LEGO Double Barrel Shotgun - Life Size - World at War Zombies

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The Double Barrel Shotgun Built Life Size from 900+ LEGO Bricks!

Featured in Call of Duty: World at War and most notably the Zombies mode, The DBS is a fun close range gun, And here is the LEGO Replica! Show some love and Leave a like! and Subscribe for more!

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 1:27
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Автор Amarion Hamilton (1 месяц)
Like if ur watching in 2015

Автор Razor & Zenon (1 месяц)
looks more like Wolfenstein gun :D

Автор Catwithanm16 (2 месяца)
Can you give some instructions on how to make this gun.

Автор wigman games (6 месяцев)
What do you want? A fucking sticker

Автор Yolo Cee (1 месяц)
do the gravity gun from half life 2 (LOL)

Автор sean lye (4 месяца)
the double barrel shotgun in cod is a gun in real life its called the

Автор InnerTennel 175 (2 месяца)
Build a Lego wii u that has wii u motherboard and working stuff inside

Автор Martynas Repas (26 дней)
make em20

Автор Tina B (1 месяц)
Plz build a working m16 gun

Автор teresa kuempfel (2 месяца)
you are sick dont listen to these haters 

Автор Rokutis Grakulskiuks (1 месяц)
please bild russian pistolet makarov

Автор the dark diamond (13 дней)
I really wish that it could actualy shoot :(

Автор Adon Auger (29 дней)
Make the steam power from pixel gun

Автор Spike Lowry (4 месяца)
can you please do the 1919 LMG 

Автор Kristina Tománková (9 дней)
build a rocket launcher

Автор Diamond Block Gaming (1 месяц)
500000th sub

Автор best beast (17 дней)
Can you make a tomahawk from call of duty

Автор Michelle Harris (11 дней)
can you please do thunder gun l beg you do it.

Автор Lonly youtuber (6 дней)
lol I just noticed that you put the amo the wrong way its red back yellow
front not yellow in the back so you faild but it is ok kuz you and your
builts are awesome

Автор J.R. Tumasz (2 месяца)
please build and show double bareld shotgun!

Автор William Cooney (1 месяц)
Make the stinger m7 of advanced warfare

Автор Alex Cole (3 месяца)
Does even fire? Or is it just a dip-shit model

Автор death from above (13 дней)
make a bushman from far cry3

Автор Garrett Fer (1 месяц)
Make the mors sniper rifle on advanced warfare

Автор Trey R. (1 месяц)
do yall wish he would sell these

Автор Jr Soto (29 дней)
Do the fg42 

Автор Barbara Humajová (1 месяц)
Built growtopia man

Автор Elli Masson (1 месяц)

Автор Aaliyah Aquino (1 месяц)
Make a Lego Xbox or ps3

Автор Gavin Fus (2 дня)
Build a life sized pug

Автор lucy kocianova (1 месяц)
how do you do it

Автор Lourdes Osano (1 месяц)
Make the ppsh 41

Автор Cindy Alcaro (2 месяца)
Check out this video on YouTube it is really cool

Автор Hanna Andersson (27 дней)
didu shot?

Автор Alex (13 дней)
Do tak-19

Автор Ramiro Ramirez (2 месяца)
i built the death machine it took me 7 damn days

Автор Anon Omis (21 день)
Does it shoot

Автор Alexander Verbano (Nightshade) (3 месяца)
can you make a ww2 M2 browning .50 caliber Maching Gun also known as the
"ma deuce"?

Автор felipe shimits (4 месяца)
Onde ele compra tantas peças???

Автор Sam Parks (15 дней)
Make the atlas 45 or the atlas 20mm

Автор Michael King (2 месяца)
sounds like he's got a cold or is a about to cry

Автор CHICKEN nugget!!??!!??!! (1 месяц)
Do the Ray gun mark2

Автор Declan Steadman (1 месяц)
make baymax form big hero 6

Автор DANA S. (2 месяца)
you should make the mauser from orgins cod 2 zombies

Автор Lex Gunn (2 месяца)
Make a man from battlfield4

Автор Annette Dodd (29 дней)
Play cod on YouTube

Автор Victor A De Jesus (1 месяц)
Does it shoot?

Автор ThePugLife (2 месяца)
Looks like an Olympia 

Автор Bloodstream Night (6 месяцев)
you know what i want to see tutorial vids for all your weapons, honestly
dude nobody just wants to look at these they want to build them it honestly
would get you youtube famous cause no other channels build weapons as good
as you do 

Автор whobloidlostin gublerlandsbakerst (2 месяца)
stop saying uh

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