worked for me!

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
Glad I could help. I spent several minutes looking at the hole and taking
the slide back off to make sure I had assembled it correctly before I
realized what was happening. I'm glad so many people have been helped by
this video. 

Автор Steve Hollar ( назад)
Excellent video. I just took my CCW course yesterday. The first thing they
had us do was disassemble, which I had not done. An instructor had to to it
and had a hell of a time getting that pin back in. After watching your
video, I just now disassembled and had the pin back in after only a couple
tries. Everything worked perfect. Thanks.

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
No problem

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
Thanks for letting me know the video helped.

Автор Tim Burke (1881 год назад)
thanks for the vid. i just bought one and wanted to check up on proper
procedure before i started tearin it apart. glad i watched because now i
know about that pin spring. thanks for the help man.

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
I'm not sure if I will be any help but the problems I had with reassembling
had to do with either not having the barrel all the way forward or with the
spring that pops up as shown in the video. If the barrel is not all the way
forward, you need to pull it back toward the front of the firearm until it
is seated properly. You will know it is seated properly because you should
be able to see in the hole where the pin will be inserted. If the barrel is
not the problem, it may be the spring.

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
I'll have to take your word for it because I sold the firearm since I
wasn't shooting it enough. If you want, you can make a video showing that
method and attach it to mine. Thanks for watching and commenting.

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
Glad I could help. Thanks for watching.

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
In order to properly reassemble the 738, the barrel must stay forward. This
is one of the few complaints I had about the 738 but is not uncommon with
guns that have a similar takedown. Thanks for watching.

Автор jvradar ( назад)
I saw that the first time you reassembled it, you had the barrel pushed
back along with the slide, then when you took the barrel and slide off
again, and reintroduced the slide and barrel, the barrel stayed forward
when you pushed the slide back to put the pin back in. Is this an issue as

Автор Jdubya1984 ( назад)
Ah ok, that works. Mine has an inverted clip so that it will go in your
pants. Seeing how the firearm is so thin, it fits well.

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
I don't think I ever used the bulldog case. It was nice for storage in my
safe, but that was about it. I used a pocket holster I bought on

Автор Jdubya1984 ( назад)
That bulldog case is a bit much. I ended up getting a Barsony IWB concealed
holster that was only $15 with shipping, also made in the USA. It's small
and fits the gun well, if anyone else was thinking the same thing about the
bulldog case, you should check it out. 

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
Thanks for watching. Glad I could help.

Автор Jdubya1984 (1588 лет назад)
That's what I'll do. I was about to throw this thing across the room, lol. 

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
@navarroea Thanks for watching. Maybe I should send my video to Taurus and
see if they will give a little kickback since I am helping more people than
them. I hope you enjoy your TCP.

Автор navarroea ( назад)
Thank you!! I just bought one of these weapons yesterday and took it apart
about 30 minutes ago. You were the first video I checked and you helped out

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
@Ladonnajoy Glad I could be of assistance. Thanks for watching.

Автор La Donna Hendricks-Sparrow ( назад)
Thanks a bunch!

Автор D J Tanner ( назад)
I just bought a 738 with the blued slide. Can't wait to take it to the

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
@DojangRat Glad I could help. Hope you are enjoying the firearm, it is a
fun one.

Автор DojangRat ( назад)
Thank you sir! I spent a good 20 minutes yesterday trying to get that pin
in. After watching this video I got it done in under a minute. Thanks

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
@osanrugger7 I probably would have done something similar but was at work
when I took it apart the first time. Once I figured out the problem,
assembly was not difficult at all. Thanks for watching.

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
@erhngrbfjdksdk Glad I could be of service.

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
@olemissguy81 You would think this would be the main discussion in the
disassembly section of the manual. I was very disappointed it hadn't been
included when I finally figured out the problem. It's such a simple problem
once you realize what is happening. Thanks for watchin.

Автор Clayton Crowell ( назад)
Thank you so much, I don't want to sound like a broken record, but I was
getting really frustrated trying to get this gun back together. Thanks

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
@EvilBadger4031 Glad I could help.

Автор HCLI ( назад)
You are my hero, I was about to throw the little bastard out the window!

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
@MrTrukelly34 No problem. I was in the same boat as you and thought I would
share what I discovered. Thanks for watching.

Автор Brannon Kelly ( назад)
Dude Thank you so much...Just picked mine up today and was about to break
the damn thing...

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
@grabacatwithaglove Thanks. I hadn't watched this since I put it up. I had
forgotten I had so many problems during the video. It's a great gun for
just throwing in a pocket and going. I'm actually working on selling mine
at the moment because I just don't carry it often enough. I carry a Glock
27 almost always and would really like to replace the TCP with either a
revolver or a larger Glock. Thanks for watching.

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
@glebrokk Glad I could help. I went to the Taurus video and saw all the
comments about getting it back together, so I figured I would put up a
video once I figured it out myself.

Автор glebrokk ( назад)
Great video, I almost had my little hammer out to get pin back in! Glad
other people think these things through and make these clips! Thanks much!

Автор glebrokk ( назад)
@Rucka4life1 If you pulled the trigger while it was apart, you have to
recock it before the slide will go back on. Confused me for a minute too...

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
@Rucka4life1 Sorry I'm just now responding. You have probably figured it
out by now, if so, please let me know. I am assuming the guide rod slid
down and is catching on the frame. This has happened in my glock and can
keep the slide from moving forward. As far as getting the gun apart, I'm
not sure what you would need to do.

Автор Rucka4life1 ( назад)
@jeremiahbf117. While trying to push the slide forward, it became jammed in
place and It won't budge

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
@boochieboy814 I looked into swapping the magazine release. It sounds like
it is pretty involved. I'm going to look around some more and see if there
is a better way to do it than the thread I found last night. I'll let you
know if I find something.

Автор Boochieboy ( назад)
@jeremiahbf117 Thanks buddy. Yeah, they should at least mention it. I gotta
switch my mag release because I'm left handed...I know it has to be an easy
task, but they should put that in the manual too.

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
@boochieboy814 Even if they would mention it in the manual, it would help.
Thanks for checking out the video. Your channel is pretty interesting. I
think I'll sub and see how the workouts go.

Автор Boochieboy ( назад)
It would be so much easier if Taurus would just taper that pin a little on
the end. Either way it's a great gun,,,I have one myself.

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
@smonkey957 no problem. I'm just trying to pass along my limited knowledge
to help others out.

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
@tcarey78 No reason to feel that way. I stared at mine for several minutes
before I figured out what to do. I went to YouTube and couldn't find
anything so I worked on it some more. After I figured it out, I took it
apart again to make sure that was what it was.

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
@fredd512 That's the sole reason I made the video.

Автор smonkey957 ( назад)
Jeremiah Thank you so much for the video Also had the problem of getting it
back together but you did it for me Thanks again my friend Carl

Автор tcarey78 ( назад)
Thanks, i couldn't get mine back together for the life of me, felt like a
complete moron.

Автор fredd512 (653 года назад)
bad ass man i thought i broke my piece thanks for the close up on that
little spring thing..........................

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
@dwayne3101956 Glad I could help. That is the main reason I made this

Автор Dwayne Kennedy ( назад)
I just bought one of these pistols. I brought it home, disassembled it and
cleaned it. Then I couldn't get the darn thing back together! Your video
solved my problem perfectly. Thanks again!

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
@DemonHide I'll keep an eye out for you video when you get it. I would have
gotten a P3AT if it had been available rather than the TCP. I'm limited on
options since I prefer to use Armslist.com to buy handguns. No tax and
local sellers are a plus to me.

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
@DemonHide I'd love to compare it to the Kel-Tec P3AT. Do you have one that
I can borrow? Seriously, I wish I could show a side-by-side comparison, but
I don't have access to a Kel-Tec. As far as I can find on the web, the
Kel-Tec's barrel length is 2.7 inches and overall height is 3.5 inches. The
Taurus has a barrel length of 2.84 inches and an overall height of 3.75
inches. I have no problem getting two fingers on the grip with the magazine

Автор jeremiahbf117 ( назад)
@k1111117 I bought it used and of course, like always, "it has never had a
malfunction." I have personally put 50 rounds of a mixture of Blazer,
Federal American Eagle, and Federal Champion. No issues with any of them. I
only purchased 20 rounds of JHP when I got the gun but have put a magazine
(6 rounds) through it after the 50 rounds of FMJ. No issues then. I plan
to put more JHP through it in the future but availability is limited. 

Автор TheGearBarrel ( назад)
have you had any feeding issues with hollow points or any other ammo? I
like Taurus design I have heard--mainly online--that they have tendency to
have issues with ejections, failure to feeds. What are your thoughts?
thanks for postin!

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