Ima Willie Two Gray Speed Racking Mare

This is a four year old mare by Jet Laag. She has a homemade keg shoe(bar shoe) on. She is for sale do to us having way to many horses, she will ride a ring both ways and trail rides great.

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Автор Antonia Kuhn ( назад)
Where are you located with your horses? 

Автор lucy tyler (1497 лет назад)

Автор Jennifer McClellan ( назад)
Do you think your friend would sell her if he hasn't already. If so, what

Автор urbancowboy416 ( назад)
Do you have anymore speed horses forsale

Автор pam roof ( назад)
like to see your horses 2702460013 

Автор neace734 ( назад)
@bootsscootincowgirl Sold this mare over a year ago!

Автор 601dd ( назад)
hey i was wondering if you still have the gray mare or if you have any
other standardbreds forsale, if so how much and where are you located

Автор neace734 ( назад)
@nolimitboi1 You have a goodlooking horse, you shouldn't have trouble
moving him. Right now we don't have anything to trade on but a 14.5 hand 5
year old gelding that racks about 20 and then switches to a pace. He is
black with two white rear socks, great conformation and keg shod.

Автор neace734 ( назад)
@nolimitboi1 sold her about 7 months ago

Автор neace734 ( назад)
@2004subaruwrxjohn A friend of mine now has her, she may be for sale if
interested send your # and I'll give it to him.

Автор Christa Byrd ( назад)
hey i have a picture of Jet Laag on my wall! Just curious how much do
racking horses like this one sell for? I own and race Standardbreds and
also break them to ride but there is the odd one that wont trot.

Автор Brad Torbett ( назад)
I traded for this mare and she still be for sale. She not rode up at all
and I GPS'd her her at 29.9 yesterday

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