Weird, Funny & Cool Japanese Commercials #35 (Christmas Special)

Sit back, relax and watch 15 minutes of the best Japanese Winter and Christmas themed Commercials ~

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Автор Aninha ( назад)
comercial kyary 10:00

Автор Yuno Gasai ( назад)
omg, i rmbr 3:06 hes from the yakuza something drama.....my hero my savior?
something ..if someone rmbrs pls tell me the drama

Автор Renar Khalor ( назад)
Fried chicken must be a big thing on christmas in japan :3

Автор ßE Wavey ( назад)
why is there so many fried chicken commercials in japan

Автор frankily26 ( назад)
no sabia que en japon celebraban la navidad en china si no saben que es eso

Автор jennifer viencio bustamante ( назад)
me carga cuando ponen comercial de animales eso no me gusta maltrato animal

Автор That Masked Computer Guy ( назад)
also KARA <3

Автор That Masked Computer Guy ( назад)
Lucky kid, got a Kamen Rider Ex aid dx Game driver for christmas XD

Автор flora syarafina ( назад)
the coca cola ads are very heartwarming ;;

Автор itsToon ( назад)
skiing samurai was dopest thing I've ever seen

Автор Fran Vasconcellos ( назад)
03:12 -> who is he?

Автор Crowd Beat RP Official ( назад)
I got so confused when Kara showed up

Автор Ann Babygurl ( назад)
I wanna go to Japan soo bad!! Why can't our KFC's here int he USA have what
they have in Japan? :(

Автор random4977 ( назад)
First of all, what's with all the chicken commercials? Is that commonly
eaten during the holidays?

Also, oh my gosh! I recognize the song at 13:22 from that one PIF on animal
cruelty with the woman doing makeup...

Автор Hector Ernandez ( назад)
a tomar por culo

Автор Rebecca Tang ( назад)
kara ;-;

Автор Lorenzo Rozelnox ( назад)
British Harry Potter world realised by an American company in Japan.

Автор steamfans ( назад)
that final one was wonderfully weird

Автор Jade Matthew ( назад)
I adore Kyary! Japanese commercials are always so happy and light, I love

Автор Balmung ( назад)
Wtf is wrong with this flying poop in the last spot!?

Автор Bladiria Rosario ( назад)
Kyray Pamyu Pamyu 😍

Автор Edgar phalupi ( назад)
are my eyes going weird or i see poopy papipipo from kane rider ex aid

Автор Hiruko Winter ( назад)
that brown blob thing scared me, hahaha

Автор Touqa Ackerman ( назад)
Happy new year mena sann !!! :)
don't be sad again this year & always *smile^^*

Автор poppyseedsnuranium ( назад)
Nope to the last ad. Just no. Unspeakable horrors, the secret smile police.

Автор ONi Aguilera ( назад)
Muy occidentales sus comerciales XD

Автор dead eye30o6 ( назад)
it's a sad state affairs when Christmas Commercials have more spirit for
the holiday in japan then the original culture it's people derive from this
is how you know when a country or it's culture is dying, P.S Love the
japanese people and culture

Автор kpop-jpop french fan ( назад)
10:04 kara <3

Автор soda time ( назад)
That last one though...

Автор Yo fernanda ( назад)
Jarri potah :v

Автор Ernesto Rodriguez ( назад)
KARA!! :3

Автор Thoralmir ( назад)
Shingen Takeda shredding the slopes! XD

Автор Thoralmir ( назад)
Arale-chan doing a car ad. :P

Автор Thoralmir ( назад)
Kentucky Fried Christmas!

Автор Hacked ByPonyMan ( назад)
Kamen Rider!!!

Автор Fernando Fernando ( назад)
"Marry Crischmass..." Hablan por el culo estos chinos micro pene. Fried
chicken in Christmas?, that japs-small dicks are just weird.

Автор Pianostick 069 ( назад)
Fkc for Christmas? Really? You pick kfc of all places? Not popeyes or
anything else than kfc!....Okay

Автор Neon Doggo ( назад)
10:25 for Thumbnail

Автор Inuyasha - Chan ( назад)
14:21 wtf XD

Автор Berk Can ( назад)
coca cola me!

Автор Awsomostmaximum ( назад)
So this is what commercials look like without diversity...

Автор Ridwan A ( назад)
Is that Pile?

Автор ImZennSkye ( назад)
love the samurai one. I can imagine it'd be difficult to ski or snowboard
in that. O: but that was badass.
as for the last one, did that guy just get sucked into a box? XD
thnx for sharing these. it's awesome to feel kinda connected to Japan in a
small way during one of my favourite holidays. :)

Автор Mad Thoughts ( назад)
Most of these are pretty boring...

Автор Mellory Lopes ( назад)
omg that perv was looking at her oppai

Автор Skelly Jack ( назад)
do you think any of these would be less weird if we actually knew japanese?

Автор Nu_ Spirit ( назад)
Was that Kara?

Автор Miku Miku ( назад)
primer comentario español xdd

Автор JPGRA ( назад)
Merry XMAS Love your videos I Sub you.

Автор Timothy Ling ( назад)
I would actually prefer a 2DS. There are more kid friendly games like
Pokemon, Mario and Zelda. So sorry Santa, but you fail.

Автор Kitsune Udon ( назад)

Автор Sarah Sims ( назад)
what is the name of the song for the coca-cola Christmas commercial ?

Автор Annabel G ( назад)
i click for kyary. i stay for kyary.

Автор Elain Beauty ( назад)
Like if you are the fans of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Автор Juma Lora ( назад)
Merry Christmas #JapanThing Thanks for all your videos :)

Автор CAN-AM Airsoft ( назад)
Japan.....America...but in Asia.

Автор Nicole Cabrera ( назад)
what's the song for the coca cola tree one?

Автор The_Other _Seto_Kaiba ( назад)
I already bought my KFC bucket of Chicken for this Christmas 2016 in
America, but the chicken here in the States tastes kinda funky compared to
the KFC meat in Japan. I miss the KFC flavors in Japan.

Автор sunsbookishgamesx ( назад)
love these adds!

Автор Em's YTPs (KatherineGraingerFanatic) ( назад)
4:27 I've got a PS Vita. Its not like that one though. Greetings from
Wales, United Kingdom and have a happy christmas!!

Автор Arachnid - chan ( назад)

Автор Matt Downer ( назад)
I love the slaloming samurai in the cup noodle commercial. Now that's a
Christmas ad right there!
Now if only he went snowboarding...

Автор Popo Magic Is deadly! ( назад)
The sweet taste of Coca-cola on Christmas night!

Автор Popo Magic Is deadly! ( назад)
1:21 I'm mostly focus on her boobies

Автор chiconinjazx ( назад)
Damm!, so many christmas themed commercials. xC

Автор sunny day ( назад)
its weird how much they like christmas for a non christian country

Автор Leon Luo ( назад)
Coke Christmas theme song is legit, a quality song from a coke

Автор Starbucks Starbucks ( назад)
Quality Japan

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