Adam Sevani!


another requested vid

Ive been asked a million times so heres the link to the joey tee vs. adam sevani battle or the j vs. a battle

*Updated link*

Link to Performance with Kfed
He comes in @ around 1:46

Link to Fly Kidz /w Adam
Pt.1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCHDbfl_r9A
Pt. 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iKrB70dTwY
Pt. 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82CQWu2ttSU

Music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6nGI0bZcy0

i love adam


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Автор Nathan Stinson ( назад)
cool ig

Автор karolina kassandra ( назад)
Te amooo Adam .... <3

Автор karolina kassandra ( назад)
Meu principee <3 muito talentoso lindoooo!!

Автор Anna Claudia ( назад)
I love Adam Sevani ♥

Автор Milaa-Bieber ( назад)
Amo...meu amor lindo perfeito 😍😍😍

Автор Sandra Moura ( назад)
Ele e meu so meu love you Adam

Автор dimon di ( назад)
Love 💕 

Автор Laura Laurinha ( назад)

Автор Lhy Mel ( назад)
I love Adam Sevani ♥ I like the way he dance :) 

Автор Tairo Natan ( назад)
alguem ae sabe o nome da musica?

Автор Marlene Ayala ( назад)
Donde vives Adán sevani

Автор Erick Fernandes ( назад)
Moouse vc e muito bom do que chris brown

Автор chloe klee ( назад)
love him *.* he is so amazing <3

Автор Anzie from Bompton ( назад)
People?! Stop asking questions like ''what's the name of the song??" It's
obviously at the end of the video you BITCHES!!

Автор awsome smiler ( назад)
my favorite daaaannnceeeerrrr love uuuuu adammmm sevaniiii

Автор Marvin Meyer ( назад)
Gym class hero "cookie jar"

Автор Elijah Jael ( назад)
Whats the name of song

Автор Tom Bard ( назад)

Автор Frederike Neu ( назад)
i LOVE Adam!!! 3

Автор Love Moose ( назад)
Я очень люблю Адама Севани , я живу в России , и он сюда не приезжает(
очень жаль(

Автор agassi8437 ( назад)
I love you~♥

Автор Glaiza Rodriguez ( назад)
I keep on watching the step up movies on you tube becoz of moose,i like him
so much...i think he's humble ang kind..my wish for him is that may God
call him one day..what i saw him is that he has a good heart..may God call
him and let him live according to God's righteousness.

Автор Glaiza Rodriguez ( назад)
What is the title of the song please?

Автор jalen harvey ( назад)

Автор ayzwa misaki ( назад)
I love you adam you're awesome....i love your moves very much and i've
watch all your movies i love youuuuu

Автор Jamel Bro ( назад)
I dance because of adam.. I've have the BIGGEST dream of meeting him one
day.it would be a honor. Im 14 but I've been dancing since i was 4 and kept
at it because of him 1fan

Автор Daron Gaming ( назад)
2013 comment

Автор SadGuy901 ( назад)
Adam is my idol man, he's the reason I love to dance!

Автор luana gomes nascimento ( назад)
nossa ele é mt loko!!!

Автор Ashlee Stukes ( назад)
Omg his moves are sick for real it's all smooth & stuff & he's cute too .

Автор nofunone1 ( назад)
I got the led to the cookie jar

Автор karla lira ( назад)
adam is so cute and hot!! I LOVE U ADAM!!

Автор Itala Paula ( назад)
amo esse garoto ele pra caramba

Автор mione1999 ( назад)
I love Adam!❤

Автор mione1999 ( назад)
I love Adam!!!💖

Автор Holy Goon ( назад)
he is so cute i love his style!!!!:D

Автор Suto Wijaya ( назад)
Gym Class Heroes - Cookie Jar

Автор NiurTarow ( назад)
I'm wandering around and find the Sevani part of youtube, of course. And
that boy with this song makes me hungry. Props for the video, dear.

Автор tigermastres ( назад)
what is that song?

Автор Tony Wang ( назад)

Автор brenno aaron da silva andrade ( назад)
naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooooo seeiiiiiiiii

Автор brenno aaron da silva andrade ( назад)
qual e o nome da musica ?????????

Автор Adhy Prasetiyo ( назад)
i like adam sevani

Автор vanessalauren97 ( назад)
Adam is my husband when it comes to dancing. <3

Автор Mia Julia Dawn ( назад)
Cookie Jar- gym class hero's @Tony Wang

Автор Tony Wang ( назад)
Adam you are awesome. What is the name for the song guys?

Автор Victor Gualberto ( назад)
qual o nome dessa música???

Автор Wallace Souza ( назад)
qual o nome dessa música???

Автор Xhevdet Krasniqi ( назад)
Sei molto bravo a ballare sei fico

Автор Ti gli ( назад)
whats the name o f song

Автор MillzSly ( назад)
can u find the one when he's at kid choice awards dancing to nicki minaj

Автор ahmadi firmansyah ( назад)
it's is great

Автор mione1999 ( назад)

Автор Vanessa Dessin ( назад)
Amazing dancer

Автор deja donaby ( назад)
He is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute <3

Автор deja donaby ( назад)
Omg He is getting it sooooooo cute

Автор Suzanne Glanville ( назад)
soooooo coool !!!! Like it :D He is a great dancer

Автор SerenityMusic13 ( назад)
I love Adam Sevani. His face, his personality, his moves, everything. In
short, he is so damn hot ! <3

Автор Abderrahim Ikhefoulma ( назад)

Автор mione1999 ( назад)
Amazing!!!! What's the name of the song?

Автор Maya S ( назад)
I love this video it never gets old

Автор shayncarnell ( назад)
sorry for late reply He was performing with "Kfed" , I put the link in the
description box again sorry for the late reply

Автор vandrey vandawan ( назад)
nice song!

Автор DENA N.B ( назад)
Oh my god.

Автор Fiorella Alfaro ( назад)
I need Adam Sevani

Автор Rhonda Jamison ( назад)
love moose!!!!

Автор Karl Kenneth Honig ( назад)
The name of this song is - Cookie Jar - Gym class heroes ft The Dream

Автор 'Χριστίνα Σίγμα ' ( назад)
he is handsome and he is the BEST dancer <3

Автор Arii zawa ( назад)
what the title of this song??

Автор Jenna Cat ( назад)
He's fuckin hot!

Автор kay azaza ( назад)
What song

Автор Maya S ( назад)
I can dance but he is amazing

Автор lahcene yazid ( назад)
He's so perfect *-*

Автор Hendria Moura ( назад)
He's so perfect *-*

Автор Maya S ( назад)
U inspire me so much

Автор Destroyer Gamer ( назад)
very good

Автор leyti sarr ( назад)
you're the best

Автор Lyss Panda ( назад)
he's a beast , this video never gets old .

Автор Tarn Miiz ( назад)
what musin

Автор Raby Mosy ( назад)
He`s got the moves like jag

Автор richard Wintenbach ( назад)
bad Quality but adam zevani is cool

Автор brenda aguirre ( назад)
amo a adam sevani <3

Автор Ashley Ruud ( назад)
Moose is the best dancer ever!!!!!

Автор Demario Harris ( назад)
What's the name of the part at the concert??

Автор Edmilson Toledo ( назад)

Автор ismari ginette perez cilia ( назад)
muy lindo y original me fascina como bailas y tu estilo sigue asi adam..

Автор paulo pereira ( назад)
Musica: Gym Class Heroes: Cookie Jar ft. The-Dream

Автор paulo pereira ( назад)
Song:Gym Class Heroes: Cookie Jar ft. The-Dream

Автор quincyhiggins54 ( назад)

Автор LOU FRANCO ( назад)
me gustaria saber como se llama la musica que esta en el video...??

Автор mustard beans ( назад)
my favorite video

Автор Sky9753 ( назад)
Gym Class Heroes - Cookie Jar ;)

Автор GX2re ( назад)

Автор Frans Riyando ( назад)
what song this video ?

Автор Sabrine Teranzo ( назад)
nobody can be like him he's a dance legend

Автор Huy Nguyen (205 лет назад)
Cooking Jar - Gym Class Heroes

Автор Andre Vitor ( назад)
dança muitoo

Автор ahmad ali ( назад)
Maybe you can give me the chance to be some how like adam Please watch me

Автор Pakkawat Boonchu ( назад)
What song.

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