LEGO Double Barrel Shotgun - Life Size - World at War Zombies

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The Double Barrel Shotgun Built Life Size from 900+ LEGO Bricks!

Featured in Call of Duty: World at War and most notably the Zombies mode, The DBS is a fun close range gun, And here is the LEGO Replica! Show some love and Leave a like! and Subscribe for more!

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 1:27
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Автор sean lye (2 месяца)
the double barrel shotgun in cod is a gun in real life its called the

Автор Landon Graessle (1 день)
Build a Lego wii u that has wii u motherboard and working stuff inside

Автор Geoff New (2 месяца)

Автор wigman games (4 месяца)
What do you want? A fucking sticker

Автор Catwithanm16 (19 дней)
Can you give some instructions on how to make this gun.

Автор teresa kuempfel (24 дня)
you are sick dont listen to these haters 

Автор Maximus Villatoro (7 дней)
btw the different colors me different gauges and a double barrel shot gun
is a 12 gauge wich are the red shells and the yellow shells represent a 20
gauge shot gun and both are way different

Автор DANA S. (5 дней)
you should make the mauser from orgins cod 2 zombies

Автор Ian Cordero (12 дней)
O likes 

Автор Ramiro Ramirez (2 дня)
i built the death machine it took me 7 damn days

Автор J.R. Tumasz (12 дней)
please build and show double bareld shotgun!

Автор Eric Parks (5 дней)
Can u make the Monte Carlo

Автор MCSurvival Rivals (3 месяца)
It would be cool if every gun you made shot the lego bricks

Автор Lex Gunn (20 дней)
Make a man from battlfield4

Автор ThePugLife (9 дней)
Looks like an Olympia 

Автор Johnny Smith (1 месяц)
build a springfeild

Автор Michael King (10 дней)
sounds like he's got a cold or is a about to cry

Автор Bloodstream Night (4 месяца)
you know what i want to see tutorial vids for all your weapons, honestly
dude nobody just wants to look at these they want to build them it honestly
would get you youtube famous cause no other channels build weapons as good
as you do 

Автор felipe shimits (2 месяца)
Onde ele compra tantas peças???

Автор Alex Cole (1 месяц)
Does even fire? Or is it just a dip-shit model

Автор Spike Lowry (2 месяца)
can you please do the 1919 LMG 

Автор karljoe davies (9 дней)
Pls do a Uzi

Автор Alexander Verbano (1 месяц)
can you make a ww2 M2 browning .50 caliber Maching Gun also known as the
"ma deuce"?

Автор alina adriana (21 день)
make a harpers ferry

Автор Lance Colt (6 месяцев)
Its also featured in real life you faggot

Автор Oisin Mckerr (6 дней)

Автор Cindy Alcaro (14 дней)
Check out this video on YouTube it is really cool

Автор florencia orellana (1 месяц)
barrier cal 50 machine gun

Автор Doktor Z (2 месяца)
Who can I buy this Weapon I want this :D

Have you a instruction for me or a Website ? :)

Автор Nick Pike (26 дней)
nice job dude how long did it take to make it

Автор Braden Merville (19 дней)
Thunder gun plz

Автор Ollie Tickner (1 месяц)
Build the mark 2 Ray gun 

Автор Jake R (1 месяц)
How do u build one

Автор Everything Fun Times (3 месяца)
Make a lever action shotgun

Автор Jovita Barker (1 месяц)
You can kill two zombies in one shot if theg are in a strat row

Автор whobloidlostin gublerlandsbakerst (23 дня)
stop saying uh

Автор Vincent Pham (2 месяца)
how do you make those lego stuff do you practice?

Автор James Stuthridge (4 месяца)
Trench gun shot gun

Автор ComputingDig Gaming (2 месяца)
If you have not already will you make a daviy crockett from gmod

Автор TheRedstoneDroid (2 месяца)
I think you could of done better

Автор Jener Jebulan (1 месяц)
This is the best gun ever

Автор Kristopher Hall (29 дней)
Make a peace keeper

Автор ahmad iffat (2 месяца)
please make the lancer (gears of war 3)

Автор Brendan Callaghan (1 месяц)
You should do a giveaway competish

Автор Tate Macdiarmid (2 месяца)
Nice awesome call of duty gun

Автор sharon wilson (3 месяца)
Ak-47 Ak-74 M4A1 Ak-74u RPG7 M14 Spas12 M1911 M21 USP.45 G3A4 G3 Dragunov
Barrett 50. Cal M9 R700 Desert eagle M40A3 G363 M1014 M240 saw P90 Mp5K
Mini-Uzi M16A4 Mp5 W1200 RpD M60E4 Skorpion M8281 Javelin Thumper Mini-gun
Flamethrower Famas 

Автор diamondman 150 (1 месяц)
I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!

Автор Anna Luja (2 месяца)
a horse which
shots hashtags

Автор Rekt Juan (2 месяца)
Aw Bal27 asalte riche plz😉

Автор john banks (8 дней)
plz make the waw browning

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