LEGO Double Barrel Shotgun - Life Size - World at War Zombies

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The Double Barrel Shotgun Built Life Size from 900+ LEGO Bricks!

Featured in Call of Duty: World at War and most notably the Zombies mode, The DBS is a fun close range gun, And here is the LEGO Replica! Show some love and Leave a like! and Subscribe for more!

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Автор Lucas Gessner ( назад)

Автор Marc Rajotte ( назад)
do the m8

Автор NAZI ZOMBIES 2.0 ( назад)

Автор Jensen Condon ( назад)
Build an ak-47

Автор MeneerBoyd 2 ( назад)
do the Prize fithers

Автор Heidi Miller ( назад)
Love it!

Автор Daniil Holodnik ( назад)
не стреляет? ботва

Автор Julian Kabashi ( назад)
no Goodyear

Автор ice_wizard ( назад)
riptide frome percy jackson

Автор Yovanni Hernandez ( назад)
make a wonder waffel

Автор airsoft gAmer19 airsoft19 ( назад)
make a desert eagle

Автор Fernanda Mastaescusa ( назад)
can you stir

Автор gojira bane ( назад)
build an bootlegger from bo3

Автор girlthat records ( назад)
Can you plz make a machine guncan you please give me a double derral
shotgunyour my best youtuber ever I'm your biggest fan plzzzzzz give me one

Автор girlthat records ( назад)
Can you give me one plz

Автор Uria McCurry ( назад)
On you tube I fond a wedding car you can site in

Автор Megan Knowles ( назад)
a gun that works

Автор Bleach ( назад)
Make Lego bleach! (Why not?)

Автор Victor Medina ( назад)
build monkey bomb

Автор Joel Faulkner ( назад)
Shoot it!😡

Автор Nick Bonargo ( назад)
Can u build a 44 magnum plz

Автор Ryan Shook ( назад)
do the classic zombies olimpia!

Автор katie linkchorst ( назад)
I mean t-51

Автор katie linkchorst ( назад)
and make it life sized

Автор katie linkchorst ( назад)
and make it so that you can wear it

Автор katie linkchorst ( назад)
here's a challenge build a entire suit of t-45 power armor from fallout 4

Автор ApeX Deadpool - ( назад)
Congrulations 1M Yes❤️💪

Автор MrEvanBerg ( назад)
happy 1 million

Автор Stephen Mogil ( назад)
Can I buy these?

Автор Run3Silver ( назад)
dude you probably know nothing about guns stop pretending you do

Автор Fazekid1002 Vlogs ( назад)
Build a world at war raygun

Автор brady darnell ( назад)
make the m1911 mw1

Автор Triston Howell ( назад)
Do Mg-42

Автор James Freda ( назад)
it's the blundergat 1.0

Автор Sans 30000 Atom ( назад)

Автор Monster Pumpkin ( назад)
why didnt u used the force a nature shells the circular

Автор Julie Rowe ( назад)
can you make the man o war from call of duty black ops 3

Автор Awesomon ( назад)
DB Shotgun from WaW

Super Shotgun from DOOM

Автор lui kang power ( назад)
every time he put time put video on YouTube he pe room

Автор Paulo mulazzani ( назад)
the Thompson m1a1

Автор awsomegameing 808 ( назад)
kuda from black ops 3

Автор Atomicc NUK3 ( назад)
thw shotgun is the olimpya

Автор sazzad hossain ( назад)
do you sell these?

Автор Phan Tan cho điên ( назад)

Автор Spring Bonnie ( назад)
do the barrite, bo2 zombie

Автор LMG- GaMeR ( назад)
Dean he's not gay

Автор LMG- GaMeR ( назад)
Make a machine gun out of lego

Автор LMG- GaMeR ( назад)
Can you give me one please your the best

Автор VoiD Tornado ( назад)
You seem sad

Автор Red Spyone ( назад)
It post to be a over and under

Автор Logan's network ( назад)
Its already coll but to make it insanely awesome get it to fire

Автор Mine Vn ( назад)
Can I buy it ?

Автор Salty Lemon ( назад)
Wouldn't it have made more sense to make the barrel pieces smooth?

Автор 905Gig Hard Drive ( назад)
lego War from warframe

Автор Destroyer220206 ( назад)
Has anyone ever noticed that he is almost always in a basketball court what
is the reason for this

Автор gil vince bronz ( назад)
ur so cool man

Автор Rainers Purins ( назад)
pls do a video making one of these

Автор Carlos Cruz ( назад)
do a dubstep gun

Автор Tippy The Toaster ( назад)
The Tompson from Cod WAW

Автор Juju Alex ( назад)
Bubble Daryl Shotgun!

Автор New Subscriber ( назад)
It's a Bubble Darrel Shotgun.

Автор Mathew Hoseinzadeh ( назад)

Автор TorchicTheKidd99 ( назад)
This is beautimus.

Автор Chandler Gammons ( назад)
make Wolverine claws

Автор redhawk 2434 ( назад)
make the upgrade machine lego

Автор Calum Mercer ( назад)
U da beast

Автор diamond imposter ( назад)
build a narbox from modern combat 5

Автор Joshua Green ( назад)
show us how to build the dubble barll shot gun

Автор FurryCatStudios ( назад)
Did you say the stock is gray and the barrels are brown?

Автор Harrison Nordmeyer ( назад)
How much do you want for it

Автор kratos Vieira Isturiz ( назад)

Автор The Angry Pepper ( назад)
Please do a Doom Heavy assault rifle

Автор Larza Forza ( назад)
zazinombie build famas

Автор xXHAXON_GAMINGXx 10 ( назад)
Bubble daryl shotgun

Автор TrueRaiderXD ( назад)
looks like Jambo's

Автор MikePlayzMC ( назад)
ZaziNombies LEGO Creations? Can you sell these weapons on Ebay or something
like that, I love your creations.

Автор Jean Luc ( назад)
I wish I could make it but I can't I don't have enough Lego bricks :(

Автор TheGoldenMinecart // DionTGM ( назад)
Do the raygun mark 3 from DLC 3 for bo3

Автор Aldrin Rawr ( назад)
can you build a golden gun please

Автор Damian Montelongo ( назад)
Do the FFAR Black Ops 3

Автор Della Lash ( назад)
the p

Автор Rūk Of Old ( назад)
He sounds a bit down.

Автор Moto The gamer ( назад)
Do the 300.knockout

Автор Kan Hok Shen ( назад)
Dose it shot

Автор jojotaz33 ( назад)
To think you've been doing this for over 4 years..

You are amazing

Автор Bryan call of duty black ops olivera ( назад)

Автор CoolTGames ( назад)
DSR! or Ballista!-Black Ops 2

Автор Tjalve Nordvall ( назад)
build a pump action shootgun

Автор ant supattra ( назад)
Shoot it!!!!!

Автор PumashortyisOn AGamingRampage ( назад)
Can You Build A Famas

Автор Funny internet videos ( назад)
keep up the good vids almost at 1 million subs

Автор jayden cotton ( назад)
you need to do a give away were you can give away some Lego weapons o you
super glue them at all

Автор Imelda Revuelto ( назад)
wut do a MPL

Автор Fallen Kell ( назад)
it looks kinda like he added a stock and longer barrel to the akimbo

Автор Cursed Gaming ( назад)
make a double barrel shot gun

Автор Sharon King ( назад)

Автор SUPER CRASH ( назад)

Автор ISAIAH NEGRON ( назад)
do the ripper!

Автор Faial s ( назад)
Make the ppsh41

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