CLE VS GSW | Last 2 Minutes Of NBA Finals Rematch On Christmas Day! 12.25.16

Here are the last 2 minutes of the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors NBA Finals rematch on Christmas Day.

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Длительность: 4:56
Комментарии: 4357

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Автор Bingbong Manzano ( назад)
curry is hiding his ass during that time...

Автор ChrishyChrish ( назад)
So... how long did LBJ hang on that rim for? 🤔

Автор Weeworld cripz 2016 ( назад)
Cleveland have a backup veteran pg and he's decent and they a sharpshooter backup this finals we'll be exciting

Автор Gucci Mane La Flare ( назад)
00:50 could watch this dunk all day

Автор Hiz_ ( назад)
Lebron damn near broke the rim

Автор The Real Jeremiah Flowers ( назад)
Finals Preview. Lets go #AllIn17

Автор Hazel Bandz ( назад)
No foul smh

Автор Amiel Sarabia ( назад)
nooooooooooooooooooo the warriors loose

Автор Erna Mandani ( назад)

Автор No F's Given ( назад)
Lol, they win its a BIG deal, Warriors win by 35 people say "They have a superteam what do you expect" bitch ass niggas crazy....Cavs have a huge superteam aswell, thats why the won the finals...

Автор Wine&GoldUngar ( назад)
Even though I'm a Cavaliers fan, I do think LeBron should have been called for a technical foul for hanging on the rim and RJ should've been called for a foul at the end.

Автор Elijah Edwards ( назад)
Cavs win 2017 Finals, it's rigged and they know it, he almost said "and the Cavs win another Championship" listen closely after Lebron throws the ball in the air, I'm actually just kidding I'm a huge NBA fan but it's something to think about

Автор Mr. Krabs ( назад)
"Irving does it again to the Larriors" LMAO

Автор Cash Money ( назад)
Yessss cavs won saw on tv but saw notification so I watched it

Автор Keithmarwin Balagtas ( назад)
haha they beat the warriors

Автор REUS ( назад)
I'm still trying to figure out why there was no foul or tech

Автор Jake Ralph Española ( назад)
the best game i seen so far in christmas game year 2016
#cavsnation #theclutch #2 #23

Автор karl perlas ( назад)
I'm a Cavs fan but the game clock changes in the 4th quarter 11.1 then after timeout it changes to 13.5 🤔

Автор Avian ( назад)
3:28 It's like Curry knew what was gonna happen so he covered his eyes

Автор LM Films ( назад)
Warriors blew a 14 point lead
3-1= (3-1)
Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.

Автор BW ( назад)
As a Cavs fan I can respect Klay's defense, it was amazing, there was nothing he could do, Kyrie is just unstoppable in the 4Q.

Автор Drake Tabor ( назад)
is there still a tech for hanging on the rim?

Автор Enzo Alves ( назад)
king kyrie

Автор Kel Hix ( назад)
cavs didn't actually win Jefferson tripped Durant and the refs didn't see it so they should get glasses

Автор Andrew Taylor ( назад)
he triped kd..............................the referee is blind

Автор get handles ( назад)
curry"klay, fuck that go get on him i aint getting embarrassed again"
klay"i just blocked him, i got it splash bro"
curry"i knew i could count on u"
*irving drills game winner over klay's good defense*

Автор get handles ( назад)
commentary-"irving does it again to the warriors"

Автор Cain Marco ( назад)
stephanie lurry felt very proud of his only 3 point shot.. and then covered his face in shame in the last few seconds of the game. LOL.

Автор Cain Marco ( назад)

Автор NBA Reel ( назад)
LeBron trying his best to pull the goal down 0:52

Автор benjamin IKENGA ( назад)
how in hell did durant trip?!!?!?!??!

Автор Top10In TheWorld ( назад)
1:43 Curry thought he won the game lol fuck ya mean

Автор Tom Brady #GOAT ( назад)
Misleading title....

Автор King Sean ( назад)
kyrie fades: kobeeeee!!

Автор Varun Ram ( назад)
Don't let this distract you from the fact that Lightning McQueen blew a 1 lap lead in the piston cup

Автор nahtanoj jero ( назад)
7oo dislike are stpon colly dick raiders

Автор Frenchy Blaxk ( назад)
LMAO no one noticed it but the shot clock rung at 0.3 😂😂😂

Автор Geneva1968 ( назад)
Larriors blew a 14 pt lead!

Автор Ronit Khanna ( назад)
Lebron's dunk at 1:05 was a similar play to the one they attempted in the finals.

Автор Utz ( назад)
LMAO people still try to hate on curry, how did he in any way choke in this game?? he hit the three and almost got a steal, not his fault kerr called the play for durant

Автор FaZe thermal ( назад)
That should have been a reach at the end

Автор Fresh Nutz ( назад)
4:07 damnn Kyrie made Durant do a spin move with him

Автор Manuel Escalante ( назад)
cavs are cheaters because kyrie travel

Автор takerfan4ever ( назад)
Did I just see lbj dunk on green, and kd? Unreal!

Автор Trining Kamiya ( назад)
look durant on 4:06 and4:07

Автор Rafael Angulo ( назад)
Irving does it again to the warriors!

Автор Ivica Pavić ( назад)
What is a choke you might wonder? choke is playing offense the way warriors played it in the last minute and a half - static ball, no movement, waiting for someone to solo. Did it in the finals, did it here.

Автор CoolestDudeEver21 ( назад)
Who Won On
January 16,2017
Lavs Won By:1 Point
Warriors Won By:35 Points

Автор Sisaj Zvezdo!!! ( назад)
Warriors blew a 3-1 lead...

Автор phily Cool ( назад)
I love how they don't call lebron for hanging on the rim oh no u can't call the king out

Автор David Hom ( назад)
No T on LeBron 4 hanging?

Автор Nick Sanders ( назад)
anyone elae notice curry lookin sad on the bench when kyrie hit the shot

Автор C Kelly ( назад)
Uncle Clutch Drew!!

Автор Yadav Udayashankar ( назад)
1:15 didn't Dwight Howard get a technical for that

Автор Console Legend ( назад)
here comes irving drives on thompson. Irving spins puts up the shot it's good! kyrie irving with 3.4 remaining and the warriors called timeout irving does it again to the warriors

Автор farrellcityking1 ( назад)
If Durant would've caught the ball, gave RJ a head fake to the right, spun left for the fadeaway baseline jumper this game ends up differently. But guess running away from the hoop was the smarter play...

Автор Chris thajerk ( назад)
666 dislikes , warriors fans are in illuminati! :0

Автор Pastora Villacorte ( назад)
boohh the cleveland is weak

Автор Wariors blew 3-1 Lead ( назад)

Автор Bill Bearden ( назад)
lol it dont matter if they have kd, kd sucks so you know what warriors are gonna blow a 3-0 lead this year

Автор 2kOmniKing ( назад)
if Kyrie wouldve used his left hand on that reverse he wouldnt have gotten blocked

Автор YouReallyDontKnow ( назад)
Watching these two teams go at it is crazy. Both great teams, very entertaining.

Автор Tommywood ( назад)
I thought lebron was gonna break that rim for a second.

Автор O.P Ajofoyinbo ( назад)
this woulda been a better game 6

Автор Oliver Venz ( назад)
It's Duran fault he could have moved faster

Автор Tristin Sookram ( назад)
Jefferson tried Kevin Durant. Warriors would of won if Jefferson did not trip Kevin Durant.

Автор muhamed tashfeen ( назад)
watch KD at 3:30 lol

Автор james martin ( назад)
Curry needs to give back his mvp trophies. How can you be mvp but you're such a defensive liability that it out weighs your offensive value and your coach subs you out in the final minutes?

Автор Hassan yusof ( назад)
4:05 what KD is doing there ?!HAHAHA 🤔😂

Автор Curry2 time MVP ( назад)
durant got fouled on that last play the nba is so messed up they even admitted it look proofhttps://www.google.com/amp/www.latimes.com/sports/nba/la-sp-nba-warriors-cavaliers-missed-calls-20161227-story,amp.html

Автор santa claus ( назад)
nbas way of saying warriors blew a 14 point lead (;

Автор Xioxi ( назад)
This games was as good as the finals

Автор RODRIGO PEÑA ( назад)

Автор proud of life ( назад)
we need 11 foot rims, basketball is all of a sudden boring. with 7 foot giants running the point, going right to the rim and laying it in. the art of the game left with Jordan. now it's about $$$!!

Автор Lee Jane Chaii ( назад)
lebron is my mvp

Автор Dowon Kim ( назад)
warriors blew a 3-1 lead
warriors blew a 14 point lead
curry blew a 2-0 lead

Автор santa claus ( назад)
no technical for James??😂

Автор kurt lauren ( назад)
why curry actin like he could have defended kyrie if he was in.?mah nigga kyrie hit a game winner in ur face at the finals bruhh.

Автор David Robert ( назад)
bandwagon cavalier fans where you at ?

Автор Sagiv Yahav ( назад)
2:42 traveling ?

Автор Zin Tepest ( назад)
Kyrie.. the god of clutch

Автор marbhoy valensoy ( назад)

Автор Nyla Tisdell ( назад)
Please the cabs are good but Jefferson isn't good

Автор Davonte Kennedy ( назад)
never gets old

Автор Daisy Pana ( назад)

Автор Daisy Pana ( назад)
cavs boooooooooooooooo

Автор Jkeeper keeper ( назад)
Yes cabs

Автор David Griffith ( назад)
Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

Автор James Wilson ( назад)
they trash

Автор Kodi Estoy Lista Para Vos ( назад)
cle vs gsw?? no no Kyrie Irving vs gsw

Автор Tiger Lily ( назад)
to be fair KD was totally tripped and there should have been a call by the ref

Автор YatoPH ( назад)
4:05 hey durant ! what yo' doin ? lol

Автор NobodyImportant3 ( назад)
Damn Kevin's Durant tore it up in the last 2 minutes when It matters most. Said no one ever

Автор A Sajjad ( назад)
How the hell did KD just fall

Автор Reggie Gamez ( назад)
if only LeBron had finish his dunk like this on game 7 of the nba finals 😥

Автор julio Sterling Mota ( назад)
0:53 the same strategy to make the same dunk that leBron would make on Green at Finals last year, in that moment were more explosive cuz Green and Durant were there, watching The King Fucking everybody!

Автор Sheldon McFann ( назад)
kyrie traveled

Автор Bacon Soda ( назад)
The comment section is full of cavalier bandwagons

Автор Zane Reeder ( назад)
"Warriors up by three again" lol

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