CLE VS GSW | Last 2 Minutes Of NBA Finals Rematch On Christmas Day! 12.25.16

Here are the last 2 minutes of the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors NBA Finals rematch on Christmas Day.

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Просмотров: 1753649
Длительность: 4:56
Комментарии: 3584

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Автор Rettmen Kqchie ( назад)
we all know that its gonna be cavs vs warriors
maybe spurs

Автор Murat Mutlu ( назад)
I don't understand why Cleaveland is so proud of this win.
- They never dominate the game.
- They never played better than GSW
- Kyrie saved the team as usual at last second
- Curry played horrible

Best of Cleveland won against worst of GSW. Same like finals.

Some facts:
- LB James, hanging to rim should have been technical foul.
- unfair fouls called on Greens.

tough call last minute position, smells a foul as well.

I believe NBA is full of corruption. repeat of Finals Game 6 last year.

Автор Jec Jec Agcaoili ( назад)

Автор Tuuduu En ( назад)
I wonder what the refs would have done if green also hung on the rim like a

Автор Dj Leaf ( назад)

Автор Jobeyzz ( назад)
Last year I wanted the warriors to win this year since KD is on the team
now I want the same thing to happen last year I want Lebron to fuckin run
over those pussies and tell KD he's got no respect for him and neither does
anyone else in the NBA

Автор ScoobyBigEars ( назад)
Cavaliers fans- Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the Finals
Warriors fans- LeBron James blew 4 finals
Warriors fans- Hmm what's worst

Автор Adidas83 ( назад)
6'3 shoots over 6'7 that's impossible that's was hell of a clutch moment by
Kyrie Irving man.

Автор n_8120 ( назад)
3:31 This man Kyrie had Durant in a blender

Автор mobivbigz x ( назад)

Автор David-Storm Mukuria ( назад)
Now let's see how they fair in Oracle arena.

Автор Gaudi Grey ( назад)
KD the man who chokes

Автор vandrick jann catoto ( назад)
it was durant who let the team lost haha

Автор #W or #L ( назад)
Like or Warriors will win Championship

Автор Trump LOL ( назад)
Jingle Bells
KD Fell
Curry Missed Some Threes
Kylie Was Clutch
The Warriors Lost By Much
And The Warriors Blew Another Lead...

Автор Hearty Esmo ( назад)
Cleveland...this is for you!!!

Автор ahmed almdar ( назад)

Автор dizen flow ( назад)
go go. lebron n irving..

Автор sandra angel lim ( назад)
tang ina!! si kyrie naman parate nagpapanalo ng laban ei...

Автор Montel Stevenson ( назад)
That was a fuckin foul rigged ass refs

Автор DASCO2136 ( назад)
Anyone else notice this as well... 0:50, the Cavs ran the exact same play
they did in game 7 when LeBron got fouled in the closing seconds and made
the free throw that iced the game

Автор tony montana ( назад)
i hate how durant chokes on every play on the last second he needs to leave
golden state warriors

Автор Ajyasay09 Ajyasay09 ( назад)
kd is spinning Hahaha!!

Автор Villaflor Guiao ( назад)
thank you kity irving you are the number 1 in basketball

Автор checklife baller ( назад)
Luck shot

Автор checklife baller ( назад)
That was by kriyree

Автор Janyya Robinson ( назад)
That was a clear foul at the end. Any feet to feet contact in the NBA is an
automatic foul.

Автор Marvo Miller ( назад)
Iggy shouldnt have rushed that pass and they tripped durant in the end,the
best two teams literally having a meltdown and kyrie who dosnt care for
hero ball wont even get the credit.
Shit looked unprofessional seeing people wave their hands all emotional
when they supposed to be playin.

Автор Carl Stephens ( назад)
kd got tripped

Автор Seek L NOT h ( назад)
Damn had it if KD doesnt turn it back over on that fast break...would have
been 3 point lead with the ball with 35 seconds left....Warriors fan but
ill admit KD did choke but refs just looked at jefferson trip KD and lebron
jerked the rim i dont know how many times and everyone else in the league
including Kyrie would have got a tech...but Cavs won but its still early
and dubs still #1 seed...

Автор Marc Boughner ( назад)
lebron sucks my butt

Автор James Symons ( назад)
Greatest team rivalry ever right there

Автор jpedromp19 ( назад)
Was lacking at Durant

Автор Nick Sherwood ( назад)
this is the Christmas special not the NBA finals

Автор Jona Castro ( назад)
cavs better

Автор Jay Dub ( назад)
man that was a foul on kd

Автор The melodic Tuber ( назад)
kyrie is coldblooded and is the best clutch player in NBA right now and he
did it to the warriors again

Автор Eliko Sim ( назад)
Kyrie is the answere

Автор Midori ( назад)
last 3 sec durant was tripped

Автор Gavrianne Clavero ( назад)

Автор Lyndon Simmons ( назад)
i want to see if every body going be talking this bullshit when gs whips
them in the playoffs in I'm not even a gs fan

Автор Sergei Akhpatelov ( назад)
My boi good job Kyrie

Автор ARTPLAYS GT ( назад)
JUST 1 POINT BRUHH! GSW STILL CAN DEFEAT CAVS! Cavs just defending their
self in their big muscles bruh! GSWWWWW! BOOOO CAVSSS!!!

Автор jack jack ( назад)
I'm not a GS fan, but that was a clear foul at the end. Had it been the
other way around, LEBITCH with the ball at the end, they would of called a
technical foul.

Автор pokemon fan ( назад)
lebron and Irving rule

Автор Grady Gruber ( назад)
Huge cavs fan my friend is a warriors fan so I am happy to rub it in his

Автор Fidelcliff Boy ( назад)
Curry really had his head in his lips tho lmao

Автор Jake Beckham ( назад)
And I'm a warriors fan born and raised in L.A.

Автор Jake Beckham ( назад)
Nothing makes me more mad just to point this out first of all KD got fowler
and lebron is a big flop master he might have not flopped this game but he
did in the finals

Автор jhoker serafin ( назад)
uncounted win

Автор Sam S ( назад)
i hate the fucking cavs they got lucky af

Автор Suspek Labadie ( назад)
feel sorry 4 u Thompson u're the only man on this team u should pack up and
leave when u and ur other female team-mates fail once again this year u
might be sitting and watching lebron win his fourth ring against another
team in those finals

Автор Alternate Spiderman ( назад)
Look at 3:31 Irving had KD spinning XD

Автор Jonathan ッ ( назад)
Y'all complaining about KD getting tripped and that should of been a foul..
Lebron is almost fouled every time he drives for a layup and sometimes
never gets calls... If you blow a 14 point lead in the fourth quarter you
don't deserve to get the call at the end.

Автор harris fulay ( назад)
this is a best teams in the 2016

Автор home9dog2blue ( назад)
Let's retire "Uncle Drew" all in favor of "K.i." say Aye ✋

Автор Kensley Five ( назад)
I hate cavs that shot by Irving was a flook

Автор CeeJae CeeJae ( назад)
calm the hell down LeBron it isnt the finals

Автор saif baig ( назад)
At that moment......KD knew he....fucked up.

Автор yash bhatt ( назад)
It was a fuckin foul dey pushed kevin durant

Автор Mark Piano ( назад)
good job cavs

Автор Jessi Escarza ( назад)
and people james

Автор Sean Gabriel Peralta ( назад)
Steph curry can't guard Kyrie that's it period

Автор King Allen ( назад)
KYRIE IRVING!!!!!!I love kyrie vo CAVS!!!!!!!

Автор Nicholas Piskorz ( назад)
I'm calling Durants next move cavs

Автор Hughanthony Mcpherson ( назад)
Kyrie my fault

Автор Hughanthony Mcpherson ( назад)
That man Kryie to raw bruh

Автор ChickenInHisMouth ( назад)
Im not trying to be a hater to both teams, but this bald guy named
Jefferson tripped KD,

Автор Bogi Comix ( назад)
It's boring to watch this kind of basketball.
After a few matches watched, as if I have already watched all.
Former basketball with Sprewell, Houston, Grant Hill, Blaylock , The Glow,
Schrempf, Kemp, Malone, Hornacek, Stockton, Rodman Pippen, Kukoč, David
Robinson, Jordan and many many other true stars was the right thing
This current run and gun is very boring and monotonous.

Автор RealNPoetic ( назад)
The warriors shouldn't sweat this one too much they're going to get better
than this especially by the time the playoffs start. If they've learned
anything from last year its that the season is a marathon not a sprint
besides Uncle Drew and the Refs and the other Nba executives can't save
Lebron forever.

Автор lex luther ( назад)
Curry'S Three??
Talk Shit!!!!
Irving's Drive
player Of The game.

Автор Adrian Gonzalez ( назад)
That dam Jefferson tripped KD

Автор bluecode028 ( назад)

Автор tubenachos ( назад)
Durant should've dove for that ball 2:43. That was a killer.

Автор Crismar Emmanuel Monsale ( назад)
KYRIE-LEBRON (Clutch brothers)

Автор W ( назад)
Jingle bells
KD fell
Curry missed some 3's
Kyrie scored
Praise the lord
The Warriors blew a lead

Автор Jonathan Revi ( назад)
Let's get it Cleveland won I'm ssooooooo happy

Автор jcemila00 ( назад)
SC > Kyrie/LeBron

Автор The kriptTv ( назад)
lebron just exploded

Автор Allen theJungleMan ( назад)
kyrie under pressure sinks it in the basket
durant under pressure, falls on his feet. lmfao

Автор Minh Trí Hoàng ( назад)
Did LeBron miss the free throw???

Автор Damian Kelly ( назад)
sounds like Charles Barkley...

Автор Damian Kelly ( назад)
who is the analyst in this game?he is brilliant!On Kyrie big shot with 3.4
remaining''Give me great offence over great defence everyday of the
week!''Uncle Drew does it again!dwl...Then when Lebron got in at the rim
over two players he was like ''My goodness Mama there goes that
man''!''Hang around for a minute!'' I totally enjoyed that...

Автор Donald E. Dotdot ( назад)
it was at that moment, GSW, they fucked up .

Автор cdubmoney11 ( назад)
It's just one game, don't get too giddy believeland. Warriors choked in the
4th q., however there is a reason Vegas still has them as favorites to win
the championship againt the field. They don't build those casinos by being

Автор Sapphirus ( назад)
I've been watching the basketball games and everytime they do a 2 pointer
or the best team wins they put their thumb and pointer finger together and
the rest of their fingers up (like a three.) why do they do that

Автор romeoplaysgames ( назад)
Lmao everyone saying Foul or Tech... they lost, they choked. Warriors =

Автор kman smith ( назад)
betcha stephen curry feel lika got damn fool bc, he gotta surpress his game
and act like he can't play to make lebitch and kyriesa Irving look like
kings, smh. rigged ass sports!!!!

Автор Mr.Royale 23 ( назад)
That was a foul on Jefferson!! I'm a cavaliers fan but that was a foul...
Jefferson's left hand pushed KD... I don't like KD... Lol

Автор ApocXXVI Resurrected ( назад)
bruh when LeBron dunked on 2 people my heart stopped

Автор mona judes ( назад)

Автор Jhan Bikini ( назад)
warriors and cleveland always keeps me entertained

Автор Cavs Roblox and more ( назад)
I like men

Автор 1 2 ( назад)
Who else remembers when the spurs fucked the warriors in the ass in the
beginning of the season?

Автор rasta tepul ( назад)
lebron cannot do it by itself to carrier his team w/out angle drew

Автор Feed Hippo ( назад)
OMFG STEPHEN AND KLAY AND DURANT GET your head in the game or the 76rs will
be in the finals

Автор Steven Monterrosa ( назад)
Fuck kd

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