Abandoned Rail crane

See an abandoned rail crane/ice rake that was used to remove debris, and regulate the water levels by the Horseshoe Falls in Niagara Falls. Check out my other videos.

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Автор JetMechMA ( назад)
I just looked on Google Earth street view and it's still there...depending
on how old the street view is.

Автор PhattyMo (1162 года назад)
Wow,there's some kind of low-frequency sound in there around 0:07-0:09..
Subwoofer throbbage!

Автор carcrusher1 ( назад)
Thats some nice gates. Id like to salvage them and restore them.

Автор tom618ful ( назад)
at least its safe and rotting in a junkyard somewere

Автор JetMechMA ( назад)
Hard to believe they would let something like that rot near important
infrastructure like around Niagra Falls.

Автор Rick Henry ( назад)
@johnboyd7 try antique

Автор ernestlmt ( назад)
@LocalRailfan This is a railed crane. Amateurs call anything on rails
"trains". I don't think there is anything wrong with 30000 views, the fact
that a railed crane still sits derelict on a dam at Niagara Falls is
interesting enough. And no railways don't always send trains to scrap, do
some research.

Автор Eli Wilson Train Videos ( назад)
Do you have medical issues or are you just some retarded Mexican guy?

Автор Marc's O Scale Trains ( назад)
Ahhh The Falls. a view from the other side. Nice.

Автор TheFiremansavage ( назад)
@TheFiremansavage ...not

Автор TheFiremansavage ( назад)
@johnboyd7 definutely like that

Автор johnboyd7 ( назад)
ha wtf.. looks anteick.. however u spell it

Автор sbentjies ( назад)
The above is correct-it is a crane used to service the dam

Автор Strelok ( назад)
More like a dock crane? Well, of course you can call it a train if you want
to, since it rides on rails.

Автор Roadwolf611 ( назад)
Have actually walked on that spillway. It is indeed just purpose built for
servicing the spillway / dam

Автор 3Louies ( назад)
I have to agree. It looks like a crane purpose built and placed there to
either remove debris from the spillways, or to 'manually' open and close
the spill gates and regulate water flow. I haven't seen this set up
personally, this is just a guess based on other like set ups close to where
I live. Cheers.

Автор TheLakers31 ( назад)
thats in niagra falls

Автор rjkopp (688 лет назад)
Actually this one is old and I believe it's purpose was to removing debris
(maybe ice too) from the entrance of water to a hydro power plant. In NY we
have lots of dams big and small, we have lots of rivers, and you will
always see one of these, big or small near almost every damn. I never saw
one in use until this year when I saw one with it's claw down in the water
on the side of a dam, but I was too far away to really see any detail.

Автор hamish9900 ( назад)

Автор WARD5KUSTOMZ (1558 лет назад)
think that the spot where the old rail lines were should be turned into
roads to drive on

Автор KASPLARFO ( назад)
Very Sad for that little Train :(

Автор LocalRailfan ( назад)
That's not even a train it's just a crane. 1/5 video because the
information is false.

Автор scrf23 ( назад)
No. Sorry. I didn't mean crossing the river. I meant crossing the little
sort of canal that led to the Ontario Power Generation Plant. It's just off
of the Niagara River, and connected to it. What I'm talking about is like
the siding of the water, and yes, there used to be a passenger train that
drove along the Niagara River.

Автор SR722 ( назад)
No, it's a road-based crane sitting on a maintenance pathway. You're
talking about the long-gone bridge of the New York Central Railroad, which
was nowhere near this location.

Автор scrf23 ( назад)
It's NOT.

Автор scrf23 ( назад)
It's definitely not. There are no tracks anymore.

Автор scrf23 ( назад)
It is a train. Well, not a locomotive, but it used to run on those tracks
that it's sitting on now. A passenger train used to run there.

Автор scrf23 ( назад)
No it's not. It used to run along the Niagara River where there used to be
tracks. I think it went from Port Colborne, ON to Buffalo, NY. The bridge
it's standing on used to hold its tracks, which crossed the river near the
Ontario Power Generation Plant. I drove by it once, but I didn't think much
of it. I know- it's not all that exciting, but it is historical. Glad you
made a video of it. Do you live near Niagara, or are you a tourist. I live
near Niagara.

Автор punkrockefeller ( назад)

Автор Milw100 ( назад)
All of our dams on the Mississippi river have a "train" running across the
top of them. Not sure what theyre used for, but they look the same just

Автор cocoanutmixmilk ( назад)
wtf its neither a ice rake or a train its just a freakin display thingy

Автор SR722 ( назад)
not a train, but still cool

Автор scrappy doo ( назад)
i live in the falls the last guy is right

Автор sausageslaps ( назад)
actually ive been to this location ands its not a train nor an ice rake,
its used to remove or install the square logs used to regulate the height
of the dammed water. they have newer technology these days so these kinds
of systems are seldom used anymore

Автор TCsnowdream ( назад)
Ice Rake :D

Автор 1skiinIan ( назад)

Автор Master784 ( назад)
Look closer to the wheels. It is a train.

Автор actionLEGOs ( назад)

Автор 1Gator596 ( назад)
That machine is called the Ice Rake. It was used to keep the water entrance
to the power plant clear of ice chunks.

Автор irishany ( назад)
this is CANADA

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