LEGO Double Barrel Shotgun - Life Size - World at War Zombies

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The Double Barrel Shotgun Built Life Size from 900+ LEGO Bricks!

Featured in Call of Duty: World at War and most notably the Zombies mode, The DBS is a fun close range gun, And here is the LEGO Replica! Show some love and Leave a like! and Subscribe for more!

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 1:27
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Автор Gmaster Vmaster (5 месяцев)

Автор Bush Wookie (3 месяца)
it would be epic if this ejected the shells

Автор AllTheGameing4U (2 месяца)
Bo2 Cod origins pack a punched scar-H

Автор Emin Matev (7 месяцев)
make an M9

Автор Thomas Miguel Apan (1 месяц)
can you please build the croos bow

Автор Brandon Storch (8 месяцев)
you should build a wonder waffle,a ray gun,or a thunder gun

Автор ChronxXx (24 дня)

Автор Filip Eklund (13 дней)
Do a thundergun

Автор Vittorio Pruneri (20 дней)
I want to buy your shotgun
What's the price do you want to sell me the product?
I don't want prices other 50 €,

Автор Austin Wright (5 месяцев)

Автор Karalin Bascombe (6 месяцев)
i want to see a sniper

Автор duck luck (6 месяцев)
Do you own that gym or something?

Автор Anthoney Barrios (1 месяц)
I'll send you a LEGO glock so you can end your life...

Автор Tony Andre Karlsen (3 месяца)
Double barrel shotgun is my favorite. I use the non pap up to round 20 and
still kicks ass. Pap version becomes the strongest non wunderwaffe i the
whole cod series. No joking. 

Автор Richard Brown (3 дня)
M1 garand

Автор OwenTube2014 (17 дней)
The dimond minecart

Автор john walter (3 месяца)
make a mine craft enderdragon

Автор dylan loper (5 месяцев)
I bet call of duty world at war

Автор Misty Teale-Mullins (24 дня)
Build a life size tank ( just kidding)

Автор pan placek (8 месяцев)
do your guns work.

Автор Marcos Vinicius (4 месяца)
make a M1887

Автор Jayshawn Sutton (3 месяца)
Cod2 raygun

Автор Jennifer Leduc (21 день)
Make the magnum

Автор Noah Gilbert (23 дня)
do the trenchgun from waw

Автор ZexyylGaming (7 месяцев)

Автор Jordan Parker (1 месяц)
Can you make a German panzer Faust 

Автор Eamon Mathew (11 дней)
And who would end their life with a lego glock? I prefer a lego p99

Автор wildfiregaming wfg (5 месяцев)
trench gun

Автор tristanboland (6 месяцев)
do an m200 intervention!!

Автор Daniel Efian (6 месяцев)
make an bolt action sniper rifle 

Автор rich porter (20 дней)
Build an energy sword from halo 

Автор Ryland K (6 месяцев)
Make the sawed off shotgun

Автор Nick Brown (2 месяца)
Could you try building the BFG9000 from Doom?

Автор Hyper Camel (14 дней)
Please make a destiny revolver!! That would be amazing

Автор Reece Daly (1 месяц)
I will buy your gun

Автор Coretta Levy (2 месяца)
Can u make m13

Автор Viktor Karagyaurov (7 месяцев)
Do you also upload the instructions somewhere?

Автор xXMrwalrusXx (4 месяца)
build a model 1887 from mw2

Автор Erwin Dharrel Daita (5 месяцев)
Double Barrel Shotgun 

Автор Manuel Espinoza (2 месяца)
Make a ak -47 from gta

Автор Tyler Pfeifer (1 месяц)
How much for that

Автор DeatBeat (6 месяцев)
You have Skill

Автор Shadow BeatZz (3 месяца)
Make a ballistic knife 

Автор Zhenya Niki (8 месяцев)

Автор firehound wolfie (3 месяца)
i watch like evrything you show LIKE THIS epic shotgun!!

Автор Talon Vanpay (24 дня)
How do you build this stuff

Автор เจด้า ยืนนาน (7 месяцев)
M1887 plz

Автор Alex Scerba (3 месяца)
You should make your guns shoot.

Автор diego castillo (3 месяца)
why do not you make a machine gun halo yess:)

Автор olivertrystoplay bradshaw (6 месяцев)
make a m14

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