LEGO Double Barrel Shotgun - Life Size - World at War Zombies

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The Double Barrel Shotgun Built Life Size from 900+ LEGO Bricks!

Featured in Call of Duty: World at War and most notably the Zombies mode, The DBS is a fun close range gun, And here is the LEGO Replica! Show some love and Leave a like! and Subscribe for more!

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Автор luz T. pasco ( назад)
build the UZI or not

Автор Scazza21exTra ( назад)
Sunset Overdrive Fizzco pulse rifle

Автор Ashton Baker ( назад)
can you make a sentry gun

Автор Francisco Mora ( назад)
im sorry sunset overdrive 

Автор Francisco Mora ( назад)
Made at dirty harry ( dirty harry its of sunset o ver dice )

Автор Kevin Aguilar ( назад)
where did you get those

Автор Devon Parker ( назад)
can you do coles sword thingy from infamous 2

Автор Teresa Strahan ( назад)

Автор Raffa Gafur ( назад)
Do SMG from gta san andreas

Автор Perez Bros (1073 года назад)
Moars aw

Автор Shadow Fox32 ( назад)
Double Barrel was always my favourite gun in COD WAW

Автор krystal whittington ( назад)
zazinombies do the halo plasma grenade used by covenant

Автор R . I . Pieces Holyfields ear ( назад)
Your Lego replicas are amazing. It takes real skill to make works of art
like you. I recommend make a Nazi zombies film with these guns!

Автор Abdullah Almulla ( назад)
can you do an Rpg (Rocket launcher )

Автор oei siu moi ( назад)
Build level 3sentery

Автор MR.combine _ ( назад)
do tf2 engines short curkirt

Автор nour alomari ( назад)
I am

Автор Ashton Trent Harris ( назад)
make the detanator from tf2

Автор Rodica Campeanu ( назад)
Do an ak 7

Автор Linda Carrillo ( назад)
Can u make the thunder hun

Автор Creeper Army Leader ( назад)
Can you shoot it?

Автор Anthony Vargas ( назад)
Make a ppsh

Автор leannetucker10 ( назад)
Will you make a atLis45

Автор Mason Moore ( назад)
Also do steam power from pixel gun

Автор Mason Moore ( назад)
Plz do slender from slender:the arrival 

Автор Bayu Setya ( назад)

Автор leonard smith ( назад)
can you make a Ray gun mark 2

Автор Damien Damien ( назад)
Make a Tommy gun

Автор Ammon Sharp ( назад)
you should do the lord of wolves exotic shotgun!

Автор Antonio Machuca ( назад)
Build a AK-47

Автор Sierra Cottrell ( назад)
to be completly honest i am surprised that he has enough time and LEGO's
to be able to make all of this stuff for all of our entertainment comment
if you agree with e if you want and some things like cars and guns
actually work!!!!!!!!! i have my own channel by this name and no
subscribers with videos with 1 that has no sound andi would love to have at
least one or two subscribers please

Автор majorpain0600 ( назад)
you should set up a shop for them

Автор dxhbk1345 ( назад)
make a packapunch thunder gun and a packapunch wonderwolfel

Автор Danny Beerenfenger ( назад)
Ik wou hem maken maar ja mislukt balle toch.

Автор that xbox gamer ( назад)
waw zambies

Автор Tuan Anh Tu ( назад)
does it shoot

Автор Teena W ( назад)
build a wonder wafful

Автор Jonathan sarkissian ( назад)
Build a mp5

Автор sociaal ! ( назад)
you want a chance to make a video how to make something

Автор Tycho Hoekstra ( назад)
Make a rocket launcher!!!!!!!

Автор P Podkowa ( назад)
make the sopmod gun from COD 4 MW

Автор Doge ( назад)
Dear ZaziNombies, no offence but maybe we should know how to build stuff
like this shotgun. What im saying is maybe you should make instruction
videos too. -Doge

No lovers of ZaziNombies or him himself
were offended in the
filming of this message

Автор Micro Moron ( назад)
You should recreate the lee-enfield from COD world at war. :D

Автор Gavin Fus ( назад)
Build a life sized pug

Автор Kristina Tománková ( назад)
build a rocket launcher

Автор Michelle Harris ( назад)
can you please do thunder gun l beg you do it.

Автор Vapo ( назад)
What about awp or m4 or p90 asiimov ?

Автор Alex ( назад)
Do tak-19

Автор the dark diamond ( назад)
I really wish that it could actualy shoot :(

Автор death from above ( назад)
make a bushman from far cry3

Автор Sam Parks ( назад)
Make the atlas 45 or the atlas 20mm

Автор best beast ( назад)
Can you make a tomahawk from call of duty

Автор Anon Omis ( назад)
Does it shoot

Автор Cole Day ( назад)
Make the wonder waffle

Автор Martynas Repas ( назад)
make em20

Автор Hanna Andersson ( назад)
didu shot?

Автор Adon Auger ( назад)
Make the steam power from pixel gun

Автор Annette Dodd ( назад)
Play cod on YouTube

Автор Jr Soto ( назад)
Do the fg42 

Автор MONSTER Fima ( назад)
Make a basketball ball please

Автор Victor A De Jesus ( назад)
Does it shoot?

Автор VanillaBlitz ( назад)
Nice intro!

Автор Aaliyah Aquino ( назад)
Make a Lego Xbox or ps3

Автор Lourdes Osano ( назад)
Make the ppsh 41

Автор William Cooney ( назад)
Make the stinger m7 of advanced warfare

Автор Rokutis Grakulskiuks ( назад)
please bild russian pistolet makarov

Автор lucy kocianova ( назад)
how do you do it

Автор Elli Masson ( назад)

Автор Diamond Block Gaming ( назад)
500000th sub

Автор tegan wilson ( назад)
dude why dont u shoot the guns

Автор Razor & Zenon ( назад)
looks more like Wolfenstein gun :D

Автор Zane Garcia ( назад)

Автор Barbara Humajová ( назад)
Built growtopia man

Автор Garrett Fer ( назад)
Make the mors sniper rifle on advanced warfare

Автор Trey R. ( назад)
do yall wish he would sell these

Автор Yolo Cee ( назад)
do the gravity gun from half life 2 (LOL)

Автор Amarion Hamilton ( назад)
Like if ur watching in 2015

Автор CHICKEN nugget!!??!!??!! (1813 года назад)
Do the Ray gun mark2

Автор Tina B ( назад)
Plz build a working m16 gun

Автор Declan Steadman ( назад)
make baymax form big hero 6

Автор Pixelz ( назад)
Build a Lego wii u that has wii u motherboard and working stuff inside

Автор Ramiro Ramirez ( назад)
i built the death machine it took me 7 damn days

Автор Eric Parks ( назад)
Can u make the Monte Carlo

Автор DANA S. ( назад)
you should make the mauser from orgins cod 2 zombies

Автор Kevin Lipez ( назад)
I remember gettin block aftet saying how do you kniw the ray gun life size

Автор Oisin Mckerr ( назад)

Автор Maximus Villatoro ( назад)
btw the different colors me different gauges and a double barrel shot gun
is a 12 gauge wich are the red shells and the yellow shells represent a 20
gauge shot gun and both are way different

Автор John T. Banks ( назад)
plz make the waw browning

Автор karljoe davies ( назад)
Pls do a Uzi

Автор ThePugLife ( назад)
Looks like an Olympia 

Автор Michael King ( назад)
sounds like he's got a cold or is a about to cry

Автор Alex Cuevas ( назад)
The minigun

Автор Ian Cordero ( назад)
O likes 

Автор J.R. Tumasz ( назад)
please build and show double bareld shotgun!

Автор Cindy Alcaro ( назад)
Check out this video on YouTube it is really cool

Автор Catwithanm16 ( назад)
Can you give some instructions on how to make this gun.

Автор Braden Merville ( назад)
Thunder gun plz

Автор Viktor Nyström ( назад)
Haters get lost he's a boss 

Автор Lexg123 games ( назад)
Make a man from battlfield4

Автор alina adriana ( назад)
make a harpers ferry

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