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Автор Rosendo Mujica (14 дней)

Автор billybob42081 (3 года)
unatural for woman to be stripper or whore not want nstural normal women
desires of stability settling down being good wife good mom good person
etc, it only happens after abused raped molested etc during development,
same exact thing with white women who date black men and allow themselves
be used disrespected, they dont love selves, dont think they deserve good
healthy relationship normal loving relationship with respectfull man of
matching dna to reproduce hers with this natural healthy woman

Автор billybob42081 (3 года)
anyways, all blacks and all nonwhite men and religions and societys and
cultures treat women like slaves or animals, its fact dint argue, if you
dont know it you just havent spent enough time around world outside of
white countrys, if you had like those of us traveled world for decade in
armed force s saw entire worlsd lived inthe well done folks countrys the
burnt ones too! they all treat women worse then farmn animals, merely
slaves servants animals fourth class citizens

Автор billybob42081 (3 года)
sometyhing happened sometime somewhere to change or altar the barains
development, typically some sort of trauma like rape etc, something for
unhealthy sympomatic behavior rto happen like homos, like strippers hookers
coco and kendra and holly and girls next door types, or child molesters,
rapists, and white women who sleep with, or "wift" as black folk say, black
men and thereby allowing themselves to be used disrespected not truly loved
etc they dont think they deserve normal healthy love

Автор ThatGuyWhoSwims (2 года)
Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

Автор Hiroshi Nakashiro (4 года)
@FiddyBigOnes He is 22 years older than her, so he should buy Viagra by the
case, lol!!!

Автор elcore100 (4 года)
that's what money buy good for ice t though

Автор TheGuns1985 (5 лет)
She's so fucking hot. Ice T is a lucky mudda fucka.

Автор billybob42081 (3 года)
its exactly same in order someones brain be miswired something happened
during develpopment whether lack of o 2 in womb or slight alcohol exposur
in womb etc to molested as child, daddy drank yelled late night sneaky
uncle sodomized molested you you dropped acid too much, something to change
biochemistry and brains nero transmitters etc etc etc etc in english?
wirings gone wrong some way more wrong then others some can hardly notice
the "notnormalness" but

Автор billybob42081 (3 года)
WELFARE AND GOVT SUBSISTENCE "living off the govt cheese nickel.. " any hoo
their majority of scumbags and blacks are minority of population "its agovt
white cracker conspiracy, just the white an trying keep brotha down,, ""
no, its not conspiracy, its 99 percent blacks are as$#@LE$ and thiefs and
scumbags rapists drug users theft home invasion

Автор billybob42081 (3 года)
this as certain as gravity it is undeniable fact any psychologist knows,
sadly the woman who do it never realise it bout themselves that thats why
they do it or how wrong and disguisting it is to breed halfbred children
from a nature aspectit isnt natural, unnatural behaviors only happen after
changes in brain chemistry during development from trauma abuse etc etcnot
natural for white woman to degrade and emean herself by allowing self be
defiled disrespected by black man same way its

Автор paladindragoongirl18 (3 года)
She is a butterface.

Автор Mooi Boy (2 года)
5:00 i wish i was that motorcycle

Автор gpetersen2293 (4 года)
Ein Gebährfreudiges Becken hat auf jeden fall diese Mega-Frau!!!

Автор canucknproud (4 года)
ho-lee.. wow, is this a real person? she looks like she was built by a

Автор echo1v (4 года)
My type of woman, thick all over. MMM .... the only thing I don't like
about her is that she is only 5'2 and I like them taller

Автор billybob42081 (3 года)
and the biggest sign of all she has major issues and no self esteemor self
respect??? white woman who sleeps with black men and degrades herself by
allowing herself to be used and disrespected by black men, all black men
all black men, have no respect for women, and the ones who have any at all
have far less than the worst white folks wife beaters etc not only black
men have norespect for women in general, but they have the least for white
women, not natural white woman allow it happen herself

Автор gpetersen2293 (4 года)
Ein Gebährfreudiges Becken hat auf jeden fall diese Mega-Frau!!!

Автор batistaker123 (4 года)
Hot enough to melt Ice Ice-T that is

Автор ariel lopez (2 года)
coco en verdad esta muy buena y digo q es una verdadera puta pero puta si
cogiera lo aria muy bien toda la leche en su pinche y putisima boca

Автор dazlok23 (4 года)
@TheDlaw84 y???????

Автор FiddyBigOnes (5 лет)
damn man, i'd bang her anyday :) Lucky Ice T

Автор billybob42081 (3 года)
but the problem is she hates herself has no self esteem whatsoever is a
walking "issue" lol as proofed by so many things,, will not let anyone see
her unless make up hair done sexy shoes heels clothes or loungerie etc has
never worn anything but high heel in entire adult life ever! fact that isnt
stripper porn star or hooker alive wasnt molestred raped abused emotionally
or physically during adolescent behavior, there has never ever ever been a
hoker or stripper or coco porn star typr who wasnt

Автор billybob42081 (3 года)
so this rule does not apply to asian mexican arabic or black women who are
with white mean, the reasons are diff, though similar, in these countrys
cultures religions of dark skinned and all non white societys women are
slaves not equal under the law or religion,, husbands can murder wives
scott free by simply claiming she was unfaithfull, also not only legal to
beat rape women, but courts dole out gang rapes and gang beatings
amputations and stoning of womenas court ordered punishment

Автор billybob42081 (3 года)
however it is worth noting that this rule of certanty only pertains to blck
men, white women, white men treat thier women better than any other race
men on earth ( dont argue its fact, black, asian arab, hispanic all treat
women worse than dogs women are not only not respected are not equal in any
way cannot even speak with man oor vote or shake mans hand, they cut the
clit out there women so they dont enjoy sex themselves and simply "service"
their men in blsack and arab countrys cultures

Автор billybob42081 (3 года)
women not allowed make eye contacxt with men nor speak to any man in public
other than husbands, cannot uncover face or head in public let alone legs
boobs etc would be gang raped tortured or hung or stoned to death for this,
or simply shaking hands with aman!! so non white women rebell against the
opressive brutality of men against women in all non white societys thay
rebell against this stigma by choosing go against family religion soviety
and choose white men so treated respect equals notdogs

Автор billybob42081 (3 года)
the thing is honestly only jealous women and gay men care about work being
done or plastic or fake,, we str8 men dont care at all, and every man alive
woulkd rather have his woman have big fake boobs, then small real boobs,
thats for real fact of life, only jealous women whore mad cause theyll
never look as good as th "fake plastic bithes" they hate on, becaus emen
prefer fake and good then real and bad, hands down if your man says
otherwise hes lying to you cause he has to truth will crush you

Автор almonachone (3 года)
It my ideal!

Автор Katelynn Lane (2 года)

Автор billybob42081 (3 года)
so its similar but not quite same with non white women,, but rthe racist
anti white relatives is same! blacks arabs asians mexis all mud peoples and
well done colored folk hate white people and far far more racist as a whole
than whites, noone is as racist as blacks, except possibly arabs, all non
white women s families forbid them to be with white folks, so the racist
ralatives part is same but white women who date black men etc are a
syndrome, a sympton of daddy issues etc daddy left or beat

Автор ghosted760 (4 года)
Every day. Every damn day. All day long. Any questions... no? Class

Автор MarceloOx320 (5 лет)

Автор Katelynn Lane (2 года)
EVEN my little brother thinks isis is hot look at the copy kat giiiirl!

Автор Yazzybabe93 (3 года)
what a skanky ass hoe

Автор dirtysanchez165 (5 лет)
lucky S.O.B

Автор Katelynn Lane (2 года)
hey you fag did wayne pick the music?

Автор billybob42081 (3 года)
so the most perfect female body on earth but the shame is her face was
always as perfect as her body, suddenly overnight this last few years it
changed she loat the adorable nose and tip of nose the adorable round tip
that made her face seem soft and much younger than her age, f'd up nose
now, and tootoo much work on face jaw etc look any pics more than 3 or so
years face of angel, flawless as her body, then all sudden over night was
chiseled hard man like was origionally so young perfect lookin

Автор alexander nyström (4 года)
lucky horse at 1:30

Автор billybob42081 (3 года)
its no govt conspiracy to keep a brotha down idiots its most 99 percent
blacks are scumbags, nwa"s whose mission in life is to steal for living
sell drugs or live off govt or find white girl live off of ( like a has
been butt ugly half bred former rapper whose career was is in toilet, in
fact noone under 30 even know his name if he wasnt "the black dude living
off coco" coco is only reason anmy 1 under 30 even knows who dude is,
anyway every blacks dream not have work take advantage sum1or steal

Автор Bus101Boy (5 лет)
If Coco, or if you have a sister who looks like Coco, let her know that she
could sleep on my dick.

Автор gpetersen2293 (4 года)
Ein Gebährfreudiges Becken hat auf jeden fall diese Mega-Frau!!!

Автор ALFTUBE50 (2 года)

Автор FiddyBigOnes (5 лет)
I think if i could my put my head in her ass and then let her jiggle
upwards, downwards and sideways.... i think i would let her :)

Автор KriokBoy (4 года)
I want to fuck her untill I die!

Автор thevealchop68 (3 года)
@Yazzybabe93 If shes a skanky ass hoe, guess I like skanky ass hoes.

Автор Takyon (4 года)
All muscle. All sexy. I would fuck her until I die

Автор billybob42081 (3 года)
ya know its a shame 2 things- 1 because she only wears mega hooker heels 24
7 her ankles are over develpoed and mucular and thick, like those pettite
spinner ice skating girls, tiny gals, massive freakish ankles no sexy
tapered from calf ankle, if coc woiuld stop wearing heels only heels 24-7
herbody would then truly be flawless that ankle thing is literally only
flaw with her entire body from neck tp toe nail, oh and her downstairs is
sooooo tore upo could park truck in there but

Автор José Luis Aguilar Alvarez (4 года)
Maravilla........ y todo es suyo verdad ??? Quiero decir lo tiene todo
pagado .... Realmente La Cagó

Автор croUarmy (5 лет)
No Ice Cube - Her husband is Ice-T

Автор billybob42081 (3 года)
every single time in your lives you see a white woman with black men there
are 2 absolute certainty facts about that woman,, 1- she has no self eteem
or self respect for herself,,, 2- she had a father, step father, older
brother, grandpa, some male in their life during brain development who was
a racist, told racist black jokes or complained about toads and affirmative
action round dinner table, etc some male figure who was racist or at least
carried themselves spoke acted like one

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