1.9 scale Tamiya toyota tundra highlift with trailer and chev extended cab

1.9 scale tamiya toyota tundra highlift and chevy extended cab .The tundra was a kit built by me and the extended cab chev was all custom built using clodbuster bodys and a custom frame. The trailer was built by someone else

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Автор GoldenModder ( назад)
How much would you like for tundra please?

Автор brad jordbakke ( назад)

Автор greed (1644 года назад)
dont be a dick its a hobby loser 

Автор Kaylee Fulkroad ( назад)
the tundra body is cool

Автор FouD'laStreet 2511 (MisterEotaku) ( назад)
wats the truck on the trailer

Автор ThePowerchevy ( назад)
dude just so u know chev never came out with extended cab that year nice
vid tho

Автор Ruger260Taurus ( назад)
@devanleeds Some of us cant aford a real one 

Автор devanleeds ( назад)
you guys are so gay buy a real truck in stead of this fuckin plastic

Автор bufilobill 32 ( назад)
i was druling over the chevy ond yota

Автор Wifli23 ( назад)
That chev looks stupid as fuck as an extended cab you should have tried to
make it a crew cab 

Автор ecigs for newbies ( назад)
nice truks did u make the trailer?? 

Автор randalkinghustla ( назад)
OMG i need that chevy that is truly a work of art how much do you want for
the chev 

Автор blazerluver ( назад)
dam hella nice chevy, never thought of making the extended cab, really hard
to find with the actual truck. but theres one thing wrong with this chevy.
the extended cab door handle needs to be shaved, they dont have doorhandels
on the extended cab. nice work tho!

Автор BeatboxMagic23 Boi (Myfriend123ful) ( назад)
were do you get those

Автор rcman1999 ( назад)
that is bad ass! nice work man..

Автор Tyler Bell ( назад)
I like the black truck 

Автор ecigs for newbies ( назад)
how much for a truck of these? what is the average cost and how fast can
they go? nice vid btw 

Автор Brandon Roberson ( назад)
There is a reason the Chevy is on the trailor

Автор Chris O'Connor ( назад)
@2108ernesto If you really want one, look up Axial SCX10 Honcho, they come
in kit form (Assembly required, no electronics) or RTR form (Ready To Run,
everything included). Or you can just build one from the ground up, mixing
parts together like I & hundreds of other people have done! You can find
way more different kinds & scale variety, but for a beginner in the hobby I
highly recommend the SCX10 for a beginner.

Автор JOSE YOUMOMMA ( назад)
@2108ernesto the beast entry level is axials honchostay away from any other
then losi axial beacuse les popularty mean less parts equals leess time to

Автор Ernesto Palma ( назад)
where do I get one of these cars to scale?

Автор Sebastian Conrad (369 лет назад)
awsom trailer and truck, I would ditch the ulgy tundra body though.

Автор mike carey ( назад)
@STEELHORSE1975 Well the body on the chevy is a combination of three tamiya
clodbuster bodies kitbashed together

Автор STEELHORSE1975 ( назад)
where did u get the body on the chevy???

Автор Igor Subarist Vlogs ( назад)
Is the tundra V8 lol

Автор mike carey ( назад)
@505lowrider Thanks man!

Автор Jake Valenzuela ( назад)
tht chevy looks sick 

Автор mike carey ( назад)
@mrminiman3 yes its 1/10th scale 

Автор Felix Krynicky ( назад)
are these 1/10 scale

Автор ToddleyProductions ( назад)
Nitro or battery if its battery what voltage/size

Автор sick66caddy ( назад)
yea koo video, is that a whitebone trailer? if it is or isnt could you let
me know, i am wanting to buy a nice decent trailer, one that isnt all junky
or crappy looking. nice trailer, lol, looking for one too!

Автор Tybos “Tybo's RC Motorsports” RcMotorsports ( назад)
Love the tundra. Is that a whitebone trailer?

Автор mike carey ( назад)
@srjeeper yes they still work and im hoping to get a video of the lights at
night soon

Автор mike carey ( назад)
@THEhoJCRR thanks man

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